Tuesday 12/8/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Colby visits J.R. to discuss Adam’s trial and finds J.R. dressed up. J.R. lets her know that he is going to court to be there for Marissa. Marissa comes into the courthouse amidst a group of reporters. Marissa calls Liza, but doesn’t get an answer. Tad arrives at Liza’s apartment and arouses her to get her ready for court. Adam urges Scott to take the plea bargain. Ryan listens to Adam and Scott’s conversation outside of Annie’s room. Adam visits Annie and tells her to do exactly as he says .At the casino, Zach comes in and orders his employers to turn off the television. Erica comes in to tell Zach about her visit with Aidan and Kendall, but Zach doesn’t seem to want to hear anything about Kendall. Zach gets served with papers to testify at Adam’s trial. Scott testifies on Adam’s behalf. Zach arrives at the courthouse and bumps into Tad. Zach questions Tad as to why he had told Erica where to find Kendall. Zach orders Tad to stay out of his life. Angie testifies that David had ordered a nurse to drug Adam.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Bob tells Casey that he and Alison have chemistry and he should try to reconcile with her he even suggests that he should play the old car run out of gas trick at the park. Casey and Alison connect when a patient who has no family dies and leaves Casey his pet spider. Casey and Alison decide to let the spider loose in the woods Mick overhears the conversation and follows them to the woods. Casey and Alison let the spider loose but then can't find their way out of the woods.

Emily meets with Mick at the hospital for her second round of shots with the serum Alison worries that the treatment is risky and later when Paul arrives looking for Emily Alison tells Paul that Emily is doing the treatments with Mick. Mick gives Emily her second shot and she tells him she is already feeling more fertile. Paul arrives and fights with Emily because she lied to him about doing the treatments with the serum. Paul takes Emily to the hospital and after some tests the nurse tells Paul and Emily that she is fine and her FSH hormone level is down and Emily is excited because the treatment is working. Emily calls Mick and tells him Paul wants to apologize and invest more money into the project. Mick meets with Paul at Fairwinds and Paul apologizes to him and celebrate with some very old scotch. Mick doesn't drink the scotch instead he shoots a bright blue light into Paul's eyes and Paul passes out.

Meg and Molly Perform CPR on Damian and are able to get him to the hospital in time and Bob tells Lily he will be fine. Molly finds white powder on the cake plate and persuades Holden to have it tested in a crime lab even though he doesn't think Meg would ever poison anyone. Molly and Holden later tell Lily that the test results reveal that the cake was poisoned. Molly tells Lily that Meg intended to poison her and not Damian and Holden still refuses to believe that his sister could do such a thing. Meg makes Damian think she wants to suffocate him with a pillow butt then she tells him she wouldn't do that because she wants him alive since she is going to tell Lily that he knew Holden was alive and lied to her about it. Meg gives Damian a kiss good-bye and tells him to enjoy his last few hours as Mr. Lily Snyder. Damian slips the packet of poison powder into Meg's purse while they kiss and once Meg leaves he tells himself that Meg will be the one to say good-bye soon because she will be in jail.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In her office, Katie confronts Steffy and says she knows what happened. She’d like to know why Steffy kissed her husband. Justin catches Bill in a pensive mood on the beach house’s porch. He wants to make sure Bill is all right as he has not been the same since he had the meeting with Katie. Bill admits he told her something. He didn’t want there to be secrets. He confesses that a young woman wanted to thank him for her promotion and got carried away and kissed him – twice. He doesn’t want to see that look on Justin’s face; it was very innocent. Nick returns to the office and Bridget inquires if his meeting with Sandy went okay. He’s a little evasive, but does say that Sandy seems very committed to having this baby for them. She doesn’t exactly trust Nick, in fact Sandy doesn’t trust any man in general. She could use a friend and he thinks Bridget may be her only friend. Bridget says then they just need to spend a lot of time with her and fill that void. Justin tells Bill that he wouldn’t want to be in Steffy’s shoes right now. Bill says Katie was hurt, but she knows she can trust Bill and it was no more than an innocent kiss. Bill tells Justin that he has known him a long time and no other woman has ever come close to affecting him the way Katie has. He will never do anything to destroy that. Steffy apologizes to Katie for calling Bill and having him meet her at the cabin. And one kiss was bad enough, but now two. She does not know what got into her. She can’t explain this. She hopes Katie does not think she is a bad person. Katie says no, she has done things like that before and she thinks she knows Steffy pretty well. Taylor tells Stephanie and Whip that she is not going to apologize or explain her date. She does not want to be judged. She just wants to go and have fun. Whip reveals he does not have to rely on a dating service to get him dates. Bridget and Nick stop by to let them know the surrogacy took. Taylor leaves and they all wish her well with her first date.

Taylor arrives early and is trying to be nonchalant when Whip shows up and she is astonished to find out that he is her mystery date. He admits it is a little bit funny, but he suggests they stay and have some coffee. She can’t get over how she wants to meet some new people and keeps getting paired with those she already knows. And she’d prefer that he not refer to himself as The Whipster. Katie tells Steffy that she’s not worried. She knows that Steffy is not really interested in Bill; he is a means to an end. This is not about Bill. Katie thinks that Steffy feels the Logan family has taken something from her family so this is payback, a little revenge. She used her husband to get back at Katie and hurt her. She thought they made a good team, but now she has to know that her employees can be trusted implicitly. She has to know they are all working toward the same goal. She is sorry, but Steffy has left her with no choice; Steffy is fired.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Vivian and Kate get into an argument about Philip and Victor. Later, Vivian admits to Victor that she returned to town to get revenge on Carly, and solicits his help in doing so. He agrees to help her. Hope confronts Carly about trying and failing to live at Maggie’s house. She ends up storming off even though Carly offers to leave and never speak to Bo again. Carly thinks she and Bo should tell Hope about her daughter, but Bo refuses, reminding her that Vivian would seek revenge against her daughter if she were to find out about it. He insists that Carly move back in with him so that he can protect her. Hope pumps Mia for information about Carly, and learns that Mia doesn’t trust Carly. Sami and EJ accuse Stefano of taking Sydney. He denies it, and suggests that he and EJ combine forces to find Sydney. EJ refuses, and Sami takes his side. Stefano calls Kate and vows to get revenge on EJ and Sami for trying to keep him from Sydney. Meanwhile, Nicole manages to get out of bed and picks the lock on her door, vowing to find her daughter. Roman arrives in Cleveland, and he and Rafe discuss the possibility of Fay, Nicole’s mother, having Sydney. Later, Rafe goes in to question Nicole, but finds that she has escaped.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Rebecca calls Elizabeth out about her affair with Nikolas. She then shares a few choice words with Liz. Rebecca says Lucky will soon learn the truth. Ethan tries to warn Lucky about Nik and Liz. Ethan then says that Luke is concerned about Lucky. Luke isn’t happy that Ethan told Lucky about his concern. Just as Luke is ready to tell Lucky about the affair, Nik comes into the casino. Ethan and Nik fight and Luke breaks them up. Jax tells Dante/Dom he has an incriminating recording of Sonny’s confession. Morgan almost hears the recording of Sonny when he messes with Jax’s cell phone. Dante/Dom confides the situation in Lulu and Lulu worries that Carly will end up hurt by Jax’s deceit. Jason isn’t happy when Maxie shows up at Franco’s loft. When Spinelli arrives, Maxie claims she came to the loft to secure Franco for the Crimson shoot. Liz worries that her actions will cause her to lose custody of the boys. Nik has a car accident soon after Liz calls and tells him about Rebecca knowing the truth. Jax spends some time with Carly and the baby. Coleman tries to give Michael some friendly advice about his behavior. Coleman calls Jason and tells him Michael is at the bar and heading for trouble. Michael gets into a fight and both Lucky and Jason show up at Jake’s to handle the situation.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon questions Adam as to why he is really with her or is he doing it to get revenge on Nick. Adam tries to explain his feelings, but Sharon doesn’t quite buy his explanation. Victoria tells Nick that she and J.T. had a terrible fight and J.T. stormed out .Nick lets Victoria know that Phyllis had told him about the article in “Restless Style.” Billy comes to visit Chloe and Delia and sees Chloe with Chance. Billy comments on the picture that he had seen in the newspaper of Chloe and Chance. Lauren walks in and asks how many cups of coffee had Michael had. Lauren tells Michael that there shouldn’t be a case against Daniel. Ryder tells Daisy that he will try to get away for awhile. Riggs calls Chance to come to see him at the police station. Billy only has insulting remarks toward Chance and Chloe being together. Lauren questions Ryder about why he had disappeared at Thanksgiving .Sharon tries to apologize to Adam, but Adam leaves. Lauren sees Ryder and Daisy together. After meeting with Michael, Adam calls Victor to talk to him. Victoria confronts Billy about the article in “Restless Style.”’ Doris finds out that Sharon is dating Adam. Doris warns Sharon about Adam. Adam visits Sharon and tells her that they will make sure the door is locked this time.

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