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AMC Recap Written by Mary


ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Katie is in Old Town when she sees a Santa Claus and offers him change if he can get it out of her pocket. Brad appears and tells Santa to watch himself. Santa wishes Katie a Merry Christmas. At Metro, Dusty asks Janet why she isn’t home with her family. Janet tells him where everyone is and she should just as well be working. Liberty tells Parker that Janet will not leave her alone since she had told her that she was dropping out of school. Jack and Carly are in Old Town, shopping for boots for Sage, which are all sold out. Carly tells Jack that Sage won’t mind since Jack is spending Christmas with them. Jack remembers a conversation that he had had with Brad when they were small. Jack tells Carly that this won’t work and leaves. Simon barges in on Henry and asks can he stay for awhile since Katie threw him out . Santa Claus offers to help Brad reach out to his family. Santa takes Brad to “Oakdale Now.’ where he sees Liberty. Brad offers Liberty encouragement about her future. At Metro, Brad appears to Janet, who is just as thrilled to see him. They dance to their favorite song on the radio. Dusty comes in and wonders what Janet is doing . Janet tells Dusty to turn the radio back on as she arranges the flowers on the tables. Jack is having a drink when Brad appears to him. Jack comments that he was wondering when Brad was going to haunt him. Brad takes Jack to the warehouse where Jack had shot Brad. Brad tries to get Jack not to blame himself. Brad and Jack visit the ranch where Brad leaves Jack with tears in his eyes. Next Santa wants to take Brad to see Katie, but Brad doesn’t want to see Katie . Brad and Katie spend some enjoyable time together before Santa tells Brad that it is time for him to go. Brad doesn’t want to leave and Katie doesn’t want him too. Jack goes to Carly’s to spend Christmas with Carly and the children. Liberty stops by to bring Sage and Parker a present. Liberty lets Parker know that she is going back to school. Janet kisses Dusty underneath the mistletoe.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Ridge sit before the fire on Christmas Eve. One of his favorite traditions is the mistletoe. She says being loved by him is like having Christmas every day all day long. Thorne barges in and says he is worried about their mother. This is her first Christmas since Ann passed away and there is no way she can be happy over at Jackie M’s. He says he is going over there; he knows she will need his support. The party is going strong at Jackie M’s with her rag tags. Both Stephanie and Pam miss their mother. Stephanie says she misses Sally too. They usually hear from her this time of year, so they will offer her a cheer. Jackie whispers to Stephanie that she is glad she is here. Bridget and Nick are grateful that Sandy is there too to share the day with them. Stephanie is delighted to see Thorne, but tells him she found this crazy place where she sort of fits in. He vows that he won’t worry about her any more. Whip is glad that Bridget talked Sandy into coming. Jackie gives a speech and Stephanie chimes in what a special occasion and family this is. She speaks of the good will. SantaNick reads a special rendition of Twas the Night Before Christmas and they all break out in Christmas carols.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Arianna and Brady argue when she learns he hired Nicole a lawyer. Rafe urges her to make up with Brady, as he may just be doing Nicole one last favor. Brady is chagrined when he opens Arianna’s Christmas present to discover that she gave him her grandfather’s cufflinks. The two later make up. Rafe and Carly run into one another at the pier for the first time since he wandered away from Omar’s boat. Carly learns that Sami is his girlfriend, and Rafe invites her to the vigil. Nicole tells Sami about recognizing the voice she heard at the bus station, and promises to try harder to remember who it is. Julie tries to get Bo and Hope to make up, since they’re having the Horton ornament ceremony at their house. Bo and Hope explain that they must work this out on their own, and later admit to one another that too many things have happened over the many years of their marriage, and they have always moved on right away instead of dealing with them properly. After the ornament hanging, everyone attends the candlelight vigil for Sydney, where EJ and Sami make a public plea for their daughter to be returned safely. EJ overhears Sami telling Rafe that she wonders what it would have been like if Nicole hadn’t switched the babies, and she and Rafe had gotten the chance to raise Sydney as their own. Melanie tells Philip that she would rather wait to get engaged, but when the engagement ring gets stuck on her finger, Philip convinces her that they are meant to be together. She later agrees to marry him. Nathan and Stephanie kiss. Stefano calls Anna, inviting her to spend Christmas with him and Kate, but she refuses. Later, she decides to go to Salem anyway, and takes Sydney with her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie


OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.


Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead


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