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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Adam collapses at his and Annie’s wedding and goes straight to purgatory where he meets the Devil, (David). David tries to get Adam to defend himself, but Adam refuses to defend himself until Adam’s guardian angel (Annie) arrives to help him. Annie persuades Adam to want to go back to earth. Adam wakes up screaming, “I do.” Annie gets the preacher to pronounce them husband and wife. Annie blames Ryan for almost killing Adam. Scott tells Zach that if he comes near the hospital that he will have his arrested as well as his friends. Aidan comes downstairs and Kat kisses him. Kendall wakes up and immediately starts to search for Aidan. Kendall finds Aidan downstairs with Kat. While Kat goes out for milk, Henry, the sheriff, arrives and meets Aidan and Kendall. Seeing that Kendall is extremely nervous, Henry wants to know what is going on. Aidan lies and tells Henry that they are lovers and are running from her husband. At the hospital, David examines Adam while the family waits outside. As a result of Annie’s remarks, Marissa believes that Adam had killed Stuart, and Annie will not tell her otherwise. Kendall talks to Zach via the internet. Kat realizes that Aidan loves Kendall.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Emily tries to subtly force the family way on Alison and Hunter, but neither one of them is too interested. Alison is nice about it, but Hunter is downright annoyed, as Emily tires hard not to get hurt by their reaction. Paul and Emily are determined to do things right this time to reverse the curse Emily believes is hanging over their heads. Maddie and Casey awkwardly discuss their relationship, as Maddie presses when she suggests taking a leave from college to stay with him. Casey is unsure, but tells her that he wants her to stay so they can make another try of it too. Rosanna is very upset over having been kicked out of Carly’s, but she can’t blame Carly since she stole her sister’s fiancée. Craig asks Rosanna to move in, but Rosanna can’t do that to Carly right now. Craig promises that they will be living together soon. Ben tells Carly about Jack’s strange visit to Philadelphia, as Carly tells him what happened to Brad and Jack’s role in it. Parker and Carly talk about her finding out about Rosanna and Craig, as Parker is now worried about Jack. He also mentions that Jack went to her rehab to tell her about Craig and Rosanna, as Carly realizes he is still looking out for her so she is going to return the favor. Later, Carly sees the news from Philadelphia and Jack on a roof with another man, as she races there. Jack and Irv are on the rooftop swapping stories of misery, as Irv still thinks he wants to jump and Jack doesn’t act like he is going to stop him. In fact, he is going to do it too, which shocks Irv, since he thought he was sent up to stop him. Jack leads him to a side area of the roof and they jump off. Carly is arriving as all of this is unfolding and can’t get any information, as people think Jack and Irv may have jumped. Rosanna and Craig hear from Parker that Carly has followed Jack to Philadelphia and worry she is doing that because she is drinking so they follow her. Paul has a meeting with the World Council of Needy Children where he plans to give them James’ money. Alison and Hunter see Casey and Maddie getting close, which infuriates Hunter and causes some jealousy in Alison. Emily asks to talk with Hunter leaving Alison and Casey alone. Alison asks where his relationship with Maddie stands, as Casey asks if he should move on with his life because he still loves her. Alison admits she still cares, but he always seems to hurt her. He will change, but Alison doesn’t believe him so she tells him that he should carry on however he wants with Maddie, but neither looks happy. Emily wants to try harder with Hunter to renew their relationship, but he has to meet her halfway. He agrees and then he admits that he is upset over Casey and the fact that Alison and Maddie are still hung up on him. Emily can see he likes Maddie and offers to give him some pointers in the art of seduction to help himself and Alison. Jack and Irv have landed on another lower roof and are fine, as Irv realizes he wants to live and make up for what he did. Jack is lauded as a hero, but he won’t have any of it. Rosanna and Craig catch up to an annoyed Carly and tell her that Jack is alright. She thanks them, but wants them to get away from her. They try to talk with her, but Carly blows up and walks off. Hunter sees Maddie and has an awkward conversation with her when he asks her to get a sandwich. When she turns him down, he blurts out about making out with her upstairs, as Maddie thinks he is crazy and walks off. Paul tells Emily that the charity turned his money down, as Emily is frustrated. Paul wonders if she wouldn’t be better without someone like him, as Emily assures him that curse or no curse, she wants him. Casey and Alison have daydreams about one another, as Alison tries to push them down when she goes looking for supplies in the basement. The lights go out and Alison is grabbed from behind. Jack hears Carly was in town, but takes off before she finds him. Ben finds Jack and they talk about Brad, but Jack still can’t see past what he did. Jack asks if Ben has heard from Mike Kasnoff recently. Ben explains the last time he heard he was in Greenville, South Carolina. Jack and Ben say their goodbyes. Carly asks the Sergeant to do her a favor about Rosanna and Craig. With both of them standing there, Carly claims that, Craig and Rosanna followed her from Oakdale and assaulted her; she is afraid of them. The Sergeant arrests them, as they plead with Carly not to lie. Carly smirks, tells them to enjoy Philly and walks off.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy starts to kiss Bill again and he tells her no. She starts to apologize that this was so inappropriate. He is her boss and getting married to Katie. He tells her not to make a big deal of it; it is over and won’t happen again. Donna tells Justin that she is married to Eric and they need to pull back and just focus on the show. Their numbers are down, but Justin says the bright spot is that Pam’s little cat meow bit was the hottest thing around. The audience lapped it up. Sergei tells Pam that she is a trend-setting hipster sister. Justin thinks they should invite Pam to be a regular on the show. Sergei answers the phone and pretends to be Pam’s agent and he will have his people get back with Donna’s people. Nick and Bridget show Sandy all the legal papers for them to sign. Bridget visits her OB/GYN and determines now is just the right time for injections. Bill drives out and meets Katie in the valley. She takes his phone call from New York and tells the caller that Bill is not available today. She tells him he has something much more important to deal with.

Steffy agonizes over what she has done. She tells herself that she just needs to focus on her work. Brooke tells her that Katie is most appreciative of what she has done with the PR. That doesn’t make Steffy feel any better or less guilty. Donna and Justin meet with Pam and Sergei and both sides are tough in what they are offering. Pam wants her own dressing room with kitchen so she can make lemon bars on her down time. She’d need her own hair and makeup people. Also she’d eventually like her own cooking show. Donna thinks she is pushing the envelope here. They finally come to an agreement. Sandy tells Nick that she really appreciates a man that is willing to go as far as he has for his family. Bridget is glad they had a chance together to learn a little more about each other. Steffy leaves a voicemail for Bill to call her. Katie tells Bill this is the house she grew up in, a very quiet neighborhood. She wants him to know “the real me”. She’d like to get married here. She is not that shy, unhappy little girl anymore, but she’d like to complete the circle. She asks him to marry her in this little circle in the Valley. It will be the most beautiful wedding he’s ever been to. He agrees that the day has come and he’s one lucky guy. He will marry her anywhere.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Carly is arrested by federal agents, who prepare to extradite her back to whatever country she came from. Bo, furious, assumes either Hope or Justin turned her in, but they deny it. Justin tries to get Carly to tell him the whole story involving Lawrence’s death. Victor admits to Bo that he was the one that turned Carly in. Vivian plans to return to Salem to confront Carly. When Nicole learns that Rafe is back in town, she heads over to talk to Stefano in a panic. EJ overhears Arianna calling Rafe to ask about the DNA test results. He tells Stefano about it. Nicole overhears, and Stefano decides that Nicole is probably right about Rafe being on to her. He decides to take care of Rafe permanently. Sami admits to Rafe that she told Nicole he was back in town. He panics, and decides to tell Sami the truth. Arianna quits her job at the pub. Brady admits to Victor that he was right about Arianna. Victor wants to call the police, but Brady begs Victor to give him a chance to try to make Arianna stop dealing drugs. Later, Arianna vows to tell Brady exactly why she has to be a drug dealer. Chloe learns that she has a very low chance of ever conceiving, but decides that she most important thing is that she and Daniel love one another.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sonny is ambiguous but he makes it clear to Johnny that Claudia is dead. Johnny later tells Dante/Dom. Jax and Carly argue over his deceit. Carly can’t forgive Jax for letting Michael live under the same roof with Claudia. Jax puts the blame on Sonny but Carly says Sonny “took action” rather than keeping the information about Claudia a secret. Carly says Jax chose to “protect” Jerry and the baby over Michael. Carly says either Jax moves out or she and the baby will. Alexis later tells Jax that she understands how Carly feels. Jax says “other secrets” may come out soon and Carly won’t forgive those either. Michael tells Jason he has no remorse for killing Claudia. Jason worries about Michael’s attitude and feels guilty about what’s happening with him. Jason contemplates telling Lucky the truth about what happened. Lulu is released from the hospital. Dante/Dom reminds her that his cover has to remain protected. Lulu wonders who she should “protect.” Olivia checks in on Sonny but he remains mum about Claudia. Kristina confides in Kiefer about how she saw Sonny’s other side. Michael asks Max and Milo to “encourage” Kiefer to break up with Kristina. Sonny isn’t happy when Michael tells him what he did. Jax’s mom, Jane comes for a visit. Jason still appears to be someone’s main focus. Elizabeth and Nikolas share a moment in a supply closet at GH. Lucky is outside the closet arguing with the mayor. Liz feels guilty about her actions. Lucky notices Liz’s strange behavior so she breaks and tells him the truth about Nik. Lucky starts yelling at Liz and Nik appears so Lucky shoots him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica discovers that Natalie has been knocked unconscious and assumes that Jared is going to endanger them and has killed the people in question. But he protests that she listens to his explanation about what has happened. Rex's aunt Corrine tells him that if he demands to know who his real father is, she can tell him. On the flight back, John tells Brody about the history he knows of Roxy and Walter Balsam and the mystery of who Rex's real father is. He tells him that there was a cult leader named Mitch Laurence who brainwashed many people. Rex then finds out that Mitch Laurence was his biological father and he is shocked and horrified. Viki and Charlie discover, in horror that Nash Brennan's grave his been dug up and his casket is empty. Yet there are no explanation. Natalie, Jessica and Jared all come face to face with Mitch Laurence after everybody believes he's been dead for many years. And it appears he might be behind the unexplained crimes that have happened recently.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Billy visits Mac to try to talk some sense into her about her having Cane and Lily’s baby. At the hospital, Nina gives Philip an update on Chance’s condition. Chloe sits by Chance’s bedside and tells him that he is under her skin. Chance wakes up and hears her remark. Nina interrupts Chance and Chloe to see how Chance is doing. Michael and Lauren tells Eden how good it is to see her across the breakfast table. Eden tells them that now is when her and Noah study. Ashley tells Abby her plans for the day and reminds Abby that she is grounded. Abby sneaks out of the house and goes to the coffeehouse where she meets up with Ryder. Michael confronts Abby as to why she isn’t in school. Ashley has a talk with Abby’s guidance counselor. Daniel signs the marriage license. Amber comes in to join them. Daisy asks Amber will her wedding dress be black or red. Amber lets her know that it will be white all the way. Ashley catches Abby at the coffeehouse. Mac refuses to change her mind about having Cane and Lily’s baby.

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