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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie yells for someone from her hospital room. Jake comes in to see what is going on, but Annie demands to see another doctor. David comes in and reminds Annie that she is carrying a Chandler heir. Scott and Adam prepare to go get Annie out of the hospital when Ryan arrives with the summons that Adam and Annie are suing for custody of Emma. Ryan lays a disc on the desk. Kendall wakes up as Aidan comes back into the bedroom. Kendall and Aidan discuss their conversation of yesterday when they had discussed sleeping together. Jesse visits Zach at his home. Zach tells Jesse that he wants Kendall home. Natalia meets with Frankie and Randi to tell them that Madison’s story checks out. Ryan and Adam watch the disc of Scott and Annie kissing. Scott arrives home with Annie. Adam asks a favor of Scott. Kendall urges Aidan to go home. David and Jake discuss how that David and Amanda will share two children together. Frankie still defends Madison and she doesn’t deserve to be abused. Adam tells Scott to keep an eye on Annie while he is gone on a business trip. Zach asks for Tad’s help in finding Kendall. Kendall sends Zach another e-mail. Kat shows Aidan the message that Kendall is sending to Zach. Aidan vows to break Zach and Kendall.

Madison’s father meets with Jesse, Frankie, Randi, and Natalia. Zach urges Tad to track down Kendall and Aidan. Ryan asks for Jake’s help to prove that Adam is not Annie’s baby father. Adam says good-bye to Adam. Scott worries that Adam, once he is out there alone, will confess. Scott wants to catch up with Adam, but Annie tells Scott that she is glad that Adam is gone. Zach demands to know where Kendall is, but Tad refuses to tell him. When Frankie doesn’t buy Madison’s father explanation, Madison’s father brings Madison out . Madison apologizes to the Hubbard family. Frankie doesn’t believe a word that Madison had said. Jesse reads a note from Madison which says, “Help Me.” Zach sends Kendall another message which Aidan and Kat intercepts. Ryan finds a patient file on Greenlee Smythe on David’s file. David walks in and demands to know what Ryan is doing. Annie almost faints again, but Scott is there to help her. Annie gives Scott a back rub unbeknownst to them that Adam has a video camera going. Scott grabs Annie and kisses her.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jack goes to New York city to search for Simon and runs into Molly Conlin who is the news anchor for a local TV station. Molly has been following leads on Simon and she tells Jack that he might find Simon in Pittsburg. Molly also tells Jack that she is having an affair with a married congressman named Silas Whitman and he will announce today that he is leaving public life and opening a law practice. Molly tells Jack that once Silas' political career is over he will leave his wife and marry her. Molly is shocked when the congressman announces that he is running for governor with the help of his wife and family. Molly is heartbroken and begins to cry and Jack takes her back to the TV station before she embarrasses herself. Molly does her newscast and tells the viewers that she is having an affair with the congressman and is about to show the video when the station manager takes her off the air and fires her. Molly vows to make sure the congressman isn't elected Governor.

Craig goes to South Carolina to bring Carly home because he thinks she has been drinking. Carly tells Craig she thought about it but threw the vodka down the sink. Carly wonders if Rosanna knows he came looking for her he says she only knows that he is on a business trip. Carly makes it clear to Craig that she doesn't blame him for her drinking problem and she isn't going to destroy her sobriety because of his relationship with Rosanna. Carly tells Crag that Jack is in a lot of pain and seems lost and she must bring him home to his family. Rosanna talks to Emma about her affair with Craig and Emma is confident that Carly will eventually forgive her. Rosanna admits that she is worried that what comes around goes around and Carly will take Craig away from her. Rosanna calls Craig who tells her the truth about his mercy mission to help Carly. Once Craig returns home Rosanna forgives him and asks him to marry her but Craig has Carly on his mind and after a few minutes tells Rosanna he will marry her.

Noah's condition gets worse and Bob informs everyone that if they don't operate soon Noah could have brain damage. Holden is opposed to the idea of Damian and Lily adopting Noah and Luke feels weird about it but is willing to do whatever it takes to save Noah. Damian tells Bob that the adoption process has started and he and Lily would be happy to give their consent to the operation. Holden persuades Bob to overlook the fact that the adoption papers were not signed yet when Damian and Lily consented to the operation. Bob agrees as long as everyone agrees to keep it a secret so the hospital won't face problems.

Carly calls Jack to check on him and he tells her she must go to New York because Molly is in trouble and needs her help.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget is too wound up just sitting around waiting for the news. She shows up at Jackie M’s. Jackie is ecstatic about being a grandmother again. Bridget and Nick wind up at the doctor’s office and wonder where Sandy is. She shows up and it is obvious that she is not nearly as excited as Bridget. The doctor explains the entire procedure and that it will take between 10-20 minutes. Then Summer will have bed rest and come back in a couple of days to see if the embryo attached to the uterus wall. They will only use one of the four available eggs to avoid possible multiple birth. Donna doesn’t think much of Pam and Serge’s jokes with the cute cat ears and doing their catwalk meow bit. Justin tells Donna that she is a class act. Don't worry about this as that is the reason people can not take their eyes off of her. He touches her arm in the process and Stephanie sees this. She stays around to find Pam and informs her that their mother called and she is flying in from Chicago. Stephanie quizzes Donna and asks doesn’t she think all of this is inappropriate with her working with Justin who she knows is Marcus’s father. If she gives her loyalty to Spencer Publications that will be disrespecting Eric and her marriage. Pam tells Stephanie that she called their mother and Ann is going to be staying with her; that’s about all the information she got out of her. Pam is afraid that her mother now wants to drag her back to Chicago. She’s tired of living by herself and will want Pam to be her minion again. Stephanie doesn’t understand why she is coming, but she knows Ann never does anything without a good reason.

Jackie explains to both Whip and Owen about Nicole, and Bridget not being able to have more children on her own. Now things are turning out perfectly. Bridget holds Sandy’s hand during the procedure and tells her that she is doing well. Later Nick tells her that they are both so grateful; a simple thank you doesn’t seem enough. Sandy tells Bridget that she has not been great at a lot of things in her life, but she knows she is going to be great at this. She’ not worried. Jackie can’t wait any longer; she grabs Owen who grabs Whip and they all head to the hospital. In wandering around, Whip happens into Sandy’s room and realizes he knows this woman….it’s Agnes.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

After Rafe tells Nicole that the police will be arresting her, she takes off, running into EJ. He demands to know what is going on, and Nicole admits the whole thing, hoping that EJ will see her side, and telling him that she took Sydney for his sake. Instead, EJ vows to make her pay. Later, Nicole is arrested as Rafe, Sami, EJ, and Sydney watch. Chloe leaves Nicole an angry message on her phone, and Mia overhears. She demands to know what Chloe meant by saying that Sydney was Sami’s baby. Justin and Bo learn that someone else has confessed to Lawrence’s murder, so Carly won’t be extradited. Fearing a trick, Bo refuses to let Carly move out. Justin gives the news to Hope, who is sure that Bo not telling her about it means that he has chosen Carly over her. Bo catches the two hugging. Vivian, who arranged for one of her men to take the fall for Lawrence’s death, confronts Carly at Bo’s house.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Dante/Dom hears Lulu ask Sonny what he would do if “a certain cop” was trying to get evidence against him. Sonny thinks Lulu is talking about Lucky. Sonny is confident that a case will never be made against him. After Lulu leaves, Sonny warns Dante/Dom to “take good care” of her. Dante/Dom asks Lulu is she was about to “blow” his “cover.” Lulu advises Dante/Dom to leave town. He responds by kissing her. Maxie tells Lucky she saw nothing on the night of Claudia’s disappearance with Carly. Lucky is certain that Maxie saw Sonny on the night in question. Jason looks to Spinelli for help after he receives the photo of Claudia’s body. Jason then tells Spinelli the truth about Michael killing Claudia. Luke tells Elizabeth he saw her kissing Nikolas. Luke says Lucky deserves to know “the truth.” Liz says she won’t hurt Lucky by telling him the truth. Nik isn’t too keen on Rebecca’s engagement party idea. Patrick receives a gift of beer from his ex, Lisa. Later, he invites Coleman, Mac, and Matt over to share it. Louise shows up at the house soon and joins the party. Nik puts Rebecca off when she suggests spending the evening with him. Jason shares the photo of Claudia with Sonny and the two discuss the situation. Robin notices how happy Patrick is when he gets a call from Lisa. Maxie wants Spinelli’s help with security for the art show. Spinelli says he’s busy working on a project for Jason. Liz pays Nik a visit and wonders if he wants Lucky to learn the truth. Liz says she wants to “feel for Lucky what she can’t stop feeling for” Nik. Spinelli fills Sam in on the picture so she and Jason discuss the situation. Sonny later shows Dante/Dom the picture but doesn’t disclose the killer. Sonny orders Dante/Dom to find the photographer. Someone who appears to be Claudia lies in a pool of blood then asks if she can “get up now.” At the same location, a woman leaves a message on an answering machine about an upcoming art show in Port Charles. Luke advises Lucky to have a talk with Liz before it’s too late. Lucky accuses Luke of “giving up” on Laura and on love. Luke doesn’t tell Lucky the truth about Liz, he just says the marriage is a “mistake.” Lucky leaves, angry.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo and Nora are happily together optimistic about Matthew's surgery and about their future together when she realizes Clint has tried to reach her and her phone has been turned off. She calls him and finds out that Jared has been killed. She does not know how to break the news to Clint after finding out this tragedy. John and Brody want to take Mitch Laurence back to Llanview and charge him with murder. But the Napa cops tell them he's in their jurisdiction and Llanview cops have to stay out of it. Dani almost "meets" Todd when she picks up her mother's cell phone and Todd calls Tea. Blair prevents Tea from talking to Todd. Todd only has Tea on the brain however. Blair has getting Todd back on her mind. Rex wonders what he's going to do now that he's found out that Mitch Laurence is his biological father.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Billy is on the phone giving the person instructions on the next issue of “Restless Style” when Mac. Billy explains about the person across from them. Mac tells Billy that he doesn’t have to impress her that they had broken up. Mac tells Billy that she is going to see Emily and the surrogacy could happen very soon. Lily kisses Humphrey. Cane becomes jealous. Chloe gives Chance on his jewelry and his shoes. Chloe scratches Chance’s back when Nina interrupts with a fruit tray. Kay considers the proposition that Jack had placed before her, but tells Jack that she will need Neil’s and Jill’s input Jack points out that this will prosper Jabot .Phyllis intercepts a call from Patty to Nick. Phyllis tells Nick that she will handle this. Phyllis visits Patty and demands to know why she is calling Nick. Patty pretends as though she had been trying to call someone else. Phyllis warns Patty to stay away from her family. Mac reminds Billy that he wants to control her . Nina lets Kay know that Chloe is driving her insane. Philip visits Cane and Lily. Lily plans a fattening dessert for Thanksgiving dinner. Philip tells Cane that the pub had been vandalized. Cane offers to go with Philip, but Philip talks him out of it. Jack pressures Nick to do business with him, but Nick has strong reservations. Cane tells Lily that Philip is on his way back to Australia. Emily advises Mac about being a surrogate for Cane and Lily and jeopardizing her own happiness. Billy talks to Kay about Mac.

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