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AMC Recap Written by Mary

David surprises everyone by telling them that he is dying. Marissa resents the fact that he hadn’t told her about his dying and rushes out. J.R. and Krystal follow her to talk to her . Zach orders Kat to tell him where Kendall. Kat takes Zach to where Kendall is, but Zach finds the room empty. Aidan sneaks up behind Zach and knocks up unconscious and then ties him up. Aidan lets Zach know that he hadn’t been kissing Kendall, but another woman, but that Zach hadn’t even questioned what was going on, but had just left. Krystal tells Marissa if David isn’t dying, he will be. David surprises everyone in the room with a present. Zach gets the upper hand on Aidan and gets free. Kendall uses a coat hanger to try to escape from her prison. Zach holds the gun and is threatening to kill him when Kendall and Kat rush in and stop him. Liza gets some damaging information on the D.A.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Rosanna witnesses an intimate moment between Carly and Craig which results in her calling off the wedding. Janet and Dusty appear at the wedding together. Henry is gambling with himself when Brad appears to him again. Katie and Simon with a real estate agent to sell their home. While Katie is showing the home to the real estate agent, Henry and Brad barge in. Brad wrecks the apartment to keep Katie from selling. Katie leaves to go to Craig’s wedding unbeknown to her that the wedding had been called off. Brad and Henry get into a fight at Metro which results in Henry falling to the floor. Rosanna says good-bye to Craig and Carly and Johnny. Jack visits Brad’s grave and wishes that Brad had come after him since he was the one, who had killed him. Rosanna and Craig kiss good-bye .

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick is feeling good looking over the latest sales figures when Brooke comes in. She wants to touch base on the surrogacy. He tells her it is going well. He went by Sandy’s the other day and Whip was there. He explains they are cousins and then starts to touch upon her sexual abuse. Sandy walks in about then and feels terribly betrayed that he shared that confidence. Brooke asks to speak to her alone. Sandy tells her outright that she does not want a therapist or treatment; just to be left alone. Brooke says she has been there and she understands her pain. And Nick just wanted to help her, he meant no harm. And not all men are monsters. Sandy gets that now. Bridget sees Stephanie is swamped and suggests to Nick that they get an assistant for Stephanie. Nick thinks it is a great idea and has someone in mind. Ridge wants to talk to Steffy and tells her that he won’t have to listen or put up with Katie much longer. He has a plan. He shows her the latest sketch of his new line – an atrocious red dress with feathers worn with boots. Brooke tells Sandy that it’s been five years and she needs to open up and not let things sit and fester. And anytime she dwells on it, it brings it up again. The man is trash so do not let him have this much control over her. She is pregnant and on the way to recovery. They are all lucky to have her in their lives. Stephanie, Nick and Bridget barge in and want Sandy to work for Stephanie. Nick says they are all a bunch of misfits but they have a lot of laughs and thought she’d like to join them. She’s honored to meet Stephanie and says yes. She tells Nick that Brooke is a good woman and she sees things differently now. He’s been wonderful too. She trusts him.

Ridge explains to Steffy why he is doing the new designs. Brooke walks in and can’t believe what she is seeing. Ridge says this is the key to the downfall of Bill and Katie. He’s taking the company back. Bill will take the fallout of being the laughing stock of the industry. Brooke doesn’t see how she can support this and hurt her sister. Ridge explains it was his and Eric’s long before Katie was around. Brooke says that essentially he is asking her to lie to her sister. Katie is too smart for this and will see right through it. He tells her that he needs her; their future is in her hands. She agrees that Katie got to the top too fast. She hates to do this, but it has to be done. Katie studies the design and tells Brooke that it’s like nothing she has ever seen before. Ridge is a wonderful designer, but does Brooke really think this is good. Brooke tells her the talk of Paris and Milan is whimsical and trust her, this will turn FC on it’s head; this is Da bomb.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo and Hope get into another fight about Carly’s secret, and Hope admits that she fears Carly and Bo might share a child the way he and Billie did. Bo assures Hope that that isn’t the case. Hope ends up rushing off in tears after accidentally breaking a frame containing a family photo. Vivian brings Carly flowers to congratulate her on her first day back at the hospital. Melanie learns that Carly is the new attending, and makes nice, but later, when Melanie talks to Vivian, it seems as if she isn’t at all happy about Carly working at the hospital. Carly finds a dead body in her patient’s room with a sprig of flowers in its hair from Vivian’s bouquet. Lexie thinks it was just a mix-up, but Carly isn’t so sure. Arianna and Brady fight about Nicole and EJ, but Melanie interrupts, and tells Arianna that she is a fool to let a man like EJ come between her and Brady. After hearing a litany of EJ’s past crimes, Arianna decides to make up with Brady. The two end up making love. EJ goes to the jail to confront Nicole, but she sticks to her story, and he believes that Stefano was the one that took Sydney, and that Nicole had nothing to do with it. Rafe sneaks Stefano some truth serum, and questions him about Sydney’s disappearance. Stefano vows that he has no idea where Sydney is, and Rafe has no choice but to believe him. We learn that the woman that kidnapped Sydney is Anna.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Franco returns to his loft with Claudia’s bracelet. Rebecca warns Lucky that Elizabeth isn’t all she appears to be. Liz comes into Jake’s and claims she and Lucky had plans to go tree shopping. Lucky wonders why Liz seems nervous to find him with Rebecca. Nikolas claims that Rebecca is trying to get back at him for hurting her. Liz flashes back to the night she was raped. She talks openly about it to Rebecca. Liz says Lucky “saved” her from being damaged. Rebecca listens as Lucky, Liz, and Nik reminisce about the days with Emily. Rebecca then leaves Jake’s, saying the evening helped her make an important decision. Jason tries to figure out what Franco did with Claudia’s body. Jason says he regrets not killing Franco at the loft. Sonny confides to Dante/Dom that Claudia’s body may not be “where it’s supposed to be.” Dante/Dom goes to the gravesite and finds the body missing. Sonny asks Carly to continue to “reassure” Michael. Maxie and Lulu discuss Franco as they shop for a tree. Maxie accuses Lulu of having “feelings” for Dante/Dom. Ronnie tells Dante/Dom to stop “dragging” his feet and get the goods on Sonny. Ronnie finds Franco painting his graffiti and the two obviously have a history. Franco promises to blow Ronnie’s cover if necessary. Kristina helps Sonny decorate his tree. Jason sends Sam and Spinelli out to get him a Christmas tree. Jason later fills Dante/Dom in on Franco and asks him for help in eliminating the artist. Carly tells Lulu she’s trying to work things out with Jax. Sonny summons Jax to the house to discuss Michael. He proceeds to ask Jax to pull some strings to “get the cops to back off Michael.” Jason and Dante/Dom look for Franco at his studio. Jason finds Claudia’s bracelet, so the two assume Franco has her body as well. Franco approaches Carly at the Christmas tree lot.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Clint and Kim plot a plan for Nora to walk in and see them in bed and assume that he is doing to her what she and Bo have done to him. Bo finds out and wants to make sure Nora is ok after the bombshell has been dropped. But Clint pulls a gun on him. Dani is distraught that nobody cares about her father dying nor even wants to have a funeral so she an say good bye to him. But Matthew offers to help hr have a private memorial service for him. Destiny wants to be with Matthew now that he's back. But Dani is furious with her for expressing that she hopes Ross is in jail and she Dani blames Destiny for the whole mess that would not have happened if Destiny had not revealed to Seattle authorities that Dani was there. Starr discovers a picture of Dani and Todd attempts to explain to his daughter the situation involving "Tea's daughter" although he does not let on that she is his also. Blair goes to attempt to apologize to Tea for provoking the situation that got Ross killed and caused Dani to hate her mom. But they end up arguing as usual.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Phyllis fight over Jack knowing about Phyllis was planning to set up Deacon for a fall. In the end, Phyllis knows that this is all about Sharon and Nick not being able to save her. Murphy suggests to Kay to giving the man a discount. Kay points out that this is charity. In looking for a Christmas tree with Sharon, Adam imagines that he sees a Santa Claus waving. Sharon points out that it is a animatronic snowman. Adam and Sharon kiss when they are interrupted by Ashley, who is also looking for a tree. Neil join them. Neil lets Sharon know that Lily had received her card. Jack and Emily kiss. Emily pulls away and tells jack that she has to go. Jack urges her to stay. Cane and Lily go out Christmas shopping, but Cane notices how tired that Lily is. At the Chandler mansion, Mac and J.T. discuss the things that are going on between him and Victoria. Chloe is on the phone doing business when Billy comes up behind her. Billy reminds her that she is fired. Cane and Lily go out looking for a Christmas tree. Jack talks Emily into staying for a hot toddy. Nick lets Phyllis know how he had found out about Sharon and Adam sleeping together. J.T. tells Mac what had happened between him and Victoria. Adam sneaks a package into Sharon’s stocking. Sharon confronts Adam as to what he had put into her stocking. Sharon shows Adam that he has a stocking to hang up on her fireplace. Accidentally, Adam knocks over the pic of her, Nick and the children.

Nick visits and sees the broken pic. Nick blames Adam that he had done that on purpose. Nick lets Sharon know that he had purchased Noah the snowmobile. Phyllis visits Jack and pours her heart out to him over what had been going on between her and Nick. Phyllis blames Jack for this whole mess. Billy visits Kay at the Christmas tree lot. Billy lets Kay know that it had been Chloe, who had turned the juror’s name in to the judge. Chloe comes home with her things from the office. Billy visits Delia, but him and Chloe doesn’t have any kind words to say to each other . Phyllis and Nick mend fences and promises not to ever keep secrets from each other again.

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