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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Madison’s father brings the tapes and DVDs to the Hubbards in Frankie’s apartment. He tells them that Madison confess to killing Henry North before she died. JR and Marissa tell Adam that they are married; Adam is not happy and orders JR to annul the marriage. Annie tells Emma she is marrying Adam and Emma tells her that she hate her. Emma blames Ryan and Annie for not telling her the truth. Emma tells Ryan that she wants to tell him who killed Stuart but Annie enters the room and spoils the moment. David is at the Yacht Club and tells the press that he wants Kendall back in jail. Zach tells him if he mentions Kendall’s name again it will be his last sound bite. Angie is glad that Madison confessed to North’s death and thanks Jesse for always pulling their family back together. JR and Marissa meet David at the Yacht club and tell him they are married; David is unhappy, Liza asks Bailey if she has made any decisions on wanting her son back. Ryan kicks Annie out of his home.

Natalia doesn’t trust Madison’s father; she doesn’t believe that they are through with Madison yet. Erica called Zach because she believed that Emma was about to tell Ryan the truth and Zach needed to be there. Zach arrives at Ryan’s and tells him they need a new plan; Ryan suggests that they focus on Adam. Frankie and Randi watch the tapes from Madison and see that Madison is not on the tape; Randi orders Frankie to burn the tapes and discs. David tells Liza to stop playing with Bailey and to get her out of Stuart’s life: Liza is surprised that he is not on Bailey’s side. Jesse and Angie finds out that Natalia called East River Hospital in New York to check on Madison’s death. Randi feels unsettled about Madison. Adam suggests that Emma tells the truth to free herself; the secret is killing him as well. Adam starts to remember. Emma remembers seeing Adam on the balcony shooting the gun at Stuart.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Brad and Janet make phone call trying to find both Liberty and Katie but have no luck at all and they grow more worried by the minute. Henry goes down to the police station and tells Margo the entire story about his involvement with Ralph and he doesn't care about going to jail as long as he finds Katie. Dusty fins Ralph's two goons praying and wonders what Ralph made them do that requires them to pray for forgiveness Dusty overhears the men talking about going to Madigans and later tells the information to Margo when she calls him in for questioning about his relationship with Ralph.

Jack goes to the clinic to visit Carly and agrees to wait until she gets back from a field trip with her group. Jack has to leave without speaking to Carly when Janet calls and asks him to help her look for Liberty and Katie. Parker and Liberty are in Chicago outside a clinic ready to terminate her pregnancy because Liberty is already feeling attached to the fetus growing inside of her. Liberty and Parker have a long talk discussing her options once again and Liberty agrees to think about keeping the baby or giving it up for adoption. Liberty and parker get up to go for a walk when a guy walking by slams into Liberty knocking her down to the ground. Liberty thinks she is fine but passes out a few minutes later and Parker rushes her to the hospital by ambulance. Parker calls jack to tell him that he and Liberty are in Chicago and she has had an accident. Jack and Janet go to Chicago while Brad stays to continue looking for Katie. Liberty has a miscarriage and is consoled by Janet as they both cry together Liberty admits Janet was right that she was getting attached to the fetus growing inside of her.

Terri persuades Ralph to get checked out by a doctor so that his broken rib can be treated before he leaves town on a business trip. Dusty tries to persuade Terri that Ralph is a bad man but Terri is convinced that Dusty is just bitter because Ralph beat him in a business deal. Ralph gets a call from his two men and leaves the hospital to find Katie. Katie gives Birth alone in the warehouse and she is helped in the delivery by a vision of Brad. Katie gives birth to a healthy baby boy and is bleeding a lot but she tries her best not to fall asleep. Katie is awakened by the sound of a door opening and since she has lost so much blood she thinks Brad has arrived to rescue her. Katie opens her eyes to see Ralph and she has a scared look on her face while her baby cries.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Katie to believe all of this as she deserves it. They go to the office to find Ridge and Brooke waiting. Bill wants to Katie her behind the desk. Brooke says she is confident that she will make a fine CEO and this will work out the best for everybody. Brooke and Ridge are surprised about Bill and Katie’s engagement. They are too stunned to speak when Bill asks which one is going to welcome him into the family first. Taylor doesn’t think it is a good thing that Steffy is talking to herself. Steffy shares that she is worried about Owen. He desperately wants a child and Jackie doesn’t. Taylor tells her this is their business and Steffy should not get involved or start taking sides. Steffy promises that she will back away. Bridget brings Jack by the office before they have his picture made. Owen delights in playing with him and Jackie takes notice. She confides in Nick that she doesn’t want to hold Owen back. She needs to make a decision whether to do this surrogacy thing or not. Nick points out that they are still newlyweds. They just need to concentrate on the fun stuff, loving each other and traveling. There’s always time for kids.

Brooke talks to Katie alone. She is hoping she is not making a mistake. Katie promised them that she would be loyal to them. This should not change that. Katie tells her that she is feeling too good; do not spoil it now. Jackie returns home to find Owen making a romantic dinner for two. He campaigns again for having a child. He’s totally committed to this and he thinks in time she will be too. He begs until she gives in and says yes. They will have a baby.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Philip runs into Melanie and Nathan, who are out on a date. Later, Maggie catches the two kissing in her kitchen, and says that she can’t allow them both to live under her roof any longer. Melanie offers to move out, but Nathan says that if Melanie goes, so does he. Kate tries to convince Stephanie to get back together with Philip. Stephanie says that she can’t, as it isn’t fair to Philip to try to turn him into something he isn’t. Philip overhears the two. Stephanie leaves, and Philip lays into Kate. Kate advises him to get back together with Stephanie, and to stay away from Melanie before he has another relationship end in disaster. Stefano wakes up and tells EJ and Lexie that he wants to see his grandchildren and Nicole. Sami offers Nicole 50,000 dollars to help her leave the country. Nicole nearly tells her the truth about Sydney, but in the end, accepts the money and leaves, saying goodbye to Sami for good. Chloe confides in Maggie that she can’t wait to have children. Later, Daniel tells Chloe that she may never be able to conceive a child due to the treatment she received during her illness.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Luke tries to romance Tracy. Ethan does his best to get on Rebecca’s good side. Ethan wonders why Nikolas is at the Casino with Rebecca. Luke advises Ethan on how to deal with Nikolas. Alexis worries about Sam’s involvement in the Ian Devlin case. Later, Jason talks with Sam about being an “accessory” to murder if evidence is found against Claudia. Sam says she’s ok with the way Jason is handling things. Sam finds a DVD that may contain evidence about the shooting. The disc shows Ian talking on the phone with someone about a risky business deal. Jason is convinced Ian is talking with Claudia about killing Sonny. Michael tells Jax and Carly he remembers Jerry visiting him in the hospital. Michael doesn’t tell them the truth about what Jerry said to him; instead he makes it sound like Jerry’s visit was out of concern. Spinelli works to help Dante/Dominic find the origin of the graffiti. Spinelli tries to advise Dante/Dominic on Lulu’s feelings for him. Spinelli says Lulu’s deserves “a gentleman.” Sonny and Claudia carry on with their meeting in Puerto Rico. Sonny accuses his associates of being disloyal. He advises them to treat Anthony as the “enemy.” One of the men pulls a gun but Claudia draws a gun of her own. Claudia refuses to back down and the man is taken care of. Olivia and Carly discuss Claudia. Carly doesn’t believe that Olivia would “walk away from Johnny” because of Claudia. Later, Olivia meets up with Johnny at her place. Johnny says the truth will eventually come out about Claudia’s role in Michael’s shooting. Jax talks with Michael about Jerry’s visit to the hospital. Jax asks Michael to tell him what Jerry said.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nora and Bo have a plan to get Matthew involved in a boarding school and hopefully convince him that his life can be ok without the surgery. Rachel informs her mother that Shaun has regained consciousness. But Nora knows she better not tell that to Matthew because he could convince Greg to do the surgery. Meanwhile, Tea reveals to Rachel that she has a secret she's keeping from Todd and it involves their son. Matthew meets a school mate. And he may be Todd and Tea's son. Natalie persuades Rex to help her find Jared while he's on the run before the cops do. And it just happens to conflict with the couples' therapy session that Gigi wants to have with Rex. When he cancels on her and Schuyler has two tickets to a concert they both want to see, Schuyler and Gigi conclude that instead of missing out, they should attend the concert together.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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