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AMC Recap Written by Patti G

Zach and Kendall spend all night reading each other's poetry over online. They express how much they miss each other and wish they could be together. Kendall wishes she could be back in the secret room and would not complain about it any more. Zach wishes she were home as well. Jesse arrives at Zach’s home and tells him he is trying to divert his officers away from where he thinks Aidan and Kendall are, but Natalia is trying to find them on her own. Zach tells Jesse he has to stop her. He tells Zach that he truly understands what Zach is going through as he lived without Angie and his family for 20 years. Brot runs into Natalia at the park. She tells him that she is trying to locate Kendall and Aidan on her own. She explains how growing up they had to move all the time because Jesse was in hiding and had to keep a low profile. She thinks that this knowledge will help her find the Aidan and Kendall. Natalia thinks she knows where Aidan and Kendall are and takes off. Jesse warns Zach to alert Kendall but while he tries with the computer, Kendall is asleep and does not hear the message. Aidan comes back from the store, and suddenly they both hear the police pull up outside.

Marissa goes with JR to his first Cancer Support Group. He tells everyone that they went and got married. They share their first dance as husband and wife, and then Marissa leaves so the group session can begin. JR shares with the others what he has been going through since finding out he had cancer, and how grateful he is for his new wife and his son. Another patient also shares with the group what happened to him and his wife while he was ill. He says that his wife could handle the cancer and treatment but his terrible behavior drove her away. 

Jake and Amanda wake up in each other's arms and discuss the offer David has made her. Amanda goes back and forth over what to do; they both know that David being David, he can not and should not be trusted. However, it might be their only chance to have a normal life together with their son, Trevor. Jake tells Amanda that it has to be her decision. Liza arrives at Wildwind and asks David what he wants. He tells her about his offer to Amanda and that he wants her to draw up the legal documents. Liza does not trust David to adhere to any agreement and says no. Before Liza leaves, Marissa arrives and is surprised and angry to find out what David wants Amanda to do. They argue about her marriage to JR and she walks out. JR comes home after group and is happy to be with Marissa. They go to take a nap and when JR wakes up he sees Marissa standing by the window crying. Amanda takes Trevor to the park and runs into Tad and tells him what is going on. At the same time Liza goes to see Jake and tells him that David wanted to hire her, and she said no, and he should make sure Amanda does not agree to his offer. Jake asks Liza to please do him a favor and take the job and make sure the contract is ironclad and that Amanda will not get hurt. Amanda arrives back at Wildwind with Liza in tow. She tells David she has made a decision and she wants him to know why she made the choice. That she loves Jake and is doing this only so she can be with him again, and have her children and a real marriage. If he thinks that this plan will break her marriage he is very wrong and that she will never love him (David). Liza eventually agrees on Amanda’s request to draw up the legal papers. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie is horrified to learn the extent of Brad’s injuries, as she pleads with Bob to let her stay with him for a little while. Katie talks with Brad and holds on to him tightly, as Brad awakens. Katie is thrilled that he is conscious, as they talk about what happened and bond deeper over their newborn baby. Both call each other heroes for how they got through the situation. Outside Kim and Bob are thrilled to see Brad is awake, but Bob cautions that he is not out of the woods at all. Jack is upset with Janet because she keeps harping on how he didn’t tell Margo that he had been drinking. Jack is devastated because he made the shot exactly where it was supposed to go. If he had been impaired, he would have missed and his brother wouldn’t be lying in a hospital bed. Bob informs them that Brad is awake. Audrey and Henry argue over her need for the money over the concern for anyone that has been hurt by this. An exasperated Henry hands her the whole check from Stenbeck’s inheritance and orders her out of his life forever. Henry then realizes Katie is missing and worries that Ralph has her, but Bob tells him that Katie is with Brad. Barbara and Margo argue about her release of Audrey. Margo assures her that she knows how to do her job. Barbara seems to have a plan. Brad surprises Katie with her mother child charm, as Katie is happy that her life is getting back to how it should. Brad wants to see his baby badly but starts to look tired, as he is telling Katie about how he has thought of the perfect name for their baby, then starts to flat line. Bob and the nurses rush in and work feverishly to save him. Janet admits to Jack that he never would have made the shot the way he did if he was intoxicated. At the hospital, a distraught Katie tells them what happened. Katie decides Brad needs to see their baby, as she heads for the nursery. Barbara find Audrey and the two get into an altercation over the money, but before Audrey leaves with that money thinking she is triumphant, Barbara slips her phone into Audrey’s purse. Later, Audrey withdraws all the money and stops for gas on the way out of town. While there, Barbara, Margo and an officer show up, and Audrey is forced to flee without her money. Sadly, Bob is unable to save Brad and calls the time of death – 6:30. He breaks the news to Jack and Janet, who are devastated. Jack puts on a brave front though until after Janet leaves to tell Liberty, and then he breaks down blaming himself for Brad’s death. Kim is able to talk the nurse into letting Katie and Henry take her baby out of NICU to see Brad. Katie shows up with the baby anxious for Brad to see their baby, as Jack shares the terrible news. Katie is in disbelief at first but then starts to break down. Kim goes to see Janet to offer her support before she has to tell Liberty that her father died. Janet isn’t sure how to be able to find the words. Katie is heartbroken and shattered, as she lays their newborn baby into Brad’s lifeless arms. She crawls into bed beside Brad to cuddle with him and their son one last time, as an emotional Henry and Jack look on.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

It’s a feeding frenzy and the reporters hound Katie about her wedding day. Bill wants it to be as soon as possible. Brooke is asked about the transition and she gives the typical statement that she supports her sister all the way. Bill assures them that both Donna and Brooke will play a bigger role; he has expanded the Royalty line. And he’s happy to still have Eric and Ridge on board. Ridge grouses to Taylor that Bill owns them now, but this was the only way to keep the company afloat. Rocco invites Ridge to the shooting of the Royalty line, but he passes. Steffy and Thomas tell Ridge they understand why he had to accept what happened and it will affect all of them. Bill explains to Katie’s parents, Stephen and Beth, that this was a sudden engagement, but they can blame it on Katie; she took his breath away. Justin slips up and calls Marcus son, but Marcus says it’s cool. He just wants to remind him this is a family business.

Stephen explains to Donna that her mom has good days and bad ones, but today is a good one. Justin tells Donna that the shoot took him back to when she was the Homecoming Queen. He felt like he lost something precious that night, but now he has some of it back. She tells him they are leading different lives now and they have to leave the past alone. Ridge assures Steffy and Thomas that the company is their birthright and Bill Spencer will not take that away from them. He can’t design though and feels like he is sinking. Brooke apologizes but says she had to do the Royalty line otherwise it would have made her sister look bad on her first day with reporters around. He admits he is not sure he can work for Katie and Bill. It’s wrong the way Katie has moved into Eric’s office. He doesn’t want to speak ill of her, but it feels like she has stabbed them in the back. Eric won’t even come to the office. Brooke tries to soothe him; she doesn’t want to lose him again. She begs him to design his heart out, but hang in there. It is for their future, their family. Bill whisks Katie away and takes her outside for a surprise – new logo for the buildings that says Forrester Creation, a division of Spencer Publications.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Hope confides in Justin that she fears she made a big mistake moving into the mansion. Victor sees the two talking and grows angry, calling Bo to demand he beg Hope to come home. Bo refuses. Hope later tells Justin that she is willing to move back home if Ciara can’t handle being separated from Bo. Meanwhile, Carly tells Bo that she killed Lawrence in self-defense, and is on the run from his men. She informs Bo about a degenerative illness that Lawrence contracted shortly after their marriage, and how it made him do a lot of crazy and evil things. Bo agrees to help Carly provided that she tells him the whole story. Nathan decides to move into Lucas’ place. Maggie ends up talking to Lucas and apologizing to Nathan and Melanie for the way she acted towards them. They both forgive her, but Nathan decides to move out, anyway. Stefano decides to talk to both EJ and Nicole and tell EJ the whole story, but Kate interrupts. Stefano decides to wait until the next day, after he gets some rest. He threatens to kill Nicole if she leaves town before then. EJ tries to get the story out of Nicole, but all she will say is that Stefano forced her to come back here, and that she thinks something is off with him mentally. She tries to get EJ to hold Sydney, but he refuses.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Johnny wonders why Michael is willing to warn Claudia. Johnny then questions Michael’s memories. Sam worries about Jason’s need for revenge. Jason thinks Claudia sent Jerry after the kids in Mexico. Sam says Claudia needs to pay for going after Kristina and Michael in Mexico. Ronnie asks Dante/Dominic for more incriminating evidence on Sonny. Lucky and Elizabeth spend an evening at the Haunted Star. Ethan gets upset seeing Nikolas and Rebecca at the casino. Elizabeth spies Nik and daydreams of kissing him. Dante/Dominic runs into Lulu on the pier and even though she denies it, she seems drunk. Dante/Dominic wonders if she’s been drugged. Having overheard Dante/Dominic and Ronnie talking, Lulu realizes he’s a cop. Dante/Dominic denies Lulu’s accusations. Johnny tells Jason he’s loyal to Claudia because she’s his sister. Ethan and Nikolas get into a fight over Rebecca. Rebecca assumes Ethan made up the claim that Nik offered him money to take Rebecca off his hands. When things heat up between Liz and Lucky, Liz flashes back to Nikolas and pulls away from Lucky. Lucky is understanding of Liz’s hesitation. Lulu flirts with Dante/Dominic when he takes her to his room at Kelly’s. Dante/Dominic refuses to take advantage of Lulu given her condition. Carly tells Michael he can’t go to Claudia’s party. Michael says he doesn’t think the party will happen and Carly wonders why. Johnny gets a surprise visit at the shop from Joey. Lucky calls and confides in Laura. Liz runs into Nikolas on the pier after leaving Lucky’s house. Luke comes along and spies the two kissing.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr and Langston urge Cole and Markko to attend Dorian's wedding ceremony with them. But both guys do not want to support something that is fake. They affirm that they support gay rights but know that it's just another one of Dorian's schemes to get what she wants and not relevant to caring about the cause. Fish and Kyle argue about the fact that Fish does not want to go public with being gay and that Kyle and Nick both do. Yet, it's clear that Kyle loves Fish and not Nick. Cristian wants to have a relationship with Layla. But she tells him they cannot move forward because he's not ready. Rex and Natalie are staying in a motel looking to find Jared. She fantasizes that Jared comes back to her. But he's still nowhere to be found. Rex fantasizes that Gigi is with him and knows that they will work things out. But in reality she is very angry that he put his plans before their couples' counseling. She has a fantasy that he came home to declare that they are more important than his case. But she sees that he's still gone and doesn't know for how long. Schuyler returns home after going to the concert with Gigi. He has a fantasy that she declares she's done with Rex and only wants him. But it's just a fantasy.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Billy's first issue at Restless sparks controversy and enables him to make some new enemies in Genoa City. Abby world crumbles as she is told by Ashley that Victor and her are splitting up. Victor proposes to Nikki. Ryder is interrogated by Lauren and Jana. Michael is coerced to help Glo and Jeffrey with their new get rich scheme.

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