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AMC Recap Written by Mary

David is in the medicine cabinet in his living room at Wildwind. Amanda comes in, carrying Trevor in her arms. Tad comes in behind Amanda. At the hospital, Jake tells Joe that he is quitting his job and leaving town. Joe is quite surprised by the news because Joe and his wife are leaving town themselves and Joe thought that Jake could carry on in Joe’s footsteps. In the interrogation room at the police station, Adam and Scott hope they will make bail. Colby comes in, carrying Adam and Scott some clothes for their arraignment hearing. Liza visits Annie in her room at the hospital. Liza lets Annie know that the judge will be there as soon as he finishes with Adam and Scott. Ryan tries to visit Annie, but a police officer stops her. Damon visits Bailey and Stuart and finds out that Liza and Colby had moved out . Adam calls Annie to give her a boost of confidence. After an argument with David, Amanda threatens to leave David’s home, but David tells her that he has only six months to live and supplies proof. (which is fake) At the arraignment, Scott and Adam are granted bail.

Jake stops by the park and runs into Bailey and Stuart. Looking at Stuart, Jake changes his mind about leaving town. At Annie’s arraignment, Annie pleads not-guilty which surprises both Liza and Ryan. Annie is denied bail. Jake comes back home and finds Tad still there. Jake explains to Tad as to why he hadn’t left when Amanda comes in and is relieved that Jake isn’t gone. Tad quickly makes his departure. Amanda lets Jake know that David is dying. David, at Wildwind, holds Trevor in his arms and tells him that Amanda had fallen for his lie.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Brad is upset that Simon is giving Katie advice and she is listening to him while at the same time pushing her family away. Brad asks Henry to get Simon away from Katie but Henry refuses to help Brad because he thinks that Katie needs Simon in her life right now to help her. Brad is determined to get Simon away from Katie and Jacob so he moves a wrench so that it hits Simon in the head. Brad also opens and closes doors and Simon begins to think that Brad is a ghost so he assures Brad he won't hurt Katie and he only wants to help her. Brad doesn't trust Simon so he vows to get Simon out of Oakdale. Brad even sets off Katie's burglar alarm so that Margo will show up but Henry takes the blame for setting off the alarm and Margo arrests him. Simon persuades Katie to not pres charges against Henry so she goes to the police station to set Henry free. Katie admits to Henry that is feels good to have Simon around because she doesn't feel alone anymore. Katie also tells Henry that Brad is dead and he shouldn't keep pretending that he sees him because it isn't healthy for him.

Rosanna is sad that Carly won't be at her wedding so Craig goes over to Carly's house and is surprised to find Jack there. Jack tells Craig that he has left Janet and asks him respect Carly's wishes and leave the house. Carly tells Craig she can't forgive Rosanna and asks him to leave. Carly doesn't think that it is a good idea for Craig to stay at the house while he is figuring things out and encourages him to go work things out with Janet. Carly tells Jack he can stay for dinner but then asks him to leave after he argues with Craig. Jack is about to leave when Parker comes home demanding that Jack call Margo to arrest Simon because he is back in town. Parker is scared that Simon will persuade Carly to leave with him again although Carly assures him that won't happen again. Jack promises to stay at the house until Simon leaves Oakdale. Carly later admits that she is also nervous that Simon is back in town and thanks Jack for staying with her. Jack tells Carly that she is helping him as well because he feels safe at the house and he hasn't felt that way since before Brad's death. Craig tells Rosanna that Jack is staying with Carly thinking that it will bother her but Rosanna isn't bothered at all by the fact that Jack is staying at the house with Carly. Rosanna does wonder why it bothers Craig so much that Jack is staying with Carly. Rosanna is touched that Craig invited Carly to the wedding to make her happy and thanks him because once they are married she will have what she always wanted a family. Rosanna leaves to get Johnny fitted for a new suit and a few minutes after she leaves Craig calls Janet to let her know that Jack is staying at Carly's house.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke makes it clear to Bill that she does not believe it was just an inappropriate kiss with Steffy or that he went to Big Bear just to clear the air. She wants to know exactly how his necklace got between the cushions on the couch. If he doesn’t tell her, she will go to Steffy. He says he will tell her, but she says he has lied to her before so how can she trust him now. He relives that night as to how he was going when Steffy told him she had some photos on her iphone she wanted him to see. He sat on the couch and looked at them and then again impulsively Steffy kissed him. He pulled away and left; the necklace must have come off then. Brooke is still very skeptical that this is all that happened. Katie senses that Steffy is nervous around her and questions her if it has anything to do with working with Rick. She thinks Steffy is too hard on herself and she hopes she is not pushing her too hard. And on the subject of men, she tells her that she will find her own Bill Spencer. She states that if Steffy ever has a problem and wants to talk, her door is open.

Bridget and Nick are ecstatic that the fertilization occurred with Sandy on their first try. She’s their little angel. Nick has some worries though. Sandy never looks at him; it’s like she wishes he would go away. He wants to talk to her to make sure there is no problem; they are in this together. Nick shows up at Sandy’s door with a big bouquet of flowers and asks if he can come in. He says he likes to think that he is a likeable guy and easy to talk to, but he gets the feelings that she just wants him out of the way. She is carrying his child and he needs to know they can get along. She explains that he just surprised her a time or two and she really wasn’t pulling away. Rick gives Katie two Lakers tickets that she can’t use so she gives them to Steffy who in turn gives them back to Rick. He admits he has no one to take. He’s pretty much lived his life like a monk since they broke up. He’s trying to better his life. He asks if she will consider going with him. Brooke thinks her sister’s new PR woman has the hots for Katie’s husband. That could be a problem. Bill says Steffy knows he is happily married, and she’s learned her lesson and it won’t happen again. If Brooke goes to Steffy, it will get back to Katie and then to Ridge and all they have worked for will blow up in their face. He wants her to just let it go. Steffy confesses to Rick that she did something much worse than he ever did. And this was after she had gone so moral on him every time he screwed up. Brooke tells Bill that her sister should be told. He disagrees, this is a gray area and Katie would be very upset if she found out. This is a delicate balance they have worked so hard for….nothing to be thrown away for one little mistake. Brooke reminds him it was two mistakes and they will be working close to each other in the future. He tells her it is up to Brooke; it is all in her hands but he hopes she will not upset the good relationships they have formed so that it won’t come down to the Forresters against the Logans again.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe blames herself for Sydney’s kidnapping, and Daniel attempts to comfort her. Lucas learns the truth about Sydney from Will, and promptly confronts Chloe, blaming her for what happened. Daniel lays into him, and later, Lucas expresses remorse to Maggie, saying that he realizes that this is all his fault, and that he will never forgive himself if something happens to Sydney. EJ blames Brady entirely for what has happened, and refuses to take his word that Nicole seems like she might come home. Sami agrees with EJ. The police are able to trace the call Nicole made to Brady, and learn Nicole is in Cleveland. Meanwhile, Nicole begins to have doubts about what she is doing, and finally decides to return Sydney. After rejecting her idea to call EJ or Brady, she finally decides to call Sami. Just as Sami answers the phone, the camera pans to Nicole, who is lying unconscious on the floor of the bus station. Nathan catches Melanie and Philip nearly kissing, and after she admits she still has feelings for Philip, Nathan tells her that they are through. Nathan later confides in Stephanie, who is thrilled by the news. Philip tries to get Melanie to consider dating him, but she claims she is still hung up on Nathan.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky tells Nikolas he plans on breaking things off with Elizabeth. Liz again confides her feelings for Nik in Robin. Sonny walks in on Olivia and Johnny at the garage. Olivia tells Johnny she has no future with Sonny. Jason gets upset with Maxie about Franco in front of Spinelli. Dante/Dom tells Sonny that Joey’s death put fear into the employees so everyone will likely stay loyal. Dante/Dom tells Jax he doesn’t have enough evidence after all to have Sonny arrested. Jax gets upset and threatens Dante/Dom when the detective refuses to “plant” evidence. Kate pays Sonny a visit and surmises he still has feelings for Olivia. Jax later tells Lucky he suspects that Sonny killed Claudia. Lucky encourages Rebecca not to give up on Nik. Jax tells Olivia there isn’t enough evidence to arrest Sonny. Olivia has mixed feelings about lying to Dante/Dom about Sonny. Olivia says it’s time to “tell the truth” in order to save Sonny and Dante/Dom. Sam apologizes to Maxie for Jason’s behavior. Maxie tells Sam she wants to find Franco and get all the pictures from him. Jason later apologizes to Spinelli for yelling at Maxie. Jason tells Spinelli he’s worried that Franco may have seen Michael kill Claudia. Dante/Dom asks Sonny for details about the night Claudia died. Sonny wonders if “the picture is an excuse” for Dante/Dom to “find out” if Sonny “killed Claudia.” Spinelli tries to help Jason figure out the “message” in Franco’s painting. Rebecca gives Nikolas one last chance with her. Lucky tells Elizabeth they should cancel their wedding plans.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian is ready to accept her election victory and make good on her promise to authorize gay marriage. But the attorney general warns her that he and the governor will arrest her if she does. She goes ahead and stamps the certificate knowing the consequences, while the crowds cheer her on and she knows that the media is going to make note of it and make her a hero. Fish refuses to arrest her and tells the attorney general he will give up his badge if that's what they expect of him. But Dorian tells them that Fish may arrest her and they both look like heroes when he takes her to jail. Dani is hiding in Matthew's hospital room with Matthew and Destiny. Rachel and Greg find her and tell Tea where she is. Ross then escapes from jail and takes a gun. Todd and Tea are very worried what he will do when he finds Dani. Natalie is distraught after Jared's death and the fact that Mitch is still terrorizing peoples' lives. Viki tells her that she must not let Mitch get to her. Charlie goes to confront Mitch in jail. Mitch is very cocky and confident and convinces Charlie that he (Charlie) is responsible for Jared's death by being a worthless father to his son and a drunk. When Charlie leaves and is all alone and distraught by his son's grave, he pulls out the bottle of booze from his pocket and starts drinking.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nick asks to go with Phyllis to Daniel’s grand jury hearing, but Phyllis refuses. Noah walks in just as Phyllis leaves. Nick questions Noah as to why he is here. Noah informs him that he doesn’t have a class first period and he and Eden are going Christmas shopping for Sharon. Noah lets Nick know how weird that Sharon had been acting lately. Heather runs into Adam and comments on the beautiful flowers. Adam lets her know that they are for a beautiful woman. Heather inquires if the woman knows about him and Rafe. Sharon thinks about her conversation with Nick just as she gets a call from Adam, who wants to come over. Sharon, reluctantly agrees. Victoria is upset over the grand jury hearing because it is a grand jury investigation into a murder case. Jana knows that Daniel must be terrified. Amber lets Jana know that she had been trying to remain strong for Daniel. Deacon interrupts them and offers to keep Amber warm at night if Daniel goes to prison. Amber orders Deacon away from her . Everyone begins to gather for the grand jury depositions. Michael tells Daniel that he wants to change strategies. Kay and Jack meet for a business breakfast. Jack reads a letter that Kay had written to Jack’s father years ago. Jack wears Kay down until she agrees to let him in on the deal. Sharon asks Adam for them not to see as much of each other for a while. Adam agrees. Jack visits Phyllis and lets her know about Sharon being involved with Adam. Sharon and Adam are becoming very intimate when Nick comes to visit. J.T. tells Kay about Mr. McCall’s interest in Chancellor Industries going public.

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