Wednesday 11/11/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Aidan comes back to Kat’s with a bag full of groceries, but finds out that Kendall had already raided the refrigerator. Kat also tells Aidan that Kendall had seen the newspaper. Aidan goes upstairs to find Kendall totally ballistic. Kendall declares that it is all over, and she might as well as turn herself in. Annie and Scott bring Adam home from the hospital and encounters J.R. . Frankie opens the closet door and sees Madison. Madison explains to Frankie as to what had been going on. Randi comes in and upon seeing Randi, immediately calls Jesse. Randi finds some kind of rope to tie Madison up. Jesse can’t believe his eyes when he comes in and sees Madison. Madison insists that she will turn herself in. Jesse and Madison come up with a plan to put Madison into solitary in jail. Annie and Adam are kissing when Scott walks in and tells Adam that he has a call. Scott reprimands Annie for her kissing Adam and him just had a heart attack. Jesse takes Madison out of the apartment, but is knocked unconscious and two men take Madison. Kendall insists to Aidan that she is turning herself in, but Aidan refuses to let her. Kendall gets an e-mail from Zach, who tells her about Adam killing Stuart and convinces Kendall to stay where she is. Ryan, Erica and Zach see J.R. at the Confusion bar and mentions to him that Adam had killed Stuart, but J.R. denies such an accusation. Ryan finds out that Annie is pregnant. Ryan visits Annie to let her know that she will never have anymore children, but he just hadn’t told her. Kendall apologizes to Aidan for telling him that she was turning herself in. Annie tries to seduce Adam, but he needs the rest.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Katie sits alone with Jacob in their apartment when Katie begins to wonder if Henry had been telling the truth about seeing Brad. Barbara appears at the police station to see Henry and pay his bail if he will have lunch with her. Katie arrives and has already paid Henry’s bail. Jack is in Greenville, S.C. to see his old friend, Mike and ask for his help in helping Katie. Janet appears at Carly’s door to inquire about Jack. Janet is taken aback when she finds out that Carly had seen Jack. Parker goes to see Liberty to give her confidence about writing the essays for her college exams, but Liberty doesn’t want any help. Jack meets Mike’s wife, Anna, who gets their food from the crisis center. Carly calls Jack and lets Janet talk to him. Janet wants to join Jack, but Jack forbids her to find him. Carly gets a visit from Craig. Carly comes on to Craig, but Craig plays hard to get. Craig goes home to Rosanna. Jack notices that Mike’s hand shakes when he is working on the car. Katie catches Henry in a lie about Brad. In talking to Margo, Katie begins to realize that Henry may have been talking to Brad.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The Logan girls bounce on the bed drinking their champagne. Katie says she hopes to be just this happy tomorrow. Donna gives her a foot massage. Katie opens some sexy lingerie. At Big Bear, Steffy confesses to Bill that she must have been out of her mind kissing him when he is her boss and getting married tomorrow. He tells her it is not necessary. The kiss didn’t change anything. It is not going to affect her job. Everything that needed to be said was said already. She tells him that she thought she would feel better talking to him, but she doesn’t. Bridget tells Nick that time is wasting, tick tock…..she’s done her part, now he needs to go do his. Carl, the technician, pops in and is ecstatic for Bridget. He whispers that she better check out those labels carefully. Sandy looks at a photo of the Nick and Bridget on the internet and declares they are the perfect couple….well almost perfect.

Dr. Caspary explains to Nick and Bridget that the eggs have been placed in a Petri dish and the sperm has been added and they should know within two days if fertilization was made. They watch in anticipation of their perfect little miracle. Bill tells Steffy that he doesn’t want to turn this into a crisis and he won’t hold it against her. She says she is concerned, but she wants him to have a long and happy marriage. She has a history of getting involved with the wrong men and doesn’t want anyone to know about this. Katie tells her sisters that she feels like she is standing on top of a mountain and she can see her whole future. She wishes they could see how much Bill loves her. Tomorrow she may be Mrs. Bill Spencer, but tonight and forever she will be a Logan sister.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ saves Rafe’s life, and the hit man, Mateo, is arrested. He promptly fingers Stefano, and EJ calls his father to let him know that he needs to get out of town. Stefano accuses EJ of betraying him. Later, EJ gives a statement to the police, but it isn’t helpful. Roman learns that Stefano left town, and wonders why EJ would stop the hit, then tip Stefano off about the police. Rafe convinces Roman to let him leave so that he can go talk to Sami. Sami tries to get Nicole to tell her what her and Rafe’s secret is, but Nicole claims she knows nothing about it. She tries to convince Sami that the two of them aren’t friends, and warns her that whatever she learns, Nicole only did what she did to protect herself. Rafe calls Sami, telling her that he has proof, and that they need to talk face to face. Nicole rushes off. Kate, who is stuck with Sydney after Stefano leaves, ends up handing Sydney off to Chloe after she comes to the mansion to meet Nicole. Chloe and Nicole miss each other, and Nicole goes into a panic when she learns Sydney isn’t at the mansion. Rafe finally meets up with Sami and tells her that her baby is alive. Melanie admits to Stephanie that she has feelings for both Nathan and Philip. Nathan overhears Philip leaving Melanie a message saying that he will never give up on her. Brady vows to get Arianna’s job at the pub back, and also promises to help her bring down the head drug lord in Salem without alerting anyone to the fact that she is working undercover. The two make up and make love.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason tells Jax he won’t get in the middle of the situation with Carly. Jax thinks Jason can convince Carly to see things his way. Carly doesn’t appreciate Alexis’ advice on forgiving Jax. Carly pays Jason a visit and finds Jax in his office. After Jax leaves, Carly asks Jason for advice which Jason refuses to give. Nikolas runs into Lucky and Elizabeth at the casino. Luke isn’t supportive of Lucky’s impending marriage to Liz. Later Luke tells Nik he’s betraying Lucky by having an affair with Liz. Nik finds Luke’s comments hypocritical. Kiefer apologizes for hurting Kristina then takes her to GH. Lulu runs into Dante/Dom when she goes to Sonny’s to check in on Michael. Later, Lulu tells Olivia she knows the truth about Dante/Dom. The two discuss Dante/Dom’s safety. Lulu suggests that Olivia tell Sonny the truth to save Dante/Dom. Olivia begs Lulu to keep Dante/Dom’s secret. Patrick’s ex, Lisa, comes back into his life. Dante/Dom gives Ronnie some ashes from Sonny’s fireplace hoping they incriminate him in Claudia’s murder. Liz and Lucky have a heart to heart over dinner and he presents her with a diamond ring. Just as Liz seems on the verge of telling Lucky something important, Nik and Rebecca come into the restaurant. Alexis walks in on Sam and Jason in a compromising position. Carly heads to Sonny’s to pick up Michael but he refuses to go home with her. Max tells Carly what happened with Kiefer.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Nora, Bo, Clint, and Téa are at the Warwick boarding school in London trying to figure out where Dani and Matthew went. Matthew and Daniela arrive in Seattle and meet Dr. Nance, who informs Matthew that he will perform the surgery immediately.

Todd and Jack are at home watching one of Blair’s favorite movies. Todd’s private detective checks in and tells him that Téa is in London with Elijah at a boarding school. Todd wonders where Ross is. Ross goes to Blair’s house and asks her to help him reunite with his daughter. Blair refuses to help and tells him he needs to let her, Téa, and his daughter go. Ross tells her that for once, he is going to get what he wants. Todd overhears this from the doorway, jumps to a conclusion, and attacks Ross.

John McBain and Brody Lovett are in Yountville, CA looking for Jessica and Natalie. Charlie and Viki are at Llanfair. John calls Viki and tells her that Natalie and Jessica are in danger in California. Viki calls Clint and tells him about it. Clint relays the information to Nora and Bo and tells them he has to go to California. Viki and Charlie pack to go to California. Mitch Lawrence is holding Jessica, Natalie, and Jared in an abandoned house. Mitch Lawrence reveals that Charlie Banks is a murderer. Jared admits that he was working with Wayne Landers to protect Charlie. Jared sees John McBain outside the window, so he maneuvers himself and Mitch away from the girls to give John a clear shot. When John draws his gun from the front, Brody storms the back to grab the girls. Natalie stupidly runs towards Jared, who is on the other side of Mitch. Mitch grabs her and puts his gun to her head. John tells Mitch to let her go and put his gun on the floor. Mitch releases Natalie, but fires his gun.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Billy visits Delia but finds that she is asleep. Billy asks about Jill and finds out that she is at the hospital. Kay tells Billy that she is going to visit Cane and Lily at the hospital. Billy cannot understand why that everyone can welcome Cane back into the family. Mac tells Cane that she had seen the doctor and that is no reason why she cannot be a surrogate for Cane and Lily. Chloe almost poisons Chance on a bottle of juice that contains kiwi. Jill calls Paul to find out if there is any news on his finding Kay’s daughter. Philip visits Paul and tells him about Chance being stabbed. Daniel lets Amber know that he cannot marry her if he is facing 20 years or more in jail. Chloe runs into Philip, who wants to know about Chance, but Chloe tells Philip to go and see Chance himself.

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