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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad offers J.R. encouragement concerning his cancer. Scott attacks Marissa over Liza’s treatment of Annie. Liza brings Stuart a Christmas gift. Bailey refuses to wake Stuart to give him Liza’s Christmas gift. Damon arrives and sees Liza outside of Bailey’s door. Amanda remembers David telling her that he only has six months to live. Jake searches through David’s armoire looking for the drugs that he can have analyzed. Amanda walks in and asks Jake what is he doing here. Jake quickly hides the pill bottle in his pocket. Liza demands to know from Damon what is he doing here. Damon tells Liza that she cannot take away his rights as Stuart’s father. Bailey wants to know what Damon wants. Damon tells Bailey that he has a job. David spends time with Trevor. Jake tells Amanda that he had researched David’s disease and he has only six months to live. J.R. tells Tad that he isn’t telling Marissa that the cancer is back. Scott tells Marissa about the deal that D.A. Willis had offered him if he would testify against Annie . Liza walks in and tells Scott to take the deal. Amanda tells David that Jake had stopped by, and then offers to fix David breakfast. David is overjoyed by the attention. Jake sees Angie at the hospital and gives her the bottle of liquid that he had stolen from David’s. Jake lets Angie know that David had told Amanda that he was dying. David opens up to Amanda about his past. Amanda suggests to David that he make a video for Trevor to watch when he was older.

Angie meets with the lab technician, who lets her know about the dangers of the liquid that he had analyzed. At Wildwind, David has a side effect to the medicine that he had been taking. Amanda watches as David makes a video for Trevor. Suddenly, David tells Amanda to turn off the video. J.R. and Marissa make love. Liza meets with Bailey, who tells Liza that she wants to keep her baby. Jake gets a call from Angie, who tells him what the lab technician had told her about the dangers of the liquid that he had found. David burns up with fever. Amanda holds him close.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Luke comes home from visiting Noah. Luke questions Lily as to why she and Damian sleep in separate bedrooms. Damian and Meg arrive at his hotel room with her things. Damian and Meg make plans for later that night. At Metro, Teri is there alone when an unknown man comes in and starts up a conversation with Teri. The man asks Teri out for dinner. Dusty comes in and shakes hands with the man as if Dusty had known him for awhile. Craig visits Janet to discuss Jack living at Carly’s. Craig is quite put off when Janet doesn’t want to do anything about Jack living at Carly’s. Jack and Carly are in the kitchen at her home. Jack has prepared breakfast for them, but Carly insists that he doesn’t have to do this . Jack mentions that this is like old times, but Carly insists that it isn’t like old times. Janet refuses to fight for Jack which agitates Craig more. Janet comes to the Metro to ask Teri for a job. Carly insists that Jack accompany her to the Metro to meet with a prospective buyer. Jack and Carly run into Janet at the Metro. At the ranch, Meg tells Holden and Mollie that she is moving in with Damian. Damian and Lily decide to renew their wedding vows. Lily tells Damian that she is ready to be his wife in every way as they kiss. Carly sells Metro which leaves Teri without a job. At the ranch, Jack tells Janet that he loves her, but he needs time. Janet agrees to give him the time that he needs. Carly visits Craig and lashes out at him for telling Janet that Jack was living with her. Carly wants Craig to stay out of her life, but Craig insists that he cannot stay out of her life as he takes her in his arms and kisses her. Lily finds the perfect wedding dress for her wedding to Damian. Meg is also there finding a dress for her date with Damian. Lily tells Meg that she and Damian are renewing their wedding vows which surprises Meg more than a little.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Ridge that she thinks it is the best work he has ever done. She just wishes her grandfather was here to see it. He returns the compliment and says he is proud of her too; she’s doing great work at Forresters. He tells Katie that just imagine how proud he would be if the company was still run by the Forresters and wasn’t owned by her husband. Sandy tells Nick to just chill out and relax. She has never been a surrogate before and this is all new and strange, but she has nothing against him. It’s more or less all in his mind if he thinks she is just automatically closer to Bridget. He’d like to think of this as more than a business arrangement; he’d like to get to know her better. She emphasizes that she is just a very private person and she’d like him to respect that. He sees the name Agnes on some of her mail and says he would like to know who he is dealing with. Bill reflects back on his wedding day as he twirls his new found lost necklace around in his hands. Brooke tells Katie that there is something she needs to know. Unfortunately Ridge walks back in before she can reveal it to Katie. Katie tells Brooke that she and Ridge are on the same page and they have everything covered. They can work well together.

Ridge tells Brooke that he is very grateful that Bill and Katie gave Steffy a chance here at Forrester’s. Finally there is some peace around here. Bill cancels his appointments and goes out. Sandy snatches the mail away from Nick and tells him he has no right to come in here and interrogate her. He notices the colas and cookies lying around and in her cabinet. He knows she is not exactly the health nut that she has stated herself to be. Katie greets her husband warmly and asks if she should lock the door. He tells her no; he has something important to tell her. Brooke is right outside and dashes in to tell Bill that this is not necessary. He tells her to save her breath; he has changed his mind and he intends to tell Katie everything that happened at the cabin. Nick roars that he is the father of this child and Sandy is misrepresenting herself. She is lying and he wants to know what her secret is. She tells him that she can not talk about it. She wanted to be a mother; she wanted that experience but it is never going to happen in a real relationship. She cries that he better not touch her. Brooke begs Bill not to open up to Katie. Ridge assures her they are all working well together so no need to stir the pot. Bill now disagrees. It was a foolish kiss on Steffy’s part and it could all blow up in their face if she hears about it from someone else. Brooke assures him this will open a whole can of worms and it won’t be good if he tells Katie and she will look at Steffy differently and then Ridge will sense it and his work will suffer too.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo and Philip have an argument about Carly. Later, Bo tries to reassure Mia about Sydney coming home safely. Carly has two bad encounters with Mia and Melanie-- Mia asks Carly to butt out of her life, and Carly ends up accidentally spilling hot coffee on Melanie. When Melanie learns that Carly is moving into Maggie’s, she asks her to leave when Carly offers to do so. Philip and Nathan have an argument about Melanie, and Nathan warns Philip to stay away from her. Philip later vows to Bo that he won’t blow the shot he has with Melanie. Arianna advises Melanie to be with Philip if that is what she wants. Later, when confronted by Gabi, Arianna confides in her that she is an undercover informant. Sami, EJ, Rafe, and Brady fly to Cleveland and find that Nicole is in the hospital, unconscious. The four are devastated to learn that Sydney wasn’t with Nicole when she was brought in.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Spinelli and Jason try to decipher the meaning of Franco’s painting. Olivia worries about Dante/Dom’s safety. Sonny wonders why Dante/Dom is so curious about the night Claudia died. Dante/Dom claims he’s trying to find out where the photo came from so he needs details from Sonny. Jason is determined to find out what Franco “knows” about Claudia’s murder. Nikolas turns Rebecca down and says he’s in love with someone else. Elizabeth is shocked when Lucky says they should call off their marriage. Liz begs Lucky to reconsider. Lucky says he can’t marry Liz until whatever is “between” them is resolved. Liz heads to Wyndemere to see Nik and tells him she still wants to marry Lucky. Nik gets upset and wonders why Liz didn’t take the opportunity to leave Lucky and be with him. The two end up kissing. Lulu apologizes to Dante/Dom for her mixed feelings about his mission. The two spend the afternoon playing video games. Carly finds out that Michael skipped out on school on finals day. He says he went back to the cabin where Claudia died. Sonny gets upset when Carly tells him what happened. Michael and Sonny argue about him getting involved in “the business.” Carly thinks Michael needs counseling. Sonny says Michael “just needs a little time.” Spinelli figures out that the painting’s message is an address in town. When Spinelli runs the address, he learns “Jason Morgan” lives in a loft at that location. Jason heads to the loft and finds Franco’s bizarre artwork. Jax apologizes to Olivia for his behavior regarding Dante/Dom. Sonny calls Olivia and she heads over to his house. Olivia wants to talk but Sonny has a romantic dinner waiting for her. Jax summons Dante/Dom to his office and says Olivia plans to tell Sonny “the truth.” Rebecca sees Nik and Liz in a compromising position. Lucky questions Carly about the night Claudia “disappeared.” He wonders if Claudia “helped” Carly with the baby’s birth. Michael steps in and says Carly had nothing to do with Claudia’s “death.” Lucky finds it interesting that Michael uses the word “death” rather than “disappearance.” Someone appears to be watching Jason as he looks through Franco’s loft.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Ross escapes from prison and goes to find Dani at the Seattle hospital before Todd and Tea have a chance to take her away. They persuade Elijah and the guards to let them leave also. Ross holds Destiny hostage and tells the others that he will kill her if they do not so what he says. He is very afraid that Todd and Tea will take his daughter way from him now that they have discovered that she is not his. Matthew is still unable to get out of his bed and help his two friends. Back in Llanview, Dorian spends the night in jail, confident about winning the mayoral election and winning the support of the gay community until she notices that Mitch Laurence is in jail right beside her. He taunts her and presses her buttons. Meanwhile, gay bashers harass and assault Nick and Amelia. Gigi is alone with Schuyler while Rex and Shane go alone to Ultraviolet where Stacy and Kim are there to humiliate them.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Billy is upset that he and Chloe cannot come up with the perfect cover story for the next issue of “Restless Style.” Chloe sees his little fit and knows that Billy is upset over Mac’s in vitro fertilization. Billy insists that he wants another cover story for “Restless Style.” Chloe lets Billy know that Rory is on her way over right now. Mac comes and asks Kay if she had heard J.T.. Kay lets her know that J.T is gone. Kay offers to drive Mac to the hospital, but Mac lets her know that she is going with Cane and Lily. Cane and Lily arrive to drive Mac to the hospital. Amber visits Daniel in jail and finds out that they had taken his wedding ring. Amber assures him that he will get it back soon. Phyllis arrives and tells Daniel that they will get him out of here. Ashley notices that jack looks as though he is the “king of the world.” Nick visits Sharon and finds her in bed with Adam. Sharon demands to know what Nick is doing here. Sharon insists to Nick that she had written the e-mail, but she hadn’t sent it. Jack lets Ashley know that Kay had agreed to let him invest in Chancellor Industries. Ashley suggests to Jack that he call Billy and invite him in on the deal, but Jack refuses. Kay tells Neil and Jack that she had had a call from Tucker McCall, who wants in on the deal. Neil is all for the idea, but Kay has her reservations. Nick and Noah meet to discuss Sharon and her actions as of late. Nick mentions that Noah move back in with him. Adam suggests walking away from Sharon, but Sharon refuses to let him. Phyllis tells Daniel that Deacon and Ryder had decided to plead the fifth. Rory arrives for her photo shoot. Amber pays Chloe and realizes that Chloe is really over Billy and is now with Chance. Mac goes in for the in vitro fertilization.

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