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AMC Recap Written by Mary

When Annie pretends that she had a miscarriage, Adam insists that she go to the hospital to be checked out. Though Annie refuses to go, the ambulance arrives and takes her. Meanwhile, Erica and Ryan let Jake know that Annie is going to fake a miscarriage, so he agrees to treat her. A nurse at the hospital tells Jake that an ambulance was called to the Chandler Mansion. Aidan and Kat devise a plan to cause trouble between Kendall and Zach. Using information from Aidan, Kat sends an e-mail to Kendall, acting as though it came from Zach, talking about staying up all night with Liza. Upon reading it, Kendall becomes angry, much to Aidan's delight. She dreams that Liza and Zach have given up on finding her and kiss. When their car runs out of gas on the way to the clinic, David tries to get Amanda to have sex with him in order to conceive, but she refuses. Zach wants J.R. to tell the D.A. that Adam killed Stuart, but J.R. refuses because he didn't actually see his father pull the trigger. Jake enters Annie's hospital room but Ryan interrupts, and she realizes he set her up. While fighting with Ryan, Annie collapses on the floor. Ryan thinks she is faking, but Scott and Adam help carry her back to bed where Jake examines her and realizes she really is pregnant. With her approval, Jake goes out to the waiting room to give everyone the news. Unwilling to wait another month, Amanda finally agrees to let David impregnate her in the car's back seat as long as he doesn't talk or look at her.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Noah has a meeting with the dean of the university about his so-called relationship with Mason. Noah denies that anything is going on between him and Mason. Luke and Lily get ready for Lily’s meeting with Holden. Luke gets a call from Noah to meet him. Holden arrives to see Lily. Holden lets Lily know that he is suing for joint custody of the children. Luke meets with Noah, who tells him that his film is in jeopardy of being stopped. Noah also tells Luke about the video that the dean had seen of him and Mason. Meg agrees to keep Damian’s secret as long as he will have dinner with her. Damian barges in on Holden and Lily talking which makes Holden more determined to fight for custody of their children. Anna and Carly find Mike passed out on the sofa. Jack takes Mike’s place in the race despite Mike and Carly trying to talk him out of it . Mason gets fired from his job and Noah doesn’t know what will become of his film. Luke finds out that Damian is behind the dean seeing the video of Mason and Noah. Meg tries to persuade Holden to fight for Lily and his marriage. Meg lets herself into Damian’s hotel room. Lily meets with Damian in the lobby of his hotel and tells him that Holden is fighting for joint custody of their children. Damian and Lily go to his hotel room unaware that Meg is there. Meg hides in the closet when she hears Meg and Damian come in. Lily asks Damian to live with her and the children. Jack wins the race for Mike. Jack leaves without so much as a good-bye. Carly sees him leave and yells after him. Mason confronts Holden for ruining his life. Noah has a terrible fall at the filming site.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephen walks Katie down the aisle of rose petals in the park. Bill greets her and says she takes his breath away. Karen has a special reading and thanks Katie for putting a smile on Bill’s face instead of that perpetual frown. They say their prepared vows. Bill takes the written prepared copy and puts it back in his pocket and speaks from the heart. He sees her for the complete women that she is. He sees her as a vision; his vision. She’s made him want to be part of a family and he welcomes being in hers. Before the reception at his house, Eric and Stephanie continue to taste all the delicacies. Thorne walks in and they assure him it is not what it looks like. Eric says it is Donna that is throwing the reception for Bill and Katie, not him. Thorne says he thinks Donna is disrespecting him in doing all of this.

Stephanie says that Katie is the good Logan. She is doing this today to pay homage to her family and upbringing. She even reminds Thorne that he could be the one standing over there now in the park getting married. He quips that is the martini talking. The happy couple are married and leave in a haze of rice thrown at them and hugs and kisses from the guests. Katie takes one last glance back at the childhood home and climbs into the driver’s seat of a red convertible – Mr. and Mrs. Bill Spencer.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo refuses to let Hope move back in, saying that it wouldn’t be safe for her and Ciara. An angry Hope later confides in Justin that she feels like she is losing her husband to another woman. Caroline tries to get Bo to let Hope and Ciara move back in, but Bo refuses. Caroline worries that he thinks Carly is more important than saving his marriage. Carly has a heart-to-heart with Mia after Chad, who has gotten the results of the DNA test, goes berserk and lambastes her, calling her a bad mother. Carly tries to assure Mia that she did the right thing for her child. Sami and Rafe search for Sydney, not wanting to call Nicole and take the chance of tipping her off. Nicole decides to leave town and has Chloe watch Sydney while she sneaks over to Sami’s apartment to steal back the fifty thousand dollars she returned. Rafe, thanks to Daniel, finds Sydney at his apartment with Chloe. Sami runs into Nicole just as she gets ready to make off with the stolen cash.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas takes flowers to Emily’s gravesite on the anniversary of her death. Lucky arrives and the brothers have a discussion. Nik says he’s struggling with things still. Dante/Dom meets with Ronnie on the pier and they run into Sonny. Sonny asks Dante/Dom to get him “evidence” on Joey. Jason tells Sam he needs to “send a message” for Sonny but he’s worried about Michael’s reaction. Jason says he feels like a “hypocrite” because he isn’t living the life he’s telling Michael to live. Sam wonders if someone else can step in for Jason. Michael asks Carly to “accept” the fact that he’s able to make his “own decisions.” Maxie works on setting up an art show for Kate with a “reclusive” artist. Spinelli brings flowers to Maxie at the office. Luke and Sonny have a meeting and discuss Anthony and Joey. Sonny asks Luke to be his “go between” with Joey. Liz and Rebecca get into a heated discussion over Nik. Dante/Dom tells Jason and Sonny that Anthony will “make a move” soon and he’s ready to do his “part.” Dante/Dom says Joey is “the key” for their side. Kristina calls Michael on sending Max and Milo after Kiefer. The two argue about Sonny and Claudia until Ethan comes along. After Michael leaves Ethan questions Kristina about her bruise. Kristina says she fell while texting, then asks Ethan for his number. Carly tells Jax she regrets covering up the murder. Jax says Carly “can’t” tell the truth about Michael because time has passed and Michael will most likely go to prison. Rebecca asks Lucky for advice on getting Nik through the day. Ronnie tells Dante/Dom that Sonny’s DNA and Claudia’s blood were found in the ashes. Liz goes to visit Emily’s grave and admits all her mistakes with Nik and Lucky. Dante/Dom tells Jax about the lab results. Sonny tells Jason about his plan with Luke. An unknown person has photographs of Claudia’s dead body in the cabin.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nora and Bo arrive at the Seattle hospital but find out it's too late to prevent Matthew from having the surgery. Dani is there waiting for Matthew. Téa deeply regrets enabling Matthew to get it done and realizes she has her own problems with her daughter. Dani still believes Ross is her father. Rex returns to find Shane staying with Noelle and wonders where Gigi is. She awakens hung over at Schuyler's and doesn't want Rex to know she was with him. Roxy accuses Schuyler of sleeping with Gigi and wanting to take her son's girl from her although he protests that is not the case. Mitch informs John and Jared informs Charlie that Jared covered for his father and let him get away with murdering Jared's step father. Charlie admits that he has no recollection of that as it must have happened when he was blacked out drunk. It appears that Jared will be ok while in the hospital. But the doctor suddenly informs everybody that he has died.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Chloe springs Chance from the hospital, but then worries that Kay and Jill will kill her when they find out. Lily finds out from Mac that Mac will be their surrogate. Mac also tells Lily that she and Billy had broken up. Music begins to play as Billy and Mac kiss and profess their love for one another. Jack and Emily go on out a date, but Jack soon regrets asking out Patty’s therapist. Michael waits with Eden until Daisy arrives for their study time. Michael tells Daisy to tell Lauren to call him. Michael finds out that Lauren is Daisy’s boss. Nick finds out from Phyllis that Daniel married Amber. Billy starts to tell Jack his troubles, but Jack doesn’t want to hear it. Paul tells Jack that Patty had remembered his taking her to St. Jude’s until she had a memory lapse again.

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