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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake confirms to Annie and Ryan that Annie is indeed pregnant. Amanda and David make love after Amanda sets some ground rules. Kendall points out some of her problems to Aidan. Zach suggests to Ryan and Erica that Adam may not be the father of Annie’s baby. Jake calls Amanda to see how everything is going and to tell her that he loves her. Kendall sends Zach an e-mail. Kat intercepts the message and sends one back to Kendall (pretending it was from Zach). Adam accuses Erica of almost making Annie lose the baby. Annie tells Ryan that her and Adam are suing for full custody of Emma. Erica reminds Adam that he was the one, who had killed Stuart. Zach reads the message from Kendall. Zach imagines that Kendall is sleeping with Aidan. Zach calls Jesse to tell him that it is time to bring Kendall home. David and Amanda arrive home to find Jake there. Amanda finds it hard to keep things together when it comes to facing Jake. Adam sees Scott and Annie holding hands.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Noah works on the lights while arguing with Luke. Noah falls off the ladder to Luke’s horror. Luke yells for someone to call an ambulance. Teri visits Janet, with a casserole, to see Liberty. Janet lets her know that Liberty is at the library working on a paper for her college entrance exams. Liberty goes into a bar to get a drink and gives the bartender a fake I.D. The bartender starts to call the police when Dusty comes in and tells the bartender that Liberty is with him. Lily asks Damian to move in with her so that she, Damian and the children can lead a normal life. Damian accepts Lily’s offer much to Meg’s disbelief that is listening from the closet. Luke finds out from the doctor that Noah is need of surgery on his brain. Meg steps out to let Damian know that she is there. Holden calls Lily to let her know that Noah had fallen off a ladder and had been rushed to the hospital. Dusty brings Liberty home to Janet’s. Janet finds out that Liberty had been to a bar and had given the bartender a fake I.D. Janet pours out her heart to Dusty and then seeks comfort in his arms. Holden tells Lily that Noah falling was all Damian’s fault. Meg tries to talk Damian out of moving in with Lily. Damian arrives at the hospital to find out what is going on and finds out that Luke is missing. Damian finds out that Luke is missing and Damian offers to go find Luke, but Luke feels that Damian had done enough .

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Looking rather somber, Eric stands on the patio. He overlooks all the pretty flowers, candles and festivity in his home. Donna returns to her home and calls out for him and finds him. She says she is sorry that he missed the lovely wedding, but it would be nice if they could be together at this reception. He lets her down again. He says he can not stand at the front door with a pasted grin on his face and pretend all is cool with accepting Bill Spencer into his life. Ridge and Brooke arrive and Ridge says he knows today is going to be hard on his dad. The bride and groom arrive and it’s time for the party to start. Rick didn’t make the ceremony, but just in from Paris in time for the reception. Marcus shakes hands with Rick and welcomes him back. Jarrett congratulates Bill for his vows as they were said from the heart…that heart that he doesn’t have, but this one was a whopper. Bill dismisses him by saying Jarrett needs to go get some champagne. Bill sees Eric alone and approaches him. He offers him a cigar which Eric declines. Bill thanks him for hosting the reception. Eric lets him know that it was Donna’s idea; he can thank her. Donna gives the toast. She hands the floor over to the best man, Justin. He tells Dollar Bill that he has known him a long time; always a loner until he found Katie and she looked into his soul and found gold. Brooke also has a few words to say. Katie and Bill pose for pictures, they cut the cake, they feed each other the cake and Jarrett is surprised to catch the garter. Justin mentions to Donna that Eric doesn’t seem to be happy about this reception. She’s his wife; he should be supporting her. She answers that he just lost his company so he’s doing the best he can. He talks to Eric and leaves a few nagging doubts in his head.

Bill gives a farewell speech how good it feels to be in the Logan family. Katie doesn’t take any chances. She doesn’t throw the bridal bouquet, but goes and places it in her mother’s hands. She says a teary goodbye for now. She and Bill kiss and head out the door. She asks where they are going, but he won’t tell her. The wedding planning was hers; the honeymoon is his. They drive a ways and she tells him to turn left. He quips they are barely married and she is bossing him around already. She tells him it is a surprise, but to pull over on the shoulder. The view is breathtaking overlooking the city. She tells him it is Pleasure Point; he likes it already. They start to kiss. She unbuttons his shirt and realizes his sword necklace is missing. He says yeah he just discovered it this morning. She tells him today they are starting on a journey as one. He will take her places that she can’t even imagine, and she will give him something that he has never had before….. ……a home and family and unwavering, undeniable, unconditional love. They seal it with a kiss.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate eggs EJ on, saying that something is going on with Stefano in regards to Sydney. Rafe and Daniel break the news to Chloe about Nicole taking Sydney from Sami at birth. Chloe can’t believe it, but finally remembers how shocked Nicole was when she learned Sami was pregnant, and she hands Sydney over to Rafe. Chloe admits to Daniel that she feels like she set the whole baby switch in motion, but he assures her that Sami and Nicole were the ones that chose to lie, not Chloe. Later, Chloe tells EJ that he must talk to Sami and Nicole right away. Sami lambastes Nicole for taking her daughter, and Nicole eventually admits that she did it, crying that it isn’t fair that Sami gets to have kids, even when she doesn’t want them. Nicole then vows to never hand Sydney over to Sami. The two get into a fight, and things get physical. Nicole brandishes a glass, but Rafe walks in with Sydney before the fight can continue. Bo finds Carly talking with Mia on the pier and lays into her for going out when she could be murdered or extradited. Bo later learns some interesting news about Lawrence. Vivian is in town, and finds out that Carly is talking to Mia. She later tries to start up a conversation with Mia at the pub to find out more information about Carly. Brady goes to Victor, trying to get information about the drug dealers in town, but Victor refuses to say anything. Brady steals his laptop in order to get the information he needs, but he and Arianna find that the files they need are encoded.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Ethan wonders if Elizabeth can get through to Nikolas. Lucky doesn’t understand Nikolas’ attitude toward his relationship with Elizabeth. Jason tells Sonny he doesn’t wanna “kill anyone.” Jason says he wants to work for Sonny “without the violence” because he’s afraid of setting a bad example for Michael. Someone still has an unexplained obsession with Jason. Luke has a meeting with Joey on Sonny’s behalf. The whole episode makes Lulu nervous and she warns Luke that Sonny will eventually “get busted.” Luke is curious about Lulu’s sudden concern. Joey reports back to Anthony that Sonny wants to “discuss a truce.” Anthony says Sonny will be killed before he arrives at the meeting. Carly wonders why Jax is being so critical of Dante/Dom. Jax claims he’s stressed about Sonny’s involvement in their lives. Mac wonders if Lucky has evidence that ties Sonny and Jason to Claudia’s disappearance. Lucky says he thinks Sam “is covering” for Sonny and Jason but he has no proof. Lucky questions Kate’s maintenance man since he was near Sonny’s house on the night Claudia took Carly. Maxie tries to give Johnny some moral support. Johnny advises Maxie to stay quiet about the bloody handprint she saw on Sonny’s shirt. Jason tells Carly he no longer wants to play “enforcer” for Sonny. Carly feels like Jason is shouldering all the “blame” for what’s happening with Michael. Jax asks Sonny to remove the guards from the house and to stay away from the Jax family. The two have a heated discussion about the kids. Rebecca discusses Emily and Liz with Edward. Johnny tells Anthony not to “avenge Claudia’s death.” Anthony pretends to go along with Johnny’s request. Lulu pays Sonny a visit and gives him a cryptic warning about a police officer she knows is watching him. Just then Dante/Dom comes into the office. Rebecca tells Nik that Edward plans to throw an engagement dinner for Lucky and Liz. Luke tells Liz to tell Lucky the truth about her “involvement with Nikolas.” Lucky asks Maxie if she saw Sonny on the night Claudia disappeared. Jason gets an incriminating picture of Claudia's dead body in the mail.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dr. Nance disappoints Bo and Nora by admitting that the surgery he promised to do was too complicated for him and so he gave up as not to cause further damage for Matthew. At that point, Bo is furious knowing that he made a promise to Matthew that he could not make good on. But right then, Greg comes in and saves the day. They all wait and are somewhat worried. But Greg tells them he thinks he has successfully accomplished getting Matthew to walk again. He calls Destiny and acknowledges that he wouldn't have been encouraged to do it without the encouragement of his sister and his brother. Back in Llanview, Dorian has lost the election to Viki by only one vote and demands to know who the "traitor" is. It's Markko although he doesn't dare admit it to Langston much less to Dorian. Jared has died in surgery after Mitch Laurence shot him. Natalie and Charlie are distraught. John is ready to kill Mitch. Brody rushes to stop him. But when Charlie gets there and is ready to kill the man who killed his son, nobody attempts to prevent it. Rex demands that Roxy tells him if Mitch Laurence is his father, how Mitch got her pregnant and why she lied to him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Michael asks Lauren are they late for breakfast and Phyllis remarks only if you want cheese Danish. Nick gives Michael a check to give to Gloria and Jeff. Gloria sighs as Kevin remarks for her and Jeff not to be so peppy. Gloria cannot wait for Nick to give them back their share of the money. Gloria remarks about her and Jeff skipping town. Adam doesn’t know what is worse tripping into the curb or the humiliation. Sharon tells Adam that she doesn’t care who sees them together. Sharon and Adam make plans for later. Sharon runs into Ashley and inquires about the baby. Ashley asks Sharon to join her and the baby, but Adam reminds Sharon of an appointment that she has with the trainer. Heather and Paul meet. Paul inquires about Heather’s love life, but Heather lets him know that she is gun-shy. Heather begins to inquire about Paul’s love life, but Paul plays hush-hush. Jill lets Kay know that she and Paul are seeing each other. Heather puts two and two together and figures out that Paul is seeing Nina. Gloria disagrees with the amount of the check that Nick gave them and threatens to sue. Paul reprimands Jill for telling Kay that they were seeing each other .

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