Wednesday 12/23/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/23/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake and Amanda leave Trevor with Krystal while they go out .Krystal lets Jake know that Tad received a phone call and left. At ConFusion, Tad and Liza sit at a table and discuss the pics that David had given to them and how that Willis was killed in an automobile accident. Gail watches Greenlee’s heart monitor and notices some significant changes. Emma shows Ryan Greenlee’s butterfly ornament and asks him if he isn’t going to hang it up. Opal apologizes to Erica for upsetting her over Kendall. Zach and Kendall wake up in the car and find they are still stuck. Suddenly, Kendall sees the lights of a house. Going into the house they encounter Father Clarence, who is more than hospitable to them. Erica gets a call from Ryan, who wants to watch a movie with her. Erica finds White Christmas. Instead of finding White Christmas, Ryan finds and watches a video of Greenlee, who tells him to start a new life. Amanda defends David to Krystal and Jake . Liza and Tad have a confrontation with David over the photos that he had given to Liza of Willis. Amanda and Jake walk in. Amanda immediately defends David and leaves with him to go back to Wildwind. Tad, Krystal and Jake arrive home to Tad’s and tells Krystal about Amanda’s actions toward David. Father Clarence arranges it so that Zach and Kendall can go back in time to when they first met in the church. Ryan visits Erica and lets her know that he had watched a video of Greenlee. Ryan and Erica vow to start over. They kiss. Zach and Kendall wake up in the car, it isn’t stuck in a ditch and they are only 5 miles from Pine Valley. David receives a call from Gail concerning Greenlee. Amanda overhears David telling Gail that he is coming to Gloucester. Amanda arrives at Tad’s and tells Tad and Jake about David going to Gloucester. Kendall and Zach arrive home. David visits Greenlee and wishes her a Merry Christmas.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Bob is prescribing medication for his patients when Kim walks up behind him and just watches him. Kim drags him away from the hospital by telling him that there are other doctors on duty tonight . Margo and Tom sit outside of their home looking at an ornament that had fallen off a Christmas tree when Adam was a boy and Tom had fixed it and had saved Christmas according to Adam. Casey watches from inside. Casey feels guilty for Adam being gone, but Alison lets him know that he can fix the situation. Emily walks into the living room at Fairwinds and asks Paul, who he was talking to. Paul swears that he wasn’t talking to anyone. When Emily leaves the room, Paul hurries to check on Meg, who is hidden in the wine cellar. Barbara still doesn’t believe that Mick is really James. Barbara asks him to go to Paul and tell him, who he is and see what Paul thinks or she will call the police . Emily finds out that Meg is in her home. Emily orders Meg out of her home when Barbara and Mick arrive. Mick plays with Eliza instead of telling Paul, who he really is. The Hughes family and Alison sit down to dinner. Casey surprises everyone in the room by asking Alison to marry him. Alison hurries out without answering. Alison hurries to a church where she encounters Mick. Bob surprises Kim with a two week vacation. Casey surprises Margo with a new cell phone. Casey tells her to push send. Margo is surprised when she gets to talk to Adam on the phone. Alison comes back to the Hughes house and tells Casey that she will marry him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Eric and Ridge to put their pads and pencils down; it’s Christmas Eve. Eric says they have to get three more designs in to Bill. She tells him this is Gawd-awful; he smiles and says thank you. Katie tells Bill that she will treasure whatever he gives her for Christmas, but she doesn’t need those material things. She would really like him to give Forrester Creations back to the Forresters. She tells him that her family hates him so much they are going to celebrate without her too. She has relished the last few weeks as CEO, but she doesn’t care about any of it. She wants her family back. He states that he is sorry this is so hard on her family, but they are being so petty and have brought all of this upon themselves. They have a meeting and he needs her to be in a CEO frame of mind. He’s here to steer her in the right direction. Nick, Bridget, Jackie and Pam are at Jackie M making the place festive for a party. They hope Sandy will come, but so far no show. Whip shows up at her place. She makes fun of his Poinsettia sweater. He invites her anyway. She doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas this year. She’s just not in the mood. When Whip tells them at the office that Sandy won’t be there, Nick and Bridget drop in to see her. Sandy explains that she doesn’t feel too merry this year, and doesn’t feel like being around people who are. Nick says they want to celebrate a new tradition at Jackie M’s and he’d like for her to join them.

Nick goes out to his car and comes back playing and serenading Sandy with his special little ditty about Sandy coming to the party. He says he keeps the guitar in the car just for those occasions when he has to cajole employees to a party. Eric tells Ridge this company is going to be his; he will see to it. An associate visits Bill and meets Katie for the first time. He explains he is in L.A. only overnight. The Spencer Publication board was not all that pleased with the Forrester acquisition, but the figures have proved profitable so he wants to wish him continued success. Bill tells him that this latest line will knock his pantyhose off; it will be a success. Sandy shows up at the party and admits she is finally believing they aren’t being kind, but really care for her. This might be her best Christmas yet. Bill looks at the latest sketches in e-mail. He tells Katie they are different; they just better be profitable. Bill calls Ridge to let him know he received the e-mail and he realizes tomorrow is Christmas but he wants to see three more designs by Monday. They wish each other Merry Christmas. Katie doesn’t seem so sure, but Bill says no matter how radical these changes are that he believes Eric and Ridge will do their best. The past is old and tired; they need a future and sometimes change is necessary. She wants him to be more open, so he’s going to try and do that. He’s going to have faith and whatever they come up with he is going to believe they will win….and win big with DARE.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Brady ends up firing Nicole’s public defender and hiring an attorney for her at his own cost. He later tries to tell Arianna about it, but he doesn’t want to dampen her good mood, and decides not to. Nicole thinks she may recognize the kidnapper’s voice. Roman calls Anna to invite her to the family’s Christmas, but she declines, saying that she is spending the day with Tony’s spirit. Later, she admits aloud to herself that she took Sydney to make Stefano pay for what he has done, and to make Sydney’s family realize what she went through when Tony died. The teens prepare for the winter dance. Will is upset to learn from Tad that Mia knew the whole time that Chad expected to go to the dance with her, but the two make up. Later, Mia is upset to see Chad and Gabi dancing together. Melanie and Philip plan a trip to a tropical island for Christmas. She becomes jealous when she sees Nathan kissing Stephanie’s cheek under the mistletoe. After talking with Justin about his divorce, Philip decides not to leave town, and takes Melanie to an inn outside Salem. He ends up proposing to her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

It’s Christmas Eve in Port Charles. Patrick and Robin decorate their Christmas tree. Mac drops by with a present for Emma and says he has “plans” for the evening. Matt and Lisa stop by the Drake house. Ethan finds Luke alone at the casino. Ethan tells Luke about Rebecca’s departure before he heads to Lucky’s house. Luke opts to stay on the boat. Maxie and Lulu decorate the apartment. Spinelli comes over and says Maxie is over compensating with the decorations out of guilt. Dante/Dom and Lulu head to Lucky’s house. Spinelli says he won’t cheat on Maxie just to ease her guilty conscience. Lucky and family celebrate at the Spencer house. Lucky heads over to see Luke and the two have coffee and conversation. Nikolas and Spencer arrive at Lucky’s house. Alexis spends Christmas Eve at home with Diane and the girls. Max arrives with presents for the girls. Carly tricks Morgan into telling her where Jax hid her gift. Mac drops by Alexis’ house with a practical gift for her. The two share a kiss. Lucky makes it clear to Luke that he wants him to come to the family celebration. Spinelli and Maxie seem to be finding their way back to each other. Lucky comes back home with Luke.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Viki brings a gift to Buchanan Mansion for Clint. Nora brings a Stocking containing a fishing trip brochure to Bo's hotel room. Destiny brings a gift of the latest music to Greg at his hotel room. Dani is in her hotel room stabbing at an article about Todd Manning with a felt pen when Matthew arrives with a gift for her. It is a bus pass and a map of Llanview. Tea is in her hotel room trying to compose a letter to Danielle when Eli arrives with a gift for her. It is a framed picture of Ross and Daniela. Todd arrives at La Boulaie to pick up the boys with a gift for Hope. At Llanfair, Brody gives Bree a book to add to her collection. He gives Jessica a charm necklace with Bree's birthstone on it. He tells her it has room to add more birthstones if she decides to have more children. Starr, Langston, Dorian, and Addie are at La Boulaie celebrating Christmas. Starr and Langston want to wait for Cassie and Adriana, but Dorian informs them that Cassie is ill and Adriana broke her foot in an auto accident so they won't be coming. Addie brings Dorian a gift with no tag on it. Dorian observes that it is ticking and wants to get rid of it, but Addie insists on opening it. It's a cuckoo clock with a note on it that says, "Time is running out.” An orderly brings Mitch Laurence's dinner platter. When Mitch lifts the cover, he finds a cell phone on the plate. He calls Dorian and tells her it's too bad about Cassie and Adriana not being able to make it. He makes a comment about the eggnog so Dorian knocks it off the table before anyone can drink it. She goes to Mitch's hospital room and tells her that the eggnog had strychnine in it. He smugly tells her it is a good thing he was able to warn her before someone took out all of the Cramer at once. She tells him she will do whatever he wants and that she will fire Bo Buchanan before the New Year. Charlie goes to the hospital to confront Mitch, but Brody stops him. Brody reveals that he knows Charlie fell off the wagon and tells him to call his sponsor. Brody takes Charlie home and sneaks him in the back so that Viki won't see him in his condition.

Clint sends Nora, Matthew, and Rachel's things to Bo at the Palace Hotel with a note that says they are Bo's problem now. Rachel tells Greg that she has to find a new place to live and he invites her to move in with him. Matthew stands and takes a few steps. Clint tells Viki that Nora and Bo have been having an affair. She invites him to spend Christmas at Llanfair, but he says no. Viki goes home and suggests that Jessica take Bree to see Clint and cheer him up. Todd brings Téa a gift from the boys. He asks about Dani and she reveals that she is staying with Bo and Nora here at the Palace. Todd thinks Tea orchestrated that to have Dani close to her so she can take Dani away from him again. She assures him that Dani wouldn’t go anywhere with her right now. Todd decides that Téa shouldn’t be alone on Christmas Eve, so he invites her to come home with him. Dani runs in to them when they are leaving. She pushes past them, runs into her room, and locks the door.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Lily doesn’t know how she will tell Neil that Mac is pregnant as they arrive at Neil’s for Christmas dinner. Abby is surprised by all the presents from her father . Abby surprises Ashley with a visit from Traci. Jill cautions Tucker to be careful when they have dinner with Kay that she doesn’t catch on that they have feeling for each other .Tucker surprises Jill with diamond earrings. Paul wishes Nina a very Merry Christmas. Nina asks about Heather. Kay and Murphy join Paul and Nina. Billy also join in the festivities at Kay’s. Chloe and Jill find out that Mac is pregnant. Adam asks Sharon if she had opened the present in her stocking . Neil surprises Devon with ten free recording sessions. Tucker join in the festivities at Kay’s. Sharon tells Adam that she cannot accept the ring. Phyllis finds out that Victoria is going to Dubai, but J.T. will not allow her to take Reed. Nikki surprises her family with a visit. Lily tells Neil that Mac is pregnant. Sharon arrives to see Nick, but Summer tells her to go away. Sharon visits Adam. Lily and Cane arrive home and Lily lets Cane know that she is not feeling well. Nick finds out that Adam had taken the family jet. Sharon and Adam elope.

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