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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie suffers a miscarriage plus some other major complications. Adam turns himself into the police and makes his statement with Jesse and D.A. present. Aidan pays Kat off to leave him alone with Kendall. Zach questions Tad as to where Aidan and Kendall are, but Tad refuses to tell him. At the hospital, Jake and David have a confrontation concerning Amanda. Jake finds out that David and Amanda changed doctors from Dr. Hines. Aidan drugs Kendall. Kendall comes on to Aidan thinking that he is Zach. Zach takes a pistol and goes in search of Kendall and Aidan. Zach goes to the casino and finds out where Kendall and Aidan are. David is the attending physician for Annie when she is brought into the hospital. Annie has emergency surgery. Scott tells Ryan that Annie lost the baby and she was not pretending this time because there was blood everywhere. David tells Ryan about Annie’s condition that she lost the baby. Amanda and David argue and Amanda tells David that he will never touch her again. Jake rushes in and hits David. Adam is arrested. Zach finds Aidan and Kendall, kissing and partially clothed.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Katie can’s seem to get Jacob to hush crying while Brad is trying to get her to realize that he is right there with her. Janet comes to visit and offers her help, but Katie refuses. Henry comes home to take a shower before he testifies in court against Ralph. One of Ralph’s henchman comes into Henry’s hotel room just as Henry is in the bathroom . Terri sit’s at a table at Metro when Dusty walks in and reminds her that Ralph’s hearing starts soon. Mollie watches a broadcast on television about her and her affair with Silas. There is a knock on the door and it is Holden. Holden begs Mollie to come home to Oakdale with him. Carly catches up to Jack in Pittsburgh and offers him her help in finding Simon. Janet calls Jack to tell him that Katie wants him to come home, but Jack blows her off. Henry is confronted by Ralph’s henchman, who threatens him if he testifies. Mollie agrees to go back to Oakdale with Holden. Dusty tries to help Janet in her time of need. Dusty tells Janet about Terri and her testifying against Ralph. Janet vows to stand by Terri. Ralph’s hearing begins and Terri is called to testify. Brad helps Henry out of situation with Ralph’s henchman. Henry helps Katie with the baby while Katie goes for a nap.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ann okays going with Stephanie to stay with Taylor. But in leaving, she has a twinge of pain and almost doubles over. They sit down and Stephanie inquires if she has any medication. Ann lies and says she took it all; they might get her some of that medical marijuana. Stephanie calls Taylor to ask if she might bring Ann there and have Taylor even look at her. Stephanie tries to get Ann to lie down at Taylor’s, but she’s her grumpy old self and they can’t do anything right. Pam smiles when her mother quips to her to remember all those fantasies when she wanted to smother her with a pillow, well now would be a good time. Taylor tells Stephanie that if Ann has pancreatic cancer then it has spread all over her body and all they can do is make her as comfortable as possible. Steffy tells Brooke that she really doesn’t know her great grandmother that well at all, but she’s looking forward to seeing her and getting to know her. Pam paints Ann’s nails. Ann tells her that she knows Pam wasted her youth on her. She loved her for it at the time, but Pam was right to get out of Chicago and try to find a new life. Suddenly Ann has a violent reaction and Pam tries to call Stephanie and then an ambulance. Taylor and Stephanie are at the pharmacy trying to get Ann more medication. Pam is reluctant for the paramedics to take her mom to the hospital since they promised no hospital, but she has no choice as this is life threatening, perhaps a blood clot.

Stephanie is livid when she realizes that Pam called 911 and their mother is at the hospital. The doctor explains that she had an embolism and they are far more prepared to take care of her there than with them at home. She can be released in a couple of days and then do as she wishes. Stephanie and Pam look over their mother in bed hooked up to machines and tubes. Pam says they have to do what the doctor says. Stephanie says no, they have to do what their conscious says. Ann wakes up long enough to beg Stephanie and Pam to let her out.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Rafe and Arianna’s sister, Gabi, shows up in town to stay with them at their mother’s request. Rafe decides to arrange for Gabi to stay at the pub with Arianna, but she is hesitant. Brady, thinking that Nicole has been arrested for adopting Sydney illegally, bails her out of jail. Nicole vows to find Sydney. When Brady tells Arianna what he has done, she is shocked, considering what Nicole did. Stefano returns home and EJ confronts him about the hit on Rafe, accusing him of knowing about the baby switch the whole time. Stefano tries to deny it, but eventually admits to it, saying that he was trying to do what was right. EJ begins strangling him. Stephanie makes sure Nathan is paged about an emergency so he won’t be able to go out on his date with Melanie, as Stephanie has decided that Melanie doesn’t deserve Nathan. One of Melanie’s former beaus shows up demanding repayment of the money she took from him. Philip swoops in to save the day with an expensive watch and some name-dropping. Melanie begs Philip not to tell Nathan what happened. He tries to convince her that she would be happier with him. The two end up kissing.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Elizabeth hurries Nikolas out of the room just as Lucky walks in the house. Lucky discusses building their dream house and says he intends to ask Nik for “a loan.” When Liz disagrees, Lucky wonders what her “problem” is with Nik. Johnny is upset with Olivia for lying to her about Dante/Dom’s “agenda.” Olivia tries to explain the Dante/Dom situation to Johnny. She tells Johnny that Claudia found out about Dante/Dom and used it against her. Olivia tells Johnny about Dante/Dom’s motivation for taking Sonny down. Olivia says her goal is to keep her son safe. She advises Johnny to get out of the business. Johnny says he’s considering telling Sonny the truth. As Johnny leaves, he tells Olivia that things “can’t end well.” Sonny heads off to the meeting with Joey. Maxie gets ready for the Franco art exhibit. Kate asks Maxie to get Franco to do a photo shoot for the magazine. The graffiti artist watches as Sonny and his crew arrive at the meeting site. Dante/Dom gets Sonny to safety just as shots are fired. Sonny and company get away safely and Jason notices the graffiti artist watching them and waving as they drive away. Spinelli continues to work on tracing the sender of the photo and Sam heads to the art exhibit. The graffiti artist finishes Joey off by standing on his neck then repositions his body and walks away. He later makes a call to a woman and summons her to his place. Sonny blames Anthony for the ambush and discusses his next strategy with Dante/Dom. Sonny tells Dante/Dom he “wanted peace” rather than violence. Lucky gets called to the crime scene. Jason asks Spinelli to pull up footage from the crime scene and find the witness. Spinelli is able to find footage of the man. Sam comes to the penthouse and tells Jason the shooting is on the news. Jason calls Sonny and says they should “make a public appearance” at the art show. The graffiti artist leaves his studio, telling the woman “they’re expecting me.”

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At the Seattle hospital, Todd comes face to face with Dani for the first time. She reveals that Tea is her mom. He reveals that Tea is his wife. And neither has a clue why they have just heard what they heard. Meanwhile, after Ross finds out for the first time that Todd is Dani's biological father, he knows that Tea and Todd could use that to prevent him from having any legal rights to his daughter. And he's willing to stop at nothing to prevent that from happening. Rex finds out that Jared has been killed after finding out that Mitch Laurence is his father, yet assuming that Mitch has been dead for a long time. He asks Natalie who was responsible for her husband's death. She admits it's Mitch. He is alive although nobody knows how or why. Mitch seems like he has magical powers to escape from prison. Meanwhile, Roxy knows that Stacy and Kim are up to no good and admits she's no longer afraid of their telling Rex the secret of his father since he already knows. Yet, she is also horrified to find out that Jared has been killed and is determined to find out what happened.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nick calls Jack to let him know that the deal with Chancellor is not going to happen. Kay calls Nick to discuss business with him. Phyllis is upset when Nick goes out again. Chance confronts Chloe about her attitude when she found out that Billy and Mac had broken up because Mac was going to have Cane’s baby. Sharon spends time with Faith which makes Adam call it a night with Sharon. Billy meets a woman named Kelly in the bar, who knows Billy by his reputation. Kay tells Nick about taking 25% of Chancellor Industries public. Jack tells Phyllis that Nick backed out of the deal. Phyllis lets Jack know that Nick backed of on the deal with Chancellor. Ashley comes home to find Adam hadn’t gone out on his date at all. Adam goes out to a bar and meets up with Nick. Chloe has a talk with Kay about her feelings for Chance. Chloe goes to check on Chance and to explain about her feelings toward Billy. Chance begins to kiss Chloe, but Chloe pulls away because she is afraid that she will hurt Chance. Jack stops by Ashley’s to discuss business and finds out that Ashley is going in on the deal with Chancellor Industries. Jack calls Billy to ask him to Thanksgiving dinner. Phyllis tells Jack that she told Nick that they slept together. Adam visits Sharon to explain why he cancelled their date.

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