Tuesday 12/29/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall and Zach wake up together and Zach asks how Kendall slept. Kendall assures him she slept wonderful. Zach tells Kendall that he needs to talk about his feelings. Erica visits the Chandler mansion and interrupts Annie and her Pilates session. Erica asks about Adam, but Annie refuses to let Erica see Adam. Adam comes out and tells Annie to have a shower that he will handle this. Adam questions Erica as to what she is doing here. Ryan and Liza say good-bye to Emma while Corinna takes her to school. After they leave, Ryan and Liza discuss joint custody between Ryan and Annie. Ryan refuses to share joint custody with Annie .In Gloucester, Greenlee mumbles, “Ryan”. Gayle asks Greenlee to open her eyes. Adam asks Erica what this is all about .Zach suggests to Kendall that they pack up and travel the world. Kendall agrees with Zach. Erica comes to visit Kendall and finds out that they are leaving town. Erica agrees with Kendall that this will be good for them. David shows Tad the medicine that he is taking for his blood disorder. David has Tad arrested for breaking and entering .Greenlee dreams of Ryan. Annie meets with Liza and Ryan about the joint custody. Tad calls Liza to join him in Gloucester. Gayle tells David that Greenlee spoke. David puts her under again so that Greenlee won’t wake up too fast. Judge Robinson visits Adam. Annie and Adam ask Judge Robinson to officiate at the renewing of their wedding vows. Ryan gets upset when Adam wants to send Emma away to boarding school. Kendall tells Ryan that she and Zach are going away. Liza bails Tad out of jail. Zach and Kendall say good-bye to Pine Valley.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Mick questions a woman on the street about Meg and Eliza. The woman lets Mick know that she hadn’t seen them. Casey questions Alison as to why she had run off when he had proposed to her. Alison tells him that she hadn’t’ changed her mind that she had just needed time to think. Casey tells Alison to meet him at the Lakeview later on that day. Alison finds Mick passed out in the snow. Maddie pesters Hunter to tell her his first name. Maddie goes through a list of names that Hunter refuses is his first name. jack reports Carly’s kidnapping to Margo, but Margo refuses to do anything about it at this time. The engine on Craig’s car sputters as Carly orders Craig to stop. Alison sees the blood all over Mick’s face and knows he has had another nosebleed. Casey meets with Nancy, who congratulates him on his engagement and offers him her engagement ring to give to Alison. Casey lets Hunter know that he and Alison are getting married. Craig suggests a cabin a few miles back up the road. Carly has her reservations, but she knows she has no other choice. Carly orders Craig out of the car to push it. Carly and Craig find there is electricity at the cabin. Jack interrupts them . Carly runs out and Jack and Craig have to go looking for her. Alison urges Mick to tell her what is wrong with him. Alison and Mick find refuge in the church. Casey tells Maddie that he and Alison are engaged. Hunter tells Maddie that his first name is Lyon. Casey calls Alison to see where she is. Alison tells Casey that she is at the church. Casey finds Alison at the church and gives her the engagement ring where he proposes to her again. Alison, readily, says “yes.” The power goes out all over Llanview.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sandy tells Nick that this is one lucky baby that will have him for a father. She will go to the police station with him and open the case again. Nick takes her home and she drags out the lockbox with all the files. She explains that after her attack days turned into weeks and then into months and nothing ever happened. Sorry there was no case. She just retreated. The Forrester gang meets in Eric’s office and gloat over the fact they are putting this over on Bill and Katie and no one will buy these fashions. They are adamant that no one in the press see these so they could tip off Bill. They don’t want him to get a peak at any of this. Katie tells her sisters that she wants a preview of the line. It is so radical that she needs to check it out thoroughly first. She reminds them they are sisters and she hopes they are not working behind her back. Bill will be back in town today and she wants to show the collection to him, case closed.

When Bill returns, Katie tells him that she is concerned about the DARE line and wants to see more. The sisters objected, but she set it up anyway. Brooke tells Eric and the others they could not change Katie’s mind. Eric says then they will have to show her and Bill the collection, no one else. No models…it will have to be Donna and Brooke and as awful as the designs are, they will have to pull off a great sales job to make Bill and Katie think they are hot. Ridge and Eric speak to Bill that this is not necessary, but Katie says she is CEO and they will be the judge of that. Bill reaffirms that he wants a meeting set up with the showing now. Sandy is nervous while they wait for Lt. Baker, but tells Nick that she will be fine. However, as time goes by, she has a meltdown. Nick marches into Baker’s office and insists that he has a friend that has some problems and needs to see him now.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie is none too happy when she learns Philip wants to elope on New Year’s Eve, especially as Maggie earlier expressed her doubts about the rushed engagement. Lexie advises Nathan to fight for Melanie. Maggie confronts Mia about her sudden competitiveness with Gabi. Mia flies into a rage, ranting about her mother, and how she is going to pretend she is dead from now on. Sami finds the ransom letter EJ was sent, and is furious that he didn’t mention it to her. EJ says it was because the note told him not to tell anyone. He begs her not to tell Rafe about this, but Sami feels she needs to. Meanwhile, Anna tells Sydney that she is going to be rich. When Brady tells Arianna that Victor told Daniel about her drug dealing, she meets with Troy to try to get a meeting with the boss. Troy refuses, but accidentally leaves his phone behind. Arianna takes it. Victor threatens Brady that he will do anything it takes to make sure he and Arianna stop seeing each other. Hope catches Bo and Carly kissing, and tells Bo that their marriage is over. Later, she overhears Vivian telling Victor that she is planning to destroy Carly.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Dante/Dom takes Lulu to the opera. Lulu is hesitant at first but in the end she’s very moved by the experience. After the opera, she and Dante/Dom kiss. Jason postpones his plans with Sam to research Franco. Michael gets pulled over for “driving erratically.” Lucky steps in just as Michael is about to be arrested – he can tell Michael’s been drinking. Johnny and Olivia leave the restaurant after bickering with Sonny. Lucky does his best to talk with Michael about coping with “family secrets.” Michael claims to know “everything” about Sonny and his “business.” Lucky says Michael is “pushing the limits” so Sonny will find out and “feel guilty.” Lucky takes Michael home and a surprise birthday party is waiting for him. Lucky fills everyone in on Michael’s drinking and driving. The party ends before it starts. Sonny grills Michael on his behavior, saying it was “unacceptable.” Sonny proves his point by taking away Michael’s car. Olivia tells Johnny that Sonny was simply “pushing” her “buttons” at the restaurant. Johnny tells Olivia he knows who killed Claudia. A visit from Maxie makes Jason change his mind about spending the evening with Sam. Maxie insists that Spinelli finds a “girl” to cheat on her with. Spinelli says the “cycle of hurt” should come to an end. Jason arrives at Sam’s but she isn’t there.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew is happy that he is walking again. Bo and Nora are happy about that and with each other but worried what Clint might be up to Meanwhile, Clint and Dorian work on their dastardly plan. They invite Bo and Nora to Dorian's mayoral ball and they secretly invite hecklers who reveal that Bo and Nora are secretly having an affair. And Dorian tells the crowd that she has no alternative except to fire them both. Dani stays at home, finds Bo's gun and goes after Todd. Gigi admits that she wants to be with Schuyler. Rex demands to know if Stacy is really having his baby. Fish tells Kyle that he wants Nick to move into the other empty room that Roxy offered him and urges Kyle to know that Nick is playing him because he wants Kyle. Kyle argues and reveals to Fish that maybe Nick is the person for him instead of Fish.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nina offers to go with Paul to visit Patty in the psych hospital. Victoria and Phyllis how fast that the children had gone to sleep. Victoria receives a call from J.T. inviting her to eat dinner with him. Mac walks up to J.T. and tells him her plans for the night . J.T. thinks that her going to the bar might be risky and her pregnant. At a hospital in Nevada, Nick finds out that Sharon and Adam were married. Nick takes a wing at Adam. Sharon yells for them to stop. Victoria finds out from Phyllis that Adam and Sharon had been in an plane crash and that Sharon has a concussion. Malcolm visits Lily and Cane in the hospital and finds out about her cancer. At the Chandler mansion, Billy spends time with Delia, Kay, Murph, Chloe and Chance. Chloe gives Billy a present that Delia had gotten Billy. Jack and Emily have dinner together. Emily takes a sip of the drink and finds something inside. When she looks closer, she finds that is an engagement ring. Jack proposes to Emily and she accepts. Emily agrees to marry jack. Paul takes Nina to visit Patty. Neil lashes out at Malcolm for being gone so long from home. Lily tells Malcolm that she wants to know more about him and where he had been. Billy calls Jack and wishes him a Happy New Year. Billy finds out that Jack and Emily are getting married. Nick tells Phyllis that Sharon and Adam got married. Phyllis tells Nick that she hates Sharon, Adam and she even hates Nick.

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