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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica visits the Miranda Montgomery Center for Abused Children and Grown-Ups to see Madison. Natalia comes into the squad room and sets down a load of files for Brot to work on. A homeless man comes into the station and tells Brot that he witnessed something awful last night. Tad visits Liza with a peace plant. Jake says he doesn’t know what is going on with Amanda. At Wildwind, Amanda has a box of Christmas decorations and is ready to start decorating. David comes into the living room. He begins to feel ill, but when Amanda tries to help him, he pushes her off. J.R. meets Marissa at ConFusion to discuss Adam . Scott goes to see Annie in the hospital. Annie is worried over what Adam’s testimony will be in court and promptly puts Scott out of her room. Annie calls Liza to come to the hospital immediately. Jake lets Tad know that Amanda threw him out of Wildwind. J.R. tells Marissa that he wants to get his family back on track, so Annie needs to go to prison. Marissa tells Liza about the ultimatum that J.R. placed before Adam. Brot questions the homeless man as to what he saw. Erica meets with the woman that she and Ryan brought in. Erica finds out that she is Madison North. The homeless man tells Brot and Natalia his story about the accident. Erica promises that she will not call Madison’s father. J.R. meets with his doctor who wants to start the chemo as soon as possible, but he wants to postpone treatment until after the holidays. Jake stops by Wildwind to apologize to David. David apologizes for what he has done to them in the past. Marissa catches J.R. at the hospital and asks him what he is doing there. Annie demands to know from Liza what Adam plans on saying in court. Disliking the answer, Annie fires Liza as her attorney and wants to represent herself in court. Frankie visits Madison. The homeless man identifies Erica as the woman who drove the car in the fatal accident.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

When Henry lies down on the bed to rest, Brad takes over his body. Brad is thrilled that he finally has a body that will make him be able to touch Katie. Brad’s happiness is short-lived when Vienna arrives back in town and wants to reconcile with Henry. Henry gets all panicky and leaves. Simon and Katie discuss how his life would be if he lived in Oakdale all the time. Meg visits Damian in his hospital room. Meg begins to confront Damian about his involvement in hiding the fact that Holden was alive. Damian denies Meg’s accusations. Lily, Meg and Holden, at the ranch, discuss Meg’s involvement in poisoning hers and Damian’s wedding cake. Emma walks in and wants to know what is going on. Lily fills Emma in on what they think that Meg had done to the wedding cake. Meg attacks Damian in his hospital bed. Emma walks in and has to pull Meg off Damian. Lily arrives to take Damian home from the hospital. Upon arriving at the ranch, Holden, Meg, Mollie, Emma. Lily and Damian all have a confrontation over Meg trying to poison the wedding cake. Meg begins to look for her cell phone. Mollie searches Meg’s purse and instead of finding the cell phone, Mollie finds the small pouch of the poison. Meg swears that Damian is setting her up. Meg runs out of the house. Emma asks Lily and Damian to leave. Holden and Mollie go after Meg.

Henry brings Katie flowers and touches her hair ever so gently. Katie, with the baby, meets with Vienna. Each is overjoyed to see the other . Katie wonders if Vienna had seen Henry, but Vienna lets her know that Henry had changed . Henry knocks Simon unconscious. At Lily’s house, Lily comes face to face with Meg.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Over coffee, Nick shares with Brooke that he really needs to find out just who this Sandy/Agnes is. Taylor closes out her online dating account….no more mystery dating for her. But Whip pops in. She tells him they had decided not to date; he says no she said that; he did not agree to it. He won’t go away as he has issues. He needs her professional help to get back on his feet. She states that no one has died yet for being turned down for a date. Brooke tells Ridge that Christmas is a magical time of the year and she is reminded of that every time she looks at him. She hopes this surrogacy with Bridget will be everything she hopes it to be with no surprises. She missed the visit to Macy’s, but she will help him by wrapping the presents. Bridget has dinner with Sandy in the office before Nick comes back in. Sandy looks nervous when he asks her to stay so they can get to know each other better. She tells Bridget that she has no boyfriend. They agree on a buddy system where Sandy can call Bridget 24/7; they are in this together.

Ridge reminds Brooke that this surrogacy is a business arrangement so maybe it is good that there is some distance between Bridget and Nick and Sandy. Bridget has to rush home with a fussy Jack so she leaves Nick to take Sandy home. Taylor tells Whip that she has closed her account and dating is not a big priority with her now. He edges real close and tells her that she is too much a beautiful, exciting, vibrant woman to shut herself off like this. She quips he needs to see another psychiatrist. He thinks he is suddenly cured. Sandy turns on the car radio to keep Nick from asking any more about her life and her name change. Outside her house she refuses to answer any questions and tells him that all she has to do is hand him a healthy baby at the end of nine months; let everything else go. She won’t even let him walk her to the door. As she approaches she is apprehensive when she realizes it is ajar. Cautiously she goes inside and looks around to see if there is an intruder. She grabs a baseball bat when she thinks she hears something.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe and Daniel surprise Nathan and Melanie with a gift for a romantic getaway at Green Mountain lodge, as thanks for what they did for Chloe. Chloe is embarrassed to learn that the two are no longer together. Later, Melanie goes over to Philip’s place to tell him that she would like to hang out with him and see if things could work between them. Meanwhile, Nathan calls Stephanie in an attempt to confide in her. Philip and Victor get into an argument over Vivian moving in. Justin accuses Carly of wanting Bo back in front of Maggie. Carly is enraged by the accusation, and Maggie suspects that she really does have feelings for Bo. Carly denies it. Justin learns that Carly is up for a position at the hospital, and asks Daniel to make sure she isn’t hired. Much to his surprise, Carly shows up, and she and Daniel already know each other from years ago. Bo confronts Vivian, warning her to stay away from Carly. EJ informs Stefano that he had the mansion put in his name when Stefano went in to a coma, and threatens to kick him out. Stefano vows not to let it happen, and is upset when Kate asks him if he took Sydney. EJ and Sami formulate a plan to get Stefano to lead them to Sydney. Meanwhile, Sydney’s kidnapper, an unknown woman, vows that no one will ever find out who took her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Spinelli hears Sam accuse Maxie of sleeping with Franco. Maxie admits what she did to Sam, not knowing that Spinelli is listening. Instead of confronting Maxie, Spinelli takes off. Lucky wonders why Dante/Dom is at the PCPD computer. Lucky looks at the computer and figures out that Dante/Dom is a detective and Olivia’s son. Lucky and Dante/Dom discuss his reasons for being in Port Charles. Dante/Dom admits that Lulu is in the know about his identity. Lulu balks when Dante/Dom tells Lucky they’re “dating.” Dante/Dom tells Lucky about the graffiti he recognized from Franco’s show. Rebecca blames herself for the accident, claiming she wasn’t watching where she was going. Sonny enlists Diane to help get the “radar off of Michael” by having Claudia “declared missing.” Franco tells Jason the two should consult with each other because they are the “same.” He says Jason kills without “remorse.” Franco admits he’s been “following” Jason then talks about Jason as if he’s a superhero. Franco admits to killing Joey in order to “clean up” Jason’s “mess” and wonders if the two can work together. Franco says he watched what happened the night Claudia died. He accuses Jason of being too emotional, then starts throwing things. Steve catches a mistake Liz made with a patient’s medicine. Liz tells Steve the truth about her affair with Nikolas. Sonny sends Johnny on a fake assignment to keep him out of the way. Rebecca tells Nik what a horrible person he is. She says Nik can have Liz if she can have a “shot with Lucky.” Rebecca claims she won’t tell Lucky the truth as long as Nik cooperates. Nik fills Liz in on his chat with Rebecca. Olivia heads up to a room to deal with an unsatisfied guest who turns out to be Sonny. Lucky and Dante/Dom do some research and find police records on Franco. Franco finally admits to Jason that he knows Michael killed Claudia.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

In Seattle, Blair manages to get a signal to the police from her GPS so that they can find her, Dani and Ross before he's taken them over the Canadian border. She is protective of Dani and realizes that Todd will fight for his daughter. Bo, Nora, Todd and Tea get in the car and attempt to find them. Meanwhile, back in Llanview, Clint still has no clue that Nora is going to break up with him and get back with Bo. But Kim has overheard Neville informing Nigel of that. So she manipulates Neville into making Bo think that he is Nigel (played by the same actor) and to spill the beans to Clint so that Kim can find Clint in a vulnerable state and possibly ready to marry him so that she can take his money. Schuyler reveals to Rachel that he doesn't want to tell Gigi or Rex that Stacy is pregnant by him and not by Rex because he wants a chance with Gigi which may not happen if he tells them what he knows about Stacy's baby. Rex concludes to Stacy that since he distrusts her with Schuyler and she has an issue about Stacy being pregnant with his baby, that they should break up.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Tucker and Jill spend quality time together and a drink. Jill questions him about Chancellor Industries and how he wants to take control. Jill also wonders what all this pampering is about .Amber tells Daniel that he could have died and now he’s going back to jail. Deacon calls Amber. Amber turns the phone on speaker so that Daniel can hear. Through Deacon’s talk, Amber and Daniel find out that Deacon was behind him getting hurt. Nick among a lot of their other friends join Phyllis at the landfill to look for the black bag. Ryder finds out where they are and orders Daisy over there immediately. Jill and Tucker strike up a deal; Tucker will pay Jill a million dollars if she can talk Kay out of doing business with Tucker and on the other hand, if Tucker wins, Jill will sleep with him again. Daniel gives Amber a new cell phone. Eden finds the black bag and Heather immediately takes possession. Phyllis calls Daniel to give him the news. Eden questions Daisy’s motives as to why she was helping hunt for the black bag. Lauren finds out that the rats were sent to her on purpose. Phyllis tells Deacon that she wants Amber gone out of Daniel’s life. Deacon is more than happy to oblige. Nick catches Phyllis with Deacon .Kay visits Tucker and lets him know they have a deal. Jack also visits Tucker to welcome him to town. Billy is put into jail with Daniel.

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