Tuesday 10/20/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/20/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Annie is surprised when she shows up at the hospital to see Emma and hears she's being discharged. Since she won't be able to visit her daughter once she's at Ryan's, Annie goes to David and asks for a second opinion. He agrees to look over Emma's chart and consult with the other doctors. Meanwhile, Jake sits with Emma and gets her to talk about her feelings. She says it's hard when her mom and dad fight over her. David takes Jake aside to ask some questions before letting Emma leave the hospital but finally concurs and discharges her, much to Annie's dismay. While Zach talks with Ryan, Annie locks herself in Emma's room to do some more brainwashing. When Ryan returns, Emma whines that she doesn't want to go home; she wants to go to the big house with Mommy.

At the police station, Jesse keeps feeding false leads to those looking for Aidan and Kendall who break into an abandoned church for shelter just as a helicopter hovers overhead. Once the danger is gone, Kendall hands Aidan his pills and goes to the store for supplies. Meanwhile, Aidan is having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics he's taken. After dabbing his face with cool water, Kendall feeds Aidan chicken soup while he assures her that Zach is going to take care of Annie. Holding Kendall's hand, Aidan thanks her and promises to get better. While Zach thinks of Kendall, she recalls his promise to give her his heart.

As Scott wakes up with a killer headache, Marissa and J.R. ask him to divulge the secret about who killed his father. Refusing his cousin's help, Scott angrily takes off. Adam summons Erica to his home, because he wants to help Kendall. Certain that he's lying to her about his intentions, Erica smacks Adam across the face and accuses him of acting out of guilt, because he knows Kendall didn't kill Stuart. Just as Adam claims Stuart wouldn't want anyone else to suffer, Zach walks in and announces it's time Adam fingered the real murderer. While Adam defends Annie, Scott walks in and hears Zach tell Adam that secrets are a dangerous thing to keep. As Zach walks out, Scott agrees that secrets can be deadlier than guns then advises him to find Kendall and leave town for good, but Zach doesn't care who gets hurt in the process of freeing his wife. Erica warns Adam that he has just enough time to come to his senses before making the mistake of marrying Annie. After his doctor's appointment, J.R. realizes he has to concentrate on his cancer fight and let Scott deal with his own problems. Grateful for Marissa's support, J.R. kisses her then takes her to bed. Afterwards, J.R. asks Marissa to marry him. While Scott and Adam decide no one can ever know what Emma did, Jesse walks in and asks what they're talking about.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Barbara persuades an officer that Audrey attempted to kill her by poisoning her drink. She then goes down to the police station to give a statement and press charges against Audrey. Liberty is excited making plans for the things she is going to put in her new apartment. Parker goes to get the money from Craig but is told he won't get his trust fund money, because it won't be good for him. Craig and Rosanna tell Parker that they plan to tell Carly about their affair as soon as she is healthy enough to hear the truth. Parker tries to get the money that Jennifer left for him from Barbara, but she doesn't think that would be a good idea. Parker later tells Jack that he is worried about how Liberty might react when she finds out that he can't pay for the apartment. Parker tries his best to keep Craig and Rosanna's secret from Jack, but he eventually admits everything to him. Jack confronts Craig and Rosanna. Worried about how the news will affect Carly, he calls her doctor to find out how to tell her about the situation before she returns home.

Brad happily invites all of Katie's friends to a surprise baby shower for her and even tells Craig he can come and bring Rosanna with him. Craig and Rosanna struggle to define their feelings for each other, but they both agree their relationship is more than sex. Henry tells Barbara the truth about the mess he got himself into and persuades her to release James' money so that he can give it to Ralph and save Katie's life. Ralph's men take Katie to an abandoned warehouse but neither of them wants to kill a pregnant woman, so they decide to leave Katie locked in there and leave Oakdale before Ralph discovers that they didn't follow orders and kill Katie. Henry is about to give Ralph the money and save Katie when Brad arrives and wonders why Henry isn't keeping Katie busy, so that she won't arrive home before the baby shower.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the beach house Bill pours orange juice and calls Katie Miss CEO. She’s all spiffy and wants to look the part. Justin joins them. Eric, Donna, Ridge and Brooke are in a tizzy at the office knowing Bill and Katie will be there any minute to try and finalize their deal. Bill, Katie and Justin arrive and promptly want to show him a video about Spencer Publications which falls on deaf ears. Bill gives them a win/win scenario. Forrester can default on their payment and he will buy it from the bank or they can sell it to him now and he will keep all the employees on. Plus all standing in the room will keep their positions, nothing has to change and Bill will pour more money into the company and promote it, keeping it the #1 fashion house in the world. Whip sees the surrogacy brochure on Jackie’s desk and discovers that Owen is desperate to have a baby. Jackie wants that for him. Stephanie is happy to be back at work at Jackie M. She informs them about the Forrester situation. Nick thinks they will be involved too. Jackie M. is Forrester’s strongest competition so jumping in bed now with Spencer will only make it worse.

In negotiations Eric offers up Ridge as CEO, but Bill nixes that. It’s Katie or no deal. Brooke wants some time alone to speak with Katie. Brooke wants to fine tune some details. She questions Katie if she can be CEO yet make sure that Ridge and Eric are always in on every decision she makes. This will still be a family company. They all stand silently but seem to be accepting this. Bill walks back in and says he has more dragons to slay so he needs their decision. Ridge has one last stipulation which Bill accepts – Katie will be CEO and they will report only to her; they do not want any Spencer clones wandering about. Bill agrees and it’s a done deal.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo confides in Lexie about his problems with Hope, and tells her that he thinks Hope is making excuses to get out of their marriage. Omar’s boat docks at the harbor in Salem, and Carly gets off in order to procure antibiotics for Rafe. She sneaks into the hospital and catches sight of Bo. Arianna tells Roman about Victor’s threats to expose her if she continues to date Brady, and she tries to quit. Roman tells her that she can’t, as she made a deal, and will go back to jail if she doesn’t go through with her end of the bargain. Brady confides in Sami that he is seeing Arianna again, but that it is a secret. Nicole attempts to seduce Chad, thinking that she can ultimately get him arrested, but Chad recognizes her from the pornographic movie she starred in, and refuses to play along. Nicole tries to convince him that he can’t adequately care for Sydney, but Chad says that he will see her in court. Sami later tries to talk Chad into letting Nicole keep Sydney, telling him about how hard it was to raise her own son as a teenaged mother. Nicole, now more desperate than before, goes to see Brady. She tells him that she made a mistake when she chose EJ over him, and asks him to run away with her to start a new life.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky announces his upcoming marriage to Liz to the family. Luke announces to the family that Ethan is his son. Lucky and Ethan seem to be getting past their differences. Lulu tells Ethan a little bit about her childhood. Luke senses that Liz is hesitant about remarrying Lucky. Liz assures Luke that she wants a life with Lucky. Helena confronts Nikolas about his affair with Liz. Nik admits nothing but Helena almost spills all to Rebecca. Nik ships Helena to Switzerland so she can avoid Valentin. Jason and Sam race upstairs and find an unconscious pregnant woman. They rush the woman to GH where Patrick takes over. Sam worries about the baby but Patrick says everything should be fine. Sam then reflects on the loss of her own child. Michael sneaks in a visit to Kristina sensing something is wrong. Kristina tells Michael about her physical relationship with Kiefer. Later, Kristina gets flowers from Kiefer. Alexis has “the talk” with Kristina. Olivia tells Johnny their relationship must remain “a secret.” Dante/Dominic shows up unexpectedly at Olivia’s place and tells Johnny that Sonny and Claudia took a mysterious trip out of the country. Liz visits Wyndemere and tells Nik about Lucky’s surprise family gathering. Liz says she plans on marrying Lucky. Jax admits to Dante/Dominic that he got him back on Sonny’s case. Jax says he wants to see Sonny go to prison.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew and his parents arrive in London to visit Kevin Buchanan. Bo and Nora have taken drastic measures to prevent their son from having the surgery including preventing him from using his phone. He tells them that he could inform his cousin Kevin that they cheated on Kevin's father. Back in Llanview, Shaun has awoken and is ok. His and Greg's parents as well as Destiny still believe that Rachel loves Shaun and have no clue that she has been with Greg. Dorian wants everybody to help her scam that she is a lesbian and marrying Amelia. But David, Starr and Langston know it's fake and disapprove. Amelia and Nick "engineer" a campaign slogan where they announce her wedding to Amelia and his wedding to Kyle. Meanwhile, it appears Oliver has gotten in trouble with the police department and is overhearing their conversation discontented. All the evidence has stacked up against Jared when John and the cops find Pamela Stewart murdered and notice that Jared has left the scene of the crime.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Ashley takes on Victor and tells him Faith's christening is happening without him. Paul meets Patty's friend and doppelganger Dr. P. (her inspiration for the new face) and decides that he needs to share this discovery with Victor and Jack, who are stunned. Patty is totally out of her mind. Kay appoints Jill back to Jabot to share duties with Jack but they butt heads instantly. Ashley gives Billy the money for Restless Style after Traci declines but gives him her blessing.

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