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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Liza and Tad barge in on Bailey and Damon. Colby brings Stuart downstairs and tells Liza that Stuart will be sticking around. Bailey tells Liza that she had changed her mind about leaving town, but she hadn’t changed her mind about keeping Stuart. Erica meets with Bill at the Confusion bar about Kendall’s company. Ryan tries to talk to Adam about the protection of Emma and Spike. At the Chandler mansion, Scott wonders what Marissa is doing here. Scott makes a accusation that J.R. had gone back to drinking. Marissa lets him know that J.R. is not drinking. Opal dusts while Krystal meets with her architect, Rob. Rob asks Krystal out, but Krystal tells him that she will check with Tad as to when he is free to join them. After Rob leaves, Opal reprimands Krystal for not accepting the date with Rob. Bailey lets Liza know that her parents will not help her with Stuart. Scott lets Marissa know that he and Annie had not had an affair. Ryan tries to convince Adam that Annie is only using him. J.R. tells Adam that he had cancer, but he is now in remission. J.R. gives Adam an ultimatum that it is either Annie or his family. Erica tells Ryan that maybe, just maybe, she doesn’t want to be head of Kendall’s company anymore. Ryan urges Erica not to give up on Fusion. Marissa questions Adam as to what his strategy is for Annie’s trial. Colby comes home to Adam’s. tad and Krystal agree to date other people. Liza comes to visit Tad and kisses him. Krystal calls Rob. Ryan and Erica almost hit Madison on the road. Erica persuades Madison to let her take her to somewhere safe.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jack persuades Margo to let Simon go since he is helping Katie get over her grief over Brad's death. Margo tells Simon it can take a long time to get an arrest warrant from Interpol but if he hurts Katie he will be arrested quickly. Jack warns Simon that he should stay away from Carly and his family. Simon promises Brad and Margo that he will keep his hand clean and not get into trouble. Katie thanks Simon for helping her not to feel so alone. Simon and Katie go over and talk to Henry and Brad isn't happy to hear that Simon is helping Katie move on with her life. Henry tries to persuade Brad that he should let Katie go because there is no way that they can have a life together since he is dead. Brad is determined to find a way to talk to Katie so that she can decide if she wants him to stay or go.

Henry takes Katie to the cemetery and tells her to talk to Brad and let him go but she starts to sob and she can't let Brad go. Simon tells Katie she will let go of Brad when she is ready and he will be there for her as long as she needs him. Simon runs into Carly while he is picking up food at Al's and she helps him realize that he never stopped loving Katie and he is ready to give up the jet set life and settle down with her. Simon gives Carly a hug and Jack is upset that Simon broke his promise to him about staying away from Carly. Jack and Simon argue and Jack punches Simon Jack is taken to the police station to cool off.

Terri tells Janet that Dusty saved her job by buying Metro and Janet is worried that Dusty has other intentions with Terri. Janet goes to Metro to confront Dusty and he makes it clear that Terri is only his employee. Dusty and Janet have a drink and he offers her the job as Manager of Metro. Janet confronts Carly about Jack and Carly makes it clear that she isn't going to steal Jack away from her. Terri isn't happy that Dusty hired Janet as the manager of Metro. Janet is about to start her new job when she gets a call to let her know that Jack has been taken to the police station. Janet arrives worried about Jack and he admits he fought with Simon because he broke his promise to stay away from Carly. Janet is angry at Jack because she left her new job to check on him and he was fighting over Carly. Janet tells Jack that she has run out of patience with him while he is going through some stuff so she tells him not to come back home and he should also stay away from her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget looks over the surrogacy website with Brooke. Nick happens in and points out to her that Sandy is not her buddy so perhaps she shouldn’t get so involved. He and Brooke go over some graduate scholarship requests and he finds himself confiding in Brooke that he is at the happiest time in his life. He wants to do everything he can to make Bridget happy and have a fantastic marriage, but he finds himself now keeping a big fat secret from her and he doesn’t like it. He confides that Sandy is not who she says she is. He’s not sure she is unstable, but he is concerned. Whip drops in on Sandy and again starts grilling her of why she changed her name. He’s suspicious of everything she does, but gives her a pregnancy gift box in way of congratulations. She is thankful, but tells him Bridget is coming by soon so he shouldn’t stay. At Taylor’s request, Whip stops by to see her. She tells him she has changed her mind about dating. Bridget takes Sandy out for coffee after going to yoga class. Sandy confesses that was her first class. She had not meant to lie before. She is not the same person she used to be and she’d like to be Bridget’s friend, but she knew she would disappoint her.

Taylor tells Whip that she likes him. He’s fun and attractive and she likes being around him, but this is something she does not want to pursue. He still wants to take her out to dinner to explain himself, but she tells him no. This is going to be over before it starts. She explains that she doesn’t want to get involved with one of Brooke’s men. He scoffs that this is not what he is. Again she says she is sorry, but this is the way it is. Nick conveys that Sandy did not sign up for this for him to pass judgment. He is only looking for a healthy child and he really doesn’t believe she is pulling a scam. She seems to be a frightened person, a good person but something really bad must have happened to her. Brooke says they are the ones that sometimes you should be scared of. Sandy says she wants people to like her. Bridget tells her that she doesn’t have to do that. She thanks God for Sandy every single day since she can do something that Bridget can’t. They stop by the office to pick something up and Bridget introduces Sandy to Brooke. Later Brooke tells Nick that she noticed there was some hesitation on Sandy’s part where he was concerned. Nick says he doesn’t want to say anything to Bridget that will freak Sandy out. Brooke says he really needs to get Sandy’s trust…..enough trust that she won’t bolt and do something crazy. He says okay, but he needs to know what he is dealing with here. It will be all sunshine and smiles with Sandy Sommers while he finds out all he can about Agnes Jones.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Hope, Ciara and Bo decorate their Christmas tree together. Bo and Hope reminisce about their anniversary, but she and Ciara go back to Victor’s house anyway. Justin drags Carly off to the pub and accuses her of trying to steal Bo from Hope. Angry, Carly claims she is doing no such thing, and accuses Justin in turn of wanting Hope all to himself. Nicole continues to claims she has no idea where Sydney is, and so does Fay. Nicole is arrested once again, and she manages to tell Sami how sorry she is before she is hauled away. Rafe assures Sami that they will get Sydney back. Stefano, distraught over Sydney’s disappearance, vows to Kate that he will fight for his granddaughter once she is found. We later see that a woman has Sydney, but we only see her feet. Lucas apologizes to Mia, and tells her that he wishes she and Will would get back together. Will asks Mia to go to the winter dance with him, and she agrees.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Franco prepares his loft for Jason’s visit. Max reports to Jason that Franco returned to his loft and gave him a “wave.” Jason wants to “confront” Franco but Sam asks him not to. Carly makes a full report on Michael’s confrontation with Lucky to Sonny. Carly and Sonny disagree and argue about telling the truth about Claudia’s murder. Sonny says the truth will make Michael a “target with the Zaccharas. Sonny convinces Carly to keep the secret and says he will let Michael live at the Jax house. Dante/Dom finally remembers where he saw the graffiti – he says it was near a crime scene in Manhattan and a “crazy” man drew it. Johnny starts his morning off at Jake’s. He tells Coleman that Olivia still loves Sonny. Coleman calls Olivia and she comes over to talk some sense into Johnny. Rebecca is able to give Lucky her statement about the accident but she says nothing about Elizabeth and Nikolas. Rebecca says the ordeal was just an accident. Ethan accuses Nik of deliberately running down Rebecca. Steve Webber pays Rebecca a visit and she makes some cryptic remarks about Liz. Steve guesses that Rebecca “has” something on Liz and offers her (Liz) his support. Olivia says she can’t help her feelings for Sonny. She gives Johnny the option to call things off but Johnny chooses to stick with Olivia. Lulu takes Dante/Dom to the PCPD so he can look for info on the graffiti artist. Spinelli wonders why Jason and Sam are so concerned about Franco. Jason insists on going to see Franco alone, even though Sam offers to accompany him. At the penthouse with Sam, Maxie seems nervous and wonders if Jason will retrieve any left over photos of her while he’s at Franco’s loft. Rebecca tells Ethan that even though she hasn’t forgiven Nik, she won’t end up with him (Ethan). Rebecca gives Nik a faux warm welcome when he comes for a visit. Spinelli hears Sam say that Maxie “slept with Franco.” Lucky catches Dante/Dom doing research on the PCPD computer. Jason arrives at Franco’s studio. Franco appears and welcomes Jason.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo and Nora are ready to take Matthew home since he's ready to walk soon. But he is not going anywhere until he knows that Dani is ok. Bo goes to see if he can find where Ross had taken Dani and Blair. Todd and Tea are together, getting closer when they are both worried about their daughter and both grateful that Blair is there for her. At first, Bo can't find them. But Blair activates her GPS so that the cops can find the car they are in before Ross takes them over the Canadian border. Doctors ask Rex and Jessica if they can donate their blood for Mitch's transfusion because their "father" could die without it. They are not certain what to do. The doctors find the blood for Mitch. And right then, Stacy happens to be in the hospital ready for a check up but needs to falsify the paternity for Rex. So she takes a tube of blood for Mitch. Meanwhile, Kim attempts to get Neville to admit to Clint that Bo and Nora are messing around so that she can "be there" for Clint when he's in a vulnerable state of mind.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Cane, Lily and Mac await word on whether or not Mac is pregnant. Kay questions Neil if the projections are ready in case Mr. McCall needs to see them. Jill comes in to join them . Kay demands to know where Jill had been. J.T. shows Mr. McCall his new offices which is across the street from Chancellor. Victoria questions Heather as to when Billy goes before the judge. Billy and Rafe discuss the court hearing. Billy refuses to reveal his informant. Phyllis questions Michael about the accident that Daniel had had in the gym room. Phyllis demands that Michael get her a bail hearing for Daniel, but Michael reminds her that Daniel had tried to escape before. Amber tells Daniel not to move as she tries to help him. Mac reprimands Billy for his treatment of Victoria in printing the story about her and the affair. Mac lets Billy know that she had taken a pregnancy test and was awaiting word. Michael tells Heather that he wants Daniel put into protective custody, but Heather refuses. Victoria promises Billy that she will make him pay. Neil and Kay meet with Tucker McCall. Jill is surprised when she comes in and sees Mr. McCall. Jill recognizes him as the man from the bar. Tucker offers to buy the entire 25% of Chancellor Industries. Kay promises to consider his offer. The judge orders Billy to reveal his source or be held in contempt. Billy refuses to reveal his source and is arrested .Phyllis, Amber and Michael visit the landfill to find evidence that will clear Daniel. Jill confronts Tucker as to why he hadn’t told her who he was. Mac finds out that she is pregnant.

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