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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica calls Ryan, but Ryan is soon interrupted by Zach. Kendall and Kat go to a deserted bar that Kat is considering buying. While there, Kat questions Kendall as to her feelings for Aidan. Annie bails Scott out of jail. Scott mentions leaving town, but Annie stops him. Adam watches the DVD of Annie and Scott kissing. J.R. walks into the Chandler living room. Adam tells J.R. that he was right about everything. Adam wants J.R. back in his life, but J.R. refuses. J.R. joins Zach and Ryan and tells them that they will soon get their confession from Adam. Annie and Scott arrive home from the police station. Adam confronts them about the DVD. Annie and Scott both try to explain their actions, but Adam refuses to listen. Tad finds Aidan at Kat’s house. Tad wants to see Kendall, but Aidan refuses to let him see Kendall. Kendall comes home to a romantic dinner planned by Aidan. As a result of drinking too much, Kendall gets tipsy. Adam puts Annie and Scott out of his house . Adam goes to see Erica to tell her that it is time for Kendall to come home. Zach confronts Tad as to what he is not telling him about Kendall. Ryan tells Adam that he will accompany him to the police station. Annie begins to have pains in her abdomen.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Katie has a séance to try and contact Brad but Brad can tell the psychic is a phony and he gets so angry at the guy that he manages to pull a chair out from under him which scares the phony psychic enough to go away. Brad also manages to touch Henry and cause him to spill his coffee Henry tries to get Margo to persuade Katie to lift the restraining order against him but Margo doesn't think Katie will ever forgive him.  tries to hire a lawyer before he goes to testify against Manzo but no lawyer will help him. Margo tells Katie to follow her feelings about Brad's ghost and tells Katie that when her (Katie's) father Casey died she felt his presence tell her to let go of the guilt over her part in his death.

Noah is sad when he wakes up and can't see anything he is determined to be independent and refuses to be adopted by Lily and Damian because that would be like forgiving Damian and Luke for casing his accident. Noah later consents to be adopted by Lily and Damian because he feels he has no other choice since he can't work or go to school right now. Meg continues to pressure Damian to tell Lily the truth about hiding the fact that Holden was alive or she will tell Lily the truth. Holden tells Lily that if Damian is moving in the house the kids are moving to the farm with hi. Damian gets a call from someone and tells Lily he has to go out of town but when he gets home the kids are moving in with hi. Damian promises Meg that he will tell Lily the truth once things are settled with Noah's adoption. Katie pleads with Brad to make her believe he is with her and that she isn't alone but Brad can't manage to show her a sign.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Mama Douglas tells Pam to sit up straight and focus on this moment. Pam tells her she can not come here and tell them she is dying and expect them to sit around and talk about Catalina. Ann says yes she can. It's advanced pancreatic cancer and there is no more the doctors can do. She keeps humming Beautiful Dreamer. Ann tells them that she is not afraid; she is looking forward to dying. She is adamant that they not take her to the hospital. On the phone, Brooke tells Katie that everything is in control at Forrester’s. She can enjoy her honeymoon. Katie tells Bill that he has her flying high and it has nothing to do with the jet. She pours him martinis and they loll in bed. She tells him she can stand up to any pressure with him by her side. She tells Bill there is no one is this world who knows them like they know each other. Ridge kisses Brooke and tells her that Katie and Bill are gone so he can focus just on her. Donna and Steffy bring in some live models with Ridge’s Hollywood glamour designs. Steffy wonders how Jackie M will counter with this. Ridge thinks this ride they are on is about to end. You don’t have to get naked to be glamorous, you have to get dressed. Donna comes home and tells Eric that she missed him. She tells him that Stephanie’s mom is in town. Eric says Ann is a crusty old broad, but he likes her. He’s glad she is here for Stephanie. Ridge tells Brooke that when his mother and his dear grandmother get together, there are issues and a lot of trouble. There must be some reason she is here.

Ann tells her girls that she has had enough of doctors, needles and pills. She will not go to the hospital and they will honor that. Eric remembers when Stephanie told her mother that she forgave her. He tells Donna that Stephanie will need some moral support after this visit from Ann. There is absolutely nothing Stephanie wouldn’t do for her mother. Brooke tells Ridge that she knows the reason Stephanie is the way she is. She had no one to protect her when she was young. She needs to remember that when they have their little run-ins. Brooke thinks this may be a good thing. Stephanie and Ann can get close again and get past those old hurts. Pam and Stephanie agree they won’t take Ann to the hospital. Ann wants to go to the airport but Stephanie puts her foot down. She will not let her leave. She is taking her to Taylor’s to stay with her for a while. She will not take no for an answer. They start to leave and Ann has a sudden pain and doubles over.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Brady and Arianna learn that Victor was running drugs through Salem, but sold the operation to someone else. Brady confronts Victor about it, but is unable to get him to admit to anything. Melanie tells Philip to stay out of her life for good, and she and Nathan talk about the fact that Philip has been hounding her. She admits that she feels torn between Nathan and Philip. Nathan vows to fight for her. Maggie confides in Stephanie that she thinks Melanie has strong feelings for Philip. Stephanie later fantasizes about kissing Nathan, and tells him that he is making a big mistake. EJ learns from Roman that the hit man has changed his story, and is saying that EJ hired him. EJ at first suspects Roman and the D.A. of conspiring to charge him for the sake of Sami’s custody case and Woods’ reelection campaign. Later, after he talks to Mateo, EJ calls Stefano and accuses him of making Mateo change his story instead. Mia lambastes Nicole for all she has done to her, but Nicole refuses to admit that she did anything wrong. Mia tells Nicole to rot in hell and storms off. Nicole is about to lose all hope when Brady shows up to save the day.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Rebecca isn’t happy with Nikolas’ confession. Rebecca thinks Nik is still in love with Emily. She finally leaves when Nik refuses to change his mind. Lucky proposes that he and Elizabeth buy a lot of land and build a house. Liz goes along with the idea but questions how they can afford it. She offers to sell the house Jason gave her to help build them a house. Johnny questions Olivia about the photograph. Olivia says Dante/Dom brought the picture to her and he thinks Johnny took it. Olivia advises Johnny to forget about “revenge” and “get out of the organization.” Johnny gets upset with Olivia for thinking he sent the photo. Sonny meets with Jason and Dante/Dom to discuss the details of the meeting with Joey. Spinelli sets up the security cameras for the art show. Spinelli mentions to Maxie that the artist is reclusive and may not attend the show. Carly visits with Jason to try and alleviate some of his guilt over Michael. Dante/Dom tells Sonny he thinks Johnny may have mailed the photo of Claudia to Jason. Sonny later tells Olivia that Johnny could be a danger to her. Olivia assures Sonny that Johnny will never harm her. Carly asks Jason his thoughts on Dante/Dom. Lulu sees how upset Johnny is when she runs into him on the pier. She then warns Johnny about trusting Dante/Dom just as he arrives. Lulu tells Dante/Dom that she “warned” Johnny about trusting him. Johnny hears Lulu say that Dante/Dom is really a detective and Olivia’s son. Liz goes home and finds Nik waiting for her. Liz says she’s afraid of what she “feels” for Nik. When Nik kisses her, Liz doesn’t pull away. Lucky advises Lulu to stay away from Dante/Dom. A man paints some graffiti as Joey and his men prepare for the meeting. Joey instructs his men to kill both Jason and Sonny then he tells the graffiti painter to get lost. Lucky arrives at Liz’s house as she’s on the floor about to make love with Nik. Johnny returns to Olivia's with flowers and an apology - he wonders out loud if Olivia’s son is “an undercover cop.” Sonny and company get ready to attend the meeting.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo and Nora return home to a distraught Clint. When he explains to them all that has happened regarding Jared's death, Mitch Laurence resurfacing and the devastation of his two daughters, they haven't a clue how to tell him that they are "together". He suspects nothing of them. Jessica and Brody go to see Mitch in prison. He is not afraid to judge them both> Natalie goes to confront John and tells him he "killed" her husband by suspecting him. But she later recants and tells John she only blames herself. It looks like Matthew will be ok. Dani is with him. But Todd comes by looking for Tea. Rachel stands outside the door knowing that Tea does not want Todd to know about his daughter now she about him. Tea then confesses to Ross that Dani is Todd's daughter and not his.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Chloe and Chance spend some quality time together. Chloe tells Chance to consider the position at Chancellor, but Chance refuses. Mac finds out that Billy was with Chloe when he had found out about Philip. Chloe walks in on Mac and Billy discussing having a baby and she thinks that Mac is pregnant with Billy’s baby. Billy lets Chloe know that Mac is having Cane’s baby. Adam asks Ashley for advice on what to wear for his date with a friend. Sharon calls Adam and tells him that she had booked a table at Indigo. Emily tells jack that she doesn’t know how long the session will last. Nick tells Jack that he thinks that the deal that Jack made looks pretty sweet. Phyllis vows to change the sofa in the living room because Patty had been there in their home. Nick becomes confused at what Phyllis is talking about. Phyllis admits to Nick that she and jack had had sex. Paul and Patty reminisce about the past. Adam tries to break his date with Sharon to take care of Ashley’s baby, but Sharon insists on helping him. Chloe is all for Mac having Cane’s baby.

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