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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, David assures Amanda that Jake will never find out what they did. As David touches Amanda’s arm, she orders him not to ever touch her again. Jake rushes in and punches David in the mouth. At the police station, Erica tells Adam that Annie lost the baby and had to have immediate surgery. Adam begins to have chest pains at this news. At her bedside, Scott urges Annie to wake up. At the boarding house, Zach sees Aidan kissing a woman, whom he assumes is Kendall, but is really her look-alike, Candy. Zach pulls out his pistol. Kat walks in on Aidan and Candy and informs them that Zach left in a huff. Jake asks Amanda why she told David not to ever touch her again. Angie comes in to see what all the commotion is between Jake and David, then orders Jake to go home. Amanda tells Angie that David did not rape her, and divulges what really happened between her and David .Angie advises Amanda to tell Jake the truth. David comes in to check on Annie and tells Scott that there is no change. David informs Scott that Adam confessed to Stuart’s murder. When Jake comes home unexpectedly, Krystal wonders what David did now. At the police station, Scott shows Jesse the DVD from Annie to Adam. Corinna brings Emma to the hospital for Ryan, so she can see Annie. Emma kisses Annie on the cheek to wake her up. Reluctantly, Adam watches the DVD of Annie. Scott comes into the interrogation room and gives Adam proof that the baby that Annie lost was indeed Adam’s. Kendall wakes up and hears a commotion downstairs. Kendall is upset when she finds out that Aidan locked her in. Kendall checks her e-mails and finds nothing from Zach.

Adam asks to see Annie. Kendall sends Zach an e-mail which Aidan lets go through. Kendall finds out from a newspaper that Adam confessed to Stuart’s murder. Zach arrives home to find Erica there. She is excited that Adam confessed, but Zach insists that Kendall will never be coming back there again. After Erica leaves, Zach explodes and throws things, then overturns chairs. David finds out from Dr. Hines that he has a sperm motility problem and may not be Trevor’s father. Amanda seeks comfort in Jake’s arms. Kendall comes downstairs to tell Kat who she really is when Aidan sneaks up behind her and covers her mouth with a cloth which makes Kendall collapse. Adam visits Annie to apologize to her and urges her to wake up.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Simon finds Carly and Jack, but is very leery when Jack tells him that he wants him to go back to Oakdale with them. They have interrupted a scam Simon is running so Jack makes sure Simon ends up selling a real piece of art instead of the counterfeit one, which angers Simon. Simon wants Carly to tell him what is going on, but she won’t. When Simon finds out Jack is married and Carly is single, he playfully asks her to run away with him again, as Carly reminds him of the damage, they caused before. Noah struggles with adjusting to his loss of sight and is lashing out at many people mostly Luke. Damian is nowhere to be found when Lily and Luke take a frustrated Noah home. Damian is busy trying to keep Meg quiet by sleeping with her. When he leaves to go help Lily, Meg reminds him that he needs to talk with her now about how he can’t be in her life anymore. Damian balks and Meg subtly reminds him what he might lose. After he leaves, Meg calls Officer Grady. Holden and Molly arrive back in Oakdale, as Molly continues to have her misgivings especially when she sees Kim approach. However, Kim wants to mend fences and even offers her a job. She knows about NY, but she thinks the kind of edginess Molly would bring would boost her ratings. Molly is thankful but later tells Holden she can’t put herself out in the public eye now. Jack pulls a gun on Simon when he tries to leave, as the gallery owner takes notice. Simon wonders what would make Jack so crazy, as Jack and Carly finally admit as to why they are there – for Katie. Simon learns what is going on in her life. Damian is with Lily, Luke and Noah finalizing Noah’s adoption, even though Noah is none to pleased to be in this predicament with the likes of Damian when Meg calls telling Damian that Officer Grady is in town. A nervous Damian goes running, as Lily looks suspicious. Luke tries to reach out to Noah and remind him about how it was for him when he couldn’t walk, but Noah isn’t ready to make up and rebuffs Luke’s attempts at a kiss. Noah wants Luke to trash the disk that holds his movie, but Luke tells him that he has to do it himself if he is that bent on doing it, as Luke leaves and Noah struggles to do it. Luke later asks an actor to get people together to help him finish Noah’s movie. Damian meets up with Officer Grady and Meg, as the officer reminds Damian what he did and how he isn’t about to turn his cheek and forget it; he is going to his superiors and Holden’s cousin. Damian takes him aside and reminds him that he holds all the clout in town; he is some ‘back woods cop’ that no one will believe while he is a distinguished local businessman. The officer realizes it is Damian’s word against his and without proof, his allegations might not be believed so he takes a payoff offered by Damian. Damian thinks he is out of the woods until Meg reminds him that she still knows. Damian urges her not to tell, as she explains that money won’t get him out of this situation only she will. Lily is furious when she finds out Holden left town to bring Molly back. Holden defends Molly, which infuriates Lily, who threatens that she better stay away from her kids. Molly thinks she should leave town so Lily isn’t so enraged at him, but Holden doesn’t care. Simon agrees to help Katie after all she has lost. However, when the gallery owner asking them to leave because of their scene diverts their attention, Jack and Carly turn back around to find that Simon has slipped away.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The Doctor can’t get Ann to speak. Stephanie is livid that her mother is in the hospital when she specifically asked not to be taken there. The doctor says she is there to save lives and she takes orders from no one except Ann or her power of attorney. Pam is surprised to find out that she is the POA. Stephanie gets in her face and says she has to make that decision and it better be clear that her mother is not going to die there in the hospital. It is wrong to drug a helpless lady and keep her here against her wishes when she wants to go. Pam cries that she is only trying to do the right thing. She’s going to the chapel. Stephanie sits by her mother’s side and remembers a fairly recent conversation where her mother admitted she knew about the father’s abuse and she blamed Stephanie – shame on her. Ann wakes long enough to try to start to pull the tubes aside, and Stephanie stops her. She gets her a drink of water. Steffy calls Taylor to see why her great grandmother isn’t in her guest room. Taylor explains the circumstances and tells her just get the room ready in case she does come home.

Stephanie explains to her mother that she’s had a little attack and they can get her past that. But she has to give her okay for treatment and without it she will surely die today. Ann starts humming Beautiful Dreamer. Stephanie tells her that she can not continue to block out all her unpleasant moments. Ann whispers that her mother wants to see her in red. Stephanie gets her jacket and lays it across her gown while in bed. Ann looks peaceful. The doctor and Pam return. The doctor tells them there has been a complication. Ann is bleeding inside and they can not give her the proper anticoagulants just yet. This is not Paradise but it is the closest thing they have. Steffy opens a Bible in Ann’s room and finds family photos of her and the girls. On the beach, Stephanie and Pam make Ann comfortable. Pam asks what are they going to do now; they are too old to be orphans. Ann awakens long enough to look around and tells the girls they did good. She reminds Pam to sit up straight. She closes her eyes and goes into a deep sleep……the sisters comfort each other with soft looks and hugs.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Arianna breaks the news of the baby switch to Brady, who is furious at himself for being so gullible, Nicole for lying, and Arianna for not telling him about it sooner. Mia tells Chad about the baby switch, and the two console each other over their loss at Grace’s grave. Nicole heads over to Sami’s place to see Sydney, but before she can work up the courage to go inside, Brady catches her and drags her off, vowing not to let her see Sydney. Will gets the news about Sydney, and he celebrates with his family. Later, he decides to go find Mia to apologize to her for the terrible things he said. Melanie and Philip kiss, but she decides she would rather be with Nathan. She catches Stephanie and Nathan in an awkward position, and makes a point to tell Stephanie that she is no longer conflicted, and that she has chosen Nathan for good. Victor and Philip argue about Melanie, and Philip ends up storming off. Vivian, who was listening in, greets a shocked Victor. Arianna learns that she and Troy have a new boss, and she runs into EJ. EJ, meanwhile, was kept from murdering his father by Kate, but he tells Stefano that he is dead to him, and that he will be moving out of the mansion. Kate tries to convince Stefano that he only did what he thought was best for his son.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

It is the night of Franco's art exhibit. Sonny asks Olivia to accompany him to the show. Robin, Patrick, Luke and Tracy are some of the first guests to arrive at the exhibit. Lulu thinks that Dominic is attending the art show so he can have an alibi. Luke tells Sonny that he doesn't want to be involved in any more business dealings. Lucky questions Jason about Joey Limbo's murder and lets slip that Limbo's body was posed at the crime scene. At first, Maxie doesn't think she is talking to the real Franco. Nonetheless, Franco is intrigued by Maxie. When Jason and Sam arrive, Franco asks Maxie to introduce him to the couple. Jason refuses to talk to the mysterious artist which infuriates Franco. Maxie and Franco leave the art show in a hurry. Franco brings a blindfolded Maxie back to his art studio. Franco takes pictures of Maxie posing as a dead woman for a reenacted crime scene. Jason is suspicious of Franco and leaves the show with Spinelli and Sam in tow. They return to the penthouse where Spinelli uncovers security footage of Maxie and Franco leaving the art show. Jason notices that Franco is waving to the camera just like the homeless guy did after the shoot-out. Dominic comments to Lulu that Franco's graffiti art is familiar to him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dani rushes to find Tea knowing she might be in danger. Yet she does not believe that Ross assaulted her, Todd saved her and that Todd is her real father. Todd, however knows that she is his daughter. Dorian is on the warpath to find the one voter who prevented her from willing the mayoral election. But Langston persuades her to give it up and go to England to be with David. Stacy and Kim are determined to make Rex believe she is pregnant with his child. But Schuyler knows otherwise. Gigi has feelings for Schuyler and he for her. Natalie and Rex grill Roxy about keeping the secret that Mitch Laurence is alive and Rex is devastated to find out that Mitch is his father.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Ashley questions Adam if he had his first date. Adam confirms that he did, but he doesn’t know if there will be another one. The conversation is remembered in which Adam tried to tell Sharon his feelings for her. Noah breaks into Sharon’s thoughts. She compliments Noah on his tie before he leaves to go to Nick’s. Jack insists to Emily that she join the Abbott family for Thanksgiving. Nick compliments Phyllis on her turkey. Jill is on the phone requesting a progress report. Chance and Chloe begin to serve the hors d'oeurves. Jill balks at the idea of serving pigs in a blanket. Esther lets Jill know that Murphy likes pigs in a blanket. Chance tells Nina that he heard from Philip. Billy stops by to see Delia before he heads over to Jack’s. When Chance gets a call from Philip and everyone wants to talk to him. Noah arrives at Nick and Phyllis’ as do J.T., Victoria, and Reed. Paul visits Jill and gives her a report on Charlotte Ramsey. Sharon calls Adam to come and spend Thanksgiving with her.

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