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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Since there is no word on Madison, Erica tells Brot and Angie that she hopes that Mr. Beardsley hasn’t gotten to Madison first. It is revealed that Randi helped Madison escape from the Miranda Center. Madison wonders why Randi would help her since she hated her so much. Liza tells Zach that J.R. had given Adam an ultimatum that it was either his family or Annie. At the hospital, Annie readies for court. Ryan comes in, holding a paper in his hand. Holding it up, Ryan demands to know what this is. Ryan tells Annie that there is no way that Emma is testifying in court. After talking to Ryan, Annie backs out of putting Emma on the stand. Frankie insists to Jesse that Madison is a victim of her father’s abuse. Erica relives moments of her life when she was abused by her father. After Frankie apologizes to Mr. Beardsley, he drops the charges against him. Randi comes to the police station, and hides upon seeing Madison's father. As Annie’s trial begins. Zach testifies against her. Ryan also has his say. Randi gives Mr. Beardsley the key to Madison’s hotel room, so he can go visit her. Brot and Frankie break into the hotel room just in time and order James to stay away from Madison. Mr. Beardsley asks Madison to admit she made this all up. Madison gives in and is about to leave with her father when Erica comes in and asks Madison if her father is the one who did this to her. Annie testifies on her own behalf. Adam stands up and has his say, thus defending Annie against J.R.’s wishes.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At Carly’s home, Carly cannot decide what to wear to Rosanna’s bachelorette party. At Craig’s and Rosanna’s hotel room, Rosanna insists that she will have a good time. At Metro, Janet and Terri plan Rosanna’s bachelorette party. Dusty walks in and tells them that the party is not going to happen. At Fairwinds, Mick is ready to give Emily her injection when Barbara barges in. Carly still cannot decide on which dress to wear when Mollie comes to visit Carly. At Metro, Rosanna asks Carly if she had been able to accept her marriage to Craig. Carly just stands motionless. Jack and Dusty join Craig’s so-called bachelor party. Paul takes Emily shopping to keep her mind off the injection, but Emily insists that she is having the injection. Mick finds out that Barbara had broken into his room and had found the ring with the initials J.S. Paul walks into the bar where Craig, Jack and Dusty are having their bachelor party. Paul join in the fun of toasting all the things that Craig had done to them. Carly invites Janet and Terri to join the party. Janet and Carly argue over Jack. Carly blurts out that Craig isn’t Rosanna’s husband yet. Rosanna is stunned by Carly’s remark.

Carly is tempted to take a drink. Barbara steals a disc from Mick’s jacket just as Emily comes home. After Mick gives Emily the injection, Alison notices that Mick almost faints. Mick lets Alison know that he had been getting migraines. Barbara searches Mick’s room and finds a box of letters that she had written to James years ago. Mick comes home, but cannot find his key. Paul confronts him that he is going to check up on Mick’s research and the injections. Barbara steals a glass to find out, who Mick really is. Jack invites Janet to the wedding which she accepts. Craig follows Carly home and questions her if she thinks that he is right for Rosanna.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Brooke that Katie did not tar and feather her. Her old job is still hers. Brooke hugs her and says she lost her way for a moment, but she doesn’t think any less of her. Katie agrees with Bill that she has no problem with letting Steffy keep her job, and she has complete faith in Bill’s judgment. However, she is not happy when Bill get a fax from Ridge in which he offers Bill 10% more than he paid for FC as a buy back. Both camps, Forrester Creations and Jackie M are geared up for the Catwalk feature tomorrow night. Ridge tells Steffy that he did his best with the designs, but he knows it was not his best. He will never get used to working for Katie. Whip states by Jackie M thinking green they will be outwitting FC who never works outside the box. He’s happy when Taylor stops by as he assumes she came to see him. She admits she will let him take her to an expensive restaurant, but she does have another friend here in Stephanie.

Steffy exchanges dares Whip over a phone call and she confides in Thomas that she can’t stand Bill anymore. She won’t have anything to do with him…..unless it bugs Katie. Bill confronts Ridge and tells him that FC is not up for sale. He is the owner now and will be as long as he wants it. He reminds Ridge that he signed an ironclad contract and Ridge must honor that and produce. Ridge grouses to Brooke that he can’t stand working for Katie who’s had the job only a few weeks while he has prepared his entire life for it. Somehow, someway there has to be a way to get the company back…..something that will spring out to Bill from left field and he won’t see it coming.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Vivian and Hope discuss her marital problems, and Vivian assures Hope that she will help her out with anything involving Carly Manning. Justin and Maggie discuss Carly horning in on Bo, and they admit to being concerned. Later, Hope tells Justin about pretending to befriend Vivian in an attempt to discover Carly’s secret. Justin supports her. Bo and Carly discuss her daughter, and Bo later learns that Carly has been holding on to the scroll from their marriage ceremony. At Nicole’s request, Chloe asks Brady to go visit Nicole, but he remembers what Arianna told him about him being addicted to Nicole, and he refuses to see her. Arianna is pleased, and the two make up. Later, they talk about how Arianna is going to bring down the drug king of Salem. Stefano lays into Sami for her part in the kidnapping scheme, since she started it all by hiding her pregnancy. He also accuses her of kidnapping Sydney herself. Later, Sami slips up, and Stefano discovers she is wearing a wire. Stefano is hauled off to jail for assault charges, and Roman informs him that his house is being searched while he stews in prison, and that they’re going to find out where he is keeping Sydney. Nicole tries to convince Roman, and then Chloe, that she remembers hearing a woman’s voice when Sydney was kidnapped, but no one believes her. Later, Rafe comes to see Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky and Dante/Dom meet at Lulu’s apartment to discuss Franco. Lucky gives Dante/Dom permission to date Lulu. Maxie and Lulu headed to Franco’s loft and find the door unlocked. Franco’s agent says he’s left the country and they reluctantly leave the premises. Lisa loses a patient and Steve steps in to smooth things over with the patient’s brother. Patrick isn’t too happy with Steve’s interference. Nikolas and Luke get into a fight at the casino and Lucky breaks them apart. Luke is cryptic when Lucky asks him the reason for his fight with Nik. Jason shares the picture Franco took of Maxie with Spinelli. Kate flirts with Coleman at Jake’s and the two kiss. Lulu is surprised to find Dante/Dom at her apartment when she gets home. Lulu insists that she isn’t “dating” Dante/Dominic. Franco’s graffiti is painted on some steps.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Clint finds out that Bo and Nora have cheated on him behind his back, he is alone and upset. And it's the perfect opportunity for Kim to "move in" on him. Stacy has a similar opportunity when Gigi decides to get away and Rex is alone. Schuyler also admits that Gigi and Rex's break up is not something he needs to feel "bad" about for his own personal reasons. In Seattle, Dani is furious with everybody for what happened to her father. She tells Todd she hates him because he killed her dad. She refuses to live with her mother and doesn't know where she can live. But Matthew comes to see her and offers to let her stay with him, his mom and his uncle Clint. Nora reluctantly agrees, still unaware that Clint knows about her and Bo. Destiny returns home and tells Shaun all that has happened. He reflects that his situation with Rachel and Greg is not unlike hers' with Matthew and Dani.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Cane and Lily come into the hotel dining room and settle into a booth. Lily comments on the workout that they had had. Lily tells Cane that they are getting the best gift ever. Mac visits Billy in jail to see how he is doing and to tell him that she is pregnant. Chloe is in the living room of the Chandler mansion when Chance comes in. Chloe lets Chance know what is going on with her and that she had overheard Billy talking to the juror. Jack on the phone with Ashley tells her to get here as soon as she can. Jack sees Emily and invites her to Christmas dinner. At Tucker’s office, J.T. and Tucker discuss Tucker’s meeting with the Chancellor lawyers. Nick calls Victoria to get to his office as soon as possible. Ashley tells Adam that Kay had decided to see all 25% of Chancellor stock to Tucker. Adam reveals that he knows Tucker by reputation. Victoria comes into the coffeehouse for a cup of coffee and finds out from Adam that Kay had sold all 25% to Tucker. Emily lets Jack know that Patty’s case had been turned over to another doctor. Patty reads an article about herself. She wonders what else had she done. Jack and Emily kiss as Ashley interrupts them. Victoria confronts Nick about the Chancellor stock and finds out what Adam had told her is true. Chloe visits Billy and tries to get him to reveal his source, but Billy refuses. Nick orders Adam out of his office . Victoria is quite upset because J.T. had not told her about this since he worked for Tucker. Emily visits Patty and finds out that Patty remembers that she had taken Colleen. Emily visits Jack and tells him about the breakthrough. Victoria lets J.T. that she is going to work in Dubai and taking Reed with her . Chloe goes to visit the judge to tell him what she knows about the juror.

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