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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

While walking their son in the park, David and Amanda look forward to having a second child for totally different reasons. Amanda has already scheduled an appointment with a fertility expert so she can quickly produce another Hayward baby and get back to her life with Jake. When her boyfriend Damon visits her at Liza's, Bailey denies that baby Stuart is their son, then hires a sitter, so she can wear Colby's costume and go to the Halloween party at ConFusion.  Jake enlists Liza's help in keeping David busy and away from his wife, but when Bailey shows up, Liza quickly departs to get back to her baby. Krystal confides to Tad that she feels emotionally empty and fears she will never find another partner. She becomes furious when Tad informs her of David's latest scheme and slaps David hard. To get back at her, David points out that she must be upset because she can't have any children while Amanda is giving him two. At that point, Tad has to restrain Krystal from bashing David's skull in.

When Natalia angrily confronts her father for thwarting her efforts the previous day, he suspends her for not following his orders. Angie urges Jesse to stop trying to protect everyone in the family and start trusting them, because they're strong enough to handle anything. Dressed as a clown, Brot apologizes to Natalia for disabling her car and manages to make her laugh. Erica, Ryan, and Zach continue gaslighting Adam while Annie and Scott are trapped in the Fusion elevator. As Annie has a panic attack, Scott tries to calm her down, and they end up kissing. After Adam takes one of David's pills, he feels dizzy so Erica takes him home where Zach is waiting with special effects that re-create the night of Stuart's murder. When the lights go out and thunder rolls, Adam remembers everyone threatening him that stormy night, knocking out Tad in the front hall, and finally shooting his own brother from the terrace.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Holden spies Lily kissing Damian and leaves. Lily breaks away and confesses that she can't keep doing this, running back and forth between him and Holden. Maeve hands out candy to little trick or treaters. She and Lucinda have a frosty introduction. Henry frees Terri from her restraints. Dusty calls Margo that he can lead her to Manzo. Katie is moping at home about Brad's death. Margo stops by and convinces her that she must be strong for the baby's sake. Kim stops by and informs her they are doing a special at the TV studio dedicated to Brad. Back home, Maeve runs into Holden outside his room. He invites her in for a drink before she leaves Oakdale. Later Lily stops by and Maeve lets her assume she and Holden are sleeping together. She thinks she did Holden a favor as he deserves better than Lily who is already married to another man. She initiates a kiss.

Katie can't stay away and ends up at the studio and tells Kim that she wants to go on the air. But she breaks down when discussing her love for Brad and that he won't get a chance to see their baby. Manzo holds a gun to Dusty's back and leads him into the lobby. Margo pulls a gun on him while Dusty ducks. Manzo grabs a hostage and gets away. Margo tells Henry, Dusty and Terri to bow out. This is police business now. Henry watches the special on TV and with a renewed vengeance vows he will get Ralph for being responsible for his friend's death. He grapples with Ralph but Margo steps in and arrests Manzo. Henry thanks Margo for saving his life, but sees double and thinks he still sees Brad before him. Maeve confesses to Holden that Lily was there and she thought she did him a favor by setting him free. Now he can finally let her go and get on with his life. They like each other a lot, but Holden says they can only be friends. She wants him to be happy and says goodbye. Lily tells Damian that she doesn't think it is going to work out after all with her and Holden. But she can be strong and focus on her work. He makes her promise not to get the annulment just yet.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna can’t get Pam to do anything but just stare into the camera. Donna has to resort to going and bringing out a calendar with a Doberman and Pam points to it and says that’s her Tiny. She confesses that Donna did not intentionally kill her Tiny, but stealing her sister’s husband is a different story. Then Pam proceeds to poke fun at plastic Donna for all the cases of honey she has in stock for her honey-bear. The audience is in stitches at her antics of putting Donna down. Justin and Jarrett are pleased that this disaster has now turned into a hit. Jarrett thinks they made a great team on camera and should do it again. Bridget’s OB/GYN doctor tells her that she is the healthiest patient she has seen all week. Bridget says she is the happiest she has ever been, but she’d like the doctor’s blessing to go off the pill. Owen tells Jackie that he’s not going to miss out on being a dad; he chooses her over everything.

Nick confesses to Jackie that he is concerned about Bridget. She lost Nicole and she has had a miscarriage since then. He wants more kids, but he can’t put Bridget through that. He feels that he and Owen are kindred spirits about kids. Bridget’s spirits are very low. Her doctor told her she can conceive, but the odds of having a full successful pregnancy are vanishingly low. Nick admits he is scared, and he will not put Bridget or another child through what they did with Nicole. He wants to count his blessings every day as high as he can count. He loves her and will be satisfied with a family of her and Jack.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo assures Carly that he will protect her, and that no one will hurt her, but Vivian has had Lawrence’s ashes delivered to her, and she vows to take care of Carly herself. Rafe shows up at Arianna’s place and tells her about his ordeal with Meredith. He claims that he believes Stefano is behind this whole thing, and that Arianna can’t notify the police. He then tells her that he knows the truth about Nicole’s baby. Rafe is shocked when Arianna tells him everyone already knows the truth, but smiles knowingly when he learns everyone thinks Sydney is Mia’s baby. In order to get around Chad’s DNA test, Stefano and Nicole tell Mia that Stefano is going to change the results, and that in order for Chad not to be suspicious, she will have to lie and claim she had sex with multiple partners, some of whose names she doesn’t remember. Mia agrees and tells Chad that he isn’t Sydney’s father. Sami confronts Brady about his refusal to help Nicole, but he says that he can’t turn Nicole into a fugitive, and says he thinks it is best if she just faces facts and resign herself to losing Sydney. EJ meets with Troy and is delighted to learn that Rafe’s sister is one of Troy’s top dealers.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

In front of the party guests, Sonny confronts Claudia about the shooting but she denies his accusations. Johnny steps up and claims he ordered the shooting. When Max and Milo try to take Claudia, she pulls a gun. Claudia then takes Carly hostage. Carly appears to be going into labor but Claudia forces her onto the elevator. Jason takes Johnny and tries to catch up with Claudia. Sonny asks Jax why he didn’t tell Carly the truth. Dante/Dominic calms Michael down while Alexis and Sam comfort Kristina. Michael blames himself for not speaking up sooner. Claudia puts Carly in a car and takes off. Carly says Claudia is safe since Sonny “publicly threatened” her. Carly begs Claudia to take her to a hospital. Claudia says “taking” Carly is her best revenge against Jason and Sonny. Mac arrives at the hotel and Jax fills him in. Johnny tells Mac about some “safe houses” Claudia may be heading for. Dr. Lee tells Jax Carly could suffer a stroke if she goes through natural childbirth. Jason calls on Spinelli for technical support. Sonny hears Kristina tell Alexis what a “monster” he is. Sonny asks Dante/Dominic to make a “list” of people and places Claudia might turn to. Robin seems disappointed in Sonny. Luke uses his own “resources” to try and find Carly and Claudia. Johnny tells Jason about his captivity and how Morgan and Molly helped him get free. Sonny agrees to give the evidence on Claudia to the police. Mac stops Jason from leaving the hotel to search for Carly. Jax gets livid and says Carly shouldn’t “die just because Michael got shot.” Unfortunately Michael hears what Jax says. Claudia alludes that she plans on taking Carly’s baby. Carly grabs the wheel and Claudia loses control of the car. Jax asks Mac to let Jason find Carly. Mac refuses and places Jason under arrest. Carly and Claudia are both unconscious in the car.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

As Matthew talks to Dani, he calls Téa with the phone his parents gave him in the hopes that she can help him. He still has no clue that she is Dani's mom. Dani has no clue that her mom is his lawyer. Téa gets distracted when Elijah enters her hotel room to inform her that Ross is headed to England to find Dani. Meanwhile, Destiny and David fly to England to find Matthew. She knows that he is not over Dorian. Dorian does not let on that she is not over him until Fish announces to the anti gay rights committee that he is proud to be gay. Everybody is very proud of him and Dorian seems to want to admit that she cannot falsify her wedding to Amelia. Gigi admits her feelings for Schuyler while Rex is away.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Billy's in hot water with Mac when she discovers his new article attacking Victoria. Victoria fights back by smacking him and resigning from Newman so she can mend her marriage. Victor and Nikki prepare for their departure to Belgium. Nick confronts Sharon about Adam while Adam goes to Phyllis to try and gain another ally. Abby's teenage shenanigans begin when she goes to Uncle Billy's Halloween party at Jimmy's.

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