Tuesday 12/1/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Bailey comes into Liza’s home and tells her that she needs time to think about what she is going to do and she needs time alone with Stuart. Colby walks in and overhears their conversation. Colby tells Liza not to let Bailey leave. Zach looks in the brown envelope that was left outside by Kat. Zach finds Kendall’s wedding band. Kat watches him from the bushes. Kat peeps in the door to see what is going on, but then is confronted by Zach, who wants to know what she is up to. At Wildwind, David offers to help Amanda get her family back .Trevor begins to cry just as David tells Amanda that he has something to tell her. Amanda hurries downstairs with Trevor and tells him that Trevor is burning up with fever. At Tad’s home, Jake rants and raves about his loving and protecting Amanda all this time. J.R. walks in on Tad telling Jake not to give up on Trevor. David tells Amanda that Trevor may have meningitis. Amanda calls Jake to let him know that they are taking Trevor to the hospital. Adam and Scott are in jail in the same cell. Scott tells Adam that he is leaving town. Adam tries to persuade Scott to stay in town. Scott agrees but insists that he is moving in the gatehouse. Liza offers to let Bailey live in her house with Stuart. Liza and Colby agree to move out . Liza gets a call from Zach. Kat continues her web of lies to Zach concerning Kendall. Jake comforts Amanda in the hospital room with Trevor. An argument erupts between David and Jake. David lets Jake know that he will never be Trevor’s father. Tad takes his whole family out for the day to buy a Christmas tree. Zach asks Liza to handle his divorce. Liza has her reservations. Jake tells Amanda not to call him anymore when Trevor is sick. The Martin family decorate the Christmas tree. J.R. coughs up blood. David and Amanda find out that Trevor has an ear infection. Zach and Liza kiss. Kat meets with Aidan to give him an update on Zach.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Hunter asks Alison to write a relationship column for the newspaper's internet blog but when she says no then he asks Maddie to come up with some ideas to persuade Alison to take the job. Maddie decides to write a sample column for the job and when Hunter reads it he thinks that Maddie has feelings for him. Maddie makes it clear to Hunter that she was writing a sample for the blog and she has no interest in him outside of the video game pantheon. Alison gets upset when she finds out Casey got a job at the hospital as an orderly because she thinks he is only doing it to hurt her. Casey helps Alison with a young patient who won't take his medicine and Alison apologizes to Casey for her attitude and tells him that there is no reason they can't have a working relationship.

Barbara changes her mind and tells Mick that she won't help him with his experiment when her suspicions about him are raised again when he tells her that she took a risk when she married James Stenbeck. Barbara tries to seduce Henry but he gently tells her that she is beautiful and sexy but he feels strange having a relationship with his brother's mother. Barbara calls Mick and allows him to give her the first injection of the youth serum. Emily wants Mick to start treating her to see if she can have another child but Paul tells Mick that if he uses any member of his family in the experiments he will stop funding the project. Paul tells Emily he wants to have a child with her but he won't let her risk her life on an untested drug. Emily goes to the hospital for fertility tests and tells Alison that she wants to try and have a child with the help of Mick's drug. Alison has the same concerns as Paul and tells Emily not to do it. Emily tells Paul that she is going on a business trip and then calls Mick to tell him she wants to begin treatment. Alison warns Mick that if he hurts her sister by giving her false hope then she (Alison) will hurt him worse then any pain he has ever felt in his life. Damian has a hard time when Lily catches a half naked Meg kissing him in their bedroom but Damian tells Lily that an unbalanced Meg threw herself at him. Damian throws Meg out of the house but whispers to him to meet him at the Lakeview later so they can make love. Damian tells Meg that he wants to be with her but he has to make Lily think it is her idea to leave him so his relationship with Luke won't be damaged. Lily tells Holden the story that Damian told her and asks him to get Meg under control but Holden refuses to get involved in Damian and Lily's marriage and tells them to handle Meg on their own. Holden Later tells Molly about his conversation with Lily and she offers to give Meg some advice. Damian asks Meg to move into his room at the Lakeview so they can be together until Lily divorces him. Meg wants more proof that Damian loves her so Damian makes love to her. Damian goes back to Lily and tells her he thinks he persuaded Meg to stay out of their lives.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick thinks it is a great idea that Bridget invited Sandy to watch their Adam and Eve campaign. He just wishes they knew if she was pregnant with their child. Brooke grills Bill of why his necklace was found at Big Bear and who he was with if it wasn’t Katie. He finally confesses that he was there reluctantly and it was with Steffy having to do with her promotion. He admits Steffy even innocently kissed him and he saw no reason to bring it up and hurt Katie. There was no harm, no foul and that’s the end of it. Steffy feels guilty. She knows she was wrong and it won’t happen again. Steffy gives Katie a framed wedding photo which Katie loves. Katie praises Steffy and mentions how much Bill thinks of her. Steffy recalls the kiss and tells Marcus that she wishes she could think before she reacts. Marcus says he did notice some tension between her and Bill. He hopes all is okay with her and her new job.

At Jackie M, Whip, Nick and Bridget watch as Owen and Jackie play Adam and Eve in the garden. Owen feels ridiculous with so little clothes. Sandy drops by and has a run-in with Whip. He wonders why all the secrecy that she has changed her name and doesn’t even want them to know that he is her cousin. She becomes claustrophobic with the hot lights during shooting and rushes out. She has a meltdown in the elevator with the flashing camera lights and loud noises going off in the head. Brooke doesn’t like Bill starting out his marriage with this deception of not telling Katie the truth. She points out that Bill has a reputation and she would be a fool to take this story at face value. He repeats again that is was meaningless so she needs to let it go. She looks him right in the eye and says she wants her sister to be happy and Bill says that too, so she hopes he is not lying to her now.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Carly tells Hope about her moving out of her house, saying that she hopes it will bring Bo and Hope back together. Roman advises Bo to stop worrying about Carly before it costs him his marriage, and Bo tells him about Carly moving out. Later, Bo runs into Hope, thinking that she might move back in now that Carly is leaving. Hope, to his surprise, thinks that Bo is still attached to Carly thanks to her big secret, and that her moving out won’t make any difference. Kate tells Philip about Vivian returning to town. Vivian interrupts the two and gushes over Philip. Victor throws Kate out, and she heads over to the mansion to tell Stefano about Vivian’s return. Philip, unimpressed by Vivian’s overtures, tells her that they need to get some things straight. EJ talks to Nicole over the phone. She tells him that he is abusive and controlling, and that he abdicated all rights to Sydney the second he threw her out on the street. She hangs up on him, and EJ is enraged when the police are unable to trace the call. Nicole enlists Fay’s help one last time to procure fake passports for both her and Sydney, even though it will cost nearly all of the money Nicole has. Stefano and EJ argue about EJ allowing the police to handle the kidnapping. Roman and Arianna discuss the fact that someone new has taken over the drug ring in Salem. Will apologizes to Gabi after Arianna defends her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Dante/Dom gives Ronnie the tape that implicates Sonny in Claudia’s murder. Later, Dante/Dom fills Jax in on his progress. Olivia tells Sonny their kiss was inappropriate. Johnny tells Olivia he “can’t walk away” from her. Robin pays Elizabeth a visit and says Nikolas told her about the affair. Robin does her best to be a supportive friend as Liz confides in her. Liz says she loves Lucky but she can’t stop wanting Nik. Robin advises Liz to tell Lucky she’s “conflicted.” Jason confronts Maxie about the photograph of her. Jason asks Maxie for details regarding the photo and Franco’s studio. Maxie says Franco called Jason “another artist.” Lucky confides in Nik about Liz’s issues with their impending marriage. Lucky wonders if he should call off the wedding. Matt tells Lisa about a job opening at GH. Patrick asks Lisa to consult on a case. Sonny tells Dante/Dom that Joey had a partner in the ambush and the guy has to be dealt with. Sonny calls upon Johnny rather than Dante/Dom to handle the situation. Liz runs into Nik at Jake’s. Nik tells Liz about his conversation with Lucky. Nik tells Liz to tell Lucky “the truth.” Liz thinks telling Lucky the truth is a bad idea. Maxie tells Lucky about the photos and asks him to help her locate Franco. Jason shows the picture of Maxie to Sam. Jax tells Olivia about the incriminating recording. He says, “Carly can never know” about his role in the whole thing. Sam and Jason head to the gallery to see if they can somehow meet with Franco. As they head out, Spinelli comes home. Jason leaves the photo of Maxie behind. Dante/Dom wonders if Sonny sent Johnny on the mission because it’s dangerous and Johnny could die. That way, Olivia would be free to be with Sonny. Jason is told he’s been “expected” when he gets to the gallery. Spinelli picks up the envelope with the photo just as Maxie comes over.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd tells Tea that he will never forgive her for not telling him about his daughter. But she protests that he abandoned her. Ross was there for her and for Dani. Plus given Todd's negative track record with his own family, she did not want for Dani to find out that the likes of him was her father. Bo and Nora don't know how to tell Clint that they are together and she is going to end it with Clint. Everybody gets ready to attend Jared's funeral. But it looks like somebody has escaped custody.  Mitch surprises everybody by popping out of Jared's casket.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Neil tells Kay that the auditors are going to review their books, but they have someone who will help them as Kevin walks into the office to join Kay and Neil. Gloria tells Michael and Jeff that something big is going on at Chancellor. Gloria asks Michael to do a little digging to see what is going on, but Michael refuses. J.T. arrives home to find out that Heather refused to remove Victoria’s name from the grand jury list. Mr. McCall calls J.T. and wants a progress report on his new office. J.T. promises to get him the info as soon as possible. Chance asks Esther to help him plan a surprise for Chloe. Billy and Chloe discuss new ideas for the next issue of “Restless Style” which involves Rory Gleason. Mac lets Lily and Cane know that the embryo transfer is planned for tomorrow. Victoria tells J.T. that Katherine is taking 25% of Chancellor public. Gloria pressures Kevin to let her know what is going on at Chancellor, but he refuses to tell her anything. Michael goes over the terms of the contract with Mac, Cane and Lily. Chance visits Chloe at “Restless Style” and whisks her away for the afternoon. Billy calls and leaves Mac a message. Chance tells Chloe about his commendation and invites her to join him. Chance surprises her with a selection of dresses to pick from to wear to his commendation. Esther notices the glint in Chloe’s and can’t help but comment on it. Chance invites Chloe to join him in the picture that they will take in honor of him accepting his commendation. Chloe readily accepts. Mac and Billy tell each other their exciting news. Billy stands behind Mac in her decision to have Cane and Lily’s baby. Kay orders Neil to be tracked down that she had gotten a call from the S.E.C. Michael tells Gloria and Jeff about Chancellor purchasing a Nanotech firm in Berlin. Key tells Neil that they had been approved and everything is full steam ahead.

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