Monday 11/30/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 11/30/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach packs up Kendall’s things and leaves them in the front hall. Jesse and D.A. Willis arrive at Zach’s and wants to know where Kendall is. Zach doesn’t supply them any information which puzzles Jesse. Liza comes downstairs with Stuart in her arms and hands him over to Bailey to care for for the day. Tad and Krystal lie on the living room after eating too much Thanksgiving dinner. Amanda lets Jake know that she had slept with David and she had been having morning sickness. At the hospital, David finds out that he is not Trevor’s father. Damon sends Bailey a text message. Zach tells Jesse that Kendall is with Aidan now. Liza visits David to let him know that she is defending Adam, Scott and Annie. Liza begins to question David about the medication that he had been giving Adam, but all David wants to talk about is children. Jake walks out on Amanda after telling her that he cannot raise David’s children. Jake goes home to Tad’s and lets Tad and Krystal know what had been going on with Amanda and David. Tad encourages Jake to fight for Amanda. Liza walks in on Damon and Bailey about to kiss Liza warns Bailey about Damon’s intentions, but Bailey walks out on Liza. Bailey comes home and tells Liza that she wants to be alone with Stuart to help her decide what to do. Kat pays Zach a visit to bring him a brown envelope which contains Kendall’s wedding band. Amanda takes a pregnancy test which turns out to be negative. Amanda lashes out at David for making her lose Jake. David tells Amanda that there may be a way that he can help her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Damian continues to deceive Lily, who is blissfully still in the dark about how he is juggling her and Meg, who is waiting upstairs in Damian’s room. Later, Damian tells Meg to give him until Christmas to leave Lily. Noah continuously struggles to deal with his newfound blindness, as he still takes it out on Luke. Brad worries about why he couldn’t get back to his house after Katie saw him at the farm; there is something at the house ‘blocking’ his entrance, as he pleads with Henry to go see Katie. Katie is stunned when she finds Simon in her house, as she wants him to leave, but Simon explains that he is there because he heard what happened to Brad. Katie is not happy and wants Simon to leave her alone. Simon calls her on why she is thinking Brad is going to be in the house. There is a knock, as Katie hides Simon; it is Henry wanting to talk. Simon shows himself, as Henry is stunned that he is there. When Katie leaves the room, Simon hears what exactly has happened to Katie recently and thinks he is actually going to make things worse for her, but Henry stops him from leaving now thinking he is the only one who might be able to get through to her. Luke feels isolated from Noah, as Noah listens to music ignoring Luke. When Lily comes home, Luke leaves to go take care of something. Lily tries to talk with Noah, who thinks she is Luke and he snaps. He asks Lily to take him for a walk to get out of the house. Luke talks with Damian about how he thinks that they are making Noah rely on them and that is not what he needs to get through this right now; they talk about rehab. After Lily and Damian arrive back home and are talking about Luke sending Noah to rehab, Meg walks in from the other room surprising them both. She claims she brought a prototype electric cane for Noah. Lily and Damian are a bit surprised that she let herself in, but Lily thanks her for thinking of Noah. Lily wants to go set up the paperwork for the rehab and leaves Damian and Meg alone. Henry finds Brad at his place wondering if he talked with Katie. At first, Henry is about to explain that Simon is there, but then he decides not to tell him. Simon gets Katie to finally open up a bit, which surprises her. Simon provides comfort, as Katie lets him at first, but then thinks he is just trying to hit on her. She is over him and doesn’t want his kind words. Simon is able to talk her down again, as they talk about her being a mother and her baby being such a blessing. Katie lets Simon comfort her again, as Brad shows up at his house to see this. Noah and Luke talk about their feelings; Noah knows Luke is not to blame for what happened and he does love him, but he can’t get past this right now. Luke understands and tells him that he thinks it is for the best right now that they not be together, as he tells Noah about the rehab. Noah thinks it is for the best that he goes there, as they kiss. Meg is pushing Damian to tell Lily now, as she will give him one more day. Meg wants to test him and since they are alone, she wants him to make love to her on Lily’s bed. Damian tries to put her off reminding her someone could come home, but Meg doesn’t care and pulls off her top and starts to unbutton and pull off Damian’s shirt when Lily comes home and catches them in her room.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Rick that she is glad he is back in the office. He’s been so busy since he got back from Paris that she hasn’t seen much of him. Thomas wants to hear from Steffy all about this online dating for his mom. They realize it will never be in the cards for Taylor and Ridge; he’s way into Brooke. Thomas isn’t that crazy about this dating idea; the guy could be a serial killer. Steffy tells Thomas that their mom has no social life; she’s become a hermit. Somewhere out there is the perfect guy for her. Taylor meets her date at Insomnia. She’s not happy when it turns out to be Carl, the lab technician. He tries to apologize that he wasn’t the one who mislabeled the eggs that got implanted. He insists on buying them coffee even at these ridiculous prices. As soon as he turns his head, she slips out.

Stephanie drops by the office to see Rick, but finds Brooke. Brooke offers her condolences to Stephanie for losing her mother. Stephanie says she takes comfort that she is in peace now. Stephanie shows Brooke the sword necklace that she sat on and comments that Rick should at least tell someone when he plans on staying at Big Bear. Brooke tells her that Rick does not wear necklaces like that. She remembers that Bill has a necklace like that, but why would it be at Big Bear? Bill tells Katie that Forrester is on the rise since she took over, so she deserves all the credit. Taylor explains that her date was more funny than fun. Thomas guffaws when he hears it was Carl and Steffy is sorry that the very first try at internet dating was such a horror. All are surprised when Stephanie comes back from Big Bear earlier than expected. They are happy to have her home and offer six big shoulders for her if she needs to cry on them. Brooke takes the necklace to Bill and asks why he is lying to her that he’s never been to Big Bear.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami and EJ decide to work together to find Sydney. The two bond over Sydney’s baby book, and discuss trying to find Nicole’s mother and sister, as they might have helped her. Roman breaks the news about Sydney to Will, and he later runs into Gabi, learning that she was the girl that helped Nicole run away. Roman and Rafe decide that Nicole must have gone to her mother and sister for help. Nicole indeed calls her mother, Fay, and lies to her, telling her that her husband is abusive, and that since he is a DiMera, she needs money to get out of the country. She and Fay have a heart-to-heart about her childhood, and Fay ends up scraping together a little over a thousand dollars. The two share an emotional goodbye. Nicole then calls EJ. Brady has been calling Nicole non-stop, and Arianna finds out about it. She tells Brady that with her messed up life and his wanting to hang on to Nicole, she isn’t sure they will work as a couple. Melanie tells Nathan about Mark and her and Philip’s kiss. She claims it was solely out of gratitude, and that it will never happen again. Nathan forgives her. Philip tries to talk Stephanie into helping him break Melanie and Nathan up.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Franco looks at the photos he took of Maxie then has a bit of a tantrum in his studio. Sam fills Jason in on her family Thanksgiving. Jason worries that Franco/the homeless guy saw him kill Joey’s men. Sam is skeptical of Jason’s worries. Maxie stresses out when she can’t reach Franco. Spinelli wonders what’s bothering Maxie but she claims it’s job related. Lulu hears Dante/Dom’s recording of Sonny admitting his involvement in Claudia’s murder. Dante/Dom says he has enough “proof” to have Sonny convicted. When he cuts his hand, Olivia helps Mike with the cooking at Kelly’s. Sonny comes into the diner and ends up in the kitchen offering some cooking assistance. Dante/Dom tells Lulu he’s “too close” to Sonny. He says Sonny is “open” and trusting. Diane offers Elizabeth some legal advice on selling her home. Sam and Jason discuss the possibility that Franco is the person who witnessed the ambush. Spinelli tells Sam and Jason that Maxie is stressed over Franco so he plans on having a discussion with the artist. Sam offers to help Spinelli find Franco and wonders if Kate has some info on him. Sam has a chat with Maxie about Franco. Jason has Spinelli continue to research Franco but he doesn’t find much. Spinelli does learn that Franco has been in the country for a couple months. Nikolas offers Liz financial assistance to buy the property. When Lucky comes in, Liz imagines his reaction to her affair with Nik. Liz tries her best to politely decline Nik’s offer. Lucky notices Liz’s bad mood and wonders what he “walked in on,” but Liz does her best to cover. Liz tells Lucky that per Diane, Jason would be glad to loan them some money. Liz tells Lucky what she told Diane – that she won’t take more money from Jason. Later, Lucky apologizes to Nik and asks if he’s “pushing” Liz too hard to marry him. Dante/Dom walks in on Olivia and Sonny cooking in the kitchen at Kelly’s. Dante/Dom calls Ronnie and says it’s time to “take Sonny down for good.” Dante/Dom gives Ronnie the recording he made of Sonny implicating himself “in Claudia’s murder.” Sonny and Olivia share a kiss. Maxie tells Lulu she’s decided not to tell Spinelli what happened with Franco. Meanwhile, Franco works in his studio and tells his lady friend that Jason refused to “meet” him. Franco refers to Jason as “an artist.” Jason gets a photo of Maxie posed like a dead body.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex knows he needs to tell many people that Mitch Laurence is his father. First he tells Shane who is worried to know that his grandfather is an evil man. Then he informs Jessica for the first time that Mitch is his father and he is her half brother. Then he goes to warn Stacy, assuming that she is still pregnant with his child (and not that it's probably Schuyler's), that his father and "their baby's" grandfather could endanger her or the baby. At that point, she knows she better never let Rex find out that the baby is not his. At the same time, Schuyler is ready to tell Gigi that he knows that Stacy is not pregnant with Rex's child and it might very well be his (Schuyler's) child. But he is afraid that it will make her hate him, for Rex to know he has no more ties with Stacy and for Rex and Gigi to get back together. And he realizes he better not tell her. Matthew expresses his gratitude to Dani for helping him to get the surgery so that he can walk when his own parents wanted to prevent it. So he's ready to help her escape from her own parents even though Destiny does not want him to see Dani ever again. Tea, Todd and Ross are all in jail and wondering what they will do now that it's been discovered that Todd is the father of Tea's daughter, whom he's never before knew existed.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Adam and Sharon wake up together. Adam wants to discuss what had happened the night before when he had told her that he loved her, but Sharon doesn’t want to discuss it. Noah yells from downstairs. Nick thanks Phyllis for the cup of coffee. Nick lets Phyllis know that he feels better since she had put up the plaque for Faith. Ashley sings to Faith when Jack comes to visit. Jack lets Ashley know that she shouldn’t be here alone with the baby. Daniel sighs as he asks Amber if her mind is on the grand jury hearing. Daniel urges Amber to be strong for him. Michael interrupts them and asks Daniel if he is ready to go. Victoria asks J.T. if he will stop by a few minutes for Reed’s birthday party, but J.T. has his doubts. Victoria gets served with papers to testify in front of the grand jury. Deacon also gets served with papers to testify. Emily visits Paul and lets him know that Patty is no better. Paul questions Emily how long had she been dating Jack Abbott. Emily doesn’t want to discuss her personal life with Paul .Michael and Daniel visit Phyllis. Amber asks Deacon to make things right for Daniel before the grand jury, but Deacon refuses. Adam explains his remark to Sharon about being in love with her. Noah interrupts for Sharon to sign some papers for him for school jack lets Ashley know about Sharon and Adam kissing. Nick visits Sharon and lets her know that Phyllis and Nick had put up a plaque in honor of Faith at the cabin. Sharon lashes out at Nick for doing this behind her back. Phyllis offers to set Amber and Daniel up in a bank account in Brazil.

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