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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Although Marissa hesitates, J.R. convinces her to marry him right away. Despite Krystal's misgivings, Tad marries J.R. and Marissa with Little Adam and Kathy in attendance. When they go give the happy news to Adam, he asks his new daughter-in-law if she's sober. Randi is troubled by dreams of Madison warning her that it's not over. The Hubbard family gets the news that Madison has died in the NY hospital where her father took her. James visits the Hubbards to ask what the strange items in his daughter's possession are all about. Scott and Adam encourage Annie to go stay with her daughter at Ryan's for the two weeks before her wedding to make sure she doesn't tell her daddy the truth. Once she gets there and informs Emma of her upcoming nuptials, her daughter reacts badly and screams that she hates Annie. Ryan happily orders Annie to pick up her things and go back home, because Emma no longer wants to be with her.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Rosanna advises Parker to be honest with Liberty about not being able to pay for her apartment. Paul and Emily tell Liberty that they are moving to Malibu and they want her to come with them. Liberty loves the idea especially after Parker tells her he can't pay for the apartment. Brad and Janet are not happy about the idea and this causes a big argument between Brad and Janet and Paul and Emily. Liberty can't take anymore and asks Parker if they can meet somewhere because she needs to get away.

Henry gives the money to Ralph but Ralph can't get in touch with his men and doesn't know where they have hidden Katie. Henry stalls Brad, Margo, Craig and Rosanna and promises that he will have Katie there for Brad's party. Ralph admits to Henry that he doesn't know where Katie is. Henry grabs Ralph and takes the check away from him, warning him that if Katie isn't returned home he will take him out.

Craig is hurt when Rosanna doesn't defend him after Margo says that she loves her brother but doesn't think he has changed at all. As they argue, Rosanna admits to having nightmares about the car crash that put her in a coma. Rosanna thinks she is afraid of Craig but he thinks that she is scared about their new relationship. Craig admits he is scared too and asks her to forgive him for the past. If she does, he will do everything possible to make up for it. Rosanna and Craig kiss and make up after their honest talk with each other.

Katie sees visions of Henry, Craig, Margo, Brad and her baby at age 6, and they all help her fight to get out of the warehouse. Katie climbs up on some crates and screams out the window for help, but then she slips and falls. Katie isn't hurt but she begins to have pains and pleads with her baby not to come now.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie comes home to a romantic dinner that Bill has arranged…..after all it is not just every day that she becomes CEO of a major fashion house. He also has another surprise for her. Brooke gives Ridge a neck massage while he laments that he never thought he’d see the day that the family business would slip away and her kid sister would end up being in charge. Ridge says even though Katie is the CEO, make no mistake Bill is the real boss so they still have him to deal with. Eric packs up his belongings and tells Donna that tomorrow someone else will be sitting at his desk. Donna says that as of today, he no longer has the debt and payments due so he is pressure free, just concentrate on designing. She truly believes that Katie will come through for them and everything will turn out all right.

Katie tells Bill that he’s not as ruthless as his reputation as the Dark Knight; he does have a soft, cuddly side. The time seems right….he pulls out a silver, heart-shaped box and hands it to her. He tells her to open it up just as she has his. She is speechless when she sees the huge diamond engagement ring. Eric takes one last long look at his office and a lifetime of memories. Brooke and Ridge lie in bed and reflect on the day. She does not believe Katie will let them down. Katie begins to cry and it takes her a while but she finally tells Bill that she can’t believe this is happening, but that is a yes. She tells him that she loves him and will be loyal to him always.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chad inadvertently learns from Maggie that Sami is Will’s mother, and he tells her off, claiming that he won’t make the same mistakes with Sydney that she made with Will, and that he is going to get custody of his daughter, no matter what. We learn that D.A. Woods is Chad’s father. He advises Chad to think about giving the baby up, as that would be best, but gives him an attorney’s number in case he wants to fight for custody. Brady refuses to run off with Nicole. He admits he loves her, and says he will help her by getting her an attorney, but that he can’t run away with her. When Nicole learns that he is involved with someone else, she shouts that she doesn’t want his help and rushes off in tears. Brady meets with Arianna in secret, and the two kiss on the pier. Sami finds Nicole holding Sydney and crying outside the pub, and promises Nicole that she will help her. Carly manages to take some antibiotics from the hospital and overhears Bo and Lexie talking about their children. She learns that Bo is the police commissioner and decides to leave. She almost gets out of the hospital without anyone spotting her, but Maggie sees her. Maggie doesn’t recognize her at first, but thinks she knows her from somewhere. Maxine informs Maggie and Bo that someone has stolen antibiotics from the medicine cabinet. Carly tends to Rafe, who has been mumbling deliriously about the baby being Sami’s, not Nicole’s. Lexie tends to Stefano as he begins to wake up from his coma. Victor warns Arianna again to stay away form Brady, and meets with EJ to try to sell his drug business to the DiMeras. EJ promises to consider it.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Dante/Dominic meets Ronnie with some incriminating evidence against Sonny. Ronnie worries that Dante/Dominic is “too involved” with the Corinthos family. Claudia and Sonny plan their strategy for their meeting in Puerto Rico. Jax tells Carly that Sonny is out of town. Jason and Sam tell Spinelli about their rescue of the pregnant woman. Jason thinks Dr. Devlin may have hidden evidence at GH. Spinelli learns that Ian backed up many of his patient files on DVD. Since Ian’s files are “restricted,” Sam suggests Spinelli move the files within the hospital. Patrick feels guilty for not seeing Ian Devlin for the man he really was. Patrick takes a look at Ian’s files and notices they’re being moved to the conference room. Robin helps Patrick help go through the files so Sam and Jason won’t be compromised. Michael tells Carly he thinks Ian had an accomplice. Carly advises him to be patient with his memories. Diane runs into Max at GH. The two of them discuss their misunderstanding on the day of the carnival. Diane tells Max she has a “man” in Philadelphia. Jax tells Alexis he fears Carly won’t forgive him once she learns the truth about Jerry. Dante/Dominic asks Spinelli to research the graffiti on the wall outside of Sonny’s office. Dante/Dominic learns that Spinelli can move money out of the country undetected. Spinelli finds nothing on the graffiti. Robin tells Alexis that Jason and Sam are looking into the possibility of Ian having an accomplice. Alexis wonders if Jason can keep Sam out of the investigation. Michael has a memory of Jerry and he tells Carly and Jax. Claudia insults Sonny’s associate when she accuses him of “watering” her drink.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Dorian and David admit to each other that they loved each other when they got married. They kiss and start to make out. Dorian asks him to tell her if he still loves her. Before he has a chance to answer, Dorian answers the phone to Amelia. When she hangs up and asks David what he was going to say to her, he tells her good luck with her marriage to Amelia and he leaves.  Kyle accepts Nick's marriage proposal. Oliver wonders if their marriage is a political statement or if Kyle really loves Nick. Kyle admits that he doesn’t know if he loves Nick, but it is complicated. Oliver asks if that means there is no hope for the two of them. Kyle tells him he gave up a long time ago. After Oliver leaves, Roxy wants to know if Kyle is using that other guy to make Fish jealous. Kyle tells her he is marrying Nick. She asks if he is sure that he is marrying the right man.  Gigi suggests couples therapy for her and Rex to work through their issues. She makes an appointment with Marty Saybrooke. Blair warns Marty not to reveal to Todd that she remembers Tea telling her that she has a child.  Ross refuses Tea's offer of money in exchange for his signature on a document that releases his rights to their child. Ross reminds her that she had sex with him, not Todd on that island so the child is his. Tea tells him to have Elijah stop looking for the child. Ross reveals to her that Elijah will never stop looking because he is not only Ross' lawyer, but also his brother. Elijah goes to the hospital to ask Blair to drop the kidnapping charges against Ross from six years ago. Blair agrees to do it. Todd tells Elijah to warn Ross to stick to Tea and leave Blair alone. Elijah informs Ross that Blair has agreed to drop the charges. Ross concludes she is hot for him. Elijah says she may have been trying to make Todd jealous. Blair is released from the hospital. A nurse tells Tea that Blair's husband took her home. Tea angrily retorts that he is not Blair’s husband but hers. Todd takes Blair home and she asks him to stay.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Ashley prepares for Faith's christening and consoles Sharon who's still coping with her loss. Phyllis sells Restless Style to an eager Billy; but the moment is definitely bittersweet. Victor and Jack are introduced to Dr. Peterson (Patty's doppelganger), Victor tries to blow smoke but Dr. P is not backing down and neither is Paul. Adam is once again forced to proof his worth to Victor and Chance has enough and kicks Ms. Chloe to the curb.

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