Wednesday 11/4/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 11/4/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Wildwind, David is telling Liza that Jake and Amanda might have made love that night at ConFusion. Liza reprimands him for trying to rule Amanda’s life. Jake and Amanda arrive and lets David know that nothing will separate them. Zach is on the cell phone in his cell and wonders why Kendall hadn’t answered him back. Kendall and Aidan reads Zach’s current message, but she wonders why he hadn’t said anything about Adam. Aidan refuses to tell Kendall about her current messages from Zach. At the police station, Ryan and Erica come to the conclusion that Adam had killed Stuart and that Annie had been protecting him. At the Chandler mansion, Adam tells Annie that he is going to turn himself in to the police. Annie refuses to let Adam turn himself in. Scott walks in and also voices his refusal about Adam turning himself in. Annie and Scott realize that Ryan and Erica had drugged Adam in order to make Adam remember what had happened the night of Stuart’s murder. Kendall calls Zach but is interrupted. Aidan, upon arriving back at the church realizes that Kendall had called Zach and destroys the cell phone.

Zach finds Kendall at the church. They all realize that the FBI will be on Aidan’s and Kendall’s trail. Adam is taken into the hospital with chest pains. David shows Angie the test results about Adam. Annie tells Adam that she is pregnant. Angie threatens to go to the police with what she knows unless David steps down as Chief of Staff. Erica sneaks in to see Adam at the hospital. Adam tells Erica that he will continue to let Kendall take the blame for Stuart’s murder. The FBI find Zach in the church.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Noah and Mason are busy directing Noah’s documentary. Noah wonders why Luke isn’t there. At the ranch, Holden tells Luke and Lily about Holden getting his death revalidated and also to have his and Lily’s marriage annulled. Lily objects to what Holden is doing. At the hospital, Damian gets his gunshot wound looked at when Meg watches through the glass in the door. Meg slips in and starts to massage Damian’s shoulders. Damian accuses Meg of stalking him. Carly demands to know what is going on with Craig and Rosanna, but they refuse to tell her. Craig lies to Carly and tells her that he was just concerned about Carly knowing about Jack’s involvement in Brad’s death. Carly seems to buy Craig’s lie. Lily, upset leaves the ranch, but Luke catches up with her and persuades he to tell Holden how she really feels. Holden lets Luke know that Damian was with Lily at the cabin when Holden arrived. Carly hugs Craig but Craig pulls away. Rosanna walks in on Carly and Craig kissing.

Carly begs Craig and Rosanna to accompany her to the AA meeting .The court hearing begins for the annulment of Lily’s and Holden’s marriage. Damian interrupts. Holden gives Lily an ultimatum either she get Damian out of her life for good or she will lose Holden for good. Meg gets a visit from a Kentucky State Police, who tells her that Damian knew that Holden was alive.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Ridge enjoy the steam room…it’s smokin’. Bridget and Nick speak with Owen about the surrogacy program. She is anxious to set up some interviews today. Owen reminds them they will be literally living with this woman for nine months so it has to be someone special. They will want to check her out for personal habits, her medical history, get her on a good eating regime, all to help to have a healthy baby. He seems to be a little envious that they are going to be able to do this and he isn’t. Steffy is over the moon happy that Bill gave her a promotion and she will now be head of public relations. Bill tells her that he didn’t give it to her, she earned it. And she will have to be part bulldog and part pussycat. She thanks him with gratitude.

Nick and Bridget look over the profiles of applicants. Andrea tells them that some are willing to relocate from another city and some can stay right in their house if they have a spare room. They are really high on one Sandra Summers. Andrea says she will call and set up an interview; just that quick. She calls and leaves a message for Sandra. She has found her the perfect couple. This is going to work beautifully. She reminds her that she went out on a limb for her, so do not let her down. She calls her Agnes. Nick and Bridget also think things are going to be wonderful.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Hope learns that Carly is staying is staying in her house, and that she is on the run for killing her husband. Hope later confronts Bo about it, but he claims that Carly needs his help and that he can’t turn his back on her. Hope gives him 24 hours to resolve the situation, threatening to turn Carly in otherwise. Justin refuses to help Carly when she refuses to give him the whole story about Lawrence and his murder. Bo vows that he will find some other way to help her. Vivian learns that Carly is in Salem, and vows to crush her. Arianna admits to Brady that she is a drug dealer. He gives her one day to quit working at the pub, and tells her to stay away from him. Arianna tells Roman what happened, and he warns her again that she will go back to jail if her cover is blown. Rafe and Sami reunite and make love. He tells her that he is working on a case that involves their future, and asks her not to tell anyone that he is back in town.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Michael continues his search for Carly. Dante/Dom tries his best to keep Lulu from passing out in the water by telling her stories about Sonny’s crimes. Sonny talks with Olivia about Kristina. Carly begs Claudia to give her the baby. As Claudia heads out of the house with the baby, Michael appears and hits Claudia with an ax. Jason and Sam arrive just after Claudia falls to the floor, dead. Jason hands the baby to Carly. Lulu passes out just as Johnny and the paramedics arrive. Jax heads to Sonny’s house thinking Michael is there. Jason calls Sonny and asks for backup from Max and Milo then says Carly and the baby are fine. Carly fills Jason in on what happened. Jason instructs Carly to tell the police that she delivered the baby on her own while Claudia was unconscious in the car. Sam takes Carly and the baby to GH. Michael tells Jason he was heading for Canada when he happened upon Carly and Claudia. When Sonny arrives, Michael tells him what happened. Michael blames himself for not speaking up about Claudia sooner. Jax is waiting at GH with Olivia when Carly and the baby arrive. Carly and the baby are in good health. Michael tells Sonny about his memories of Claudia’s confession. Sonny promises to help Michael cope. Michael compares himself to Sonny. Max and Milo help Jason dispose of Claudia’s body then set the house on fire. Johnny sees Olivia at GH when he arrives with Dante/Dom and Lulu. Johnny wonders what happened to Claudia. Sam tells Johnny that Carly had the baby on her own. Dante/Dom is suspicious that Jason and Sonny took care of Claudia. Maxie tries to handle an emergency outside Kate’s house and she sees Sonny come home with blood on his shirt. Carly tells Jax the truth about what happened.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

In London, Dani and Matthew plan to escape their boarding school while Matthew's roommate creates a diversion. Tea and Eli arrive at the boarding school. The headmistress advises her that Ross had been there. Tea introduces Eli to Dani and tells her she is moving her to another school because this one is no longer safe. Dani sees her father's picture on the headmistress's desk with the instructions that he is not to have access to Dani. While Tea thinks Dani is getting her things to leave with Tea, Dani and Matthew are executing their escape. When Dani opens Matthew's dorm room door, Destiny is standing there. At the Buchanan compound, Bo and Nora admit they love each other. Clint calls Nora. Afterwards, Nora decides she should go back to Llanview and Clint tells Nigel to get the plane ready to take him to London.

In Llanview, Todd Manning hires a private detective to find out information about Tea Delgado. Blair overhears them when she enters Todd's office to inform him that they are giving Hope's first birthday party. She tries to persuade Todd to let Tea go. Kim procures an ultrasound image of a baby one month farther along than Stacy's baby is so they can continue to fool Rex. She informs Stacy that she heard that Bo Buchanan only has eyes for his ex, and that they are in London together. Stacy tells Kim she has her eyes on the wrong Buchanan. She should go after Clint Buchanan, who is here alone in Llanview while his wife if in London with his brother. Shaun sees Greg and Rachel kissing. he tells Greg he knew he would try to steal Rachel and congratulates him on winning. He tells Rachel that she should have told him the truth. Then he tells her that Greg is only interested in the pursuit. He warns her that when there is no one for Greg to steal Rachel from, he will stop having time for her, and Rachel will be alone.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Neil tells Katherine that that sounds great. Lily is overjoyed that Neil had taken the news so good that she and Cane had renewed their vows. Neil tells Lily that Katherine sends her best and then he leaves. Chloe tells Chance that she was the warm up act for Chance and Philip. Nina tells Chance that she is glad that he had finally said something to Philip. Jill thanks Paul for helping her find Katherine’s real daughter. Paul encourages Jill to find her own mother. Mac asks Billy if he is running “Restless Style” from her bar. Jack reallocates all Restless Style ad money into a holiday push for television and other ad media. Chloe gives Billy a perfect idea for the next issue of Restless Style of models in waders fishing for hunks. Billy loves the idea. Billy warns Jack that patty is there and tries to steer Jack clear of Patty, or so he thinks. Chance starts to arrest Emily until he finds out who Emily really is. Lily becomes sick and is taken to the hospital where she has an infection and her temperature is spiking.

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