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AMC Recap Written by Patti G

David gives Amanda a new proposal – have another child with him and he will give her joint custody of both children, and she can move back in with Jake. Jake is very upset when Amanda tells him about David’s proposal. He storms off. After talking to David at the hospital he tells him he will never give up on his marriage. He finds Amanda and tells her he loves her and will support whatever she decides to do.

Zach questions Adam who is drugged with the medicine David gave him at the hospital. Zach tries to get Adam to remember what happened the night of Stuart’s murder. Scott comes in and tells Zach to leave. Erica questions Ryan about his plan with Zach. He tells her it is better if she does not know. He talks to her about growing up with divorced parents. Meanwhile, upstairs Emma threatens her mother that if she marries Adam, she will tell everyone that it was Adam that killed his own brother. Annie begins to panic and tries to talk Emma down. However, Emma stands her ground. She also tells Annie that Spike and Ian must miss their mom. Erica gets a call from the designer saying Annie never showed. Ryan immediately runs to Emma’s room and finds Annie there. She tells a stunned Ryan and Erica that she is not going to marry Adam then leaves. Ryan figures out that his daughter is blackmailing her own mother. Scott pulls a gun on Zach. Zach says to shoot him, but Scott backs down. Annie comes home and lays into Zach herself. She finally pulls the gun out and shoots it in the air. Adam and the security guard come rushing in. Zach leaves. Adam promises to always protect her and Emma and then goes to lie down.  Annie tells Scott that to protect Adam and Emma she has to call off the wedding. Annie tells a sleeping Adam that she can’t marry him if she is going to protect him, and she loves him so much she will sacrifice their wedding to protect him.

Kendall and Aidan are still hiding in the church. He gives her a “safe” computer, so she can contact Zach without the police finding out where they are. Kendall reminisces about the good times with Zach, reading poetry together. Aidan gets all quiet and when Kendall asks why, he tells her he wished he had someone to love like she loves Zach. Kendall assures him will find someone. Jesse calls Zach and tells him to come home right away. When Zach arrives, Jesse shows him the computer message, and Zach realizes it is from Kendall. When Jesse leaves Zach reads the “message” from Kendall, then she gets a signal on her computer that Zach has read her note.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack and Henry arrive at the warehouse and are immediately fired upon, as Jack fires back. Henry goes to help an unconscious Katie, who thinks he is Brad because she heard his voice, and her newborn baby while Jack goes to check on Ralph (or so he assumes). He is horrified however to find a bleeding and semi conscious Brad. Margo and the EMTs show up at the scene, as a devastated Jack recounts what happened. Margo is forced to take Jack’s gun until they investigate further. Jack and Henry rush off to the hospital with Katie, Brad and the baby. Ralph shows up at Metro for Teri’s help. He infers that he got himself into hot water, but it wasn’t his fault. An oblivious Teri offers to go get medical supplies for Ralph since he has been hurt. At the station, Margo presses Audrey on Ralph’s whereabouts; if she doesn’t help, she and Henry will go to jail for a long time. Casey calls Maddie for help, but Audrey needing help from Maddie interrupts their time. Dusty and Allison reconnect until she is called away for an emergency at the hospital, as Dusty walks her there. Brad is taken into surgery and Janet shows up not realizing Brad has been shot. Jack is overwhelmed, as he explains what happened and blames himself. Later, Brad is out of surgery but not out of the woods by any stretch. Janet promises that Brad will not die and offers to go pray while Jack holds vigil. Jack implores an unconscious Brad to wake up, as he tries not to break down. However, Janet is nervous about Jack having been drinking before the incident. Jack is momentarily outraged assuring her that he was not impaired. Allison and Dusty learn of the accident; Dusty sees Teri collecting medical supplies and tries to get her to see what Ralph is about. Teri does not believe him at first, but Dusty is unrelenting and causes her to wonder after all what Ralph was involved in. Katie is in and out of consciousness and asking about her baby and Brad. Henry keeps putting her off about Brad. Janet pleads for God to save Brad and to watch over everyone else including the soul of Liberty’s baby. Maddie refuses to help her mother when she sees her at the police station. Casey tries to reach out to his mom when she tells him about Katie, Brad and the baby, but they seem awkward with one another. Casey and Maddie head to the hospital. Audrey finally strikes a deal with Margo; she has the day to bring Ralph to the station and the charges will be dropped, as Margo puts a tail on her though. Margo asks for Jack’s statement, as he neglects to mention having a couple of drinks before the shooting. Margo tells Jack that he will be cleared of the shooting. Janet asks him about the drinks, as Jack snaps about not needing to mention it. Katie is getting suspicious about where Brad is, but Henry and Allison bring in her baby. Maddie supports Henry even though she later tells Allison and Casey that it is his fault. Allison watches as Casey and Maddie hug and tries not to be upset. Teri comes back to see Ralph and tells him that she knows about the warehouse and he needs to turn himself in, but she will stand by his side through it. However, Ralph pulls a gun on Teri when she goes to call the police about him. Audrey comes looking for Henry to tell him about her deal with Margo. He wonders how she will actually go through with it since Ralph will kill her if she turns him in. She isn’t and that is why she needs money from him. Henry blames his mother for all that has happened. Audrey promises to leave his life and never come back if he gets her some money from the inheritance. A distraught Henry walks off with her, as Katie awakens again and sensing something is wrong because she has not seen Brad yet, gets up out of bed and heads into the hallway. She is shocked and distraught when she finds an unconscious Brad in the hospital room across the hall.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells Ridge and Brooke that this doesn’t have to be contentious. Bill tells them they if they thought they were going to be the power behind the throne and Katie would go along with it, then they were wrong. Brooke says that Ridge is much more qualified to be CEO than Katie. Bill tells them case closed. Katie is his CEO. Brooke accuses her of double-crossing them publicly. She can’t imagine Eric or Ridge designing or having the inspiration to do so when they see Katie sitting in that chair every day. Bill tells them they should support Katie instead of trying to pull her down. Ridge says the employees will never look at her the way they did when the Forrester’s were in charge, so they might as well fire them all now. Bill says they are going to be family now; this will work but they need everyone on board. He’s asking them humbly to give Katie a chance. Brooke wants to speak to Katie alone. Steffy is stunned at what Jackie seems to be indicating…..wanting her to have children with Owen. Jackie says she is simply trying to be realistic; she won’t deny him children just because she can’t give them to him. She loves him and this is the right direction for him. Owen tells her that he won’t let her do this.

Ridge tells Bill that he is ripping apart a family and it’s a sad day for the company. He doesn’t think Katie and Brooke will look at each other the same way again. Brooke tells Katie this is all about vengeance. Bill is honoring his dad’s last wishes. Katie argues that it is not; their love is real. And it hurts her to hear the things Brooke is saying. Brooke reminds her that Katie has always felt she was in her and Donna’s shadow. Now with Katie in charge she can reverse that and put them in her shadow. Jackie points out to Owen that someday he will come to resent her with him not being able to have children. Steffy leaves when Owen says he needs some time alone with his wife. He tells Jackie that he adores her. He is not going to be with Stephanie or any other woman. He won’t let Jackie make this sacrifice. Katie rants that she has not betrayed anyone nor stole anything. She was caught in the middle during the press conference, but she is strong enough to make the hard decisions and do what is best for the family. She just needs a chance. She can reason with Bill and he will listen to her. She can handle her fiancée so Brooke doesn’t have to worry. She begs Brooke to let her be her advocate. They can work together. Just trust her. No man is going to come between them. That is a bond no one can break.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Arianna nearly tells Brady the truth about her drug arrest. Hope informs Bo that she is planning on moving into Victor’s mansion. The two argue about it, but Hope is dead-set on doing so. Later, she fears she may have made a mistake. Carly goes to the Kiriakis mansion looking for Justin, but learns he isn’t home. She then breaks into Bo’s house, but he catches her. EJ discovers that Sami gave Nicole money to help her leave the country. She tries to convince EJ again that it is his own fault he lost Sydney, and that Nicole only lied to him out of love for him. Stefano has an operative show up at the airport, and Nicole is forced to come to the hospital. Stefano informs her that he doesn’t care what happens to her, as Sydney is what is important, but she tells him that the two are a package deal, and threatens to expose his role in the baby switch if he tries to cut her out. EJ overhears Nicole threatening that Stefano will lose his whole family.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sam and Jason listen to the recording of Claudia ordering Sonny’s death. Jason agrees with Sam that Claudia’s fate lies in Sonny’s hands. Sam wonders if Jason can let thinks go if that’s what Sonny thinks is best. Jason keeps the information from Spinelli in order to “protect him.” Michael tells Kristina he remembers Claudia’s confession and says he thinks Claudia should “pay.” Kristina questions how accurate Michael’s memories are. Patrick wonders if Claudia deserves a heads up as to what’s going on but then says she needs to “pay” for what she did. Robin wonders if they “should just stay out of it.” Olivia warns Kate to keep her mouth shut about Dante/Dominic. Kate insists Sonny should know the truth. Olivia tells Kate that Jax got Dante/Dominic reinstated on Sonny’s case. Sonny and Claudia head home from Puerto Rico. Claudia promises to be a good step mom. Sonny talks with Claudia about bonding with Kristina. Carly intends to charge Sonny the highest rates possible for Claudia’s birthday party at the hotel. Jax wants Olivia to handle the party but Carly insists on making it her own project. Jax says he wants Carly to stay away from Claudia for the time being. Kiefer makes excuses for not being in touch with Kristina. Kiefer later asks Alexis for permission to take Kristina out on a school night so the two can have some alone time. Carly wonders if there’s more to Jax’s apprehension than he’s telling her. Johnny and Dante/Dominic discuss Claudia and her impulsive behavior. Sam worries how Michael will react if Claudia suddenly “disappears.” Jason wants Sam to “stay out of it” for her own protection. Michael pays Johnny a visit and tells him about his memories. He warns Johnny that Claudia may soon need protection. Claudia and Sonny’s plane suddenly hits turbulence.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

In the British boarding school, right when Danielle is talking to her mom (Tea) and knows that Ross (whom she believes is her dad) is there and her mom is preventing her from talking to him, she gets to know Matthew. They find out they have some things in common, both being "kidnapped" and put into the boarding school by their parents. But little do they know that he knows her mom and her involvement in his and his parents' very situation involving this. Blair wants Todd to believe that Tea and Ross wanted to scam him and take his money. But he questions that. Jessica gets a call from somebody who sounds exactly like Nash. John and Fish find out that it really does match Nash's voice. Fish knows he is not over Kyle but believes Kyle is over him. Cristian and Layla know better. Kyle knows he is not ready to marry Nick because he is not over Oliver Fish

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Victor is leaving Genoa City for Cardiac Rehab; Victoria is feeling the heat so Deacon comes to the rescue, but only makes it worse when he steps up to JT. Jana and Amber try to get to know Ryder the Ouja way. Adam frames some unsuspecting victim for ratting out to the SEC. Victoria scrambles as she tries to figure out what to do with the SEC scandal and her marriage.

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