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AMC Recap Written by Patti G

Brot asks Natalie if seeing his scars has upset her. She tells him at first they did but now that she knows him she sees past his appearance. They bicker back and forth for awhile. Finally Natalia discovers the spark plugs Brot took from her car and she is ticked off. She asks him if he did that himself or did her dad tell him to stop her? She takes off and tells Brot he can walk back home to PV. David meets Liza, Jake and Amanda at ConFusion to review the contract for having the new baby. Amanda and Jake are not pleased that David has stated that during the pregnancy Amanda cannot have sex with Jake and she must live at Wildwind. She rips the contract up and she and Jake leave. Liza gloats that they turned down the deal, but David says he knows she will come back and agree to it. Sure enough, she does and the deal is on. She and Jake leave to enjoy the last little time they have together for the next 9 months. Colby arrives home and shows Bailey all the things she bought at the store and her costume for the Halloween Party at ConFusion. They talk about baby Stuart’s biological dad and that sometimes Bailey misses him.

Emma watches Adam talking to Little Adam. She sees how sweet and nice he is. Ryan and Erica show up at park and over hear Annie asking for Emma. They rush over and find Adam talking to the children. Before Emma leaves, Annie asks to say goodbye to her. Emma tells her Mom that she believes Adam is sorry for killing Stuart and she is no longer afraid of him. Zach once again slips into the Mansion and finds Scott. They argue for a while about Scott protecting his father’s killer and Scott tells Zach to go. Annie and Adam return and tell a shocked Zach that the wedding is back on and will not be at the Casino. Zach leaves. Zach meets up with Erica and Ryan at the park and informs them that the wedding is back on and time is running out. They all decide the “Stuart” needs to come back from the grave and push Adam into remembering what happened that night to finally free Kendall. Annie and Scott discuss/argue that maybe they should let Adam remember what happened, that he killed his own brother. Annie begs Scott not to do it, that it would ruin everything and destroy Adam. Zach, Ryan and Erica put their plan into motion. Adam returns to the parlor and sees a painting written in red paint (blood?) saying “Help me Adam”. He freaks out and runs to get Annie and Scott, while he is gone, Zach sneaks back in and switches the paintings back. When Scott, Annie and Adam come back in everything is normal. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lucinda encourages Lily to think positively about her get away with Holden but Lily feels badly about lying to Holden and telling him it is a getaway with the kids. Damian comes by before Lily leaves and she gives him annulment papers and makes it clear that he should do the right thing and sign them. Damian later sees Holden at the Lakeview and tells him that the kids aren't going to be at the cabin that Lily wants to spend some time alone with him. Holden talks to Lucinda to confirm the scheme and she encourages Holden to forgive Lily because Damian took advantage of Lily's grief when everyone thought that he was dead to get her to marry him. Damian goes to the cabin before Holden gets there to try and persuade Lily that Holden doesn't want to save their marriage. Damian tells Lily he would do anything for her because he loves her more than Holden who doesn't want to fight for her. Damian pulls Lily into a kiss which Holden watches through the window when he arrives at the cabin.

Jack still can't forgive himself for shooting Brad and everyone in his family including Katie tell him it was an accident and not to blame himself. Jack can't handle the fact that nobody blames him for Brad's death so he goes to find Craig and pulls a gun on him to force him to tell him the truth that he was responsible for shooting Brad. Craig admits that both Jack and Brad were hot headed and if they both hadn't insisted on playing the hero Brad would still be alive. Craig and Rosanna manage to persuade Jack not to shoot Craig and he leaves and goes to the farm to cry.

Henry goes to visit Katie but Craig who blames Henry for what happened tells him not to add to Katie's grief. Henry talks to Barbara and finds out that Audrey left town without the money. Henry wants the money to help Katie but Barbara tells Henry that there was a problem in the construction of James will and Paul is now the heir to his fortune. Barbara tells Henry that he was responsible for some things but he wasn't responsible for Brad's death because he is a good and caring man. Henry goes to see Katie and apologize but she tells him she never wants to see him again. Henry goes back to the Lakeview very sad and is given more moral support by Barbara. Katie is released from the hospital but doesn't want to stay in the special room for parents to wait for her baby to be released from the hospital when he is stronger. Katie goes back home and sobs on the couch holding on to one of Brad's shirts.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that he has worked in this office all night and slept in this office. It has felt more like home than his home was. Now it feels like a prison. Brooke tells Bill and Katie that a mistake has been made. She made it and now she needs their help to correct it. She shows Bill her portfolio and with liquidating all her assets she wants to keep the bank note and keep FC in the family. She can give back her husband’s work, his life, his dreams. Donna is filling in as the host for The Catwalk Show. She prefers not to meet the guests beforehand so it will be more spontaneous. Both she and Stephanie are aghast when they find out they will be facing each other on camera.

Stephanie wants to walk out, but Donna convinces her to stay. They are both adults so they can handle it. Donna tells Justin that she prides herself on being professional and she is sure Stephanie does too. However, when it comes the moment to be on stage, Donna introduces Stephanie who stands in the wings without moving before she leaves. Donna annoys the audience as she has no guest. She goes to the alcove and literally yanks Pam on stage and shoves her in the chair. Pam is stage-struck and sits there gawking at the audience with her mouth open, but absolutely speechless. Ridge overhears some of the things that Brooke tells Bill. Brooke begs Katie to talk to Bill and get him to accept this. She can not let this happen to Ridge. Bill says there is too much publicity. He’s sorry, but he can’t back out now without irreparable damage to both companies. Ridge tells Brooke that he heard most of what she said. She wanted to give him back his dream and he will work every day trying to earn that faith.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Carly heads back to the boat to check on Rafe, but he has woken up and escaped. She says goodbye to Omar for good, and then breaks down after remembering falling in love with Lawrence, and how he died. Rafe wanders around town, dreaming of Sami and telling her the truth about Sydney. Chad confronts Nicole with a court order demanding DNA tests be done on Sydney. Nicole then gives Chad a lecture about parenting after he can’t seem to handle Sydney for just a few moments. Sami continues to rail on Stefano, who finally decides not to tell her about her daughter after EJ has to physically stop Sami from attacking his father. Stefano then sends EJ away and calls Nicole, telling her to get down to the hospital. He tells her about his decision to keep the truth from EJ and Sami, and says that he has decided to make sure that Nicole remains Sydney’s mother and EJ’s wife. Meanwhile, EJ and Sami argue at her house. Rafe shows up and knocks on the door, interrupting the two. Stephanie admits to Nathan that she is jealous of him and Melanie. Melanie gives Philip a piece of her mind when he tells her the two are perfect for one another. She attempts to compensate by going to the hospital and attacking Nathan with kisses, insisting that they go back to his place to be alone. Stephanie warns Philip to leave Nathan and Melanie alone.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Michael tells Dante/Dominic he needs to find Sonny right away. Claudia threatens to “expose” Olivia’s lie. Olivia attacks Claudia and the two fight until the police break them up. Olivia is arrested. Mac tells Olivia he knows who Dante/Dominic really is and he sets her free. Olivia rushes off to find Dante/Dominic. Sonny listens to the recording again. Sonny remains calm and says he needs to head over to the party. Lulu tells Carly she’s certain she “heard something” about Dante/Dominic the night before but can’t remember what it was. Dante/Dominic works the room at Claudia’s party. Jason tells Sam about Sonny’s reaction to the news. Sam says Jason better think before he acts. She advises Jason to give Sonny “time” to process Claudia’s guilt. Morgan and Molly hear Johnny calling for help as they walk along the pier. Molly sweet talks the guards away and Morgan helps set Johnny free. Lulu tells Maxie what happened with Dante/Dominic but denies she’s interested in him. Carly heads to the hotel after Dante/Dominic calls and tells her Michael is there looking for Sonny. Meanwhile Sonny arrives at Claudia’s hotel room and gives her a diamond necklace. Kristina sneaks into the party and runs into Michael. Alexis is there and she runs into the mayor. Alexis turns down the mayor’s offer to take her old job back. Tracy and Luke soak up the party atmosphere. Robin still ponders how to handle the information about Claudia. Sonny and Claudia arrive at the party. Johnny makes sure the kids get home safe then heads to the hotel. Marty won’t let Carly into the party, per Jax’s orders. He finally gives in since Carly promises to get Michael and leave. Olivia arrives at the party. Sonny thanks his friends, family, and guests for coming. Johnny rushes into the hotel and heads upstairs to the party. As everyone waits quietly, Sonny tries to find the words to “describe” Claudia and wonders how he can “repay” her.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew is getting to know Téa's (and Todd's) daughter, Dani while at the boarding school. She "suggests" that maybe he calls her excellent lawyer mom to help him with the fact that his parents have violated a court order. Yet she has no clue that he's already been her mom's client nor does he know that she is Tea's daughter. Dorian still wants to pull of the scam wedding to Amelia. But not many people want to help her. And Destiny persuades David to go with her to London to find Matthew instead of staying in Llanview to help Dorian. There's a Halloween party and costume contest where Shane, Gigi and Schuyler compete with Todd, Blair and Jack for the best costume.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Billy is making less friends and more enemies. Adam and Sharon are getting closer and Nick definitely does not approve. Ashley's upset that Abby left without her phone and tries to find her. Jack and Victor have another showdown at the ranch while Nikki tries to mediate. Before he leaves, Victor promises Jack that it's not over. When Victor returns, Jack will find out all Victor's done. Phyllis vows to teach Billy a lesson. JT leaves Victoria a goodbye letter as he takes the job in NY. Although he loves her, he feels he can't fix their marriage on his own.

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