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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie plans her wedding in the living room of the Chandler mansion when Scott comes in to join her. Scott is worried that Adam is going to reveal his secret to someone at the hospital if left alone. David, with Angie by his side, holds a press conference announcing his resignation as Chief of Staff of the hospital. Amanda and Trevor arrive at the hospital just in time for David’s announcement. Jake lets Amanda know that David resigned as Chief of Staff. Ryan questions Adam in his hospital exam room about who really killed Stuart and Ryan isn’t talking about Annie. Jake begins to question Angie as to why David resigned. Jesse also begins to wonder why Angie has suddenly been named Chief of Staff. Marissa and J.R. decide to give their marriage another try. David informs everyone that he will have more time to devote to his growing family. Angie opens up to Jesse and tells him what she used against David to make him resign. Amanda sees the doctor and gets “all systems go” on the artificial insemination. Amanda gives Jake the news while the doctor tells David. Adam continues to refuse to tell the truth about who killed Stuart. Ryan comes home to see Emma coloring a picture of the wedding. Ryan lets Emma know that he knows who killed Stuart, and she will never have to talk about it again. Annie gives Lucretia a raise in order for her to agree to be her maid of honor. Adam and Annie happily prepare for their wedding the next day. Adam visits Stuart’s grave and tells him that the secret will die with him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke is upset when he sees dailies of Noah's movie and sees Mason kiss Noah after the movie take is done. Mason tells L8uke that after the movie is finished he will tell Noah how he feels about him. Luke tells Noah about the conversation with Mason but Noah doesn't think Mason has feelings for him. Noah makes it clear to Luke that he doesn't have feelings for Mason.

Holden tells the judge that he wants to end his marriage to Lily and move on with his life. The judge declares Holden alive and annuls his marriage to Lily. Lily is hurt and Holden admits that he still loves her but he has changed and she still needs someone to rescue her. Officer Grady tells Meg that he told Damian that Holden was alive. Meg assures him that she will make sure Damian will get what he deserves. Meg tells Damian that she knows the truth and will Keep his secret as long as they can be friends with benefits.

Craig and Rosanna struggle to find the best way to tell Carly about their relationship. Carly suspects something is going on when she shows up in nothing but a rain coat and Craig tells her to wait because they need to talk. Rosanna arrives and when she sees Carly in Craig's room she lies and says they need to talk about the vitamin water. Craig almost tells Carly the truth but decides not to and makes up a lie about needing to talk to Johnny's teacher. Rosanna comes back and she and Craig discuss how to tell Carly the truth. Craig and Rosanna are shocked when Carly bursts in the door and demands to know when Craig intended to tell her he was sleeping with Rosanna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Steffy that he’s not checking up on her. He has every confidence in her taking on the new job. Everyone watches as the Hollywood Glamour - Time Goes By photo shoot begins. Ridge thanks Bill for treating Brooke with respect. Steffy thanks Bill again for this golden opportunity. He repeats again that she earned it; now don’t rest on her laurels. He expects nothing but the best from her. Nick tells Bridget that he wants to be sure this surrogacy woman has healthy hips….he won’t touch but he will be looking. He’s happy to hear that Sandra is a health nut and into yoga. Since Andrea got caught in an emergency and didn’t have time to set up the interview, she recommends that they call Sandra directly and arrange to get together. Justin asks Donna if she is avoiding him and has she thought about what he said earlier. She stammers that she is a married woman. He tells her that she needs to stand up for what she wants. Her husband was not here today to even support her. Bridget calls Sandra and explains they are interested in the surrogacy and have selected her as their first choice. Ridge doesn’t want to be Bill’s friend, but he admits to Katie and Brooke that Bill recognized Steffy’s talent and he appreciates that.

Steffy goes to Bill’s office to show him the proofs of the shoot. She’s not nearly as nervous as she was entering his office yesterday. She’s beginning to feel more comfortable around him. She also admits that before today she would have said he was ruthless, but she’s seeing a different side of him and thinks he is cool. She declares that she is a way cool chick so they will make a good team. While talking on the phone to Bridget, Sandy Googles the Marones on the internet and sees that Bridget is a fashion heiress married to a powerful rich man. She tells Bridget she is anxious to put her uterus to work and predicts only good things to happen between them.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Carly has a nightmare about Lawrence stabbing Bo and decides to leave his home. Hope confides in Victor that things didn’t go well with Bo, and says that she thinks Bo can find happiness with someone else, as he has before. Victor assumes she must have learned of Lawrence’s death and assures her that Carly won’t be coming to town to take Bo from her. Later we see Hope making a phone call, and two people show up at Bo’s house to arrest Carly. EJ and Arianna have an argument about Rafe and Nicole. Rafe overhears Sami and Nicole discussing the results of the paternity test, which will be released the next day. Rafe later heads off to get Sami and Sydney’s DNA compared. Arianna warns him that the results may drive Sami back into EJ’s arms. Sami goes to see EJ with Sydney, asking him why he can’t just be happy living with Sydney and her mother. Nicole thanks Brady for always being there for her, and for loving her for who she really is. Melanie and Nathan begin to make love, but she can’t stop fantasizing about Philip.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason, Max, and Milo leave Claudia’s gravesite. An unidentified person comes out of the woods. Maxie sees Sonny from outside of Kate’s house – she notices the bloody handprint on his shirt. Dante/Dom and Lulu discuss his plans for Sonny. Luke comes to GH to visit, interrupting the conversation. Johnny grills Sam on the evening’s events. When Sam is no help, Johnny goes to Spinelli to try and get the location of the cabin. Spinelli offers Johnny no information. Sonny tries to justify what Michael did to Claudia. Carly asks Jax to keep the murder between them. Jax thinks the truth should be told and he wonders about the emotional repercussions on Michael. Jax thinks “covering up” the murder is “Sonny’s way” of handling things. Johnny listens outside of Carly’s room as she gives her statement to the police. Elizabeth and Nikolas run into each other while checking on Lulu at GH. Dante/Dom goes to see Sonny and notices clothes burning in the fireplace. Tracy and Ethan arrive at Lulu’s room. Tracy notices Luke’s interest in Nik and Liz. Maxie mentions the blood on Sonny’s shirt to Johnny. Jason worries that Michael will “confess.” Sonny and Jason send Dante/Dom to the cabin where he runs into Johnny. Johnny is convinced that Sonny killed Claudia. Johnny tells Dante/Dom about the blood on Sonny’s shirt. Dante/Dom offers to help Johnny find Claudia’s body. Sonny tries to help Michael work through his feelings. Sonny says he’s happy Michael did what he did to “save” Carly. Michael says he can “learn” from Sonny but Sonny says he wants a “better” life for Michael. Jax tells Carly about the DVD confession from Jerry. Carly is upset with Jax’s deception. Carly dismisses Jax when Jason comes for a visit. Jason goes home and tells Sam the mess has been cleaned up. Someone appears to be collecting info on Jason, including a photo of him with Claudia’s body.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At the boarding school, Matthew is ready to escape to Tahiti with Dani after she's informed him that her mother is going to take her away. But he is kind of torn between her and Destiny and admits how much Destiny means to him and how much he will misses her. Meanwhile, Tea, Elijah and the head mistress all try and fail to find Dani. Bo and Nora admit that they have always loved each other. And she concludes that she is going to break up with Clint. And they decide to go back to Llanview together. Stacy gloats when she notices that Gigi is not able to get a hold of Rex when he is in Michigan. Rex's aunt Corrine and Brody's sister have Rex and Brody drugged and tied up. John comes by. Brody breaks free. Jessica gets ready to leave and go back to her daughter. But when she's outside in the dark, it appears that she runs into somebody. It might be Jared. IT might be Nash.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Cane sighs as he calls out for the doctor. Neil asks Dr. Kershaw about the test results. Kay tells Jill to give Cane and Lily her love as Jill leaves to go to the hospital. Jack approaches Kay about what she is planning on doing and that he wants in on it. Jeff reminds Gloria that they are getting evicted the next day. Gloria assures him that Michael had told her that things would be fine. Nina and Philip walk into the coffeehouse but wants to look at the menu before they order. Philip lets Nina know that Chance is here. Chloe tells Chance that she forgives him. Chance is surprised. Philip interrupts Chance and Chloe. Nick and Ashley set up a trust fund for Faith and Abby. Ashley suggests having a board meeting to discuss their options. Mac gets a call that Lily is in the hospital. Mac gives Billy the news and they leave immediately. Victoria lets Billy know that she is moving to New York. Jack tells Ashley what Kay is planning, but Ashley wants no part of it. Lily gets past her emergency. Cane and Lily discuss having babies. Chloe signs the divorce papers. Chance gets stabbed. Jeff and Gloria find out that they are getting their money back from the Cayman Islands fiasco. Mac offers to be a surrogate for Lily and Cane.

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