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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Liza opens the envelope that David had given to her and finds pics of the D.A. in bed with the judge. Tad asks what will she do with the pics. David visits J.R and Marissa and tries to make amends with Marissa over what he had done. Jake and Amanda lie on the sofa after making love. Zach holds a gun on Aidan and is about to kill him when Kat and Kendall burst in. Kendall begs Zach to put down the gun. Aidan asks Kat as to how long she had been working for Zach. Kendall releases her feelings to Aidan as to how he had done her. Jake and Amanda kiss. David talks to J.R. about him dying. Liza looks at the pics of the D.A. in bed with the judge. Aidan explains to Zach and Kendall that he hadn’t been the same since Greenlee had died. Amanda opens up a box and finds a present from David to Trevor. Jake hands Amanda the phone and tells her to call David. Marissa surprises J.R. with a trip to Rio. Tad tells Liza to take the pics to the D.A. Zach and Kendall become intimate while she bathes.

At the Confusion bar, David confronts Liza as to what she will do with the pics. Liza meets with the D.A., who tells her all about the affair . Angrily, Jake goes to Tad’s home and lets him know about the argument that he and Amanda had had over David. Jake comes home to find Amanda talking to David on the phone while David sings to Trevor in order to calm Trevor down. Liza burns the pics of the D.A and the judge. J.R. lets Marissa know that the cancer had come back.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that she told Katie that the new designs were the cutting edge. Ridge says Katie is not a bad person, but she got caught up in all of this and now this is the only way. Eric tells Donna who also is not happy to keep this secret to bring the Spencer’s down. Stephanie tells Sandy to please drop the Mrs. and calling her madam and just call her Stephanie. As her assistant, she needs Sandy to be ready for just about anything. Sandy admits she didn’t know this was part of her future. Opportunities like this don’t happen to people like her. Stephanie shares with her how hated she used to be and that Sandy just needs to relax and go with the flow. She thinks it will enrich her life. With reporters present, Katie announces that Eric is returning to the company. Eric states that it is a golden opportunity. Nick and Bridget tell Stephanie and Sandy that they are having a Christmas party here on Christmas Eve and they both are invited. Stephanie is delighted as she has no other plans and can’t imagine sharing eggnog with Donna. Sandy says she just started work there and doesn’t think she can make it. Brooke tells Donna they don’t have to like it, but they do need to make Katie think they are on Bill and Katie’s side. Bill shows Eric his new office – sharing almost the basement with Thorne. Eric lets Thorne in on his plan, and Thorne admits this will be professional suicide.

Bill admits to Katie that Eric may be as fired up as he claims to be or he might be up to something. Eric tells Donna that she knows Bill is testing him and that is okay. Now it’s time for Phase 2 of their concept. Bill wants to see results and they do have the preliminary designs. Ridge says they need a new bold name to go with their new line. They will give him cutting edge and trend-setting. Steffy suggests the name Dare. Thorne quips like in “dare to wear this”. They are sure Spencer’s board of directors will be there urging him to sell this company when it becomes a liability and it will be back in their hands once and for all. They will help it rise to its former glory. Ridge reminds them that Forrester Creations is on the outdoor sign, but he wants to see a Forrester CEO on the office door. They have to sell this like nothing before. They have to make Katie and Bill think this is the wave of the future. Donna tells Eric that she will do whatever it takes for him to get his company back. Brooke and Thorne also say they are in. Katie happens to be looking through the window when she sees them all hugging and giving high five’s.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Mia encounters problems when she accepts invitations from both Chad and Will to attend the winter dance. Gabi informs Chad that Will and Mia are going to the dance together, and Chad confronts Mia in front of Will before she can tell Will the truth. Carly and Bo suspect Vivian was behind the corpse being planted in Carly’s patient’s room, but they can’t agree about how to handle it. Later, Bo confides in Carly that he thinks his marriage is over. She then admits that she is glad, because she is falling in love with him. She tries to leave, but Bo won’t let her. EJ accuses Arianna of kidnapping Sydney, but Brady comes to her defense. EJ later apologizes for overreacting, admitting that he is going crazy with worry over Sydney. Rafe breaks the news to Sami about Stefano not being behind Sydney’s kidnapping. EJ calls the two over to the mansion to suggest they offer a reward for Sydney’s return. Rafe gets a phone call informing him that only one woman in Salem bought the boots Nicole described, and both Sami and EJ know her well. Chloe and Brady both visit Nicole in prison. Nicole gets Brady to promise to continue looking for Sydney, even if everyone else gives up. Anna bonds with Sydney, and prepares to send a note to Sami and/or EJ to let them know someone has their daughter.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Ronnie is the victim of a hit and run. Lulu says a man in a dark sports car ran him down. Rebecca tells Lucky, Elizabeth, and Nikolas she’s leaving town. After Rebecca leaves Jake’s, Lucky mentions how odd he finds Rebecca’s sudden decision to leave Port Charles. Franco approaches Carly at the Christmas tree lot. They both want the same tree, but Franco backs down and walks away but not before telling Carly about his own daughter. Sonny and Jax argue over Jerry, Michael, and Carly. Robin explains her HIV status to Steven after she gets cut while working on Ronnie. Later, Franco comes to GH to see Ronnie. Lulu notices the graffiti “tag” in Ronnie’s hospital room. Lisa wonders why Patrick didn’t tell her about Robin. Patrick gets upset when Lisa questions if he and Robin have unprotected sex. Later, Lisa and Robin discuss Robin’s health. Jason tells Dante/Dom to shoot to kill if he spots Franco. Monica and Tracy argue over Christmas decorations. Edward is upset when Rebecca tells the family she’s planning on relocating to Paris. Carly invites Sonny over for Christmas but he turns her down. Sonny holds the baby. Spinelli learns that Franco was “questioned” about four murders in France. Lulu calls Dante/Dom and tells him about Ronnie. Dante/Dom and Jason rush to GH. Robin and Patrick argue over which tree to buy. Rebecca heads to GH to resign and runs into Liz. Lucky is close by when the two discuss Liz’s affair with Nik. Lulu tells Dante/Dom that a man she assumes was Franco was in Ronnie’s room. Ronnie writes the words “you choose” on a piece of paper and hands it to Jason. Franco goes to Sonny’s office and waits for Jason.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Clint confronts Bo and Nora about what he's discovered they have done behind his back and tells them both he never wants to see them again. Kim believes she has Clint right where she wants him. Stacy is delighted that Gigi has moved out of her place with Rex. Roxy kicks Schuyler out of Angel Square. He goes to see Gigi and kisses her. And we know what is bound to happen next. Mitch tells Dorian he needs her to fire Bo and he knows the perfect candidate for police commissioner of Llanview although he doesn't tell her who. She doesn't listen nor want to "join forces" with him. Stacy goes to see Mitch and he admits he knows who she is.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Kay tells Murphy to count the trees that they have left when they have a visit from Tucker, who wants to purchase a tree. Murphy and Tucker introduce themselves. Nina and Jill are at the mall. Jill accuses Nina of stalking her. Nina reveals that she knows Jill’s secret that she had found out from Paul. Jill demands that Nina not tell anyone. Gloria giggles as Jeff asks her how does she like their new luxury sedan. Gloria and Jeff show the car off to Katherine, Murphy and Jill. Lauren tells Michael that he is so good .Daisy visits to give Lauren the keys that she had lost. Lauren asks her to stop by the boutique that she has something for her, but Daisy tells her to send it to the dorm. Eden lets them know that Daisy is not living in the dorms because the dorms are closed for the Christmas vacation. Roxanne asks Devon if Neil is o.k. with this music. Devon tells Roxanne that Neil is cool with his music. Neil comes in and Roxanne makes her exit. Jack tells Emily about breakfast with the Abbott family, and asks about her day. Emily lets Jack know about the progress that Patty had made and she had gained some privileges. Paul visits Patty and brings her truffles. Patty asks to spend the holidays with him, but Paul tells her that she can’t. Daisy is with Ryder and tells him that she has Lauren and Michael right where she wants them. Daisy receives a call from Lauren, but refuses to answer it at first, but then answers it . Lauren asks her to come by the house. Emily runs into Paul at the psych hospital. Paul and Nina meet with the nurse, who was on duty the night that a baby was brought into the hospital and just abandoned. Lauren and Michael to stop lying and tell them the truth. Daisy makes up sob story which Michael checks out on the internet and her story is verified. Lauren asks Daisy to help her at the boutique and then Daisy is spending the holidays with them. Eden balks at the idea. Paul gets a name from the nurse Joanne Glover. Emily tells Jack that she loves him.

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