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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad comes into the living room, carrying a basket of cheese and fruit that Liza sent him. When Liza calls him, Tad asks her why she sent him the basket. Liza and Tad discuss the pics that David gave her of the D.A. Willis and a judge in bed. Opal walks in, sees the basket, and reads the card and from Liza. Erica arrives at Zach’s along with some men delivering a Christmas tree. When Ryan arrives, Erica tells him that Kendall and Zach are coming home. Angie cannot believe that Madison is sleeping in their guest room after all that she has done to them. Jesse leaves to go to the police station, thus leaving Angie alone with Madison. Madison warns Angie that if Jesse goes after her father, he will destroy the Hubbard family. Zach and Kendall are on the airplane coming home when it hits turbulence. Ryan has his doubts about being there when Zach and Kendall come home, but Erica wants him there. Madison is reluctant about testifying against her father. Zach and Kendall call Erica and lets her know that they have been diverted to Ohio and will have to drive the rest of the way home. Opal, upon hearing this news, begs Erica to call Kendall back and advise her not to drive, but Zach's phone battery is dead. Mr. Beardsley threatens to ruin Jesse if he goes after him. Jesse doesn’t take his threats seriously and threatens to bring Mr. Beardsley down. Angie and Jesse come home to find Madison gone. Liza visits Mr. Beardsley at the police station where he asks her to defend him. Liza finds out from Natalia that D.A. Willis was killed in a car accident. Liza gives Mr. Beardsley the bad news that he will have to remain in jail during Christmas. Tad joins Liza at the police station, then they go to ConFusion where Liza lets Tad know that Willis is dead and she feels responsible. Liza gets a call from the mayor to run for D.A. Madison visits her father in jail and makes her own threats to him if he does anything against the Hubbard family. When Kendall sees a sad little boy who wants to visit his mom for Christmas, she asks Zach to rent his aunt a car. Then the only vehicle left is one that is not outfitted for snowy roads. Zach and Kendall rent a car and start their trek toward Pine Valley, but Zach drives into a ditch when he's not paying attention, so they have to stay where they are until help comes. Kendall asks Zach to tell her a story. Father Clarence approaches Kendall and Zach's snow-covered car.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Casey tells Alison she looks like she is sleepwalking. Alison tells Casey that she was up all night . Alison notices Casey with a bag and wonders what is in it. Casey tells her that he is going to cut down the family’s Christmas tree. Casey asks Alison to accompany him, but she tells him that she has an appointment with Emily. Barbara meets with the funeral director about James’ personal effects. The funeral director tells Barbara that they had lost the file on James. Emily tells Paul that they can be seen by Dr. Prentice this morning if Alison can arrange it . Alison calls and tells Emily that Dr. Prentice can see them if they go now. Emily wants Paul to accompany them, but Paul tells them that he is going to Meg’s competency hearing .In the courtroom, Lily asks Damian if he is alright. Damian assures her that he is. Meg and Holden walk into the courtroom. Meg lashes out and wants to know what they are doing here. Meg tells Lily that Damian had visited her at Deerbrook. Paul meets up with Molly and asks what she is doing here. Lily tries to talk to Holden about Meg. Mick tells Alison that he would like to accompany her to the fertility doctor. Holden talks to the judge on Meg’s behalf. Emily and Alison meet with Dr. Prentice and they receive a good prognosis. Barbara meets up with Mick and orders him to come with her . Barbara confronts Mick about everything that she had found out . Meg attacks Damian in the courtroom. The judge rules that Meg needs more psychiatric evaluation. Meg begs the judge not to do this .Mick, at first, refuses to answer Barbara’s questions, but then gives in and tells her that he is James. Barbara refuses to believe him until she sees the scar where Paul had shot James. Paul is hit by a car. Meg makes her escape thanks to Paul. Paul takes Meg to his house and hides her in the wine cellar. Emily comes in and wants to know, who he is talking to. Holden and Molly check on the videotape at the hospital, but soon finds out that Meg is gone. Meg calls Damian.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke reveals that she hates keeping secrets from Katie. Ridge says it is justice for Bill stealing their company. Katie wants to believe all the Forrester’s are on board with them now. And Eric didn’t fight being placed in the tiny basement office. Ridge tells his dad that Bill may run a fashion magazine, but he has no fashion sense. Old employees welcome Eric back. Bill knows that the Logan’s see him as Scrooge, so he’s not sure they will want him hanging around the Christmas tree. Bill calls Eric and says he wants to see the previews and they better blow him out of his seat. Eric tells Ridge they have baited the hook, so now they have to DARE. Donna and Brooke discuss what might happen if Bill goes down. Christmas is going to be very difficult. Katie is devastated when Donna and Brooke tell her that she is invited for Christmas, but they must be true to their own husbands and Bill is not welcome in their homes. She can’t believe she is being shut out. Bill hears the knock and tells Team Forrester to please come in.

Ridge and Eric show Bill some rough sketches. These all make a statement, a cry that Forrester is on the cutting edge. The Logan sisters will have to sit this one out. Donna explains to Katie that they can’t just sit back and watch someone take their legacy. Brooke says she is sorry, but that one day is reserved just for the Forrester’s. Katie thinks they are being unfair. Brooke says when the dust settles that she is sure they all will be close again. They show Bill a short video and then present Steffy as a live model in a slinky green sequined dress. He calls Katie and says she and her sisters need to come to his office. He tells Eric this is 80’s revisited, they will be the laughing stock. All they need is the disco ball for this retro look. Eric tells him that he might find this frivolous, but they are taking it very seriously. Women are used to elegance from them, but now they want something different. They have to follow the trend or set it. They need to give the ladies some baubles and beads, some shiny fabrics. Katie speaks up and says she believes in both Eric and Ridge’s talent. Bill says DARE better bring him a lot of money, but it’s their talent and reputation that is on the line. Later he tells Katie that he doesn’t know what he was expecting, but it wasn’t this. He will run the line, but he will keep a very close eye on them. Ridge tells the group that Bill bought it; they will have to move fast. Bill has met his Waterloo.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Mia explains the mix-up over the dance to Will and Chad, saying that Chad assumed she would go with him to the dance, and that she just didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Chad ends up storming off, and later, he asks Gabi to the dance. She accepts, and all four of the teens prepare for the big night. Gabi decides to cancel when she can’t find anything to wear. Sami chokes Kate when she comes back to the mansion, demanding to know where her daughter is. Stefano interrupts the melee, and EJ then explains that they have proof that Kate took Sydney, and tells Stefano about the boots. Kate produces proof that she returned the boots to the store unworn a couple of weeks ago. Sami, disappointed, heads home with Rafe. EJ, after talking with Arianna, gets an idea to hold a candlelight vigil for Sydney to create publicity about the kidnapping. Sami agrees, saying that it is a wonderful idea. Anna prepares her ransom note and takes a picture of Sydney to go along with it. Later, she gets a surprising phone call from someone she knows. Bo is clearly uncomfortable after Carly admits that she is falling for him. Hope interrupts the two and Carly rushes off. Hope then tells Bo that the family wants her to have Christmas at their house, since Alice can’t do it this year. Hope thinks that her family hopes that she and Bo will get back together if they spend the holiday together and while she admits she’d like that, she doesn’t want them to get back together just for that reason. Bo agrees to keep it low key and just spend the day together as a family. Hope then rushes off in tears. Bo leaves Carly a voicemail, telling her that they need to talk.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky catches Elizabeth and Rebecca bickering at the hospital. Rebecca says she regrets choosing Nikolas over Lucky. Rebecca then wishes Lucky well without mentioning Liz’s affair with Nik. Liz tries her best to cover when Lucky questions her hostility toward Rebecca. Michael, Morgan, and Kristina turn down quality time with Sonny because they have other commitments. Jason and Dante/Dom try to make sense of Ronnie’s note. Carly hunts for the baby’s missing hat. Jax and Carly seem to be finding their way back to each other. Olivia comes over to remind Sonny that his “bill” for Claudia’s birthday party is over due. Jason gets a message to meet Franco at the office but by the time he gets there, the artist is gone. Franco leaves something for Jason – it’s the missing hat Carly’s been looking for. Jason heads to Carly’s house to make certain everyone is safe. Sonny asks Olivia and Dante/Dom to stay for dinner at the house. Carly tells Jason about her encounter at the tree lot. Jason realizes the man Carly spoke with was Franco and he sent the hat as a “message.” As Liz tree shops with Lucky and the kids, Nik broodingly talks to Emily. Rebecca listens as Nik says Liz will never “really” be his. Jason is pleased to find Sam decorating a tree when he gets home. Jason and Sam discuss Franco. Rebecca boards the plane for Paris. She’s seated next to a man who looks exactly like the late Zander Smith and the two hit it off. Jason and Sam exchange I love you’s. A Christmas tree sits in Franco’s loft – it’s decorated with photos of people connected to Jason.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Clint accepts Kim's invitation to come over and drink and talk to her. He confides in her about Bo and Nora. But he admits to her that he checked her out and knows that she lied about her work history. He knows that she was a stripper in Vegas and questions whether it's really true that Jared hired her. Knowing that she is lying, he still does not seem suspicious of her however. Bo and Nora wonder what they are going to do. So do Nigel and Renee while they wait for Clint to return home. Mitch tells Stacy he knows that she will stop at nothing in order to win her son's heart. And he tells her that he wants her child, his grandchild, to "join his flock". Meanwhile, however, Fish guards the door to Mitch's hospital room and appears very "protective" to Stacy knowing that she is pregnant and that it could "have been" his child. Does that mean that it is his child? Rex wants to forget about his bad situation with Gigi. But Natalie urges her brother not to give up since he has the chance to make things right with Gigi, the way she never will again with Jared. She then goes to see if she might be pregnant and have something of Jared's that can live on. But she is distraught to find out she is not going to have Jared's baby. Rex goes to find Gigi in her new place. But when he looks in the window, he sees her happily with Schuyler.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Emily tells Jack that she loves him. Jack asks her to repeat what she had said. Emily tells jack that she loves him and she never wants this to end. Jack tells her that it has to. Jana walks in on Michael and Fen decorating cookies. Jana takes Fen out of the kitchen. Daisy tells Lauren that the jeans are refolded. Lauren thanks her. Billy walks in to find the perfect gift for Delia. Daisy offers her assistance. Abby tells Ashley that nothing could make this Christmas perfect. Adam suggests to Ashley that she buy Abby the perfect Christmas gift. Phyllis asks Daniel and Noah to join them for dinner, but they refuse. Nick stops by to apologize to Sharon. Sharon tells Nick that Adam loves her and she loves Adam. Jack leaves Emily alone for a little bit . Billy stops by to leave off some presents. Amber tells Daniel that she misses her son and wants to find him. Kevin tells Ryder that he is spending Christmas with Michael and Lauren. Nick arrives home and tells Phyllis what Sharon had told him about loving Adam. Nick asks for Phyllis’ help in dealing with this. Adam asks Sharon to marry him.

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