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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Liza is doing some work from home when she receives a visit from Damon, who wants to see Bailey. Liza lets him know that Bailey is not home. Liza also lets him know that she and Bailey can handle the situation with the baby. Bailey comes up behind Liza. Liza orders Damon to leave. Someone sneaks into the Hubbard apartment and looks at a picture of Frankie and Randi. The person hears a noise and quickly hides in the closet. Brot and Natalia come into the apartment with the decorations to decorate the apartment for Frankie and Randi’s homecoming from their honeymoon. Frankie and Randi enjoy lovemaking in a hotel room at the casino. At Wildwind, David suggests to Amanda that they make Wildwind a real home for their children. Amanda insists that the only home she wants to decorate is with Jake. Jesse arrives at Frankie’s and Randi’s and lets Brot and Natalia know that things aren’t so good between him and Angie. At the hospital, Jake asks Angie for some time off, but Angie lashes out at him. Angie lets Jake know what she had done to David in order to protect Jake and her family. Amanda goes to see Liza in order to look at the contract again that was agreed upon between her and Jake and David. Randi intercepts a call from an anonymous caller, who wants to see Frankie. Jesse notices the window in the bedroom open and wonders, who could have opened it. Jesse hears a noise coming from outside or the closet. Jesse starts to investigate when Brot comes back in with Natalia. Angie appears at Frankie’s apartment thinking that Jesse wouldn’t be there. Frankie and Randi appear home. Jake and Amanda spend some quality time together. Frankie opens the closet door and sees Madison.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Hunter and Maddie connect over a video game called Pantheon but Maddie assures Casey he has nothing to worry about because she just feels sorry for Hunter. Alison meets Mick Dante in the hospital basement and he tells her he is looking for funding to do research on a south American plant that can regenerate cells and is in essence the fountain of youth. Alison sets up a meeting between Mick and Paul and Emily and Emily is intrigued by the idea once Mick tells her that a 55 year old woman who was unable to get pregnant now has two children since she moved to the south American village where he found the plant. Paul thinks Mick is a con artist but Emily persuades Paul to invest in the research when a plant that was almost dead blooms again after Mick puts the plant extract on the plant.

Henry lands in jail after he once again tries to persuade Katie that Brad is still with her. Margo thinks Henry is trying to set up an insanity defense for himself and that is why he is acting like he can see Brad's ghost. Henry does manage to give Katie a message from Brad that says " I'm not checking out until the cubs win the series. Katie later finds the message in Henry's handwriting and wonders how Henry knew what Brad said to her since she and Brad were alone in the hospital room when he said those words to her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie laments to Bill that she has no second thoughts. Tomorrow she will be walking down the aisle to being Mrs. Bill Spenser. Steffy can’t forget the kiss she bestowed on Bill. Thomas walks up and wants to know how her meeting went. She’s surprised when Thomas tells her that Bill is getting married tomorrow. She determines she has to see Bill before his wedding. Bill tells Justin that he has an assignment for him; one like nothing before. He needs a best man and Justin is the best man he knows. Justin says he will be honored. Katie tells her sisters that she is going to get married at the little park across from their old house in the Valley. She has so much to be grateful for and she wants this to be a tribute to their mom. She can’t believe she could be this happy. Nick tells Bridget that he loves it and is turned on when she talks doctor talk, so he wants to hear more about the surrogacy results. Meanwhile Sandy reads through a pregnancy book and is repulsed at the whole nine month thing. She munches on her hotdog and soda and declares that she is not pregnant yet.

Steffy calls and tells Bill that she knows this is a big imposition, but she is stressed out about their situation and needs to see him. She’d like him to meet her at the cabin at Big Bear. Bridget calls Sandy and then asks Nick to tell her all is okay and this isn’t all too good to be true. He assures her all is okay and this is meant to be. Bill tells Steffy that he almost didn’t come, but he could tell how upset she was. He assures her that no one is going to find out about the kiss, so she is over-reacting. It is no big deal and she doesn’t have to worry. The sisters eat Chinese takeout, laugh and discuss the wedding and Katie’s future.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Arianna admits to Brady that she is working for the police, and that it is part of the conditions of her early release from prison. She refuses to tell him anything more, other than that no one can know, and that she is having trouble bringing down the guy running the drug cartel in Salem. Brady thinks she needs help, and claims to know where she can get it. Nicole balks when Stefano tells her that he has no choice but to kill Rafe. Stefano informs her that the decision is not up to her, and forces her to leave Sydney at the mansion, in case she decides to try to run. Nicole runs into Mia at the pub, who is worried about Chad and the DNA tests. Nicole tries to assure her that Stefano is going to handle everything. EJ overhears Stefano putting a hit out on Rafe, and confronts his father, who refuses to tell him anything about it. EJ later learns that the hit is to take place on the pier, and rushes off to stop it. Rafe nearly tells Sami the truth about Sydney, but Will interrupts and lays into Rafe for abandoning his mother. Rafe then gets a call from Tim and rushes off to meet him. He gets the DNA results, and just as he learns that Sami is Sydney’s biological mother, Stefano’s hit man finds Rafe and takes aim. Mia runs into Will and again begs him for forgiveness, but he blows her off. Sami finds Nicole at the pub and demands to know what is going on between her and Rafe. Justin manages to get Carly out of the extradition orders for now, and arranges for her to be released into Bo’s custody. Bo and Hope learn that Victor was the one that had Carly arrested. We also learn that there is another reason Carly is in Salem—a reason only she and Bo know about. Hope is furious to discover that thanks to Justin, Carly will be moving back in with Bo. Victor vows to not let Carly destroy Bo’s life.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Carly tells Jane why she can no longer live with Jax. Alexis talks with Jax about his situation with Carly. Jax says he wants custody of the baby if things can’t be worked out with Carly. Dante/Dom walks in on a heated discussion between Sonny and Michael. Dante/Dom says because of what happened with Claudia, trouble is brewing with the “Zacchara faction.” Liz imagines that Lucky will shoot Nikolas if she tells him the truth. Jason confesses his guilt over Michael in Sam. Johnny fills Anthony in on what happened with Claudia. Anthony has a violent reaction when Johnny says Claudia is dead. Jane pays Jax a visit at the hotel. Jane thinks Jax should “beg” Carly for “forgiveness.” Carly tries to explain Jax’s disappearance to Morgan but he gets upset with her. Luke and Lucky have another tense conversation. Carly confides in Jason. Jason says he has second thoughts about covering up Claudia’s murder. Dante/Dom asks Sam if she knows anything about what happened to Claudia. Sonny pays Anthony a visit in prison. Max and Milo give Kiefer a talking to about his behavior then they break his phone. Later, Kiefer tells Kristina that Max and Milo “threatened” him. When Kristina says she had nothing to do with it, Kiefer slaps her. Alexis talks with Carly about Jax. Meanwhile, Jax talks with Jason about changing Carly’s mind about forgiving him. Anthony gives out orders for Sonny’s murder. Sonny gets frustrated with Michael’s attitude. Michael says he’s happy to be like Sonny. Luke confronts Nikolas about his affair with Elizabeth. He advises Nik to either end the affair or come clean with Lucky.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Téa and Elijah find out that Dani has escaped from the boarding school right when Bo and Nora find out so has Matthew. And the head mistress reveals that the two of them are together. While on the flight to Tahiti with Dani, Matthew reveals that his lawyer was Téa Delgado. She reveals to him that she is Téa's daughter. Mitch Laurence seems to resurrect from the dead and terrorizes Natalie, Jessica and Jared. Meanwhile, Rex finds out from Corrine, for the first time, that Mitch is his biological father. Brody and John return to Llanview were John reveals the secret of Mitch Laurence to Brody. And neither have a clue what to do or what is happening.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Michael and Daniel are on the phone with each other when Daniel gets a visitor. Michael tells Ryder that he needs to talk to him about his case, but Ryder tells him that he can’t. Daniel lets Phyllis know that he and Amber are getting married in June. Kay and Neil talk business about Chancellor Industries. Adam calls Nick to let him know that he is back in town. Jack interrupts Nick to question him about Victoria’s resignation. Ashley welcomes Adam back home and finds out about his broken collarbone. Phyllis voices her opinion of Daniel marrying Amber. Amber meets up with Deacon. Ashley asks Neil to let her see the Jabot marketing strategy papers. Nick and Adam meet with the woman, who supposedly had turned Newman Industries into the S.E.C. The woman denies the accusation, but Nick transfers her to Milwaukee. Deacon meets with Ryder to discuss Ryder’s mom and Deacon’s son.

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