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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the police station, Brot and Natalia talk with the homeless man who witnessed an accident. When Erica walks in, the homeless man identifies her as the woman in the wreck. J.R. and Little A spend time together in the living room of the Chandler mansion. When Adam comes in, Little A runs to hug him. At the hospital, Annie fires Liza as her attorney and will defend herself in court. Frankie is shown into a patient’s room at the Miranda Center for abused women and is surprised that it's Madison. At ConFusion, Randi bumps into Madison’s father. At the police station, Erica explains to Jesse about Madison and how that Erica had taken her to the Miranda Montgomery Center. Brot and Natalia take the homeless man to the hospital where they run into Angie. Natalia lets Angie know that Madison is back in town. J.R. and Little A are happy to be back in the Chandler mansion. Colby walks into the living room and is surprised to see J.R. and Little A there. Liza lets Adam know that she is off of Annie’s case and will be sending him her bill. Annie tries to get Adam to say that he will defend her in court and that he will stand by her side. All Adam will say is that someone will be with her. Erica and Madison’s father meet at ConFusion where she finds out that he will remain in town for awhile to look over investments. At the police station, Randi confronts Jesse and Frankie about Madison being back in town. Erica goes to visit Madison and finds her gone. J.R. looks around the courtroom when Marissa comes up behind him. J.R. lets her know that he is there to give her moral support. Liza join them and lets J.R. and Marissa know that they are off of Annie’s case. At the police station, Madison’s father reports Madison being gone. Frankie hits Madison’s father . Jesse promptly arrests Frankie. Annie dreams of her day in court. Adam imagines having a conversation with Stuart, who lets him know that Adam knows what to do.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Meg physically threatens Lily with broken glass, as Damian tries to calm the situation down, but all Meg wants is him to tell them the truth. Damian tries to talk Meg down, but he does nothing more to tip his hand with Lily. Lily is able to get away from a quickly unraveling Meg and Damian is able to hold her down while Lily calls Holden. Meanwhile, Holden and Molly are in Damian’s room, as they find Meg’s clothes there, but Molly finds a large photo sideshow only dedicated to pictures of Damian. Holden is starting to believe Meg is losing it when Lily calls him. Brad, as Henry, sets up a half dressed and unconscious Simon with an actress, who is only dressed in underwear. Katie and Vienna reunite and talk about what happened, as Katie explains how she and Henry are far apart but beginning to work it out. Vienna comments about how the Henry she saw earlier was not the man she fell in love with. Rosanna is disheartened by the lack of responses to their wedding, as Craig tries to get her out of her funk by asking her to go with him to get the license right now, as Rosanna has an idea – she wants Carly to be their witness. Jack and Carly are talking about how he is trying to make himself useful around the house when he should be getting back into a job and handling what is going on with Janet. Carly agrees to Rosanna’s request to be her and Craig’s witness, much to Jack’s shock, who then requests that he accompany her to the courthouse. Holden and Molly arrive, as the police are close behind and Lily explains what happened. However, when the police show up, Damian covers for Meg, who is furious and wants to be heard and believed. He then tells Holden that he knows what he has to do or he will call the police back; Holden is furious he is holding all the cards. Meg pleads with them to listen to her. Vienna goes to see Henry again, who is having an angry physical confrontation with Brad, who is inside of him. He tries to rein it in, but he can’t and Vienna runs out scared at how he is acting. Henry is able to excise Brad from him. Katie finds Simon ‘in bed’ with this actress and he claims to not have any knowledge of how it happened. Suddenly, they start to put the events together and realize Brad might be in Henry, as Katie races to go see him. Katie kisses Henry but soon realizes Brad is not in him, as she and Henry have a heart to heart about how Brad was in him, but then what she needs to do. Brad and Henry have a heart to heart. Then Henry has a heart to heart with Simon about how he needs to stay for Katie and tell her his real feelings because Henry feels Katie needs him a lot more then she realizes. Craig is annoyed when Jack shows up with Carly, but the marriage license is still procured. Later, Craig and Jack’s animosity rears itself especially after Craig learns Carly sold her share of Metro to Dusty instead of him. Craig seems overly interested in Carly’s life and staying in it, which doesn’t seem loss on anyone. Carly changes the subject by talking about the bachelorette party she is going to throw her. Later, Craig assures Rosanna he loves her and their life will be forever, but she doesn’t look that convinced. Holden and Molly take Meg to a mental facility, as she begs them to believe and not leave her, but they feel they have no choice. Meg is given some medication to sleep, but before she drifts off, a desperate Meg pleads with Molly to use her reporter skills and prove what she has been saying. Damian continues to play Lily. Katie goes to Brad’s grave to say a very tearful goodbye because she can’t hold onto his ghost anymore for Jacob and her sake. Brad sadly watches a distraught Katie say goodbye, as he tries to touch her shoulder, but when Katie turns around, Simon is there holding out his hand. He wants her to walk with him, as Katie agrees to leave with him as a numb looking Brad watches them leave arm and arm.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tries to convince Katie that firing Steffy isn’t in her best interest. She shouldn’t let personal matters get in the way of business. She’s acting like a jealous wife. The tabloids will get wind of it and be camped out on their doorsteps…. not to mention that she will have to explain to Ridge why she fired his daughter who is getting praise right now in the press for the Hollywood Glamour line. Whip turns out to be Sandy’s intruder. He found the door open although she swears that she always locks it. Nick walks in as he noticed Sandy’s lights never came on and he was worried. He’s shocked to find Whip there. He demands to hear some answers, so Sandy admits that Whip is her cousin. That’s just one more lie or secret on top of the others for Nick. He won’t leave until she tells him everything about herself. What little she has told him so far is not nearly enough. It’s like the elephant in the room. It’s there whether you like it or not. The stress will not be good for the baby. He promises he won’t hurt her, he just wants to know what happened in the past to make her so guarded. Steffy comes into the office and tells Katie that she will be out of the office by the end of the night. They exchange a few words, but Katie ends up telling Steffy that she can stay. They are all working toward the same goal here at F.C. She tells Bill that she thinks this might prove to be a mistake. Eric tells Brooke and Donna that he has friends rallying around and he is this close to making a buy back offer to Bill. They don’t understand why Eric thinks Bill would even want to sell it back now that Katie is the CEO.

With prodding, Sandy tells Nick that she used to work in this bar but had aspirations of getting into fashion or something similar and Whip had helped her get some photo shots with a photographer friend. A party soon ensued and she stayed and the last thing she remembered was shots of tequila being passed around and then her waking up the next morning in a strange apartment…..violated….police station…..DNA evidence. She never told anyone, not even Whip, and she just wants to forget about it. She doesn’t want Bridget to know. She’s had AIDS, STD tests, everything. She is clean and doesn’t want anything to interfere with her having a healthy baby. She feels like this huge weight has been lifted off of her shoulders and she is glad she told Nick. Katie tells Bill that she definitely will keep an eye on Steffy. He feels like she is testing her trust in him and trying to prove something about their marriage. She has to protect her turf and that is not what he wants for her. He admits he has made a few mistakes in his life and probably will make a few more, but betraying her trust in him won’t be one of them. He states that he loves her and he has never said those words to another woman before. This does not happen to Dollar Bill.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Justin tries to keep Daniel from giving Carly a job, but the two are friends from way back, and Daniel vows to do everything he can to get Carly a job. Justin rushes off to warn Bo that Carly is trying to destroy his marriage, but Bo doesn’t want to hear it. Later, Carly tries to assure Bo that whatever Justin has told him is untrue. Chloe visits Nicole in jail, and Nicole solicits her help in getting Brady to come see her. Nicole later has a memory of a woman’s voice, and realizes that a woman took Sydney. Sami, EJ, and Rafe plot to get Stefano to admit where Sydney is, and Sami heads off to the mansion to provoke him, wearing a wire. Stefano vows to make sure Sami never sees Sydney again. Sydney’s kidnapper tells her that her new life is going to be happy, just as soon as she gets used to it. Gabi worries about Sami and EJ possibly getting back together, and Rafe getting hurt. Arianna tells her there is nothing she can do about it, so Gabi pries into Arianna’s life next, urging her to call Brady.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Olivia accuses Sonny of “stalking” her. Sonny insists he simply wants to spend time with Olivia. Sonny asks Olivia to explain her feelings for Johnny. Sonny thinks Olivia is using Johnny as a “substitute” for him but she denies it. Nikolas thinks it’s a good idea for Rebecca to pair up with Lucky. Nik wants Liz to stop “denying” her feelings for him and insists he loves Liz. Liz says Nik’s feelings aren’t love – she says they’re about Emily. Dante/Dom and Lucky think Franco is the graffiti artist and suspect that he killed Joey. Franco says he followed Jason the night of the murder and saw Michael kill Claudia. Franco calls Jason “a genius” and says he (Jason) loves killing. Franco then taunts Jason to kill him. Spinelli and Maxie talk but she neglects to fess up about her night with Franco. Mac warns Dante/Dom to leave the PCPD before he’s spotted. Jason goes home and tells Sam about his chat with Franco. Spinelli goes to the loft to confront Franco. Spinelli gets a little nervous when Franco asks if he’s “ever seen a throat split.” Franco slashes a painting as Spinelli watches. Franco sends a message to Jason through Spinelli that he expects “respect next time.” Jason is upset when he learns that Spinelli went to see Franco. Spinelli conveys Franco’s message to Jason. Maxie confides her frustration with Spinelli in Lulu. Maxie asks Lulu to go to Franco’s studio with her so they can retrieve any photos and convince him to do the Crimson shoot. Dante/Dom asks Lulu if he and Lucky can use her apartment to meet and discuss police business. Lulu isn’t on board with the idea.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo, Nora, Todd and Tea are in Bo's car and find Ross attempting to take Dani with him over the border and using Blair as a hostage. He does not surrender. So, Todd ends up shooting him. Meanwhile, back in Llanview, when Clint is alone, Kim persuades Neville to inform him that Bo and Nora are having an affair. Clint is devastated that he's had to hear it from his butler. John tells Natalie that he is going to go on the record by telling everybody that he saw Mitch stab himself and won't let her take the rap for the fact that she stabbed him. She urges him not to lie for her. Viki, Jessica, Charlie and Brody all know that there's no way that Mitch would have stabbed himself and Natalie probably did it. Charlie is secretly drinking again and not able to admit it to Viki. Rex tells Gigi they have to separate until she figures out whether she wants him or Schuyler. Meanwhile, Rachel urges Schuyler not to think that he should have a relationship with Gigi based upon a lie where she and Rex have the mistaken idea that Rex got Stacy pregnant instead of Schuyler.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Sharon and Adam eat together. Sharon wonders what ingredients are in what she is eating. Adam lets her know that is probably a controlled substance. Sharon admires Adam’s watch and finds out that it is from his Mother. Sharon tells Adam that they don’t have to hide their relationship anymore. Michael join them and tells Adam that he had the impression that Adam would be chomping at the bit to get into the executive suite at Newman. Michael join Lauren at her table. Michael thanks Lauren for letting him sleep in. Michael finds out that there had been a rat in her boutique and she thought she had seen Ryder coming out of her boutique. Kevin lets Ryder know that they are going to track down the third man and that Deacon had better take a deal and start naming names. Kevin wants to tell Deacon what they had found, but Jana refuses to let him. Daniel tells Phyllis that Michael had probably gotten him a bail hearing for tomorrow. Daniel tells Phyllis that Billy Abbott is his cellmate. Phyllis tells Daniel not to talk to him. Billy wants out of jail, but still will not reveal his source. Nick tells Connie that he needs to see the contracts when there is a knock on the door and it is Jack. Jack wants to discuss Sharon and Adam. Amber plans a welcome home party for Daniel. Deacon calls Phyllis to ask if their deal is still on. Phyllis tells Daniel to take Amber and leave town and she will not give the police the cell phone. Jack offers Sharon a job out of town which Sharon refuses. Rafe tells Billy to reveal his source, but Billy refuses. Phyllis visits Sharon to caution her about Adam. Sharon orders her out before she has her arrested . Adam visits Sharon and finds out about Jack and Phyllis visiting her. Sharon calls Nick to get Phyllis off her back.

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