Wednesday 12/2/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Jake tells Amanda that he cannot be jerked around anymore that he is deeply in love with her, but he cannot live like this anymore. Dr. Hines sees David with Trevor. Dr. Hines tries to talk to David, but he insists that Trevor is his son and always will be. J.R. coughs up blood, but hides it from Marissa when she sees the blood on his handkerchief. Tad lets Opal know that Kendall is in Los Angeles. Zach kisses Liza, but she resists his advances. Opal tells Tad that she had been having premonitions. Jake tells Angie that he is resigning. Angie refuses to accept his resignation. Opal gets a tarot reading from her Tarot cards. Amanda calls Tad to help her with Jake. Liza lets Tad know that she may lose Stuart. J.R. catches up with Angie at the hospital and tells her that he has coughed up blood. Amanda and David have a heated argument over Jake and Trevor. At the casino, Jake breaks up an argument between Opal and Zach. Zach and Jake get into a fight and Zach pushes Jake up against Myrtle’s picture, thus breaking it when it falls to the floor. Opal tries to talk some sense into Zach concerning his family. Zach takes the pic of Myrtle and leaves. J.R. surprises Marissa with a decorated tree.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Katie orders Simon to leave. Craig suggests that he and Rosanna get married, but Rosanna insists that they have a wedding here with their friends and family. Carly is in the kitchen of her home when Parker comes in. Parker begins to question Carly and Jack and her leaving town with him. Carly insists that she had gone after Jack. Janet and Jack awake together, but their backs are turned to each other. Janet wants to fix breakfast and talk, but all Jack wants to do is take a shower. Janet comes downstairs and finds Liberty at the kitchen table. Liberty doesn’t want to talk either. Jack comes downstairs and feels the resentment from Liberty. Jack leaves without breakfast. Carly insists to Parker that nothing is going on between her and jack. Jack visits Katie and finds one of Simon’s cards.

Rosanna asks Carly to help her with her wedding, but Carly refuses and walks out on Rosanna. Jack and Janet have a heated argument at home and Jack leaves. Brad knocks Simon out with a wrench when Simon tries to fix Katie’s stove. Jack visits Parker and lets him know that he had left Janet. Carly comes in and finds out that Jack had left Janet. Parker asks Carly can Jack live with them.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke lies in bed with Ridge but is thinking about her conversation with Bill about the innocent kiss with Steffy. He wants her to just let it go. Ridge senses she has something on her mind and he wonders if it is Bill Spencer since she does not trust him and he’s now married to her sister. Ridge takes a call from his mother and passes the message on to Brooke. She found Rick’s necklace between the cushions on the couch at Big Bear. Brooke knows it is not Rick’s, but Bill’s and now really wonders how it got to that spot. Katie tells Bill that he is in big trouble for letting her oversleep this morning. She misses his necklace too, but claims he will get it back someday; she is sure of it. He’s sexy and dangerous; she likes his wild side. Sandy splashes some water on her face but keeps having these noises and flashbulbs going off in her head. The doorbell rings and she goes to the door that is sequestered by three different locks. It’s Whip who has followed her; is worried because of the photo shoot yesterday. She reluctantly lets him in. At a chance meeting in the office, Rick tells Steffy that he wishes he had a second chance. As much as he wants to, you can’t always go back and get that chance. She’s the golden girl now. He hopes she will meet that special man in her life to fulfill it.

Whip tries to impress on Sandy about how she is living and what she should be eating and not the junk he sees lying around. She assures him that is all old stuff and she has her frij stocked with fresh fruits and veggies. Ridge questions Rick about the necklace and then apologizes for jumping to conclusions. Perhaps his mother was wrong about whose necklace it was. He tries to talk to Steffy but she’s in a rush and can’t talk. Brooke knocks on Bill’s door and insists she must speak with him. Katie can’t wait to breeze past her and with a smile on her face – yes it is what it looked like behind closed doors. Bill also greets Brooke that it was her sister and with a smile on her face as she is in love. Brooke says she was willing to let it go when she thought it was an innocent little kiss between he and Steffy, but now she has more facts and she doesn’t think that is all that happened. She wants the rest of the story. He says she is trying his patience. She accuses him of lying and if he doesn’t tell her every little fact, she will go to Steffy. She’s almost to the door to do that when Bill tells her to wait, he will tell her exactly what happened.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stephanie tells Nathan that she has feelings for him, but she knows he thinks Melanie is the right girl for him. She wishes him luck, though she doesn’t think the two will be happy. Nathan admits that he thought Stephanie was the right girl for him at one time, but he’s with Melanie now. Philip tells Vivian to get out of his life, and runs into Melanie, who tries to comfort him. The two nearly kiss, and Nathan catches them. EJ tells Roman, Sami, and Rafe about Nicole’s phone call and tries to get it traced by the police, but they have no luck. Melanie and Arianna both lay into Brady over his feelings for Nicole. The hotel manager recognizes Nicole’s picture in the paper and threatens to call the police. Nicole manages to get away and heads down to the bus station to make good her escape. The man with the fake passports takes the rest of Nicole’s money, and she steals a woman’s cell phone. She ends up calling Brady, worried that he might be in trouble for bailing her out. He begs Nicole to come home, and reminds her that that is what is best for Sydney. Nicole considers it. Brady hurries to the pub to give Roman and Sami the news about Nicole possibly returning Sydney.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Spinelli is curious about the envelope from the gallery but Maxie manages to get it away from him. Maxie tells Spinelli that Jason is buying Sam one of Franco’s pieces of art. Patrick and Lisa celebrate their medical genius over a drink at Jake’s. Robin soon joins them. Sonny admits to Dante/Dom that “sending Johnny on a suicide mission” has its benefits. Sonny doesn’t like that Dante/Dom is “questioning” him. Sonny admits to Dante/Dom that he still has an interest in Olivia. Franco works in his studio shooting red paint on photos. Jason and Sam are able to get a phone number for Franco’s agent. Jason is given a strange and unusual painting that Franco left for him at the gallery. Kristina runs into Ethan at Kelly’s. Kiefer sees Kristina with Ethan and accuses her of “hitting on” him. Carly notices the tension between Kristina and Kiefer. Carly later tells Sonny that Kiefer isn’t “good for” Kristina. Carly advises Sonny to spend some quality time with Kristina. Luke, Tracy, and Lulu come to Jake’s for Karaoke night. Alexis and Mac also come into the bar together. Max and Diane show up as well. Diane sings a song for Max. Later, Mac and Alexis sing a duet followed by Luke and Ethan. Ronnie says the recording isn’t “airtight” enough to arrest Sonny. Dante/Dom shares his disappointment with Lulu but he also admits to feeling a bit “relieved.” Maxie begs Jason and Sam not to tell Spinelli about the photo. Olivia tries to make amends with Johnny but she comes clean about kissing Sonny. Johnny and Olivia find their way back to each other. Jason wonders what Franco is up to.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

At St James’ Church during Jared’s funeral service, Jared’s casket opens and Mitch Laurence sits up. He discloses that the Napa police released him. He reveals that he knows Rex is his son, and tells him they have work to do. Rex wonders what he means. Roxy warns Rex to stay away from Mitch. Bo arrests Mitch for the murders of Wayne Landers and Pamela Stewart. Jared’s body is retrieved from the funeral home and buried. Nash’s body is reinterred. Charlie has a bottle of vodka in his pocket and is tempted to drink it. He tells Viki he is going to a meeting but instead, he goes to see Mitch Laurence in jail.

Fish and Layla discuss Fish’s lack of confidence in moving forward with the physical aspect of his relationship with Kyle. Kyle and Nick clear the air about Kyle backing out of their marriage to be with Oliver. They agree to remain friends. Nick slips and mentions that Kyle and Oliver have not slept together.

Markko is making a documentary about Dorian to make up for not voting for her. Dorian Lord is sworn in as Mayor of Llanview. She announces that she is issuing marriage licenses to all of the couples who participated in the commitment ceremony the month before. The state Attorney General, Andrew Gallagher arrives on the Governor’s behalf and announces that he is there to shut her down.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Chloe tells Nina to save them some seats. Nina tells her , “well.” Jill chuckles at the conversation. Chance commends Chloe on how gorgeous she looks. Kay arrives just in time for the ceremony. Owen walks up and pulls Chance away for a conversation. Chloe fades into the background until Chance looks for her for the picture. Mac tells Billy that she is sorry, but they have to face reality. Kevin tells Ryder to tell the grand jury everything that he knows. Kevin insists to Ryder that Deacon knows who the murderer is. Heather gets an arrest warrant for Daniel. Daniel finds out that Phyllis wanted him to skip town. After the ceremony, Chance introduces Chloe to Heather. Billy gets a call from Kelly letting him know that she is leaving. Mac finds out that Billy is up to his same old games with women. Mac finally says good-bye to Billy and tells him that it will be easy to let him go. Chloe walks in on Billy. Billy wants Chloe to buy him a drink, but she refuses by telling him that she doesn’t love him anymore.

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