Wednesday 12/16/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/16/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica barges in on Madison with her father. Mr. Beardsley doesn’t know why Erica is interfering. Erica tries to talk to Madison. Adam testifies on Annie’s behalf. J.R. stands up and tells Adam that he cannot do this. Adam tells the court that Annie is innocent of all charges. Zach receives a call from Los Angeles, but the person will not say anything. Opal visits Zach to tell him about the things that she had been hearing which concerns Kendall. Kendall is gagged and tied up in a hotel room. Zach receives a call again, but refuses to answer it but then gives in and talks to Kendall. Zach tells Kendall not to come back here that there is nothing for her to come back to. Annie asks that Adam be removed from the court. The judge gives Annie pointers in being a good attorney. Erica urges Madison to admit the truth. Madison opens up about who had done this to her. Kendall calls Ryan, but Aidan finds out that Kendall had first called Zach and then had called Ryan. Kendall begs Aidan to let her go home. Kendall finds out that Zach had not gotten any of her e-mails. Outside the courtroom, Adam and J.R. have a confrontation. Ryan tells Jesse about the call that he had received from L.A. Adam testifies on Annie’s behalf. Madison is taken to the police station. Randi worries that everything will come out about Henry’s murder. Jesse suggests that Madison stay with him and Angie. Zach tells Opal that Kendall hadn’t said anything. Aidan covers Kendall’s mouth when there is a knock on the door. Aidan tells the maid that he doesn’t want to be disturbed. Aidan uses sodium pentothal on Kendall again. Adam is questioned by Annie as everyone watches.

The judge dismisses the charges against Annie and she is free to go. Ryan lets Erica know that the charges against Annie had been dropped. Jesse lets Zach about Kendall’s call to Ryan. Jesse questions Madison and finds out from her that Henry had wanted a divorce, but Madison hadn’t’ wanted to be around her father anymore and so she killed Henry to keep from having to go back home. Annie is thrilled to be home and she and Adam celebrate. Adam suggests that they get married again. Zach calls Aidan and tells him that if he hurts Kendall, he will kill him.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Barbara sneaks the glass into the police station for one of the officers to check for fingerprints. Barbara turns around and finds Henry standing behind her .Paul calls Emily to let her know that they are going to see the fertility expert. Mickey is about to shine the light in Paul’s eyes when Paul gets a call from Meg, who asks for Paul’s help. Casey watches as Alison tries to put a child’s tricycle together. Casey offers Alison his help. Casey lets Alison know that he and Maddie had broken up. Maddie is trying to study when loud music distracts her. Maddie yells for the person to turn down the music, but the person ignores her. Maddie gets up to see what the music is and finds out that it is Hunter, playing a piano. Rosanna runs into Jack in Old Town. Jack wonders what she is doing down here. Rosanna lets him know that she is picking up some things for the wedding. Jack tells Rosanna about him being at Craig’s bachelor party. At Carly’s house, Craig tells Carly that he cannot get her out of his mind. Carly questions Craig as to what he is doing here. Craig asks Carly to sleep with him so that they can obtain closure and thus move on. Carly calls Craig “insane.” Mickey stops by Fairwinds to let Emily know that Paul had gotten a call from Meg, who needed his help and that the doctor’s appointment had been cancelled. Paul visits Meg in the psych hospital and finds out what Damian had done to her . Maddie and Henry pour out their troubles to each other at the diner. Mickey watches Alison and Casey together. Rosanna tells Johnny a bedtime story about a beautiful princess. Carly and Craig get interrupted by Jack before they can become too intimate. Jack confronts Carly as to what had been going on between her and Craig .Carly tells Jack that Craig had wanted to sleep with her. Casey tells Hunter that he and Maddie had broken up. Alison catches up with Mickey on the stairs. Mickey has another migraine. Meg tells Paul all about Damian and the cake. Paul threatens to burn down the hospital in order to get Meg out of there. Meg hugs Paul. Paul goes home and is confronted by Emily as to what is going on between him and Meg.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget stops in at Forrester’s to wish Brooke well with the Catwalk Showdown Challenge. Brooke is proud of Bridget for her Go Green but smirks that she doesn’t have a chance against the Forrester Hollywood Glamour. Whip, Owen and Jackie all claim they will come out the winner. Stephanie gives Steffy thumbs up, but says Jackie M will be better and win. Taylor wishes Whip good luck and tells him not to let her daughter trounce on him. Donna tells Pam that she hopes she won’t do the little catwalk meow dance at the end of the program. Pam tells her to see Serge, her agent, but that is what the audience wants now, that signature gesture. Donna confides to Justin that today is a very big show and she just wishes her husband was here to offer his support.

Pam takes questions from the audience and the show begins with Steffy and Whip on stage. Eric confides to Ridge that he guessed he was being foolish, but he thought Bill would at least consider their gesture to buy him out. He doesn’t know how Ridge puts up with coming to the office every day. Ridge says he does it for Thomas and Steffy. And he is lying awake at night trying to think of a way to outmanipulate the ultimate manipulator. He’s not there yet, but close. He preaches that people like Bill Spencer have no clue about the creative side of what they are doing. Imagine if FC put out something like what is in some of his publications. He reveals to Eric that is what they need to do….Spencer is on their turf now and they need to outsmart him. They can design a line that is so awful, so hideous that they can turn this company from an asset to a liability overnight. Eric says they would have to be so careful. Ridge agrees, but they can do it right there with pen and paper. His time of working in his office for that bastard and Spencer Publications is over. He wants Eric to join with him in bringing Bill Spencer down, and bringing FC back to their family...... crush Bill, starting now.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole taunts Rafe by telling him that finding Sydney will only bring Sami and EJ closer together, but Rafe insists that he just wants to do right by both Sydney and Sami, no matter the consequences. Nicole softens, and tells him about her memory of the woman that took Sydney. She then remembers the woman’s designer boots, and gives Rafe a description of them. Later, we indeed see the woman with Sydney, and Nicole’s description of her boots is spot on. Melanie and Philip have a date, but the two see Nathan, and Melanie, upset by the encounter, ends the date. Later, she runs into Nathan and Stephanie at the pub, and Stephanie cattily informs her that she and Nathan will be speeding Christmas together. Stephanie later admits to Nathan that she embellished the truth, and that she only meant their two families would be attending Mass together. Nathan suggests they actually try to spend Christmas together. Philip walks in on Kate and Vivian arguing over him. He tells the two he wants nothing to do with either of them. He and Melanie later agree to spend Christmas together, but neither of them wants to celebrate the holiday. Vivian informs Kate that Stefano is in jail. Kate hurries off to see him, and he asks her to warn EJ that he is going to pay for what he has done. Meanwhile, EJ asks Troy to set up a meeting with Arianna. He agrees to do so, and Troy asks Arianna to come to the pier. She lies to Brady about the meeting when he insists on going with her to protect her. Later, she’s upset when she finds Tory waiting for her instead of their boss. EJ interrupts the two, pretending that he doesn’t know Troy at all, and asks Arianna what is going on between her and Troy. Victor and Brady get into an argument about Brady dating a drug dealer.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick doesn’t appreciate it when Steve gets involved in his case. Patrick thinks Steve got his new position because of his grandfather (Steve Hardy). Maxie comes clean with Spinelli about Franco and he forgives her. Maxie tells Spinelli to cheat on her to ease her conscience. Luke gets another warning about the loud music at the casino. Lucky tries to get Michael to confide in him but Sonny asks him (Lucky) to give it a rest. Ethan stops at Alexis’ house to get some advice for Luke. Kiefer is there and he gets jealous when Kristina takes an interest in Ethan. Sonny asks Luke to keep Lucky away from Michael. Luke says he won’t honor Sonny’s request and warns that his loved ones better remain safe and sound. Lucky tells Dante/Dom he thinks Michael has something on his mind. Lucky tells cousin, Carly he thinks Michael is troubled. During a casual talk with Dante/Dom, Michael lets his guard down and insinuates that Claudia is gone for good, thanks to Sonny.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Viki tells Natalie that Mitch survived. She senses that Natalie is upset about more than just that news. Natalie is about to tell her about it when Charlie comes home unexpectedly. Viki asks Charlie if the bottle she found in the year belongs to him. Charlie lies and says he has not been drinking. Jessica overhears. When Viki leaves, Jessica tells Charlie that she had only agreed to keep his secret because he swore it only happened once. He tells her that the bottle her mother found was from that one time. Jessica confides in Brody that Charlie has been drinking. She also tells him that she doesn’t think Mitch tried to kill himself and asks Brody if he thinks Natalie tried to kill Mitch. He admits that John's behavior with the evidence collection was suspicious. Brody says he doesn’t know what he is going to do about it, but he doesn’t want John and Natalie to get hurt. John goes to the hospital to put the unconscious Mitch Laurence's fingerprints on a letter opener to create evidence to corroborate his story that Mitch attempted suicide. Mitch wakes up and asks John if he put Natalie away for stabbing him. John tells Mitch that he tried to kill himself. When Brody arrives, Mitch tells him that John McBain stabbed him.

Amelia visits Nick Chavez in the hospital. Kyle tells Nick that the hospital can release him today and asks if he has someone to take care of him. Nick pretends to call Amelia and pretends that she says no. Kyle offers to let Nick stay at his place. Oliver is at the hospital guarding Mitch Laurence's room. Kyle runs into him and asks what he is doing for Christmas. Oliver says this will be the first time he will spend Christmas without his parents. Kyle says he always spent Christmas with his sister, Rebecca who died this year. He tells him that Nick will be recovering at Kyle’s place and suggests that he spend time at Oliver’s place. Cristian and Layla buy a Christmas tree. Cristian is sentimental about their first Christmas as a couple, but she informs him that she will not be there for Christmas; she has to go to her mother's house. Cristian offers to go with her to Maryland.

Dorian is released from jail. She tells her family that she is going to make her marriage to Amelia legal. Madame Delphina warns Dorian that if she does, she will die. Amelia goes to Dorian's house, and Dorian introduces her as her partner. Amelia addresses Delphina as Del and Delphina addresses Amelia as Mel. Dorian is confused and asks if they know each other. Amelia admits that Delphina was her girlfriend and that they had a long, happy relationship until Delphina started predicting that their relationship would end in doom. Delphina tells her that she loves the crusade for same-sex marriage more than she loved her. Amelia admits in front of everyone that she is doing this so that she and Delphina can someday marry. Delphina admits that she didn't really see Dorian die, she doesn't want her to marry Amelia. Amelia and Delphina admit that they still love each other, and then they kiss and make up. Delphina wants to tear up the marriage license but Dorian won’t let her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Daniel tells Billy that he is getting out of jail. Daniel tries to get Billy to reveal his source. Chloe tells Chance that Billy will kill her when he finds out that she had revealed the source. Michael surprises Lauren with an anniversary dinner. Jack and Emily discuss the new robber baron of Genoa City. Phyllis interrupts them to invite Jack to Daniel’s homecoming celebration. Amber offers to go with Phyllis to get Daniel, but Phyllis tells Amber to do everything and not let anyone else do anything . Deacon and Phyllis make their plans to get Amber out of town. Chloe and Chance arrive for the party .Chloe reveals that she was the one, who had helped Billy when he wouldn’t help himself. Victoria visits Billy to remind him that she would make him pay. Everyone at the coffeehouse welcomes Daniel home. Jack takes Emily skating. Emily remembers her first kiss. Deacon tells Ryder that he is leaving town. A man comes into Billy’s cell to let him know that he is free to go. Chloe gets a call from Billy to get over to “Restless Style” immediately. Michael calls the police on Ryder. Ryder arrives at the party to make things right with Daniel. Phyllis tells Amber to go out to her car to get a present that she had gotten for Daniel and Amber. Deacon kidnaps Amber.

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