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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Bailey lets Liza know that she wants her son back. David lets Amanda know that he doesn’t want her sympathy. Tad comes to visit Jake. Erica manages to be in the same hotel as Aidan and Kendall. Kendall wakes up in the back of a van. In the front seat of the van, Aidan and Kat argue over Kendall and Kendall’s feelings for Aidan. Erica sees Aidan get on the elevator, but before she can catch him, the door closes. Erica tries to get the desk clerk to tell her what room Aidan is in, but the desk clerk refuses. Amanda meets Jake in the stables. Amanda lets Jake know that she is glad that he called her. Jake tells Amanda that he had had David’s medicine analyzed and David really is dying. Amanda questions Jake would he really want her back if David weren’t dying. The desk clerk finally agrees to phone Aidan’s room. Aidan has a gag in Kendall’s mouth and refuses to let Erica talk to Kendall. Aidan tells Kendall that he will take the gag out of her mouth if she promises to do as he says or Erica will pay the ultimate price. Aidan goes down to talk to Erica and hopes he can persuade her to leave or he will have to kill her. Erica acts as though she is leaving, but she sees that Aidan and Kendall is on the sixth floor.

Amanda gets a call from David to come home that he cannot go back upstairs to get Trevor. Amanda has Jake to stay with David while she checks on Trevor. Erica finally manages to gain access to Aidan and Kendall’s room. Aidan shows Kendall that he still has a gun which he will use. Erica tries to persuade Kendall to come home with her, but Kendall refuses. Liza and Tad type up the adoption papers for Liza and Bailey to sign in that Liza relinquishes all claim to Stuart. Liza presents Bailey with the papers for her to sign. Bailey hesitates for just a moment in signing the papers. Jake examines David. Kendall asks Aidan as to why he is doing this to her. Aidan lets her know that she knows why he is doing it.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack and Janet make love, but Jack isn’t ready to forgive himself or come home, as Janet will accept this for now. Liberty is angry when she sees that her mom is wrapped up with Jack again and they argue about it. Later, she sees Jack at Brad’s grave and talks to him about ‘manning up’ for her mom. Jack explains he can’t make promises now, which bothers Liberty, who tells her mother later that if she goes back to Jack, she will leave home. Craig kisses Carly, who lets him, right before Rosanna walks in. Carly tells Rosanna, as Rosanna is distraught and assumes this is payback from Carly, who she doesn’t really blame. She now believes Craig is the man everyone said he was. Craig tells Carly about his real feelings for Rosanna and how the kiss was to prove there is a draw but more to prove that what he has with Rosanna is real and what they had was just about playing house. Carly is swayed so when Rosanna tries to return her wedding gown, Carly stops her and offers to make her dress. Rosanna and Carly have a heart to heart and Carly is able to convince her to forgive Craig. Craig is shocked when Rosanna tells him that she has forgiven him – thanks to Carly. Craig and Rosanna make up. Holden confronts Damian about Meg, as Damian assures him that Meg is delusional and even tells Holden that he and Lily are renewing their vows. Meg and Lily get into a physical altercation when Meg sees Lily buying a wedding dress. Lisa calls Damian and he and Holden go to break it up. Damian drags Meg away under the pretense of handling things, but he assures Meg that they will still be together when they are alone. Meg is leery, but Damian charms her. Lily worries about Meg and what she is capable of, as Holden tries to get to the bottom of this when he goes to see Lisa at the Lakeview and inquires as to if Meg is staying with Damian. He later tells Molly that Damian might be telling the truth, as Molly wonders if he isn’t transferring his feelings about this wedding to Meg. Meg reacts badly when she sees the wedding cake Damian deliberately had sent to the farm. Meg ‘crashes’ Damian and Lily’s wedding, as they are eating their cake and has it out with them again. She alludes to Lily that Damian needs to come clean. Lily demands to know what is going on, as Damian collapses to the ground.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Steffy not to pretend she doesn’t know what she is talking about. She knows all about her coming on to her sister’s husband. Bills twirls the necklace and Katie walks in and tells him that he better have a very good excuse for running out on her at Forrester Creations. She gives him a big kiss and says it must have been very important to be more pressing than the needs of his wife. She spies the necklace on the desk and is happy he found it. They can have the clasp fixed. He says he’s not sure he is going to be wearing it anymore. He has something to tell her……it’s about the necklace of where it was found and why. She says she likes a good story. He tells her it is about Steffy, who seems to have a crush on him. She says of course Steffy does; everybody has a crush on Dollar Bill. He explains that it is a little more serious than that. Sandy hugs her teddy bear and explains to Nick that it’s strange but it is not just him, but men in general. It doesn’t necessarily mean it had to be something that happened, but she just doesn’t like men. He doesn’t believe that. She doesn’t want to talk about it; it’s not his fault. He says okay but now it is his responsibility. She’s carrying his child so everything about her and that happens to her is now his responsibility. Sandy fidgets. Nick says whatever happened ast have been pretty traumatic. He wonders if that had anything to do with her changing her name. He realizes all of this might be very uncomfortable to her, but he wants to remind her again that she is carrying his child. She can trust him a little. She confides that the profile they read on her with the yoga and spirituality reminds her of Bridget and the person that she used to be and now wants to be. Bridget confides in Taylor that all is going smoothly and she really likes Sandy. Whip comes in when they are discussing Sandy and looks uncomfortable. Steffy closes the door and Brooke asks if she wants to tell her more about the kiss. She knows everything but would like to hear Steffy’s point of view. Steffy starts slowly – she kissed Bill after he promoted her. Broke says that doesn’t sound too bad. Steffy says no it wasn’t. Brooke says but it went further than that. It went all the way up to Big Bear at the cabin…..and the night before Bill was to marry her sister.

Katie asks if something happened because of this crush Steffy has on him. Bill explains that Steffy came to the office shortly after he promoted her. She was enthusiastic and grateful and quite unexpectedly she had kissed him. She was humiliated and he told her not to beat herself up because of it. But she continued to be nagged about it and couldn’t let it go. She was quite distraught and the night before the wedding she had called and asked him to come to Big Bear. Again she was embarrassed that she had pressured him to come up there. He says he was about to leave when Steffy wanted to show him some photos from the Hollywood Glamour shoot on her cell phone. She had leaned over and kissed him again and immediately apologized. Steffy tells Brooke that is all that happened. She denies Brooke’s accusation that she tried to seduce Bill. She knows she was wrong and wishes now she had not made that phone call. She wants to know what Brooke is going to do….tell her dad or Katie? Katie tells Bill that he sure handled it well. He didn’t seem at all distracted at the ceremony. He says he wasn’t and he couldn’t lay this on her at the wedding or the honeymoon. But now he doesn’t want to start their marriage off filled with secrets. He thought about not telling her, but why not when he has nothing to hide. Brooke tells Steffy that she is a bright girl, and she can’t imagine how she wouldn’t know the impact on this just when they are all starting to get back on their feet. Imagine how Ridge is going to feel when he finds out. Steffy is shocked and says he can’t find out. Brooke says she is making no promises…unless Steffy can give her some sort of guarantee. Whip tells Bridget to cut Sandy some slack. She’s her surrogate not her new B.F.F. Sandy has this deer caught in the headlights look and asks Nick what does he want from her? She’s having their baby and that should be enough. She wants that more than anything and that’s the truth. He tells her no, he can see it is more than that he can see it in her eyes and he’d like her to tell him about it. Katie tells Bill that she believes him. He’s never lied to her before, but she wishes he had not gone to Big Bear. Just doing that did encourage Steffy. The next time a damsel in distress calls she’d like him to tell them to call her priest or her shrink, or for him just to hang up. She thanks him for telling her the truth. She always wants him to trust her enough to tell her the truth. She won’t let him regret that. Steffy tells Brooke that she learned her lesson and nothing like this will happen again. Brooke admits that she’s made a few mistakes of her own looking for love. She’s learned from them painfully so she won’t be telling anyone about this. No one was hurt, but Steffy must stay on her guard and be committed for it not to happen again. Steffy hugs her and thanks her. Nick points out to Sandy that she moved back from him as if she were afraid of him. He and Bridget thought she was someone else named Sandy. He really doesn’t want to pressure her but he’d like to know if she lives alone, if she has a job, what does she do in her spare time. She asks him to please not do this. He can’t help her. She is about to embark on the most beautiful thing she has ever done in her life…having a baby for a wonderful couple and that is all she is living for right now. She pleads that he did pick the right person. She promises him that so he can just let this go. He tells her that he’s not all men; he’s just himself. She asks him not to tell Bridget. She’s pretty much her only friend right now and she doesn’t want her to be insecure about it. She cries as she begs him to please let Bridget believe in her. He nods and leaves. She sighs and quickly locks the door again in three places. Katie comes into her office and brushes past Steffy without a word. Steffy greets her warmly and starts talking about the newest sales figures. Katie sits down and looks Steffy in the face and says she knows what happened between her and Bill.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ thinks that Nicole knows where Sydney is, and that she is lying when she says that she doesn’t remember anything after phoning Sami. Sami isn’t so sure, but eventually enlists Brady’s help to discover what Nicole is hiding, if anything. Rafe runs into Stefano, and Stefano tells him that he thinks Sami and EJ finding Sydney will just bring them closer together. Rafe tells EJ that Stefano is at the hospital, and EJ promptly finds him and tells him to leave. Brady later tells everyone that he thinks Nicole is telling the truth, and that she has no idea where Sydney is. EJ accuses Stefano of being the one that took the baby. At Melanie and Mia’s request, Carly agrees not to move in with Maggie. Carly and Maggie have a heart-to-heart about both Melanie and Mia. Melanie tries to convince Arianna to fight for Brady. Bo and Hope seem on the verge of reconciling—until Carly shows back up at their house.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jax warns Dante/Dom that Olivia is about to tell Sonny the truth. Dante/Dom warns Jax to “stay out of” his investigation. Olivia is surprised but she has dinner at Sonny’s house. Rebecca spies Nikolas and Elizabeth kissing. Dante/Dom walks in on Sonny kissing Olivia so she makes a quick exit. Later, Dante/Dom confronts Olivia about her plan to tell Sonny the truth. Olivia insists she will never tell Sonny “the truth.” Jason is being watched while he searches Franco’s loft. Jason finds clothing that proves Franco is “the homeless guy.” Jason is certain that Franco sent him the photo of Claudia. He and Sam look through Franco’s things. Jason sends Sam out of the loft and says he must “face Franco alone.” Lucky continues to question Carly about Claudia. Carly sticks to her original “story.” Lucky is suspicious when Michael says he doesn’t “feel guilty” about Claudia. Lucky thinks Carly is “covering” for Sonny and Jason. Carly tells Jax about her chat with Lucky. Carly worries that Michael doesn’t “know the difference between right and wrong.” Jax tells Sonny he’s concerned about Lucky’s questions. Sonny insists nothing can be traced back to them. Tracy tells Ethan she’s worried about Luke. Elizabeth is conflicted over her feelings for Nikolas. Liz says what they feel must “be kept a secret.” Lucky stops by Wyndemere and tells Nik he and Liz are still getting married. Lucky tells Nik that Liz is “disconnected” but he’s not sure why. Lucky makes it clear to Nik that Liz insisted on going through with their marriage. Luke voices his concern for Lucky to Ethan and Tracy. Rebecca heads to the casino and tells Ethan he was “right about” Nik. She tells Ethan that Liz and Nik are “users.” Ethan tells Lucky about Rebecca’s visit. Rebecca pays Liz a visit and confronts her about Nik. Maxie manages to see Franco’s address while Spinelli is researching him for Jason. Someone arrives at the loft as Jason waits for Franco.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Ross escapes from jail, goes to the Seattle hospital, and holds a gun on Todd, Tea, and the cops and tells them he won't let them prevent him from taking his daughter with him. He takes Dani down to the parking garage and is determined to leave with her. Right then, he runs into Blair who is looking for Todd. She seems to know what he is doing. So he takes her hostage with Dani. Back in Llanview, Fish and Kyle are happily together when Fish gets a call from John. Kyle gets a call from Marty to inform them that Nick has been assaulted by gay bashers. Kyle rushes to see Nick and knows it was because of Nick's courage to come out. Fish realizes that he could never do what Nick has done and has feared that very thing. So he concludes that maybe Kyle is more suited for Nick than for him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Phyllis asks Daniel if he had gotten any sleep. Daniel tells her that he had kept reliving the grand jury hearing. Michael tells Daniel that he understands Daniel’s wanting to speak up. Phyllis tells Michael that she has a plan, but Michael warns her about her plan. Phyllis lets Michael and Daniel know that she is going to the D.A. Kevin notices that Ryder had finally come out of hiding. Kevin accuses Ryder of lying to him and letting him know when it came to helping Daniel in his testimony to the grand jury. Nick remembers his warning Sharon to steer clear of Adam when there is a knock on his door and it is Victoria. Victoria asks how Nick and also how that Phyllis is doing. Victoria offers her condolences that Daniel had been arrested. Victoria lets Nick know that she had agreed to go in on the Chancellor deal. J.T. tells Mr. McCall that Kay is very interested in his proposition. Sharon calls Adam to thank him for yesterday. Nick and Adam have a confrontation which results in Nick hitting Adam. Nick orders Adam to back off Sharon. Nick calls Michael to meet him at Newman. Nick fills Michael in as to what had gone down between him and Adam. J.T. shows Victoria the latest issue of “Restless Style” which includes the headline story of Victoria’s affair with Deacon Sharpe. Paul asks Heather to let him take a look at the case file on Daniel. Heather refuses, at first, but then agrees. Adam files charges against Nick and also sues him. Nick visits Sharon and tells her about the trouble between him and Adam. Sharon questions Adam as to why he is with her.

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