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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan visits Erica in her hotel room and discusses with her what to get Emma for Christmas. At the Chandler mansion, Adam and Annie find themselves all alone. Adam stoops to pick up a brown envelope off the floor. Adam finds that it is an invitation to a benefit, but there isn’t no name as to who is throwing the benefit. At the hospital, Jake and Angie also receive an invitation. David and Amanda arrive at the Yacht Club. David receives a call from Gail about his patient. Zack checks out the hotel room in Los Angeles and bribes the manager for more information on Aidan and any visitors that he may have had. Kendall is tied up and gagged in an abandoned warehouse. Aidan tells Kendall that he will take the gag out if she will not scream. Kat walks into the room. Kendall remarks to Kat that she isn’t dead at all. Tad and Krystal also receive an invitation to the benefit . Tad wants to go with Krystal, but Krystal informs him that she has a date with Rob. Liza arrives with her invitation and agrees to be Tad’s date. Erica informs Ryan that Zach had gone to Los Angeles to search for Kendall. Kendall asks Kat for help. Kat threatens to kill Kendall if she doesn’t shut up. Zach wrecks the hotel room looking for clues about Kendall. Kendall tells Kat about Aidan’s love for Greenlee and how she had broken his heart. Zach calls Ryan and Erica. Zach urges Erica not to call the police . Ryan and Erica go Christmas shopping. Zach starts to come out of the hotel room when he runs into Kat. Zach orders Kat to take him to Kendall. When they arrive at the warehouse, Kendall is not there. Aidan sneaks up behind Zach and knocks him out . David apologizes to everyone invited to the party. David tells them all that he is dying.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Carly remembers her conversation with Craig when he had asked her to sleep with him. Jack visits Carly to see if she is getting ready for the wedding. Craig and Johnny also visit. Rosanna has a bad dream about Craig. Carly whispers to Craig to meet her in his hotel room. Rosanna tells Jack her dream. Liberty finds out that Janet is going to the wedding with Jack. Liberty tells Janet that she is dropping out of school. A fight begins and Liberty runs out .Teri and Dusty have a heart to heart talk about their feelings about weddings. Sitting on a bench in front of Old Town, Janet tells Dusty about Liberty going to drop out of school. A group of carolers begin to sing for Janet and Dusty. Janet and Dusty join in the songs. In his hotel room, Craig and Carly kiss. Craig pulls away and tells Carly that this isn’t right .

Carly lets Craig know that this had only been a test to see what kind of person Craig really was. Craig promises not to ever make advances toward Carly again. At Metro, Liberty apologizes to Janet for her behavior. Dusty and Janet appear at the courthouse for Craig and Rosanna’s wedding . Jack is surprised to see Janet with Dusty. Rosanna sees how Craig looks at Carly when she is fixing his flower in his lapel.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells his dad that this is genius….make the designs so atrocious that the company will be a fashion nightmare and go right down the drain. Bill will have no choice but to sell. It will be top secret. Any leaks will ruin the plan. Eric says it might be crazy….it is a little crazy, but they have to try it. They will have to trick Bill into thinking that the trash they are producing is quality stuff. Everybody has to answer to someone and Bill has stockholders. His acquisitions have to pay off fast or they are dumped. It’s about time someone got the better of Bill, and Ridge states that needs to be them. Pam snatches the envelope from Donna and announces the Catwalk Showdown winner as Jackie M. That group jumps up and down in celebration. Jarrett declares this a battle royale on the showdown stage with Jackie M being victorious. Their jubilation is being shared by everyone……..well except for Bill and Katie. They are not happy. He marches over just glaring at Steffy. He tells Katie that he really doesn’t like to lose. Ridge spent too much time plotting to get the company back than in designing trying to win this showdown. Justin tells Donna that she did a good job and she was the star of the show. Whip leaves the reporters early so he can attend to Taylor. She knows he lives for this and it shows. Steffy tells Thomas she really doesn’t care if they won or not. She doesn’t care about the company anymore. They lost everything when Bill and Katie took over.

Eric makes a garish design and practices his speech for Bill in which he humbles himself and tells him that he will come back to work. He shows his first sketch to Ridge who says it is terrible…..well trendsetting according to the experts, which is them. Ridge makes his dad understand that they have to tell their wives as well and they will have to keep it from Katie. Forrester Creations will be theirs again! Bill Spencer got it by underhanded means; now they can get it back. It will be a total coup. They simply can not go on this way. The life blood is being sucked right out of this building. Whip tells Taylor that he knows she came here to support her daughter, but it means a lot to him to share this moment with her. He kisses her. Eric stands before his old office and Ridge tells him that is his office. Interlopers are in there now. Ridge says they need to take it back. Katie thinks Ridge is bringing them a reporter and says she is not ready to make a statement. They are surprised to see Eric. Bill tells him that he is a little late to the party. His absence didn’t look good; both of them should have been here supporting the company. Eric apologies and says that he been selfish these last few weeks. Steffy put a lot of effort into this campaign and it’s been him that has not been the team player. He admits he has been holding out for something that obviously isn’t going to happen. He’s hoping Bill will take him back into the fold. Bill says Eric has been home pouting, refusing to perform. He wonders why the change of heart, but Katie supports his sincere gesture. Eric says it has been difficult for him, but he realizes there will be no buy-out. They need the line and he needs the work, so he’d like to be back on the team if they will let him. Eric holds out his hand and Bill shakes it. He says sure, he is all about retribution. Eric calls him "Boss" and says he will give him a terrific new line that he will never forget.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Brady gets Victor to admit that he sold his drug business, but Victor refuses to say to whom. Arianna and EJ argue, but she ends up feeling sorry for him after he takes a call regarding Sydney. Brady later warns her not to feel sorry for EJ, as he is dangerous. Mia ruins a study session with Kinsey and Tad because of her grief over Grace. Chad meets Gabi, who admits she is thinking of moving to Salem. Later on, Chad and Mia commiserate over the loss of their daughter. Chad then invites Mia to go with him to the winter dance. Rafe tells Abe about Nicole’s description of the kidnapper’s boots. He also finds the time to decorate Sami’s house for Christmas while she is off trying to convince Will to go to the dance with Mia and have a good time. Later, Rafe discovers that the FBI have matched a boot print they found to the boots Nicole described. Meanwhile, the kidnapper falls off a ladder and passes out while trying to hang a wreath. The temperature in the house drops to thirty degrees while the woman is unconscious, but she later wakes up to discover that Sydney is fine.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Rebecca and Lucky go on a “date” that she initiates. Dante/Dom confides some things about Franco to Olivia. He also says he’s sure Michael has some info about Claudia’s death but is hesitant about taking advantage of him. Liz gets a lecture from Epiphany about her mistake with her patient’s meds. Steve tells Nikolas to back off his little sister. Spinelli confides in Sam about Maxie. Maxie still insists that Spinelli have a fling to repay her for what she did with Franco. Sonny tells Jason that he’s playing right into Franco’s hands. Sam, Spinelli, and Jason discuss the situation with Franco. Jason comes to a realization about the artist and he takes off with Sam at his heels. Sonny tells Dante/Dom to work with Jason during the Franco situation. Sonny reassures Michael that what he did was necessary to protect Carly. Liz and Nik talk on the docks and he fills her in on his chat with Steve. Nik then tells Liz about Lucky’s “date” with Rebecca. Sam and Jason discover that Claudia’s grave has been tampered with. At his studio, Franco has the trinket that Sonny got Claudia for her birthday.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dani is furious with both Tea and Todd for what happened to Ross. Nora and Matthew bring her home. Matthew knows nothing about his mother ready to break up with his uncle Clint and get back with Bo. Clint, however has found out through Nigel and Kim. And Kim looks to be successful with "working" on Clint. Mitch knows that John wants to falsify evidence to make it look like he stabbed himself. So do Brody and Natalie. John is not going to let Natalie take the rap for stabbing Mitch. But Mitch seems to know what is going on.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jack tells Emily to keep her eyes closed as they walk into a room with a Christmas tree ready for Emily and Jack to decorate. Victoria tells Nick that Billy is going to get off scot free and it isn’t fair. Victoria and Nick discuss her going to work in Dubai and wanting J.T. and Reed to come with her. J.T. and Reed walk in. Sharon and Adam walk in from Christmas shopping and stops by for a bite to eat. Sharon and Adam encounter Nick and Victoria. Nick and Adam manage to be cordial to each other . Adam offers Sharon to go somewhere else, but Sharon refuses. Daniel thanks everyone for helping and standing by him. Amber orders Deacon to go of her. Deacon finds out that the gas tank is on empty. Billy remembers his conversation with Chloe as he writes the article for “Restless Style”. A woman comes in and tells Billy that he had ruined her life for ratting her out to the judge. Billy starts to call Rafe to get him to get to the bottom of this . Jack and Emily decorate the tree. Eden puts the blame on Daisy for sending Lauren the rats. Daniel goes for looking for Amber but cannot find her. Daniel finds Amber with Deacon. Deacon lays the blame on Phyllis. Michael tells Eden that he had run a background check on Daisy and she was squeaky clean. Billy finds out that it was Chloe, who had ID’d the informant to the judge. J.T. forbids Victoria to take Reed out of the country. Deacon is arrested for kidnapping Amber. Billy fires Chloe.

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