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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Natalia brings Scott into the police station in handcuffs. Scott lets Adam know that he and Annie had been arrested. Adam wants Liza to defend Annie, but J.R. is dead set against the idea. Colby visits Annie at the hospital and finds her in handcuffs. Colby blasts Annie for the things that she had been doing to Adam. Amanda sits alone with Trevor at the hospital. Angie comes in to join them. Once again, Angie tries to get Amanda to tell Jake the truth. Dr. Hines lets David know that he may or may not have fathered Amanda’s child, Trevor. Liza refuses to defend Annie. Frankie and Randi prepare Thanksgiving dinner for the family. Brot stops by to join in the festivities. Angie accompanies Jake to the disciplinary hearing. David takes a DNA sample from Trevor. The disciplinary hearing for Jake begins. Angie comes to a decision which will solve the problem. Adam tells Liza that he would rather be in prison than live without Annie .Liza agrees to help Annie if she can come up with a defense. J.R. and Marissa rush into the hospital to find Little A having a ultrasound. Natalia and Carlos join Brot, Frankie and Randi for Thanksgiving dinner which unnerves Randi and Frankie. Natalia lashes out at Brot for being so friendly to Carlos. J.R. finds out from Joe that Little A’s problem may be psychosomatic. Liza goes to see Annie. Annie agrees to take the fall for Adam. Liza realizes that Annie must truly love Adam. Scott is locked up. Amanda visits Jake and sees that he has fixed a Thanksgiving for them. Amanda asks Jake for his forgiveness. Jesse defends Madison to Angie. Later, Jesse says a heartfelt blessing over the food.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

In Pittsburgh, Carly sits on the bed, watching the weather forecast. Carly tells him that they need to get home. Jack has reservations about going home. Craig and Rosanna make plans for the evening to spend it with Margo to let her know about their engagement. Katie wakes up to find Margo sitting by her bed. Margo sees the bottle of sleeping pills on the nightstand. Margo urges Katie not to take any more of those. Carly insists to Jack that she is going home with or without him. Jack and Carly arrive home. Janet begins to cry as she hugs Jack. Janet questions Jack if he had slept with Carly which Jack insists that he hadn’t. Craig gives Rosanna an engagement ring. Luke tries to help Noah all he can, but Noah is resentful over his blindness. Luke brings Noah his Thanksgiving dinner. Lily arrives at Holden’s to see the kids. Holden resents lily stopping by without calling first. Damian and Meg share a private conversation. Parker and Sage are overjoyed to see Jack home. Carly leaves the dinner, abruptly, to go home. Seeing Janet with Jack, Liberty leaves the house and sits down outside. Katie comes to visit with Jacob. Dusty and Janet exchange glances. At the Metro, Carly walks in to see Craig giving Rosanna an engagement ring. Carly vows that they are out of her life forever. Damian tells Meg to stop by his room later that he has a surprise for her .The ghost of Brad watches the family gathering at the Synder farm. Liberty tells Katie that she feels that her father is there with them. Katie looks through the window and sees Brad. Katie hurries home to feel closer to Brad, but once home, she runs into Simon.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie seeks peace and quiet at Big Bear. Eric shows up though and says he knows she wants to be alone, but he’s brought all the stuff for martinis. She says make it a double. By the fire, they reminisce about her time with her mother and letting the bitter past go. She feels unencumbered and free. She’s her own person again. Pam is late and has been crying, but tells Donna that The Catwalk show will go on. Taylor is hesitant, but lets Steffy talk her into this online dating. Steffy leaves Taylor to do the actual responding when she finds the perfect match. The Catwalk features Whip Jones, the PR genius at Jackie M and Steffy Forrester the new phenom at Forrester. Whip throws down the gauntlet that he will beat the Forrester campaign. Steffy accepts. Marcus, Justin and Bill watch form the sidelines and thinks this will make great TV. Katie snuggles with Bill in his office. She’s sorry that he still hasn’t found his necklace.

Taylor trades e-mails with a guy on the internet and he asks her to meet for coffee in some public place. They seem to share some of the same interests and values so she says yes to meeting at the Insomnia. Eric tells Stephanie they do have a past, but right now they have today. She was too damn proud to admit she needed someone tonight. She agrees that she is glad he is there. Steffy is afraid she acted too impulsively, but Donna says she did good and Bill is certainly impressed. Bill tells her later that she is just full of surprises. She tells him welcome back and she hopes he will have a very happy marriage. Taylor shows up at Insomnia, but gets cold feet and is about to leave when she runs into her “date” – Pat Boone....or is that Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever..... incarnated from the white leisure suit right down the white buck shoes. Unfortunately Stephanie finds Bill’s sword necklace implanted in her behind when she sits on the sofa.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

While EJ, Sami, and Stefano argue about Sydney and Sami’s role in keeping her from EJ, Nicole kidnaps the baby. She runs into Gabi and trades her a diamond bracelet for bus fare to Chicago. Arianna confides in Rafe that she is working undercover for the police. Later, he, EJ, and Sami hunt for Sydney. Maggie tries to comfort Mia, who is still distraught over Grace’s death. Bo and Hope argue about Carly when Bo catches Hope going through Carly’s purse. Carly confides in Bo that she has asked Maggie if she can move in, as she plans on trying to find a way to live with her daughter. Kate warns Vivian to stay away from both her and Philip. Hope accuses Vivian of returning to town to exact revenge on Carly, but Vivian thinks the person most upset about Carly being exonerated is Hope.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Maxie tells Lulu the truth about her night with Franco. Lulu is mortified. Maxie says Franco mesmerized her and “it was a one time thing.” Diane pays Alexis a visit on Thanksgiving. Molly tells Diane in confidence that Alexis is being “set up” with a man. Diane happily leaves but Alexis is suspicious when Molly says they have “an invitation.” Robin and Patrick host the gathering to “push” Mac and Alexis together. Sam goes to the Drake house to help Robin get things ready. Mac arrives and finds it strange that Sam is there. Matt arrives with Lisa. Jax and Carly have a strained conversation. Carly plans on spending the holiday with Sonny and the boys while Jax stays home with the baby. Morgan fixes it so Carly’s car won’t start. The Q’s order their usual holiday pizza. According to Milo, Sonny wants Max and Diane to patch things up. Milo lures Diane to the office with Spinelli’s help. The two tell Diane that Max is “unable to perform.” Max wonders why Diane is at the office. She asks him to go “into the office” with her. Afterwards, Diane tells Max what Spinelli and Milo told her. Max gets upset and says it isn’t true. Max admits to missing Diane. The two enjoy the holiday together and they ask Milo to join them for a glass of wine. Ethan runs into Kristina on the docks and she invites him to dinner. Ethan says he’s dining with the Q’s and offers to walk Kristina to the Drake house. Mac tries to leave Robin’s house and head to the PCPD but Molly detains him. Mac and Alexis are suspicious and wonder what the story is. Maxie sits home and thinks about her night with Franco. Spinelli arrives to check on her, thinking she has the flu. With Michael’s help, Morgan makes certain that Jax’s car won’t start. Carly says it’s a “sign” that they should stay home for the holiday. Rebecca has dinner with the Q’s. Edward serenades the family while they enjoy their Thanksgiving pizza.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Starr makes her first Thanksgiving turkey. Cole keeps the wishbone as a souvenir of Hope's first Thanksgiving. Kyle, Oliver, Cristian, and Layla spend the day together. Kyle invites Roxy to go with him to Oliver, Cristian, and Layla's house, but she declines. Renee and Nigel have a drink together. Roxy sees Rex, Gigi, and Shane through the Buenos Dias window and turns to leave knowing that Rex hates her. Rex brings her in to be with Shane.

Charlie tells Viki that he does not want her to give up the mayor position. She explains that she was in Africa after Nash died and she doesn’t want to be away from her family now. He asks her if she really wants to leave the city in Dorian's hands. Amelia tells Dorian that the city council has named her mayor so she cancels her plans to go to London to be with David. Viki forgot about thanksgiving. Moe, Noelle, Gigi, Rex, and Shane surprise them with a meal that Moe and Noelle prepared. Dorian, Star, Cole, and Hope go to Viki's house with the turkey that Starr prepared. Viki congratulates Dorian on being appointed mayor and tells her she could be an excellent mayor if she chooses to be.

Nora tells Bo she can't break up with Clint right now. When Clint sees Nora and Bo hugging, he tells them that he knows they want to be with Matthew. The Evans’s bring food to Clint & Nora's house and say they probably don’t have time to think about the holiday. Clint flies Nora, Bo, and the Evans family to Seattle and he goes to Viki's house to be with his daughters. Jessica thanks him for being her real dad. Matthew, Greg, and Rachel are eating hospital food when Nora, Bo, and the Evans family arrive with the food Mrs. Evans had prepared for Clint and Nora. Matthew feels it when Destiny drops a fork on his leg and then he wiggles his toes.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

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