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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Erica questions David as to how Annie is. David lets Erica know that everyone should prepare to say good-bye to Annie. In the chapel of the hospital, Emma says a special prayer for Annie. Adam sits beside of Annie’s bed and urges her to wake up. Annie opens her eyes. Adam is overjoyed. Adam rushes to tell David that Annie had opened her eyes. Scott tells Ryan that Annie had made it through the night. David examines Annie. D.A. Willis tells Jesse that the murder charges against Kendall had been dropped, but the escaping custody charge may not be so easy to overturn. Natalia sits down with Jesse and asks him if this is finally over. At the cottage, Tad demands to know where Kendall and Aidan had gone. Kat states matter-of-factly that she doesn’t know. Liza stops by Zach’s to bring some papers. Zach lets Liza know that his marriage to Kendall is over. Zach also tells Liza that Kendall is dead to him. Annie refuses to let Adam confess to murdering Stuart. Jesse declares to Natalia that Adam killing Stuart was all an accident. Marissa tells J.R. that they should get Adam the best attorney possible. Scott is arrested for covering up Stuart’s murder. Adam is also taken back to jail.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

In Pittsburgh Jack wakes up in bed with Carly and wonders how much he had to drink Carly also makes it clear to Jack that nothing happened between them. Carly tells Jack what happened including the fact that he got drunk because he was upset that Simon got away from him again. Carly manages to persuade Jack to leave the bar by saying she will have a drink with him because he shouldn't be the only one to ruin his life. Carly gets Jack to stop drinking and pushes him in the shower. Jack and Carly both come out of the shower with their clothe soaking wet. Carly and Jack talk all night because Carly is trying to persuade Jack to come home. Carly and Jack are not tired from talking all night and fall asleep. Terri asks Dusty to help track Jack down and Dusty does and takes Janet to the hotel in Pittsburg where Jack is staying. Janet walks in and sees Carly and Jack sleeping together and assumes they made love. Janet cries as she tells Dusty her marriage is over and asks him to take her home because she wants to spend thanksgiving with Liberty. Terri tells Janet they gave Ralph Manzo the maximum prison sentence and Janet tells Terri Jack isn't coming home. Jack finally agrees that it is time to come home even though he is scared he won't be able to fix the mess he has made of his life.

Katie asks the doctor for sleeping pills because she knows that is the only way she can see Brad again. The doctor refuses to give them to her so she goes to the drugstore and gets non prescription pills and is about to take too many of them when Brad gets angry and knocks them out of her hand. Henry watches baby Jacob while Brad makes sure Katie is sleeping well without pills. Brad tells a sleeping Katie that he is grateful that he can still be with her and Jacob even if he is a ghost. Brad wishes Katie a happy thanksgiving and gives her a kiss on the cheek. A sleeping Katie smiles after Brad gives her a kiss.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor tells Steffy that Stephanie was able to give Ann what she wanted. They took her to the beach where she was able to pass away peacefully. There will be no service as Ann wanted to be cremated. Taylor is worried about Stephanie since this happened so soon after Stephanie’s own stroke. Eric invites Stephanie into his home with Felicia, Thorne and Ridge all sharing their condolences with her. They all remember the Christmas that Ann came out to see them and they resolved their differences. That is what Stephanie suggests for all of them to do. She reflects that she thinks her mother left this life a little easier than she’d had for a long time. She thanks Eric for starting that and bringing her out to L.A. a few years ago. The kids see their mother and dad hug. Bill and Katie return and are delighted to find a sign in Bill’s office by Donna and Brooke welcoming them home from their honeymoon.

Bill reminds Donna that even with Pam’s grief, the Catwalk show is still on schedule and will tape tonight. She knows Eric will not be happy to scrap their plans so she calls him. They all say that Donna is now showing her true colors and want to be sure that he really wants to put up with that. Stephanie needs him now and they think he needs her too. Stephanie says she needed today with all of them, but now she needs to go and be alone and she’d like to go to Big Bear. They thank her for breaking the cycle of abuse. Steffy remarks to Taylor that she is still young, beautiful and smart with a lot to offer a man. She’d like to fix her up with one. She begs her mother to hear her out. Taylor thinks Steffy is really pushing the envelope by trying to get her to go the online dating route. Bill has Jarrett chasing around trying to find his lost sword necklace. Suddenly he remembers the one out of the way place it might have fallen off – at Big Bear when he met Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Brady tells Nicole that he can never forgive her for what she did to Sami, and decides to revoke her bail. He gives her one hour to make amends with the people she has hurt. He then gets into a fight with Arianna, and ends up admitting that despite what Nicole has done, he is still in love with her. Gabi finds Arianna’s drugs, and calls Rafe to tell him about it. He leaves Sami alone with EJ and Sydney at the mansion. EJ tells Sami that he is moving out of the mansion, but Sami insists on keeping Sydney until he leaves. The two argue as Nicole heads over to apologize to EJ. She hears the two fighting and sneaks onto the patio to take a look at Sydney, who EJ and Sami left unattended in the living room. Will asks Mia for her forgiveness, and wonders if there is still hope for them as a couple. Mia says there isn’t. Will and Chad make amends, and Will gives Chad a picture of Grace, promising to email him other photos. Carly asks Maggie for a recommendation at the hospital, and if she has a spare room to rent for her. Mia confides in her about Grace’s death. Hope asks Abe for a job, but he won’t give her one while she is living with Victor. Hope goes through Carly’ purse when she drops Ciara off to see Bo, but Bo catches her. Vivian and Victor trade snipes, but Vivian ends up admitting that she wants them to reconnect over their mutual hatred of Carly.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Maxie asks Franco what inspires him in his work. He tells her about his girlfriend’s murder but Maxie doesn’t buy the story. Franco kisses Maxie and she doesn’t resist him. Franco says he’s only interested in a one-night stand and Maxie eventually complies. Jason is sure Franco is the “homeless guy” who witnessed the ambush. Jason thinks Franco has an agenda. Spinelli and Sam try to help sort things out with Jason. After Spinelli leaves, Jason tells Sam what happened at the ambush. Olivia is surprised to find Johnny waiting for her when Sonny takes her home after the art opening. Sonny notices the tension between Olivia and Johnny. After Sonny leaves, Johnny and Olivia discuss Sonny. Olivia worries that Sonny will kill Dante/Dom if he learns the truth. Johnny says he hopes Dante/Dom can tie Sonny to Claudia’s murder. Olivia tells Johnny she loves him and begs him not to tell Sonny the truth about Dante/Dom. Johnny promises not to tell Sonny what he knows. Lucky visits Anthony in prison and questions him about Joey’s death. Anthony puts the blame on Sonny so Lucky later pays him a visit at home. Lucky tells Sonny that someone crushed Joey’s windpipe and “posed” his body. Lucky also says Luke had an old connection to Joey. Sonny won’t comment when Lucky asks if Luke’s been in recent contact with Joey. Dante/Dom says Franco’s art seems familiar to him. Sonny tells Dante/Dom about Lucky’s visit – he says Lulu is “in the middle” of the situation. Sonny vents his worry to Dante/Dom about what will happen when the truth comes out about Luke setting up the meeting with Joey. Sonny tells Dante/Dom that someone may eventually “put the pieces together” and possibly “convict” him of killing Claudia. Lucky asks Spinelli why “every gangster in town” came to Franco’s exhibit. Lucky tells Spinelli about the “posed” body then he notices an exhibit picture that’s posed like Joey was. Spinelli worries when he can’t reach Maxie. Jason wonders if he should “eliminate” Franco. Sam tells him to “trust” his “instincts.”

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian is determined to find out who voted against her when Viki beat her by only 1 vote in the election. When Markko admits that he voted for Viki, at first she is furious. But Langston and Markko convince her to forget about the election and to be with David in London. Meanwhile, Viki announces that she cannot serve as mayor because of all she has going on with her family, regarding the death of Jared and Mitch Laurence and all. Rex talks to Bo about finding out that Mitch is his bio dad. Stacy and Kim persuade Schuyler not to tell Gigi that he might be the father of Stacy's baby, realizing that it could ruin his "chances" with Gigi. Gigi admits to Noelle that she may have feelings for Schuyler.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Eden tells Michael and Lauren that Fen had a good time giving out the meals for the homeless. Gloria offers Fen some caviar, but Lauren refuses. Jana arrives at the dinner at Lauren’s, without Kevin, who didn’t want to come without Ryder. Ryder urges Kevin to go to the dinner, but Kevin refuses to go without him. Mac join Ryder and Kevin to pick up some pies for the homeless dinner. Mac lets Kevin know that she and Billy had broken up. Cane, Neil, Devon, Lily and others join in serving the meals for the homeless. Daniel and Amber join Michael and Lauren for Thanksgiving dinner. Adam and Sharon spend Thanksgiving dinner together with Adam washing up the dinner dishes. A man serves Daniel with papers to appear before the grand jury.

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