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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Sitting at ConFusion, Marissa shares with Tad her reticence at having a baby with J.R., because she thinks he's doing it for the wrong reasons. Tad gets Marissa to look at the bright side and realize that children are our most important legacy and an echo of the love two people once shared. Meanwhile, J.R. arrives at the cancer support group meeting and is told that his new friend, Trent, died. During the meeting, he remembers Trent saying how he drank and partied until his wife left him, then finally died alone. J.R. arrives at ConFusion and announces he no longer wants a baby then orders a scotch. After Tad slaps it out of his hand and calls him a jerk, J.R. goes to find a quiet place to drink while Tad and Marissa go to the cancer center to find out what happened. While they're talking to the doctor, J.R. returns looking for his phone, so Marissa tries to talk to him about not giving up. All of a sudden, Tad announces that J.R. is in remission.

Aidan lies to Kendall and pretends that Zach hasn't written to her. Meanwhile, Zach sits in a jail cell wondering why Kendall hasn't responded to his message saying Adam remembered. Aidan and Kendall enjoy a bottle of wine that he found in the cellar while he flirts and talks of his childhood and his quest for adventures. Wanting to clean up a bit, Kendall goes out to the creek while Aidan sends phony messages from Zach and Kendall to each other. When Adam realizes that he killed his beloved brother, Annie stops him from killing himself by assuring him it was a terrible accident. As Erica and Ryan appear, Annie grabs Adam's gun and holds them at bay while Scott takes Adam home. Although Erica and Ryan urge Annie to tell the police the truth so Kendall can return home, she's afraid that the killer will be shown no mercy but hands Ryan the gun and goes with them to the police station. Jesse urges Annie to admit she killed Stuart, but she just asks for a lawyer. Back at Chandler Mansion, Scott assures his uncle that he doesn't want to avenge his father's death, and there would be no justice in punishing him when he didn't even know what he'd done. Adam explains that he was trying to end his own life when he shot Stuart. Jesse sends two officers to question Adam, but he keeps silent because Annie didn't turn him in. Once Jesse decides to let her go, Annie insists on pressing charges against Erica and Ryan for what they've done to her and Adam, but Jesse advises her to just leave. When Annie returns, Adam announces that he wants to confess. Ryan begins to think that maybe Annie's telling the truth, and she didn't kill Stuart but has been covering up for Adam.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly shows up at the Memorial Service for Brad, notices Jack is hurting deeply and tries to offer him support. Craig and Rosanna believe Brad’s death proves how fleeting love can be and how precious life is. Katie is grieving by herself and struggling desperately with getting through this, as Brad and Henry watch. Brad pleads with an unknowing Katie that he is next to her and that she needs to see him, but all she can see is Henry, who she rails at again. Margo, Craig and Rosanna take Katie home, as Brad tries to come up with a plan while he enlists Henry’s help, who is none to happy about it. Jack and Carly talk about her rehab stay and how she is back for good. Carly says something that strikes a nerve and Jack wants to change the subject so they head inside the church, but everyone is gone. Katie offers Liberty a few things of Brad and words of comfort as well while Liberty continues to be cryptically bitter about what she found out about Jack. Brad wills himself through a door to spend time with a distraught Katie, as he touches her face he is sure that Katie felt something. However, Henry, who wants to check on her, interrupts them, but Katie has nothing to say to him. Brad is irate because Henry interrupted them. Later they talk about Vienna and how Henry owes him to make this right. Janet catches up with Jack, who is still unforgiving of himself. He tells her that he saw Carly, but did not tell her what she has in store because he has learned that he has no right to cast stones when it comes to Craig since he is no better now. Rosanna and Craig are coming home when they are stunned to find Carly there. Carly tells Craig that they need to talk but when Carly takes a call from Sage, Craig urges Rosanna to let Carly break up with him since that is what she is obviously doing so she can save face. Instead, Carly tells Craig that she needs to give him his ring back because she answered when she was drunk. His love and friendship got her through rehab, she wants him to ask her to marry her again the proper way, and she will say yes, as Rosanna and Craig are stunned. Jack tells Margo the truth about drinking the night of Brad’s death and then turns in his gun and badge. Liberty is still angry about Jack and Parker wants her to say whatever she has been hinting at, as Janet warns her not to do this, but Liberty tells Parker that Jack was drinking when Brad got shot. A hurt Parker doesn’t believe her and heads off to find out the truth. Jack goes to see Katie and tells her the truth about the night of Brad’s death, as she still doesn’t blame him citing the fact that she knows him and he wouldn’t have been there if he had been impaired. She tries to absolve him of his guilt, but Jack leaves with a heavy heart. Brad continues to urge Henry to help him because if he has to sell his soul, he wants to come back to life to be with his wife; he is here for a reason and Henry needs to help him with what it is. Jack watches Liberty and Janet talk unknown to them and then leaves Janet a note. Janet later gets it saying that he loves her, but he needs to go away to somehow make peace with what he did. Standing alone in her house, Katie calls out to Brad wondering if he is there. Craig is thrown when Carly admits that she wants to start over with him and get married the right way, as Rosanna is stunned. Parker interrupts and is thrilled to see his mom home. Carly tells him that she is happy that things are finally how they should be, as Parker remarks that they have not told his mother. A clueless Carly wonders what he is talking about, as Craig and Rosanna look nervous and guilty.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Between kisses, Katie shows Bill the new projections for her new campaign. She is sure he will love it as it is going to blow the competition out of the water. He wants to hear more so she outlines the old Hollywood legends showcased in their elegant gowns. Bill is not as crazy about the concept as Katie is, but he’s willing to listen. Steffy comes in so Katie exits and has Steffy pitch the idea to Bill. She starts off with a chip on her shoulder as she doesn’t like seeing Bill sitting so comfortably in her grandfather’s chair in what was his office. Bill quips that it is just a chair. She brings in two models dressed in gowns associated with old Hollywood. Bill doesn’t shoot her down and says she has one thing for sure – persistence. Stephanie tells Pam that she was wonderful on The Catwalk. She did just fine after she got over her shakes and she stole the whole show away from Donna. Over at Jackie M’s, Whip makes a suggestion about going back to the Garden of Eden for Owen and Jackie. Jackie doesn’t want her husband to be paraded around half naked except to her. They all agree to modify this idea with clothing Adam and Eve in fabulous clothes and it would be a sin not to pick Jackie M.

Bill tells Steffy he will take her ideas under advisement. She vows that she won’t leave his office until she wins him over. With glamour you either have it or you don’t. Forrester has it. Bridget stumbles across the surrogacy brochure in Jackie’s office. Nick sees her looking over it and he encourages her to consider this as another option in having their own baby. She’s hesitant as it is not the same as her carrying the baby, but she knows that is not a good option. She admits she is really wanting a baby of their own, so this seems like a Godsend.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo solicits Justin’s help on Carly’s behalf—at her insistence. Hope heads over to her house in an attempt to talk things over with Bo, but finds Carly there alone, sleeping in their bed. Victor tells Brady that Arianna is a drug dealer. Furious, Brady confronts Arianna. Sami lays into Mia for what she has done to both Chad and Will, but Nicole reminds her of the mistakes they’ve both made in their pasts, and Sami softens. Mia asks Will for his forgiveness, promising to never lie to him again, but Will claims that she doesn’t deserve forgiveness. Rafe learns that Nicole is living with Sami, and collects Sydney’s teething ring and Sami’s toothbrush to use for a DNA match. He ends up hiding when Nicole returns, and overhears her talking to Stefano, learning that Stefano is on her side. Rafe later bumps into Sami outside her house. Stefano attempts to talk EJ into taking Nicole and Sydney back, but he refuses. Stefano tells Nicole that he will continue to work on EJ, as time is on their side.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Dante/Dom and Johnny work to rescue Lulu but her leg is pinned under something in the water. Johnny goes to get help. Dante/Dom stays with Lulu as the water continues to pour in. Claudia finds Carly. Claudia tries to help Carly work through her pain. Carly thinks something is wrong and asks Claudia’s help in repositioning the baby’s shoulders. Claudia complies. Carly panics when the baby is born but silent. Sam frets at the penthouse with Spinelli. Jax and Sonny continue to argue about where Michael and Morgan will spend the night. The boys choose to stay with Jax but the arguing continues. Olivia does her best to mediate. Jax tells Olivia that Sonny is responsible for Carly’s situation. Jason bursts in on a family waiting out the storm, thinking he’s found Carly. Jason apologizes and returns to the penthouse. Spinelli continues to search video footage and Jason finally spots Carly. Jason and Sam head off to search for Carly and Claudia. Dante/Dom refuses to leave Lulu’s side. Michael blames himself for what happened to Carly. Morgan tries to be the voice of reason. Olivia heads to Sonny’s to wait things out with him. The two discuss their past. Sonny regrets that he has nothing left of his relationship with Olivia. Morgan tells Jax that Michael is missing. Lulu says she knows Dante/Dom is an undercover cop. Dante/Dom admits his real career and identity. Michael finds Claudia’s abandoned car. The baby seems to be ok but Claudia won’t hand her over to Carly.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody awaits the outcome of Viki's and Dorian's election results. Meanwhile, Dorian knows she is not over David and that it's a lie to have married Amelia. Nick is similarly depressed to know that Kyle has left him at the altar because he really loves Oliver Fish. Rex gets an urgent phone call from his aunt in Michigan who tells him she is dying and desperately needs his help, so he rushes to her side. John realizes it's a bit odd that it happened right after Brody got a call about a family emergency for his sister in Michigan. It appears that Rex's aunt and Brody's sister are working together. Brody is bound and gagged, and they are ready to drug Rex.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Lily and Cane wake up together. Cane inquires as to how Lily is feeling. Lily asks him can’t he tell how she is feeling. Chance catches up with Chloe. Chloe asks Chance where had he been that she hadn’t been seeing him. Chloe tells Chance that Billy had kissed Halloween night and she had blew him off. Chance lets Chloe know that he is proud of her. Jill meets with Kay and lets her know how inappropriate that it was of her to announce her return to Jabot. Neil comes in to join Kay and Jill. Paul asks Nina had she seen the article in “Restless Style’ about Patty. Nina replies that she had. Emily comes in to join Paul and Nina. Kay tells Jill and Neil that she is planning on making some acquisitions. Devon tells Roxanne that he is happy because of her and goes on to invite her to a ball game. Emily tells Paul to stay away from Patty. Emily tells Paul that she is going back to Minnesota. Paul tells Nina that Nikki had left town with Victor. Neil visits Lily and finds out that she had been out shopping for supplies to make pot roast. Jill meets with Paul to ask him to find Kay’s real daughter.

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