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AMC Recap Written by Patti G

Marissa returns home to find JR in a bad mood because he feels like he has been so selfish in marrying her without even taking her needs in mind. He might not be able to give her children. He tells Marissa he saw her crying. Marissa says she was not upset at him but angry at the cancer. Marissa goes to give Little Adam his treats and while she is gone, JR calls the doctor to find out if he will be able to still father children. Before he gets the answer, Marissa walks in.

When Annie goes to the penthouse to bring Emma her Halloween costume, Ryan tells her she already has one, and she should leave. Suddenly Emma comes running downstairs, sees Annie, and shows off her Jasmine costume. Annie gives her the costume she bought and tells Emma she can wear it to the party. Ryan gets a call and leaves Annie alone with Emma. Annie tries to talk Emma into approving her marriage to Adam, but Emma does not change her mind. Ryan finishes his call and tells Emma to get ready and then tells Annie to leave. Annie tells Ryan that she cannot wait till the day that he screws up, and she can keep Emma from him. Erica arrives at Adam’s and starts talking about how awful it is that Annie called off the wedding. She realizes by Adam's response he has no idea what Annie did. He tells Erica Annie would not cancel the wedding without telling him first. Annie gets back to the mansion and tells Adam that Erica was telling the truth. She has to postpone the wedding because of Emma. Adam understands and wants to have Emma like him and want them to get married. Erica tells Ryan she feels bad for Adam. She hopes Adam will see who Annie really is. Ryan and Erica go over to Zach’s and he tells them he knows Kendall is safe but won’t tell them how he knows. Ryan tells Erica that maybe it is better they don’t know. They discuss using “Stuart” to get to Adam and make him remember the night of the murder. Without telling Annie, Adam goes to the park to see Emma and try to get her to like him. When Annie gets his note, she goes rushing off scared about what will happen if Emma sees Adam. Emma is finally alone with her eyes closed played a game, and suddenly she opens her eyes and Adam is standing right next to her. 

Zach tells Jesse he cannot get in touch with Kendall on the computer and Jesse has to stop Natalia. Natalia comes up to a building with Brot. She kicks in the door but there is no Kendall or Aidan. Jesse tells Natalia to come back to PV right away. Then he speaks to Brot and asks him to “slow” Natalia down. Brot disables her car. After “attempting” to fix the car, his clothes are all greasy, and he takes his shirt off showing all his burn scars and sees how Natalia is avoiding looking at his scars. Aidan and Kendall are “caught” by two guys looking for a haunted house, who get scared off and leave without finding them. Kendall and Aidan start talking about Greenlee and how he wants a family and someone who loves him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Liberty and Parker tell Emily and Paul that she had a miscarriage. While Emily acts strong for Liberty's sake, after she is gone she sobs in Paul's arms. Emily begs Paul not to try and fix this by trying to adopt another child. Barbara tells Paul about Brad's death and to try and persuade him to take the briefcase full of money that Audrey left while making her getaway. Paul refuses to take the money at first, but Emily later persuades him to take the money, because life is to short not to use the money for good like trying to adopt a child. Emily persuades Paul that the money isn't poison. James was and he is dead and can't hurt them anymore. Janet tells Liberty Brad died, but leaves out the fact that Jack accidentally shot Brad. When Liberty finds out what Jack did, she is angry at Janet for not telling her the whole truth.

When Jack tells him the circumstances of Brad's death, Parker advises him not to blame himself because it just a terrible accident. Parker also tells Jack not to go after Manzo because the other cops should handle it. Jack insists that he needs to put Manzo behind bars because he needs to catch the man that caused Brad's death. Jack has a panic attack while he waits for Manzo in the alley behind Yo's. Jack remembers what happened to Brad and then he tells one of his men to go inside to get Manzo. Dusty arrives at Metro and Teri finds a subtle way to tell him that Ralph is holding her hostage. Dusty offers Manzo a deal and tells him that he will take Teri's place as his hostage and even drive his getaway car so that he can get safely out of town.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie calls together her “team”, but Thorne and Ridge turn her down as being named President and Vice President. She names Brooke and Donna to replace them. Brooke feels some guilt to be taking Ridge’s place, but he gives his blessings. He wants the company to flourish. He just doesn’t think he can fill that spot; he will continue to design. Katie just wishes everyone could be filled with the same enthusiasm that she has. Justin has the sudden bolt of his Catwalk Talk Show host, Emerson, so has to call on Donna to fill in. Despite his misgivings but going along for Katie’s sake and her choice of Ridge, Bill tells Ridge that he wants his best work in designing Katie’s wedding dress. Ridge tells him that Katie marrying him will be the biggest mistake of her life so he hopes this won’t be necessary.

Donna tells Justin that she is nervous and has doubts, but she sits in the chair on the Catwalk set and says she will do it. Justin calls Pam to see if they can get Stephanie to be a guest on the show immediately. Stephanie nixes the idea as she doesn’t want to help Spencer Publications. Jackie tells her that if anyone can turn this situation around it is her, so Stephanie finally accepts. Pam must accompany her, of course. Ridge tells Brooke that he should have fought Spencer with his last breath and dollar. He gave in too easy. He doesn’t know if he can spend the rest of his life groveling at Spencer’s feet. He’s not giving up, but somehow, someway he is going to get Forrester Creations back. Brooke calls someone and asks them not to ask any questions, but just do exactly what she says.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Maggie sees Carly from behind through the window of Bo’s house, but doesn’t recognize her. Bo claims he just has a friend visiting from out of town. Maggie later runs into Hope and talks to her about it. Hope heads over to find out who the woman is, but all Bo will say is that she left, and that Hope didn’t know her. Hope storms off. Carly claims that she can no longer hide out at Bo’s, since it will compromise him and his relationships. Bo vows to protect her and keep her hidden until she is safe, no matter how long that takes. Melanie grows angry with Stephanie when she lets it slip to Maxine that Melanie and Nathan are dating. Stephanie then attempts to smooth things over. Philip has arranged for Nathan and Melanie to receive a citation of heroism from the hospital board. He goes over to Maggie’s to deliver Melanie’s, and ends up telling Melanie that he thinks she would be happier with him than with Nathan. Chad confronts EJ at the mansion, demanding to have his daughter. EJ claims that he neither knows nor cares where Nicole and Sydney are, as he can’t allow himself to care. Mia and Will also come over to solicit EJ’s help in keeping Chad from getting custody. EJ refuses to help them, explaining that he sympathizes with Chad because of what Sami did to him regarding Grace. The two are disappointed, but Mia vows to make sure Chad doesn’t get Sydney. Nicole heads over to Sami’s, planning to tell her the truth before Stefano can, but when Sami learns Stefano forced Nicole to come back to town, she heads down to the hospital to confront him. Stefano prepares to tell her the truth as Nicole has a meltdown, realizing that Stefano will tell Sami about Sydney before she gets the chance to. She says her goodbyes to Sydney in the park, but Chad interrupts, serving Nicole with legal papers, and demanding that she hand Sydney over to him.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

A hung over Luke meets with Lucky on the pier. Lucky wonders what made Luke over indulge. Luke asks Lucky if he’s certain he can trust Elizabeth. Lucky resents Luke’s interference. Later, Lucky confides his conversation with Luke in Nikolas. Lucky gets upset when Nik asks if he has “second thoughts” about the marriage. Later, Lucky goes to GH to see Liz. Lucky thinks Liz feels “responsible” for the success of their relationship this time around. Lulu freaks out when she wakes up just in time to see Dante/Dominic drop his towel after his shower. Lulu has no memory of the night before. Dante/Dominic tells Lulu she was drugged then tells her “nothing happened” between them. Joey’s men hold Johnny captive and he can’t warn Claudia. Sonny and Claudia return home safely. Jason has Max keep an eye on Claudia. Anthony calls Joey’s phone so he can speak with Johnny. Anthony isn’t concerned when Johnny tells him that Claudia’s secret is almost out. Johnny tries to convince Joey to align himself with Sonny. Claudia worries when she can’t reach Johnny. Michael asks Sam about Jason’s hatred for Claudia. Carly pays Jason a visit at the new office and says she’s convinced Michael “knows” something about Claudia. Jason stays quiet about what he knows and sends Carly home. Jax asks Sonny to postpone Claudia’s party but the two only end up arguing. Per Sonny’s request, Dante/Dominic escorts Claudia to the hotel so she can get ready for the party. Claudia says Dante/Dominic better locate Johnny or else. Dante/Dominic hesitates when Sonny asks him to play host at the party. Claudia demands that Olivia disclose Johnny’s location. Olivia says she has no clue where Johnny is so Claudia says she’s telling Sonny the truth about Dante/Dominic. Sam tells Jason about her conversation with Michael. Sam wonders if Jason’s relationship with Michael will be ruined forever if he kills Claudia. Johnny makes an unsuccessful escape attempt. Jason plays the incriminating recording for Sonny.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

John stops by Gigi’s place looking for Rex, but he tells her Rex is on a case and she doesn’t know where he is. John sees something on Rex’s desk and surmises that Rex and Natalie are looking for Natalie on their own. He calls the station and asks for a trace on Rex’s credit card activity. Rex and Natalie are at the hotel named on the matchbook that Natalie had found. They have asked most of the staff if they had seen Jared. One man says Jared was there and decided not to stay when he saw police cars. He tells them the man used his computer. Natalie and Rex look at the browser history and find that Jared was mapping a route to Napa, CA. When John arrives at the motel listed on Rexes credit card history and shows the man a picture of Rex and Natalie the man says he saw them and they said they were headed for a place called Llanview. When he shows a picture of Jared to the man, he says he has never seen him.

Brody is at his sister’s house in Michigan where she tells her that the emergency is that her house is being foreclosed on. He agrees to go with her to the hearing next week but sees no reason to stay in Michigan the whole time. He tells her he is going back to Pennsylvania today. She spikes his coffee. When he has passed out she calls someone and tells them that Brody will not be going anywhere near Jessica. Jessica receives another call from “Nash,” saying he needs her help and that she needs to come to the vineyard in Napa and tell no one.

Roxy asks Schuyler to deliver Rex, Shane, and Gigi’s Halloween costumes to them. Shane convinces Schuyler to go to the party in Rex’s place wearing Rex’s costume. Shane insists upon a photograph of the three of them in costume. Viki goes to La Boulaie to advise Dorian that she will not participate in tonight’s debate. On her way out, she encourages David to tell Dorian how he feels. Dorian tells Amelia that David has suddenly decided that marriage should be between two people who love each other. Roxy says she will not attend Kyle’s marriage to Nick because he is marrying the wrong man.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The history of "The Great Victor Newman" is told via video to Faith. Billy's quest to sabotage the Newmans continues as he digs up dirt on Victoria. He's happy to hear Deacon's housekeeper say that Victoria comes and goes from his room. Victoria tells her mom that the S.E.C. will drop the case. Ashley announces to Jack that she won't be returning to Jabot, because she's devoting herself to Abby and Faith. Nikki and Victor have important news to share with the children. Adam, Victoria, Nick and Kay gather to hear Victor announce that he's leaving town.

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