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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach deals with the F.B.I. in the church, but will not divulge any info about Kendall’s and Aidan’s whereabouts. Aidan and Kendall arrive at their destination, unbeknownst to Kendall that the woman knows Aidan. Scott and Adam prepare for Adam’s wedding to Annie. Annie comes into the parlor and wants to call off the wedding. Adam refuses to go along with Annie and demands to get married in the Chandler mansion. Everyone gets ready for Adam’s and Annie’s wedding. Erica and Ryan discuss the possibility of Adam breaking down at the wedding. Emma comes downstairs, all dressed and tells Ryan and Erica that she is ready for the wedding. At the Chandler mansion, Ryan has a talk with Annie that he knows that Adam had killed Stuart, but Annie will not divulge any information. The wedding between Annie and Adam begins. Ryan stands up as if to object, but he offers Annie and Adam his congratulations. Adam begins to see Stuart, who tells him to confess that he had killed Stuart. Stuart shoots Adam and Adam falls to the floor, barely breathing. Annie fears that Adam is dead. Aidan and the mystery woman kiss.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Carly confronts Craig and Rosanna about being lovers behind her back while she was gone to detox. Craig tries to explain, but Carly refuses to listen to anything that Craig says. Craig lets it out that Parker as well as Jack had known about their affair. Jack, in Philadelphia visit’s a bar for a drink and info about one of Brad’s old hang-outs. Jack meets up with an old friend of his, Benny Harris. Katie sits at the hospital, reading a book on childcare. Janet visits her and offers her help, but Katie refuses. Henry comes out of a bookstore and runs into the ghost of Brad. Brad insists that Henry get through to Katie about Brad or he will haunt Henry forever. Teri and Janet have a confrontation concerning Liberty and how Teri was responsible for Liberty not wanting to make a decision about the baby she lost. Dusty walks into the diner and defends Teri. Janet opens up to Dusty about Jack and how Jack had left town. Later at the Metro, Dusty gives Teri a shoulder a lean on. Carly visits Janet to see Jack, but finds out that Jack had known about Craig and Rosanna’s affair. Carly finds out that Jack had left town. Jack encounters a ’jumper, who claims he is Ben Franklin. Jack is able to talk to the man and finds out that his real name is Irv. Carly throws Rosanna, as well as Craig, out of her house.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy is amazed that she is standing here in Bill Spencer’s office telling him how cool he is when he’s known as the bad guy with a horn growing out of his head. They converse about his years growing up. She states that she had it made growing up as a Forrester with all the right schools, went to the best clubs, met the right people, but that did not make them smarter or more interesting. In fact many were very boring, but she admits Bill isn’t. She wonders if he has ever sought approval from anyone. Bridget is nervous to be meeting Sandy Sommers. After all this is the woman who could be carrying their baby for the next nine months. Nick is sure they are going to like each other. They almost sound like twins with doing yoga and liking health foods. The moment arrives and Sandy walks in, hair down and looking very much like Bridget. She has dyed it to a shade only slightly darker. Nicks suggests that they sit down and chat and they both can determine if this arrangement will work for all of them. Katie catches Ridge and Brooke kissing in her office. She laments that she is swamped as the wedding is almost here and she still has not found the right dress.

Bridget is impressed with all the answers that Sandy gives. She admits the money will come in handy in this recession. There is no man in her life, but she chose the surrogacy route even before that. She thought that bringing life into the world for another couple would give her a higher purpose. Ridge tells Katie to wait here; he thinks he might be able to help. Bill tells Steffy that she has a lot of the same qualities that Katie has. That is why he picked Katie for CEO and Steffy for head of PR. When he believes in someone, he backs them all the way. She wonders if Katie really knows him. And she asks about the sword on the chain that he always wears around his neck. He gets up and stands before her so she can touch it and he explains the symbolism. It’s a physical representation that he never gives up. Ridge tells Katie she can put the catalogue away; he has her wedding dress. She is shocked. She knew that Bill asked Ridge but she would not take offense that he wouldn’t. Ridge says he didn’t do it for Bill. He did it for Brooke. Bridget wants to pick Sandy for the surrogate mother, but realizes they really should interview a few more candidates. However, when she explains how important this is to her and reaching her goals, Bridget turns to Nick and they both agree they have found their surrogate. Sandy hugs Bridget; Bridget hugs Nick; one big happy family. Steffy admires Bill and tells him that she wants to be his biggest success story. No one has inspired her like he has. She wants to turn the company into what they knows it can be. She wants to make him proud. She will make him proud. She gives him a big hug, pulls back and looks into his eyes and impulsively kisses him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole tries to get Chad to agree to let her see Sydney if it turns out that he is the father. Chad refuses. Later, Lexie warns Chad to be wary of Nicole. EJ asks Sami to accompany him to Grace’s grave, and the two are able to settle their differences. EJ forgives Sami for what she did, and admits that she was right about his feelings for Sydney. Stefano tells Nicole that she may be close to having EJ accept her and the baby back into the mansion. Rafe waits on DNA results. Arianna worries that EJ may want Sami back when he learns the truth, but Rafe says that that can’t be helped, and that he just has to hope Sami loves him enough to stay with him. Later, EJ spots Rafe on the pier. Sami ends up blurting out to Nicole that Rafe is back in town. Nicole panics. Nathan saves a woman’s life in the pub, as an impressed Caroline and Stephanie look on. Melanie confides in Brady that she still has feelings for Philip. Later, she goes to see Philip, while pretending to be looking for Brady. Philip tells Melanie that he wants to be with her, and will respect her decision if she chooses to be with Nathan, but admits that he knows she is here to see him, not Brady. Brady heads over to the pub to make sure Arianna quits. She gives a shocked Caroline her notice.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason assures Carly that Michael can’t be tied to the murder. Jason tells Carly he “suspected Claudia” for a long time but he was working to get proof. Then Jason tells Carly what happened with Jerry in Mexico. Jason insists he withheld the info from Carly because of her health. Carly still can’t come to terms with Jax’s deceit. Jax won’t tell Dante/Dom the truth about what happened to Claudia. Sonny instructs Michael on what his “cover” story is. Sonny promises to “help” Michael deal with what happened. Michael doesn’t seem affected by what he’s done which worries Jason. Johnny tells Olivia he’s certain Sonny killed Claudia. Olivia does her best to comfort Johnny. Sonny and Jax argue about Michael. Sonny says Jax “chose” Jerry over Michael. Jax blames Sonny for humiliating Claudia at the party. Jason goes to the PCPD for questioning but refuses to tell Lucky anything, even “off the record.” Lucky can’t convince Jason to tell him what really happened with Claudia. Lucky is convinced that Claudia is dead but he says he knows Jason didn’t kill her. Johnny tries to apologize to Michael for Claudia. Michael tells Johnny that Claudia “got exactly what she deserved.” Nikolas runs into Elizabeth at the PCPD. Olivia tells Carly she knew about Jerry’s DVD, which further devastates Carly. By the time Jax arrives at GH for a visit, Carly and the baby have already checked out and gone home. Johnny agrees to keep working for Sonny. Michael tells Jason about his conversation with Johnny. Michael tells Jason he has no remorse for what he did. Olivia wonders why Dante/Dom offered to help Johnny find out what happened to Claudia. Dante/Dom says he plans to prove that Sonny murdered Claudia. Jax goes home and the two argue about his dishonesty. Carly asks Jax to leave.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Marcie McBain pays a surprise visit to Viki and to Starr and her family when she remembers the 1st birthday of both baby Hope and deceased baby Chloe. Dorian and Viki's elections are underway. And it looks like more people support Viki than Dorian. Gigi gets drunk after Rex won't return her calls and Corrine has informed her that he lied about his aunt being sick and that he's choosing not to talk to her and with knowing that Stacy is pregnant with his child. She goes home with Schuyler and is ready to seduce him. Jessica runs into Jared. John, Brody and Rex find out that Nadine and Corinne have scammed them because they were "paid" by somebody. Yet the two women do not lead them to Jared or the mystery involving him. Yet it appears that Nash might not be dead after all.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Lily tells Neil that she and Cane have been talking about having a baby. Murphy tells Jill, Nina, Kay and Philip that Chance was stabbed. Philip assures the group that Chance will be fine. Phyllis asks Nick if Victoria was satisfied with the settlement. Nick assures Phyllis that he is going to make it right for all the people that lost money in the Cayman Islands fiasco. Jack interrupts them in order to congratulate Nick on the great job that he had been doing for Newman Enterprises. Billy and Chloe meet with a man concerning “Restless Style.” Chloe calls Chance, but Jill intercepts the call and tells Chloe that Chance had been stabbed. Nick asks Jack what is he doing here. Billy confronts Nick about evicting “Restless Style.” Phyllis visits Patty and encounters Emily. Jack finds out that Patty sent Summer a letter. Mac tells Billy that she is going to carry a baby for Lily and Cane. Billy is against the idea.

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