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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Aidan has been sick for twenty four-hours. His fever breaks and he wakes up and thanks Kendall for taking care of him. Adam believes that Emma shot Stuart and no one must know. Ryan tells Erica that he needs Adam alone so he wants her to occupy Annie with a ruse. Erica pretends to talk to a designer who is interested in making Annie’s wedding dress so she plans for Annie to meet the designer to keep Adam and Annie apart. Annie and Adam do not believe Erica’s setup, but pretends to go along. Zach gets David to drug Adam to recreate his condition the night Stuart was shot. Aidan is grateful to Kendall for taking care of him while he was ill. Amanda cannot have lunch with Jake, because David has a proposition for her and she wants to know what it is.

Adam has an appointment with Jake; David exchange Adam’s prescription then calls Zach to let him know. Kendall attempts to write Zach, but Aidan is against it; Kendall does not want Zach to believe that she betrayed him by leaving with Aidan. Aidan steals a police laptop out of a police cruiser for Kendall to communicate to Zach. David watches Adam taking his prescription, then he calls Zach and tells him the deed is done. Annie sneaks into Emma’s room. Zach visit with Adam at the mansion, whom is disoriented. Zach continues to talk about Stuart’s murder but he says Annie did it. Adam starts to remember. Zach pushes him to remember, but it is a slow process. David offers Amanda joint custody of Stuart in exchange for her giving him another baby. Emma tells Annie that she will not go back to the big house, because Adam killed his brother. Emma tells Annie if she marries Adam, then she will tell everybody that Adam killed Stuart.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Brad and Henry try to trace Ralph on the internet. A street punk empties his pockets at the police station and one item is Katie’s necklace. Brad spies it and attacks the young man who can only tell Brad that he found it in a trashcan. Janet laments to Jack all the things she did that drove Liberty away. She and Jack have strong words about him not wanting the baby anyway so now he gets his wish. Lucinda tells Luke that somebody has got to have an intervention and get his parents back together, and she elects the two of them. Katie sees Ralph with her baby and demands that he get out of her life. He waves a gun around, but says he doesn’t shoot babies. Lily interrupts Holden and Maeve having drinks. She tells him the children want to throw him a special welcome home Halloween party. Holden doesn’t think this is the occasion to discuss it and reminds her that he sees her husband, Damian, waiting for her.

Janet follows Jack and apologizes. Jack reveals that Rosanna and Craig are having an affair. This is why Craig gave Parker access to his trust fund money as a bribe not to tell Carly. Lucinda discusses Holden with Lily and suggests a cabin in the woods with a single blanket. Lily says that she will not use tricks to get Holden to be alone with her. Holden goes to Maeve’s room and he sees the package of money. He warns her that this is dangerous. The bills are probably marked and she will eventually get caught. He wants her to give the money back and he will give her money. She thinks she will stick around and even get a job in Oakdale. Luke is shocked to hear from Damian that Holden was declared legally dead so Damian is rightfully Lily’s only husband now. Luke meets Maeve and then pitches the idea to Holden of renting a cabin and him and Holden getting away with the kids. Jack overhears Henry call Brad. Jack makes Henry tells him what he knows about Katie and then he heads off to the warehouse. Also Brad has found out from the punk where he found the necklace and he shows up at the warehouse. Ralph turns off the lights when he hears Brad entering. Ralph hits Brad over the head. Jack looks around and Henry is following him and wants to help. Ralph holds the gun to Brad’s neck and taunts him about having a son he will never see. Jack and Henry enter and guns start blazing. They find Katie passed out but the baby okay. Jack finds Brad on the floor bleeding in the chest.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Owen is so excited and can’t praise Jackie enough for changing her mind and now also wanting to have a child. She feigns interest for Owen’s sake, but is cringing inside when he brings it up so often. Nick tells Bridget about his mom’s dilemma. He just feels like slapping Owen around for nagging Jackie about this. Ridge tells Eric that all the reporters are in the building. He also reveals that Bill and Katie are now engaged. Brooke reminds Katie the promise she made – they run the company, she takes the lead. Forrester’s holds a press conference with both Bill and Katie speaking. It doesn’t go unnoticed that Katie is wearing a huge ring. A reporter asks why Eric and Ridge were passed over for CEO in favor of Katie who has no experience in that area.

Owen tells Jackie that he knows this is a lot to ask, but he needs this child so much. He wants this child to mean as much to Jackie too. Owen is surprised when Steffy shows up at Jackie’s invite. Jackie explains that she invited Steffy because she and Owen are friends and she might be able to help him with a very special request… that Jackie can’t provide. Katie answers the question and gives her typical press publicity which means her final decision would have to lie with Bill and his publication. Brooke is stunned at how Katie could tell the family one thing and then say another to the public. Katie admits to the family that she had to put a spin on things; she could not reveal all to the reporters. Ridge feels like he is Bill Spencer’s puppet and he won’t stand for it. Bill comes in and points out they signed a contract and they work for him. He wants to make that clear, especially if they decide to bolt.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole has a run-in with Kate at the DiMera mansion, who threatens to call EJ and tell him she and Sydney are leaving the country. Nicole convinces her not to, and boards a flight for Rio. Meanwhile, Stefano wakes up and asks for Nicole and Sydney. EJ tells him the whole sordid tale, and Stefano nearly reveals that Sami is Sydney’s mother. Finally, he pretends to lose consciousness and uses the time alone to call Nicole and demand that she bring him his granddaughter. Arianna and Brady make love. Victor convinces Hope to move into the Kiriakis mansion. Chad and Mia both inadvertently try to hire Justin. When he learns the DiMeras are involved, he tells the two that he can’t help either of them. Chad informs Mia that his parents are going to help him get custody, but Will assures a panicked Mia that Nicole will protect Sydney.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason is convinced he’s found evidence against Claudia. Spinelli is able to detect a woman’s voice on Ian’s phone call. Jason is convinced it’s Claudia. When Spinelli points out that there isn’t enough “words” to prove the voice is Claudia’s, Jason gets upset. Carly notices tension between Jax and Michael. Claudia and Sonny are still in Puerto Rico. Sonny confides his guilt about Michael’s shooting in Claudia. Claudia advises Sonny to “find peace” in himself so he can enjoy life with his children. Sonny says they need to head home so he can plan Claudia’s birthday party. Dante/Dominic tells Lulu he knows who his father is. Dante/Dominic says he did some research and found that his dad had a family and there was no room for him. Kristina runs into Dante/Dominic at Kelly’s and asks his advice on men. Dante/Dominic says Kiefer is a fool to “disrespect” Kristina. Kate thinks Olivia should tell Sonny the truth about their son. Kate heads to Jake’s for a drink and ends up having a chat with Coleman. Kate tells Dante/Dominic he should stop his investigation and head home. Jason and Sam search the employee locker room at GH and find a bag with some DVDs in it. They’re certain it belonged to Ian. Michael vents to Kristina and in the process he remembers Jerry telling him Claudia was responsible for the shooting. Michael tells Kristina about the memory. He also says Claudia told him the same thing when she visited him in the hospital. Jason finds a recording of Claudia giving the order to kill Sonny.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Matthew is alone with his roommate at the new boarding school, he tells him he needs a phone to call his friend, Destiny. His roommate finds him a phone. It belongs to a girl who is Tea's daughter. Her name is Daniella Rayburn. Matthew doesn't have a chance to tell Destiny where he is before Daniella catches him using her phone. But Destiny is able to tell that the call came from England. And she asks David Vickers if he can help her find Matthew since Matthew is his brother. Brody gets a call from his sister, Nadine who tells him she needs his help. Jessica urges him to go and tells him she will be ok. But as soon as he's gone, she gets a call that sounds like it's from Nash. Tea confesses to Rachel that she and Todd have a child and Ross has falsely believed she is his. Ross discusses the matter with Elijah who is determined to help him find his daughter.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Billy wants to annihilate Victor in print and Jack wants to help him with one stipulation; Patty is left out. Billy also hires Sharon to help him at Restless Style. Victor talks to Michael about getting his affairs in order. Nikki and Victor sort of SORT out their feelings. Adam confides in Sharon. Dr. Peterson tells Paul she can't stay to help Patty. Kay tells Nikki, Victor is not going to change.

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