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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler mansion, Annie and Adam ask the judge to officiate at the renewing of their wedding vows. Annie tells the judge that what would make this day perfect is to have Emma here. Ryan and Erica spend time together. Erica lets Ryan know that Kendall and Zach had left town with the boys .At tad’s house, Jake and Amanda spend time together. Tad and Liza questions Gayle as to what she had done to Adam. David is in with Greenlee when she wakes up. Greenlee immediately asks for Ryan. David tells Greenlee that Ryan believes that she is dead. Gayle tells Tad and

Liza that she hadn’t killed anyone. Colby comes into the Chandler living room and finds out that Annie and Adam are renewing their wedding vows and that they are going to fight for custody of Emma. Ryan gets served with a summons that Emma be taken to the Chandler mansion for Annie’s and Adam’s wedding . Ryan persists but Natalia informs him that he will be taken in to if he resists them taking Emma. Emma and Ryan show up at the Chandler mansion. David gets questioned by tad and Liza as to what he had been up to. Opal sees a premonition that involves Emma and a bright light . Opal interrupts the wedding . During the argument, Emma sneaks out onto the patio where she sees a bright light which envelopes her. Ryan hurries outside and picks Emma up in his arms. Ryan tells Emma that it is a helicopter. There is a knock on the door and Adam goes to answer it. Adam remarks, “Hailey.”

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Carly, Craig and Jack are in a deserted cabin due to the blackout. Craig is still sneezing from his cold. Dusty and Janet wish each other a Happy New Year as Janet awaits Jack to join her. Paul and Emily search frantically for Meg and Eliza. Casey and Alison are outside of Al’s diner, kissing. Alison imagines seeing Mickey walk up and is watching them. Emily comes to the hospital looking for Meg and Eliza. Alison starts down the stairs and sees Meg and Eliza. Alison talks Meg into letting her take them to a room. Mickey visits Barbara in her hotel room. Paul soon visits them also, looking for Meg and Eliza. Paul receives a call, telling him that Meg and Eliza are at the hospital. Paul finds Meg and Eliza at the hospital and talks her into going back to the psych hospital for further help. Craig goes out looking for help, but doesn’t return. Jack goes looking for him and finds him. Jack brings him back to the cabin and puts him into a bathtub of water. Dusty and jack have a drink which results in Dusty taking Janet back to his hotel room. At the hospital, Mickey assures Emily that she will have her baby with Paul. Dr. Wilson arrives to take Meg back to the psych hospital. Emily still denies that she had turned Meg in to the police. Paul still doesn’t’ believe her and he names off the names of the people, who were present at Fairwinds when Meg was there. Emily gets the idea that it was either Barbara or Mickey, who had turned Meg in. Alison refuses to sleep with Casey until they are married. Casey sets the date for their wedding for three weeks. Janet wakes up in Dusty’s bed and is upset that Dusty had let her sleep for so long. Dusty and Janet kiss and make love. Carly questions Jack as to why he is here with her .

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the police station, Lt. Baker tells Sandy that he is sorry that she is having to go through this. She points out that she has spent five years waiting by the phone and she has heard nothing. She is done waiting; she needs some answers. Baker assures her they will get to the bottom of this. Bill tells Justin that Eric is back in the fold and even breaking out a new line. He’s got a lot riding on this, both privately and professionally. Thorne tells his dad and Ridge that he still has qualms about this as Bill is no fool. Donna says they have to convince Bill or they are all toast. Ridge says no pressure, but they have to sell this like no other. Eric says it is the biggest performance of their lives. He wants Bill to only see $ signs. Donna wears the first garish outfit. When Bill questions it, Eric says they can’t stand pat. They have to push the envelope, bring on the bling. Steffy’s outfit is even worse. Bill quips that he needs sunglasses. Brooke wears the show-stopper.

Baker’s young assistant isn’t able to pull anything up on the computer and those old records are stored in another old warehouse. He suggests Baker go there. Like it or not, Nick insists he and Sandy are going as well. Bill tells the Forrester’s that he has seen enough. His eyes are full. He doesn’t have to see any more in their collection. He agrees they have broken away from their sensibilities of the past, but sometimes you do have to break away from tradition. He compares that he has published wrestling magazines and that doesn’t make him Hulk Hogan. He has published cooking magazines and that doesn’t make him Wolfgang Puck. So he can publish fashion magazines and admits that he doesn’t know that much about it. He is relying mostly on their judgment via past reputation. Eric says they will definitely profit from this. With Bill out of the room, they all rejoice in that they have Bill’s thumbs up. The Forrester Company is as good as back in their hands. Baker shows Nick and Sandy down rows and rows of bagged evidence in such cases such as Sandy’s.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo and Carly argue about whether or not Carly is the cause of Bo and Hope’s marriage breaking up. They then decide to put the discussion on hold until they can get Vivian out of the picture. Vivian vows to Victor that she will take Carly’s child from her the way she took Lawrence. Hopes confide in Justin about what she overheard Vivian telling Victor about destroying Carly. The two team up in order to investigate Carly. Sami nearly tells Rafe about the ransom note, but changes her mind. Meanwhile, we learn Anna is working with a man who has connections at the DiMera mansion. EJ threatens to kill Troy when he learns he lost his phone. Arianna takes it to Roman, but before they can pull the numbers off of it, EJ has it disabled. Later, Roman plants a woman in the café to return Troy’s phone to him. Troy later vows to kill Arianna when he suspects that EJ plans on replacing him with Arianna.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Maxi continues to insist that Spinelli “cheat” on her. Robin and Patrick have their New Year’s plans interrupted by an emergency at GH. Molly and Kristina do their best to set Alexis up with Mac. The girls say Mac called and asked if Alexis was free for the evening and that he’ll be over in a few minutes to pick her up. When Mac arrives, Alexis makes the girls apologize for interfering. Mac wonders if he and Alexis can go to the Metro Court as “colleagues” and enjoy the evening. The two head out but have car trouble along the way and wait for the auto club. While they wait, Alexis and Mac dance outside in the moonlight. Kiefer stays at the house with the girls but gets upset when Kristina is standoffish. Kiefer gets mad and leaves, accusing Kristina of having feelings for “that Ethan.” Elizabeth surprises Lucky at the PCPD and takes him for an intimate evening at Jake’s as a reminder of a night from the past they spent at Luke’s old club. After a game of pool, Liz surprises Lucky by giving him his newly strung guitar and he proceeds to sing her a song. Max says he’s in need of Spinelli’s PI services because he thinks Diane is cheating on him. Diane is upset to learn Max’s reason for meeting with Spinelli and says she never cheated on him. The two get things straightened out so Maxie sends them on her way. Matt gets nervous when Lisa and Patrick operate on a patient together. Patrick finishes up with his patients and heads off to find Robin and ring in the New Year.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

At the Mayor’s Ball, Dorian fires Bo Buchanan from his job as Commissioner. Eli and Tea agree to look into a wrongful termination lawsuit for him. Clint tells Bo not to consider coming back to Buchanan Enterprises. Bo says Clint is handling the situation exactly the way that Asa would have. Dorian calls Mitch Laurence and tells him she kept her end of the bargain and now he must honor his end and stay away from her girls. Danielle goes to La Boulaie and pulls a gun on Todd but Blair talks her down. Todd calls Tea so she leaves the ball to go get Dani. Tea promises Dani that she will not see Todd anymore and takes her back to her room at the Palace. Todd gives the gun to Eli who returns it to Bo’s safe where Dani got it.

At the New Year’s Eve party at Ultraviolet, Destiny declares her love for Matthew, but Matthew tells her he doesn’t feel the same way about her; she is his best friend. She suggests that he strung her along the way Rachel did with Shaun and now he is trading up to someone prettier and skinnier. She tells him to go be with Dani, but he says he doesn’t feel that way about Dani either. Ford arrives at Ultraviolet and tells Markko and Langston that he will be the teaching assistant in the class he is taking at LU.

Roxy wonders why Nick is still in Kyle’s room after she informed him that Schuyler Joplin’s room is vacant. Oliver concludes that Nick neglected to tell Kyle about the room because he wants to stay with Kyle. Kyle accuses Oliver of being jealous, so Fish goes to Ultraviolet alone and tells Kyle to stay with Nick. When Oliver leaves, Nick comes on to Kyle and Kyle realizes that Oliver was right. Nick agrees to move out of Kyle’s room immediately. Kyle goes to Ultraviolet and apologizes to Oliver. They go back to Kyle’s place and make love. Gigi invites Schuyler to stay the night with her at Viki’s cabin. They make love and he tells her he loves her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the Chandler mansion, Kay, Jill, Murphy, Chance, Esther and Chloe prepare to celebrate New Year’s Eve. At the Abbott house, jack gets a call from Traci wishing him a Happy New Year and congratulations on his upcoming marriage. At the coffeehouse, Kevin and Victoria among others also prepare to celebrate. Billy is in the bar drunk as usual. Billy wants another drink, but Cane tells him that his friends can have a drink, but Cane is cutting Billy off. Billy leaves the bar and goes outside where it is beginning to snow. Billy shakes up the snow globe which contains the skyline of Genoa City. Billy lets the snow globe drop and it bursts. Billy’s dad, John appears to him and takes him on a journey through the past, present and future. The first stop on Billy’s journey is Cane and Lily’s house, six years into the future, where they are planning to celebrate their child’s birthday. Billy sees that Mac is wearing a wedding ring and she has a child in her lap, but neither one of them is Billy’s. The next stop on Billy’s journey is the Chandler mansion where they are celebrating a recital of Delia’s and all the family is there to celebrate with her including Chance. Billy also visits the Abbott house where Jack, Ashley and Traci are celebrating the takeover of jabot back into the hands of the Abbott family. Abby is traveling the world while Ashley’s baby’s faith is graduating high school. Billy also visit’s the “Restless Style” offices where he learns that the Newman’s have retaken control of “Restless Style” and Kevin and Mac are married.

Billy visits the coffeehouse where he sees Jill and Kay, sitting at a table. Billy join them, but they are soon interrupted by Cane, who he learns will soon take over control of Chandler Industries. Billy finds out that Delia is getting married today and he cannot wait to get there. Billy witnesses Delia in her wedding gown and the women giving her, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Billy tries to talk to Chloe into talking to Delia for him, but Chloe remarks that she will never forgive him. Billy and John find themselves back in front of the bar. John gives Billy the helpful advice to change his ways. Billy witnesses himself dead in a traffic accident . Billy comes back to the present and finds himself sitting on the curb in front of the bar. Billy sees a car pull up with its headlight on in Billy’s face. Victoria gets out of the car and offers her hand to Billy. Victoria offers to drive Billy home which he accepts.

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