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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Liza has baby Stuart in her arms when Bailey walks in. Liza orders Bailey to leave, but Bailey refuses. David talks to Bailey’s ex in the Confusion bar. Bailey’s ex watches Amanda and Jake coming on to each other. David orders Bailey’s ex to stop talking the mother of his children. Annie and Scott are still trapped in the elevator. Annie grabs Scott and kisses him. Aidan and Kendall are still trapped in the church. Adam remembers shooting Stuart while Erica, Zach and Ryan watches. Erica questions Adam as to what he remembers. When Adam looks at Erica he imagines seeing Annie. Kendall wants Aidan to distract her so that she will not miss Pine Valley so much. Scott owns up to being attracted to Annie. David walks in on Amanda and Jake, kissing. Adam grabs a revolver and orders Zach to leave him alone. Scott helps Annie escape from the elevator. Adam orders Erica, Zach and Ryan to leave him alone. Adam sounds the alarm so that the guards will come. Adam tells the guards that he had caught these three breaking in and wants them arrested . The guards holds Erica, Ryan and Zach while Adam escapes. Amanda worries what if she cannot get pregnant again. Annie and Scott walk in to the mansion just as Erica explains to Jesse that Adam had remembered, who had killed Stuart. Annie and Scott leave, abruptly, to find Adam before Ryan and Erica can. Zach is arrested and taken off to jail. David pays Liza a visit to continue what they had started at the casino.

Jake assures Amanda that things will be fine as he kisses her. Ryan and Erica cannot find Adam until Erica realizes that Adam must have gone to Stuart’s grave. Adam visits Stuart’s grave. Jesse sneaks Zach a cell phone into his cell. Bailey runs into Damon at the casino. They begin to kiss, thus Bailey ignoring Liza’s call. Zach texts Kendall to tell her that things are almost over, but Aidan intercepts the call and pushes the lid down on the laptop. Adam begins to kill himself at Stuart’s grave when Annie gets there just in time. Annie tells Adam that he has her to live for.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

The people of Oakdale prepare for Brad’s funeral; Katie is still in a fog while struggling to deal with Brad’s death, as she seems to be pulling away from her baby. Parker can’t deal with Craig and Rosanna today, as Craig assures her that it is the day and given time, Parker will come around. Jack has been drinking, as he works on what to say at the service, which upsets Janet. Liberty is furious when she overhears Jack and Janet discussing that he was also drinking the night of Brad’s death, as she takes off and Jack tells Janet to go after her. Henry is a basket case, as he tries to figure out why he is seeing ‘Brad’. At his checkup, Brad pops up and tells him that they have to help Katie, as Henry is near his breaking point thinking he is crazy, as he runs around with his fingers jammed in his ears to stop himself from hearing Brad’s request. He stops long enough to agree with him that something is wrong with Katie when Allison tells him that she isn’t spending time with her baby. Brad asks Henry to find him a childhood notebook of his that he brought back from the farm. Margo isn’t too thrilled that Maddie is going to the service because she is Henry’s sister. Maddie tells Casey that she thinks Henry should go. Katie wants to be alone, as she heads to the service even as Margo, Craig and Rosanna offer her a ride and support. Jack struggles with his grief, as Holden tries to reach him and let him know that Brad knew Jack loved and was proud of him. Jack promises to see Holden at the service. Jack later has memories of Brad and him as kids. Katie goes to see her baby, as she breaks down about how sad she is that Brad won’t ever see him grow up. Henry comes to see Katie, but she is furious and wants nothing to do with him. As she is kicking him out, Henry sees the notebook and realizes Brad is not in his imagination and leaves it out for Katie to see, which she does. Rosanna and Craig bond over this grief and talk about how happiness and love can be fleeting. Allison, Maddie and Casey find themselves sitting together at the service. Maddie is upset when she finds out that Allison saw Henry and he was acting funny. She rushes to go find him, as Margo sees Allison with Casey and is happy, which makes them laugh because now Margo approves when they are broken up. Maddie finds Henry and finally convinces him that he has to go to the service no matter how much he thinks Katie hates him; he will always regret not being there for Katie if he doesn’t go. The service is scheduled to begin, as Jack is nowhere to be found. Janet wants to stall, but Liberty doesn’t think they should. Craig actually talks at the service and is very complimentary of Brad’s love for Katie and his assurances that Brad will not be forgotten in his son. Janet speaks and as she breaks down Liberty says a few words. As Jack looks on unnoticed from the balcony, Katie finally speaks about Brad and then talks about her baby’s name and how it came to her when she found something of Brad’s from the 6th grade. He writes in his journal about how much of a hero he thinks Jack is to him; he wants to grow up to be like him. She decides that her baby’s name will be Jacob Bradley Snyder, as an emotional Jack leaves. A still angry Liberty wonders how Janet could be worried about Jack when he skipped out on his own brother’s service or how Katie could name her baby after the man that killed her baby’s father, as a irate Janet sets her straight. Rosanna tells Craig how proud of him she is after the words he spoke, as Craig tells her that she made him a better man. He admits that he has fallen in love with her, as Rosanna slowly admits that she is in love with him too. After the service, Katie finds herself alone, as she breaks down again, as ‘Brad’ and Henry watch her. Jack is rushing out of the church when he runs into a woman in a black dress and hat wondering if she is too late for the service. Jack looks at her to find himself staring at Carly.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie and Bill enjoy the privileges of the steam room. Donna finishes up her stint on The Catwalk with interviewing the photographer, but it’s boring and the audience yawns. Eric comes down and is surprised to see that Justin is Donna’s producer and is giving her tips for the camera. Bill walks up and senses some tension. Eric thinks Justin is just trying to get close to his wife and insists that she leave with him. Bill puts him on the spot by asking Donna if she doesn’t think she has something to say about this. Donna tells Eric to please not ask her to choose between him and work that she enjoys doing. Eric tells Justin he knows his wife better than he does, and he knows her needs. He jerks her off to talk to her alone. He explains that it is a very difficult time for him losing the company. He wants them to go away, just the two of them and remember what is good in their lives. She reminds him that she is now VP at Forrester. This is a dream come true and she can’t leave right now. He needs to support her. Justin sees how conflicted she is.

Thomas and Steffy have lunch at a restaurant with Taylor. She isn’t happy to hear that the Logans have taken over literally; Forrester’s is their birthright. In a brainstorming session Steffy pitches her idea of an old Hollywood theme with Brooke and Katie modeling the dresses like Ava Gardner and Audrey Hepburn wore in the movies – chic and elegant while the rest of the world is based in Paris and Milan. Thorne, Brooke and Katie love the idea and they tell Steffy she did good, and now it can be the Logans and Forresters together doing good things. Eric tells Marcus that he knows Justin is his bio father, but he doesn’t like how close he is getting to Donna and he doesn’t feel he can be trusted. Justin tells Donna that he savors every moment she is on the set. Eric should want that too. He claims they would still be together if it weren’t for certain circumstances. He declares that he still has that passion. He believes she does too and her needs are not being met. He knows Eric is rich and has been good to her, but begs her to come back to him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stefano assures Nicole that Mia’s lie about sleeping around will enable Nicole to get EJ to take her and Sydney back into the house. She heads over to tell EJ about it, but he tells Nicole that he won’t take her and Sydney back, although he admits that he was never happier than when all three of them were together. Stefano returns home from the hospital and also tries to convince EJ to take Sydney back, considering the news about Chad, but EJ refuses. Mia tells both Chad and Will that she slept around a lot after Chad left town, and she isn’t sure who Sydney’s father is. Will dumps her. Chad storms off and ends up confiding in Sami, who isn’t sure Mia is telling the truth about sleeping around until she hears that she told Will. Sami rushes off to find Mia, while Chad vows to go through with the DNA test anyway. Sami is surprised to find Nicole comforting Mia and telling her that she did the right thing. Rafe tells Arianna his suspicions regarding Nicole switching Sydney and Grace at birth. He decides to conduct his own DNA test to prove that Sydney is Sami’s baby, but decides not to tell anyone he is back in town until he has proof of what Nicole did. We learn Meredith was involuntarily checked into a psychiatric ward. Brady tells Victor that he and Arianna got back together, and Victor informs him that Arianna is a drug dealer.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

With Lulu and Dante/Dominic’s help, Spinelli looks at security footage. Michael blames himself for the situation with his mother. Alexis turns down Sonny’s plea to get Jason out of jail. Jason tries to talk Lucky into setting him free. Lucky seems ready to help when Mac calls him away from Jason. Jax and Michael break the news about Carly to Morgan. Carly wakes up in the back of the car but Claudia doesn’t. Carly heads out into the storm on foot. She finds an empty house and takes shelter. Carly tries to fight the contractions, as she gets ready for the baby’s arrival. Dante/Dominic goes to Ronnie to help find Carly. Ronnie says helping find Carly may compromise their cover. Spinelli finds footage of two women in a car so Sam takes off in pursuit. Olivia goes to Jax to lend him moral support. Jax blames himself for not telling Carly the truth about Jerry. Dante/Dominic and Lulu head for the Zacchara house and run into Johnny. Lulu falls through the floor and ends up in the water. Alexis has a change of heart and heads to the PCPD and gets Jason released. Alexis asks Sonny to give Kristina some space. Kristina tells Molly all the horrible things Sonny said at the party. When Alexis comes home, Kristina wonders if she caused Claudia to take Carly hostage. Alexis does her best to explain Sonny’s behavior to Kristina. Jason heads home then goes off to look for Carly. Sonny fights with Jax over taking the boys home. Carly fights another contraction just as Claudia bursts through the front door of the house.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While on the flight to find Dani in London before Ross, Tea confesses to Elijah that Ross is not her father's daughter. Todd Manning is. They both know that both men will be furious with her for that. While Dani and Matthew are talking about their similar situations and how they can escape from the boarding school, she can somehow "sense" her father's presence while Ross breaks in, demands they let him see his daughter but gets removed from the boarding school. Bo and Nora admit that they have always been in love even though she is married to Clint and he has never forgiven her for her past indiscretion. Back in Llanview, Rachel admits to Shaun that she does not love him. Greg is the man she has "feelings" for. Fish admits to the anti gay protesters that he is gay and proud of it. Kyle then admits he cannot go through with marrying Nick when he only loves Fish. Dorian is ready to marry Amelia. David views them from the television and is devastated.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Lily is upset that all the trick or treaters had taken all the chocolate caramels. Lauren tells Michael not to give her look because she had just lost two employees. Michael gets a call from Gloria, who wants to see him as soon as possible. Michael wishes that he could be like Victor and leave town. Amber thanks Mac for letting her get their things out of the back. Amber goes off on Billy when Billy walks in. Billy refuses to speak to Amber. Mac lets Billy know that they are not fine. Ashley and Abby have a conversation about Abby’s actions from the night before. Abby denies having anything to drink. Noah and Sharon have a discussion about the article in “Restless Style” about Victor. Nick assures Victor that he will make him proud of him. Adam walks into Nick’s office. Nick orders Adam to stay away from Sharon. Gloria tells Michael that she and Jeff are about to be evicted. Sharon tells Billy that she quits “Restless Style.” Ashley assures Nick that Victor has faith in him. Amber tells Abby and Daisy that she had accepted a position at Lauren’s boutique.

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