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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad and Liza are sitting at the bar at Confusion when David comes in. David begins to question Tad and Liza as to where Jake and Amanda are. Jake and Amanda spend quality time together. At the Chandler mansion, Annie lets Scott know that Ryan knows that she cannot have any more children. Annie comes to the conclusion that she must tell Adam first about her not being pregnant before Ryan can tell Adam. Adam walks into the room and inquires as to what they are discussing. Annie stalls in telling Adam the truth, but Scott comes up with an alternate story to tell Adam so that Annie will not have to tell Adam the truth. At the hospital, Ryan tells Erica what will happen with Annie pretending that she has lost the baby. Erica wants to tell Adam the truth, but Ryan stops her. Annie wants Scott to push her down the stairs, but Scott refuses. Colby finds out from J.R. that Annie is pregnant. Colby goes to confront Adam as to where her place will be in the family. Colby walks into the Chandler living room just as Adam is on the phone with Barry telling him to start the paperwork in getting full custody of Emma. Annie screams and Adam finds Annie lying at the foot of the stairs. Adam worries about the baby. Jake and Amanda arrive at Confusion and David and Amanda leave for the clinic to have the artificial insemination. Ryan asks for Jake's help when Annie comes into the hospital pretending as though she has had a miscarriage. Annie comes downstairs and tells Adam that she thinks that she had lost the baby. A nurse at the hospital tells Jake, Erica and Ryan that an ambulance had been called to the Chandler mansion. J.R. talks to Liza about having Adam declared insane. Amanda and David run out of gas on the road. Amanda blames David that he had done this on purpose. David suggests that they have sex right there.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Mason asks Luke not to go to the movie location anymore because he distracts Noah from working on the movie . Mason asks Luke to put his insecurity about his relationship with Noah aside and do what is best for Noah. Luke gets angry that Mason thinks he is insecure of Noah and starts to punch Mason until Noah arrives to stop him. Noah thinks Mason is right about him being a distraction for him on the movie set. Noah gets angry at Luke and explains he needs Mason to help him finish his project. Luke tells Damian about the fight he had with Noah and shows him the DVD of the out takes of the movie where Mason kissed Noah. Noah is later called into the Dean's office and the Dean asks Noah if Mason has ever behaved in an inappropriate manner towards him. Craig is torn between Carly and Rosanna but stops Rosanna from apologizing to Carly for falling in love with Craig. Craig tells Rosanna he loves her and he won't apologize to anyone for it anymore. Craig and Rosanna make love but Craig is thinking of Carly the whole time.

Meg tells Damian that Officer Grady keeps calling her to ask if the Snyder family wants to press charges against him. Meg tells Damian she doesn't want to keep this secret from her family anymore. Meg goes to Lily to make peace and put all their arguing in the past. Meg tells Damian that Grady is calling her so he gives her a passionate kiss to keep her from answering the phone. Carly calls Ben to find out if Jack told him where he is going and Ben gives her Mike's address in South Carolina so she goes to bring him home because Parker is very worried about him. Jack finds out that Mike is racing without telling his wife Anna because he owes money to a man that helped him pay his mortgage. Mile's arm is in bad shape and his hand is shaking so Jack tries to persuade him not to race. Mile tells Jack he needs the money to pay off the loan and protect his wife and daughter. Jack can't talk sense into Mike so he punches him and than arrives at the starting line and tells the pit crew he is racing in Mike's place.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

It’s her wedding day and Katie tells her sisters to pinch her so she will know this is real. Bill calls and says he has not changed his mind, but she can about where they are getting married. She tells him no chance…she wants the old neighborhood. Ridge greets Karen who could not be a no-show at her brother’s wedding. She is just surprised at the park setting in Van Nuys. Eric is happy that Stephanie stopped over at the house. “Peter Pan” Serge is running around like crazy and driving him nuts. Stephen takes Beth by the old neighborhood and surprises her that Katie is getting married here. They meet up with old neighbors, Millie and Mike. Bill tells Ridge that he knows that he is not his favorite person in the world, but thanks him for being here. And for the beautiful dress that he understands he made for Katie; he is grateful for that. Ridge says he did it for Katie; he wants her to be happy.

Stephanie hands Eric a martini and tells him that he is going to need it to get through the day. He tells her he knows about her mini strokes and asks about her health. She asks about him and he admits the Spencer business is getting him down. He thought by now that he and Donna could be living the good life and they’d do some traveling, but she is busy now with her new show, The Catwalk. He quips to Stephanie that he hopes Bill is paying for all of this and they should just eat and drink it all up. A man’s house should be his castle, but now Bill has invaded both his business and now his home. Donna calls and Eric tells her that he is sorry, but he’s not going to come to the wedding after all considering how he feels about Bill. Stephen tells Bill the Logans are a tight little group and once he marries into the family, he’s in for life. He is giving him his precious little girl; welcome to the family. Beth tells Justin that it’s never too late to realize your dreams. Donna approaches Justin standing alone and they reminisce about old times. She says she can not change who she is. There is only room in her heart for one man, Eric. And they are happy. Because of Justin she has Marcus and she will always have a special place in her heart for him. The ceremony begins and Bill has his words handed to him by Jarrett. He tells Justin that he’s not a poet nor does he have a heart so he needed this prepared for this girl that the entire neighborhood loves.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo apologizes to Hope of accusing her of turning Carly in. Hope tells him that she wants on work on their marriage, and that she wants to move back in so they can do so. Justin informs Carly that she could be extradited any day. She tells him that she can’t leave until she does something, but won’t tell Justin what it is. Maggie tries to assure Mia that she did something wonderful by giving her baby up for adoption. Later, Carly run into Mia and Carly says she thinks Mia needs a friend. Nicole is in a panic trying to find Sydney. Harold tells her that Kate had her, and that she is now at the police station being questioned. Nicole heads down there, and learns about EJ stopping the hit on Rafe. When Nicole learns Stefano has skipped town, she worries Stefano may have taken the baby. Later, however, Kate lets her know that Chloe has her. Meanwhile, Daniel has taken Sydney out for a walk while Chloe sleeps. Nicole calls her, and rushes over to Daniel’s when she learns Sydney is missing. Finally, Chloe is able to find out where Sydney is, and Nicole confronts Daniel at the pub, laying into him for taking the baby without letting Chloe know. Daniel refuses to hand Sydney over to her. Rafe tells Sami the whole story about Nicole, Dr. Baker, and the baby switch. Sami is finally convinced that Sydney is her baby, and she tearfully tells Rafe that she wants to find Sydney and bring her home. EJ and Kate discover that neither one knows where Stefano is. Kate doesn’t think EJ should have involved himself in his father’s business, but EJ warns her that he will be fully involved from now on.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Alexis is embarrassed when she catches Jason and Sam together. She somehow locks herself in the office with Jason and Sam. Once Alexis leaves, Sam wonders why she and Jason don’t just “admit” their “relationship.” Sonny thinks Michael should continue to stay with him for now. Carly wonders if they should tell the truth about Claudia. Sonny says the truth will make Michael “a target.” Carly worries that Michael will follow in Sonny’s footsteps. Lulu questions Dante/Dom about his case. She’s still hesitant about staying quiet about what she knows. Dante/Dom takes Lulu to dinner. Nikolas and Rebecca join Lucky and Liz for dinner. Rebecca notices the ring on the table but Nik insists they stay and Liz agrees. Lucky puts the ring on Liz’s finger and the two pledge their love and devotion to each other. Sonny tells Carly that Jax wouldn’t let him take the kids the night she was taken hostage. Jax goes home to see Carly and again apologizes. Carly says Jax can stay in the guest room for the time being. Jax spends time with the baby. Jason talks with Sonny about Michael. Jason worries about Michael’s lack of guilt. Sonny seems confident that he can help Michael through the ordeal. Jason thinks Michael is too close to the business if he stays with Sonny. Michael listens in on the conversation. Sonny calls Carly and tells her to pick Michael up. Sonny tells Michael he wants a better life for him. Michael says he can make his “own choices” soon but he agrees to go home with Carly. Liz meets Nik at her studio and tells him he was wrong to “spoil” her evening with Lucky. Nik wonders what place he has in Liz’s life. Liz says her relationship with Nik was a mistake. Nik promises to keep his distance and leaves telling Liz, “if you want me, you know where I am.” Lucky shows up at the studio with flowers and wonders about Liz’s recent behavior. Liz apologizes for failing Lucky but says they “belong together.” Nik goes home to Rebecca.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew and Dani arrive at the hospital in Seattle and meet with Dr. Nance. They are all ready to go through with the procedure and confident that he will walk again. Bo and Nora are worried that there's nothing they can do about it. But right then, Bo remembers that Dr. Michael McBain also practices in Seattle. He calls Michael. Marcie is with her husband ready to have her baby. Marcie and Michael see Matthew there and attempt to stall him so that Bo and Nora can get there before it's too late. But Dr. Nance is ready to go through with it. At that same time, Téa and Elijah are on their flight to find Dani and he asks her why she doesn't admit to Todd that Dani is his daughter. She reveals it's because she knows Todd will never love her. Blair has a similar insecurity of losing Todd to Téa so she keeps the secret. Todd knows that something is up. Viki and Charlie go to find their kids and are shocked to find out that Mitch Laurence is still alive and behind all of the dastardly deeds that have been going on recently.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Mac tells Billy and Cane that she is closing up and she had called them a taxi. Billy and Cane begin to argue just as all brothers do about how Cane had wanted things that had belonged to Billy. Billy insists to Cane that no way is Mac carrying a baby for Cane and Lily. Paul meets up with Emily and asks about Patty. Emily assures Paul not to ever give up on Patty. Jack apologizes to Emily for defending Phyllis. Phyllis asks Jack for help because Daniel is marrying Amber. Daniel and Amber make plans to marry tonight . Kay interrupts them. Amber calls Lauren for help with a wedding dress. Mac orders Billy not to ever speak for her. Mac tells Billy that their relationship may not ever work out. Jana tells Daniel that he cannot get married tonight on Friday the 13th. Gloria and Ryder get acquainted. Paul brings Patty her wedding album. Deacon tells Phyllis that Daniel and Amber are getting married tonight. Daniel and Amber are married.

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