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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Tad’s house, Tad talks to Jake, Amanda, Krystal and Opal and wonder why that David is going to Gloucester. A knock on the door and it is Tad’s and Jake’s parents, who arrived for the Christmas celebration. J.R. and Marissa also arrive. On the balcony of his condo, Ryan notices that a puff of wind had blown Greenlee’s butterfly off the tree and it had broken. Emma, on the stairs asks Ryan if that is Greenlee’s butterfly. Emma and Ryan begin to open up presents. In Gloucester, David checks on Greenlee’s condition. David explains to Gayle what had happened the night that Greenlee had had the motorcycle accident and how he had found her and nursed her back to health. Annie arrives to see Emma and bring her Christmas gifts. She tells Ryan that he cannot refuse to let her see Emma today since it is Christmas. Tad tells Joe about David and him going to Gloucester. Amanda apologizes to Jake about what had happened the night before and how she had left with David. Tad asks Krystal to watch the kids while he goes to Gloucester to check on what David is up to. Kendall and Zach spend a happy reunion with their sons. Annie surprises. Emma with a new storybook. Ryan watches Annie read to Emma. Jake says good-bye to his parents, who are moving to Florida. Jake, Amanda and Trevor spend quality time together. Erica walks in on Ryan and Annie arguing over Emma. Zach and Kendall make love. Tad visits the bar in Gloucester where David is nursing Greenlee back to health. Tad sees David go into a back room of the bar. Greenlee has dreams of Ryan and her life with him.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Damian questions Paul if he had heard from Meg. Paul tells him that he hasn’t heard a word from Meg. Damian also questions Emily if she had heard from Meg or if Meg had asked her for help. Mickey visits Barbara and tries to give her back a necklace that he had given her years ago (which she had refused) and which now she is refusing again. Barbara questions Mickey as to who he is and what he wants. Mickey tells her that he is James Steinbeck and he wants another chance. At home, Janet looks at a sprig of mistletoe and remembers her kiss with Dusty. Parker comes in and wants to know what that is . Janet tells him that it is mistletoe and it’s Christmas. Parker asks her about a book that he may have left there . Janet questions Parker about Carly and Jack. Parker tells Janet that nothing is going on between Jack and his Mom and to quit asking him because he doesn’t want to get involved. Jack comes out of the kitchen carrying Sage’s teddy bear. Carly reminds him that she didn’t have a pic of Sage without the bear. Craig visits Carly and asks him to join him on a business trip. Carly is not pleased by the request and order Craig to leave. Craig is very persistent and finally Carly gives in when she finds out that Parker is coming with them. Jack comes downstairs and finds Craig there. Carly demands that Craig leave. Mickey puts the necklace on Barbara. Mick also lets Barbara know that he doesn’t’ approve of the women in Paul’s life, and especially Paul hiding Meg. Jack visits Janet and tells her about his visit with Brad. Janet tells Jack that she also had a visit from Brad. Janet also tells Jack that she had kissed Dusty. Parker comes home and reluctantly, agrees to go on the trip with Craig and Carly. Emily orders Meg out of her house. Paul visits Damian and Lily and asks them to let him find Meg and get her help. Lily agrees to Pauls’ idea. Parker finds out that his practice had been cancelled. At home, Parker tells Jack that his practice had been cancelled. Jack reads a note from Parker. Jack calls Carly to let her know what Craig is up to. Mickey calls the police on Meg and tells them where Meg is. Paul blames Emily for making the call. Carly demands that Craig stop the car and take her home. Carly grabs at the steering wheel and tries squeal.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick tells Brooke that he called her over to talk about Sandy. She did show up for the Jackie M Christmas party. Brooke says that after five years that is a good sign that she is finally opening up. She’s also glad that although Nick has reservations that he didn’t tell Bridget about Sandy’s past. She would only worry. Sandy will have to heal at her own pace. Nick volunteers that maybe she can use some help. Stephanie catches Sandy at the office early and comments that she is glad she has lost that “deer lost in the headlights” look. She has to get Whip to slow down and quit prying into Sandy’s past. She reminds him they all have pasts they would like to forget. In their little cubbyhole, Ridge and Eric show Thorne and Thomas their designs, “so bad they are good.” Eric says they just need to remember The Emperor’s New Clothes. If Bill gets suspicious, they have to keep reminding him that they know best. He’ll then walk right into their trap and probably take all the credit…..and one arrogant Emperor comes tumbling down. Katie calls Justin in as she wants a fresh new pair of eyes to look at Eric’s designs. She is not sure she can believe her sisters’ critique or if they are on the same team. She needs to do some independent research on her own.

Nick tells Sandy there is something important he’d like her to do….not for him, but for her. He thinks she should talk about what happened to her. Nothing she did wrong….but something that isn’t finished. He tells her that he went to the Rape Clinic Center. She tells him that she does not want help. She only wants peace and to forget. He says that he can’t help but see this spark in her, this flicker and he knows she is hanging on by her fingertips and he wants to see her come alive again. Her life needs to be as important as this baby she is carrying. Katie calls her sister’s in for a conference. Without Eric being around and their wanting to welcome him back, what are their real feelings about his new designs? Something just doesn’t feel right to her. She needs to know that Eric’s designs are really viable. They wonder why she is second guessing Eric and his loyalty. She says she won’t pussyfoot around. She needs to know if their husbands are planning a mutiny here. Bill is out of town so Eric tells Ridge they need to move forward as quickly as they can. He tells Thorne to stop production on everything else but the DARE line. No leaking to the press, put the buzz out there by Steffy, but give them nothing substantial. Without Sandy objecting, Nick calls Lieutenant Baker and wants to set up a time to see him concerning an old incident involving a friend. Nick tells Sandy that this time with a little help she can expect justice. All she has to do is say yes.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Vivian and Kate head over to Melanie’s to help her plan the wedding. A fight ensues between the two, but Vivian is called away by Gus. Melanie and Kate get into an argument when Melanie tells her that she has to disown her, since Philip has. Kate warns her that she will avenge Philip if Melanie hurts him. Nathan comes over, and Kate breaks the news about Melanie’s engagement. After she leaves, Nathan wonders if Melanie is really happy with Philip. She insists that she is. Kate tells Philip about Nathan coming over to see Melanie, and implies that Melanie isn’t trustworthy. Vivian learns that Carly has a child, and she and Victor decide to find out who the father is, and where the child could be. Meanwhile, Bo learns that someone has stolen records from the hospital where Carly gave birth. Sure that Vivian is behind it, she panics. Bo tries to soothe her. Justin tells Hope that he has feelings for her after she asks him to help her file separation papers. Later, she decides that she has hope for her marriage, and goes over to talk to Bo, but she finds him kissing Carly. Mia grows jealous when Gabi returns to town for good, and seems to fit in well with Mia’s friends, especially Chad.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Robin and Patrick celebrate their one-year anniversary. Franco sends Johnny a picture of Claudia’s grave. Jason tells Johnny the truth about Claudia’s death. Jason also tells Johnny that Franco witnessed the murder and later took Claudia’s body. Johnny gets upset and hits Jason. Jason says Franco wants him (Jason) to kill Johnny. Sam tells Spinelli she’s “worried” because she can’t reach Jason. Dante/Dom plans his first “date” with Lulu. Kristina and Molly visit Sam and tell her they’re doing their best to push Mac and Alexis together. Alexis stops by and tells Sam she and Mac will never be a couple. The girls jump out of hiding and try to talk Alexis into choosing Mac. Sam refuses to take “sides” and sends Alexis and the girls on their way. Olivia seems jealous when she sees Sonny spending time with Lisa at the restaurant. Dante/Dom arrives and notices Olivia’s discomfort and tries to persuade her to leave the restaurant. Olivia refuses, saying she’s meeting Johnny. Lisa notices the tension and asks if Olivia is Sonny’s “wife.” Johnny walks in as Olivia and Sonny are bickering – Olivia throws a glass of water on Sonny. Maxie says Lulu is obviously “invested” in Dante/Dom. Maxie then helps Lulu get ready for her date. Maxie grills Dante/Dom about his intentions with Lulu. Spinelli goes home and tells Jason that Sam “requests” his “presence” at her place. Sam waits for Jason in the hot tub as Franco enters her apartment.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Mitch demands that Dorian finds a way to get Bo fired from his job. She is not willing to do that until he gives her a photo of Bo and Nora kissing. She goes to show it to Clint and Clint admits to her that he will endorse her and encourage her to get them both fired from their jobs and into trouble. Stacy is spooked by Mitch Laurence's "plan" to take her baby. Rex confronts Mitch and Mitch tells him he wants Stacy's baby. Dorian goes to the station to tell Bo, Nora, John and Natalie she'd like them all to attend her mayoral inauguration ball. None of them are enthused. But Clint tells Kim he'd like her to be his date to Dorian's ball and is ready to support Dorian in her cause.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Lauren kisses Michael to thank him for her Christmas gifts. Lauren and Michael decide to spend the whole day alone. Nick calls Phyllis to let her know that the Newman jet had lost contact with the control center. Nick also tells Phyllis that Adam and Sharon were on board. A man approaches Nick and tells him that they had received a report that there was smoke near a wildlife reserve. Adam, Kenny and Pete survive the plane crash, but Sharon is not doing so well. Kenny and Pete decide to go for help while Adam stays with Sharon. Dr. Kershaw treats Lily, who has a fever due to an infection. Mac finds it surprising how ill Lily can become in just a short period of time. Mac and Devon go in to visit Lily. Noah suggests going back to Sharon’s with Eden until he gets a call from Phyllis that she needs to talk to him. Adam urges Sharon not to go to sleep as she drifts in and out of consciousness. Phyllis tells Noah about Adam and Sharon and the plane crash. Help arrives for Sharon at the crash site. At the hospital, the doctor tells Nick and Adam that Sharon has a mild concussion. Ted from the F.A.A. questions Adam about the crash. Nick goes in to see Sharon. Sharon wants to know what he is doing here. Neil and Lily see Malcolm. Sharon tells Nick that she and Adam had gotten married.

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