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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan searches through David’s office and finds a file on Greenlee on David’s computer. David walks in and demands to know what Ryan is doing. Adam is at the Yacht Club, Erica walks in and sees Adam. A maÓtre d' tells Adam that his room is ready. Erica overhears and asks Adam if he and Annie had broken up. Annie rubs Scott’s back. Annie and Scott kiss unbeknownst to them that the video camera was rolling. Amanda takes a bubble bath and tries to wash David’s hands off her. She relives David making love to her . Amanda gets a call from Jake that he is coming over. David explains to Ryan why he has Greenlee’s info on his computer, but Ryan doesn’t believe him. Scott pulls away from Annie and vows that they cannot do this anymore. Annie urges Scott to tell her his true feelings. Scott owns up that he wants to sleep with Annie. Adam comes home unbeknownst to Scott and Annie, who are on the terrace. Annie finds out that Adam has the video camera going and had been spying on her and Scott. Amanda finds it hard to keep it together in talking to Jake. David offers to let Amanda go home with Jake, but Amanda refuses. Amanda slaps David for putting her through this .David calls to check on Greenlee.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

In New York City, Jack watches as Mollie packs up her things out of her office. Paul and Emily wait for their business associate at the Lakeview bar. Paul’s business associate has a talk with Barbara. Casey and Alison see each other outside of Old Town. Hunter comes on to Maddie in order to take her away from Casey. Maddie sees through this ploy and refuses Hunter’s offer. Carly arrives in New York City and finds out that Mollie had been fired the night before. The brakes go out on Mollie’s car and she fears the senator, her ex-lover is to blame. Mollie wears a wire in order to get the senator’s confession. Mollie and the senator meet face to face until Carly interrupts. Jack pulls Carly so that Mollie can trap the senator. The senator confesses that he had had the brakes tampered with .The police officer arrests the senator. Maddie asks Casey to move in with her, but Casey refuses. Jack says good-bye to New York as well as Carly.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick tells Bridget to accept the free ride – brides, expectant mothers – all get carried over the threshold. Summer tries to ignore Whip, but he hangs around to remind her that he’s her cousin. They used to be tight and then she just dropped out of sight. He’s wondering if it is just a coincidence that now she is carrying a baby for his boss, Nick. Jackie appears and Whip pretends he is just meeting Sandy for the first time. Ann calls Stephanie and says she’s taking a taxi and will be there soon right after she takes care of something. Both Pam and Stephanie are worried about her. The taxi drops Ann off at the pier and she seems glad to be in her own little world. She calls Stephanie who doesn’t get much information out of her mother. Ann wants to see “her girls” so Pam and Stephanie agree to meet her at that cute little restaurant that she remembers so fondly. Ann takes a bottle of pills out of her purse and pours them into the water.

Bridget laughs at the pink plaid flannel pajama bottoms that Nick gives her. He thinks she is the sexiest pregnant mama around. Bridget opens another gift; Nick wants to spoil her. Jackie and Owen bring flowers to Sandy and explain to her how grateful they are for what she is doing. Stephanie and Pam look for Ann on the pier. Stephanie spies a lady in red sitting on a bench. Pam says it is not their mother as she wouldn’t be wearing red; she hates red. Ann is almost oblivious to them as they walk up and call her name, but she has a calming, content look on her face. Whip grills Sandy more of why she slipped out of his life and why she is going to be this surrogate. She says it may sound sappy but she just wants to help this couple and she is not taking advantage of anything. Ann tells Stephanie and Pam that she wanted to come back here to Paradise, the closest place she could think next to Heaven to see her girls. Ann tells them she doesn’t have much time left. She is dying. This is her moment, not Pam’s, and she wants to make the most of it. She asks them to hold hands and she starts humming an old familiar tune, Beautiful Dreamer.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole is hauled off to jail after Sami allows her to hold Sydney one last time. EJ, Rafe, and Sami then civilly begin to discuss custody arrangements. Things are going well, and EJ allows Sami to take Sydney home for the night, but then a police officer shows up to take him downtown for questioning about Rafe’s shooting. EJ, furious, assumes that Sami was behind it, and tells her that their truce is off. Mia learns from Chloe that Nicole switched her baby for Sami’s, and realizes that Grace was her baby. She goes to the prison to confront Nicole, who is unable to get Chloe to bail her out. Vivian confronts Carly, and pretends she isn’t out for revenge. She learns Carly is going to be staying in Salem for a while, and later tells Gus that she thinks Carly must have something to do here in town. Bo suggests that Carly leave while she has the chance, but she refuses. Bo and Hope have another fight, and Adrienne has Justin served with divorce papers.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Liz imagines kissing Nik outside of Kelly’s and Robin catches them. When she snaps back to reality, Liz sees Sam and apologizes for being so harsh with her in the past. Patrick’s ex, Lisa, shows up at GH. Lisa asks Robin to consult on a case. Johnny and Dante/Dom discuss Claudia. Johnny is convinced Sonny killed Claudia. Lucky pays Jason an unofficial visit to discuss Claudia but Jason won’t answer any questions. Lucky says he’s taken himself off the case and he thinks whoever takes over will try and pin the murder on Sonny and Jason. Later, Jason confides the visit in Sam. Dante/Dom shows Olivia the photo of Claudia and wonders if Johnny took it. Olivia says Johnny wouldn’t do such a thing. Olivia again asks Dante/Dom to remove himself from Sonny’s case. Dante/Dom leaves the photo with Olivia. Spinelli notices a fancy camera at Johnny’s garage. He sees that the camera is the same type that took the photo of Claudia. Johnny talks to Spinelli about his regrets regarding Claudia. Rebecca surprises Nik with a romantic dinner at Wyndemere. Liz and Lucky spend some time together on a hike. Nik tells Rebecca the truth about how he feels about her and says he’s in love with “someone else.” Joey tells Anthony he’s got a meeting set up with Sonny. Anthony advises Joey to “kill the beast.” Jason tells Dante/Dom to accompany Sonny to the meeting. Johnny finds the photo of Claudia when he goes to see Olivia.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Viki, Charlie, and Natalie return to Llanfair. Charlie blames his addiction to alcohol for Jaredís death. He laments killing someone in front of Jared and being too drunk to remember. Viki assures him that he is not a murderer. Charlie reveals that had Brody and John not stopped him, he would have killed Mitch Laurence. John McBain returns to Llanview. Marty Saybrooke comes to visit him. He discloses to her that Mitch taunted him by saying John was responsible for Jaredís death because he was too focused on Jared to consider any other suspects. Marty assures him that he couldnít have done anything to prevent what happened. They make love and when John falls asleep, Marty leaves. John answers a knock on the door. When he answers it, Natalie slaps him. Bo and Nora return to Llanview and agree that their relationship is in hold for now. Nora says Clint is usually able to tell when she is keeping a secret.

Todd advises Blair that Ross has left Llanview so he doesnít need to stay at La Boulaie to protect her anymore. She asks him if he is going to Seattle to find Tea. He says he was going to but changed his mind. Blair comes on to Todd but before they go too far, she stops him and says he is thinking about Tea. She encourages him to go to Seattle to find Tea. In Seattle, Tea starts packing to move Daniela to Puerto Rico. Dani insists upon seeing how Matthew is doing before she leaves. Bo and Nora make sure Matthew is ok after his surgery. They make peace for the bad blood that arose in the process of letting them to this place. Matthew asks why Uncle Clint wasnít there so they have to disclose Jaredís death. Tea returns to her hotel room while Dani is waiting for Matthew to return to his hospital room and Tea finds Ross waiting in her hotel room. Meanwhile, Todd exits the elevator at Seattle General Hospital.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Billy tells Chloe that Mac is all that matters to him. Chloe gets a call that something is going down at the mansion. Lauren tells Kevin that Michael had gone overboard when it came to Ryder. Daniel thinks that it is cool that Murphy had given them airline gift cards and money for food and hotels. Michael tells Daniel that the honeymoon will have to wait because Daniel is the prime suspect in the Ray Elkins murder investigation. Jill visits Cane and Lily with some healthy takeout and finds Mac there .Cane tells Jill that Philip is going back to Australia. Nina is more than a little angry when she finds out that Philip is leaving town. Philip tells Chance that he is leaving town.

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