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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan tells Zach Annie’s trial is next week. Ryan asks for Zach’s help in keeping Annie away from Emma. Annie watches Adam’ trial from her hospital room. Adam is found not guilty to all charges against him. Adam addresses the court against the wishes of Liza. Liza tells Colby that Bailey had taken Stuart back and was leaving town with him. Bailey talks to her parents on the phone. They want Bailey to come home, but not with the baby. Damon offers to make a home for himself, Bailey and the baby. Bailey refuses to move in with Damon. Colby asks Marissa for help in getting an injunction to keep Bailey from leaving town with Stuart. Ryan asks for Erica’s help in keeping Zach from ruining everything that Kendall had managed to accumulate. Colby confronts Bailey and Damon about them leaving town with Stuart. Adam visits Stuart’s grave. J.R. also join him. J.R. resents Annie’s presence in Adam’s life. Liza and Tad arrive home and find out from Colby that Stuart is hanging around for awhile.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Henry confronts Simon if he had been noticing a ghost. Maddie stops in to see Hunter. First, Hunter hits her in the knee with his chair and then he hits her in the nose. Casey and Alison get lost in the woods. Barbara adjusts her make-up and then goes to see Mick. Mick shines a light in Paul’s eyes which causes Paul to collapse. Mick pulls out a syringe and starts to draw blood from Paul’s leg when Barbara yells. Maddie reminds Hunter that she is dating Casey. Hunter calls Alison and finds out that they are lost in the woods. Simon finds out that Henry can see and talk to Brad. Simon urges Brad to leave Katie alone. Katie has a talk with Margo concerning Simon. Hunter finds Alison and Casey in the woods. Paul and Emily make a toast to having a baby. Barbara barges in on Mick and finds blood on his hands from the broken vial of blood.

Brad sets some limits on Simon’s time with Katie. Brad becomes angry and disappears. Henry comes home to find Maddie lying across the bed. Maddie gets a call from Casey. Barbara visits Henry. Alison stops by Paul and Emily’s and finds out about the in vitro fertilization. Paul confides to Alison that he wants her to accompany Emily the next time that she goes to see Mick. Margo finds Simon at Katie’s and arrests him. Katie blames herself for getting Simon arrested.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie says she wishes it did not have to be like this, but Steffy has no respect for her. She used her husband. She wants Steffy to clear out her desk and leave today. Whip shows Taylor to a table and suggests they at least go through the motions of a date. She pokes a little fun at him for exaggerating that he didn’t have to go through a service for a date. Through her grilling, he admits he has a thing for Jackie, but he is going to concentrate on women now that are a little bit more available. Eventually both admit they are going to give up on the internet dating and Whip asks Taylor out for a real date. Katie returns home to a lovely house with all the preparations by Bill for a romantic evening. Thomas can’t believe that Katie fired Steffy. He wants to tell their father. She has to explain the details so he won’t. He knows Spencer is a world class jerk so he thinks it is his fault, but Steffy says he had nothing to do with it; she initiated it. She admits to Thomas that she despises Katie for what she has done and taking the company away from her family, so now she wanted her to hurt.

After lovemaking, Bill surprises Katie with a lovely full diamond necklace. She vows to find the perfect dress for it, but he thinks it looks just right on what she is not wearing. Katie discusses Steffy and her lack of judgment. Bill is not too pleased when Katie tells him that Steffy won’t be working there anymore as she fired her. He tells Katie that he thinks she was a little rash. She says it was revenge on Steffy’s part and not healthy so she could not continue to work with her. Steffy tells Thomas that it hurts her every time she walks past that office and sees Katie lording it over them all. But now the Logans own the company and Bill Spencer runs it and it makes her sick. She does not have to hide her resentment anymore. Bill and Katie have all the power. They hold their destiny. She tells Thomas she is not going to take it. If Katie thinks she wants revenge, she will show her revenge. They have to come up with a plan; they have to show them before they get rid of all of the Forresters. They have to restore their dignity. Somehow…..someway…..they have to get Forrester Creations back.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole escapes from the hospital, and Rafe hunts her down at the bus station. Arianna and Brady argue about Nicole when Arianna suddenly shows up in Cleveland. Later, they go to the bus station on a hunch of Brady’s, and he intervenes when he sees Rafe threatening Nicole, demanding that she tell him where Sydney is. Roman and EJ question Fay, who claims she has no idea where Sydney is. They later realize that she doesn’t know the truth, and EJ fills her in on Nicole’s miscarriage, the baby switch, and the kidnapping. Vivian reads Victor the letter Lawrence left. It’s for Carly, and he vows revenge on her for what she did to him and he swears to destroy the proof of what she did. To find out Carly’s secret, and to get their revenge on her, the two decide Carly’s guard must be down, so they decide to pretend that Vivian is only back in town because she and Victor are in love. Meanwhile, Hope tells Justin that she thinks Carly is back in town to take her husband, and vows to find out her secret. Justin isn’t so sure that’s the case. Hope vows to find out Carly’s secret and throw it in her face. Hope is later delighted to learn that Vivian will be moving into the mansion. Bo and Carly talk about how Vivian can never know about Carly’s daughter, as she would want to destroy her just the way Lawrence wanted to. They later discuss the fact that today is the anniversary of their Mayan wedding ceremony in Mexico. Carly still wants Bo to try to work things out with Hope, however, and she urges him to fight for his wife. Justin comes by to tell Bo about what Hope is planning, but he sees Carly stroking Bo’s face through the window, and misconstrues her intentions.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Rebecca’s visit upsets Elizabeth. Nikolas accidentally runs Rebecca down and calls for help. Rebecca says she plans on telling Lucky the truth. Once Rebecca gets to GH, Nik calls and fills Liz in. Patrick and Robin tend to Rebecca with Lisa’s help. Edward gets upset when he learns Nik ran Rebecca down. Lucky arrives at GH and announces he’s “in charge of the investigation.” Jason tries to talk some sense into a stubborn Michael. Jason takes Michael home and informs Carly that he was giving “attitude” to Lucky at Jake’s. Jason gets upset and tells Michael to “keep his mouth shut” and to “show some respect” to Carly. Jason blames himself for Michael’s behavior. Carly is mortified by Michael’s actions but she doesn’t blame Jason. Carly tells Michael they shouldn’t have lied about Claudia’s death. She wants to confess the truth with Diane’s help. Michael disagrees and says he won’t confess anything. Jason makes a full report to Sonny about Michael’s behavior. Jason then tells Sonny about Franco and says Michael may be in trouble because of the artist. Jason says Franco may have witnessed Claudia’s death. Sonny tells Jason to handle Franco if he’s a “threat to Michael.” Dante/Dom tells Jax his recording won’t “hold up” against Sonny. Sonny catches Jax and Dante/Dom having their chat. Sonny tells Jax he’s “concerned about Michael” and wants him to live at the Corinthos compound. Jax says Michael should stay put because Sonny is a bad influence. Sonny insists on Michael moving into his house. Lisa tells Robin she’s considering accepting a position at GH. Robin is on board with the idea. The new chief of staff, Steve Webber, arrives at GH. Liz heads to GH after Nik’s call and runs into her brother, Steve. Nik tells Liz that Lucky is investigating the accident. Rebecca wakes up and asks for Lucky. Lulu runs into a frustrated Dante/Dom at Jake’s. Lulu says the case against Sonny will affect the lives of many people. Carly and Jax discuss his visit from Sonny. Carly agrees that Michael’s place is with her and Jax. Jax deletes the incriminating recording of Sonny for Carly’s sake.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Natalie stabs Mitch Laurence with a letter opener in John McBain's office. John covers and says Laurence stabbed himself. John wipes the blood from Natalie's the letter opener onto the one from his desk. He gives it to Brody and tells him to take it to evidence and log it in. The paramedics take Mitch to the hospital. Rex and Jessica go to the hospital to stake claim on Mitch's blood on case their children need it, but the doctor tells them that Mitch needs their blood.

Clint tells Viki that the Napa Police Department will not prosecute Mitch Laurence because the evidence was tainted. He wonders if she is worried about Charlie's sobriety but she tells him that Charlie is committed to staying sober. Meanwhile, Charlie admits in his AA meeting that took a drink the previous night. He discloses that he killed his son's stepfather and didnít remember it. He says he will always be a drunk, removes a bottle from his pocket, and takes a drink before leaving the AA meeting.

Neville tells Nigel that Nora is having an affair with Bo as Kim eavesdrops. Nigel insists that it is a rumor and that Neville he must keep mum. Kim is excited to tell Clint the news but Stacy convinces her that it is smarter to let Clint find out from one of the butlers. Kim decides to put the moves on Neville to get him to spill the beans to Clint. Schuyler tells Stacy that he doesnít want Rex raising his child. Fish calls Schuyler and Gigi to give statements about what they saw the previous night at Rodi's before Nick was attacked. Fish calls Gigi and Schuyler to give statements about what they saw the previous night at Rodi's before Nick was attacked.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Kay and Murphy play a game of gin, but Kay’s mind is not on the game of gin, but on selling stocks of Chancellor to the public. Jill talks on the phone and tells the man that she will talk to her people. The bartender, Tucker asks Jill if she is willing to take a risk. A conversation begins between Jill and Tucker. Phyllis tells Paul to tell her that he has good news. Paul lets her know about the surveillance tape footage which shows a third person in the alley. Phyllis gets optimistic that this is what they have been looking for to clear Daniel. At the jail, Deacon tells the person on the phone that they will be hearing from him. Deacon runs into Amber, who is there to visit Daniel. Amber remarks that Deacon must have more friends in here than on the outside. Deacon begins to make snide remarks that Daniel may be in here for the long haul. Amber insists that they will get him out .Daniel tells Amber to forget about Deacon. Victoria urges J.T. for them to talk, but J.T. doesn’t think that talking would do any good. Billy wants Chloe found and to tell her to hold everything. Heather join Billy and demands to know who his informant is. Billy refuses to disclose his informant. Billy visits Victoria and upon seeing Billy, J.T. orders him out. Jill tells Kay that she had met with the lawyers. Kay wants to know how it had gone. Paul lets Jill know that Kay’s baby had been placed with a family in Ohio. Paul meets with Murphy and tells him what he and Jill had been up to. Phyllis shows Heather the surveillance camera footage, but Heather refuses to use it. Kay asks Victoria to come to work for her at Chancellor.

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