Monday 10/19/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 10/19/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Marissa brings J.R. breakfast and tries to shield him from a newspaper article intimating that he's a drunk, but he reads it then considers himself lucky that he is getting treatment and has so much to live for. Meanwhile, Scott gets himself sloshed at ConFusion and refuses J.R.'s help when he and Marissa find him there. Although J.R. urges him to protect his dad from Annie, Scott says she's not the enemy, and he won't return to the Chandler Mansion, because he's just a reminder of his dad to Adam. Scott feels if he tells the truth, everything will go to hell. While Scott sleeps, J.R. tells Marissa he thinks his cousin knows who killed his father.

Brot finds a nervous Natalia at the police station -- she's been up all night filling out reports and getting debriefed about discharging her weapon on her very first day as a police officer. During a meeting with a psychiatrist, she seems centered about her decision to shoot Aidan and feels ready if she has to do it again. When the doctor orders a week of desk duty, Natalia asks for Jesse's help but he sides with the doc's recommendation which disappoints her, so she goes to drink at ConFusion. Brot suggests she come to terms with having almost killed someone instead of trying to forget about it. Natalia declines to let Jesse get her off desk duty.

When Jesse gets a tip that Aidan and Kendall's getaway car is at Wildwind, Zach asks him to let them get away and lets him read Kendall's note. Amanda is afraid she killed David when she hit him on the head with a shovel in the stables, but Jake assures her he's ok. When David wakes up, Jake suggests he was hit by Aidan when he saw Kendall, and they got away. David calls Jesse and reports his sighting, but the police chief delays sending an officer much to Zach's relief. Now Zach wants to start leaning on Annie. David continues to grill Amanda about what really happened, especially when he finds his medical bag missing bandages and medicine. When he accuses Jake of hitting him, she confesses she did it to help her friends and had to lie to him about it, because he's such an unlikeable control freak. Jesse comes by to get his statement, but David denies having seen Kendall. Later, he admits to Amanda that he did it to get on her good side. While David dreams that he and Amanda are kissing, she's having fun with Jake in the stables. At the hospital, Annie locks the door before allowing Emma to open her eyes then urges her to keep what she saw at Wildwind secret. If she doesn't keeps quiet, Annie warns her daughter that something bad will happen. Then she opens the door and informs Ryan and Frankie that Emma is awake. While Frankie examines Emma, Ryan warns Annie that he's going to ask Emma what happened at Wildwind. Zach shows up and orders Annie to tell the truth. When that doesn't work, Ryan questions Emma alone but gets nothing. Realizing that he, Ryan, and Annie all had sociopaths in their lives growing up, Zach determines that it ends here.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Audrey coaxes Barbara into having a drink with her. Henry tells Katie that he must leave town to get away from Ralph. Ralph calls and wants to meet Henry on the roof of Java with the money. Henry now knows his time is really up. Katie is mad and insists that Henry fight Ralph because he ruined his life. Henry doesn’t see another option and devastates Katie when he tells her goodbye and goes home to pack. Rosanna awakens with a nightmare, as Craig, who awakens next to her, tries to comfort her. Rosanna urges him to leave after not being able to handle waking up in her sister’s bed with her sister’s fiancée. Audrey pours Barbara a drink laced with a medication that could kill her, as they keep getting interrupted. Barbara takes a call from her attorney when Henry calls also and tells Audrey that he is leaving town and urges to do the same. During the call, he finds out that Audrey is about to poison Barbara to help with his plight with Ralph and he is beside himself, as he races to stop her. Jack and Brad are taking a crib at the farm to Brad’s house, as Janet would like it to stay there for Liberty. This request is overheard by Liberty, who does not react well. Janet learns about Parker putting down money for a place for Liberty and is even more frustrated when she learns Jack knew. Brad goes after Liberty while Jack and Janet talk more about this, as Jack decides he is going to talk with Craig about why he gave Parker access to his trust fund. Jack comes to talk with Craig and Rosanna shows up at the same time not realizing Jack is already there; they are almost found out, but they are able to cover. Jack talks to Craig about the money, as Craig justifies that Parker is now mature enough to handle the responsibility, as Rosanna agrees with Jack that Parker is not. Rosanna considers telling Jack the truth, but Craig stops her. Jack is sure Parker is threatening Craig with something. Afterwards, a distraught Rosanna makes Craig promise that when Carly is home and strong enough, they have to come clean about everything. Brad talks with Liberty and they find common ground, as he asks her to talk with Janet the same way before she makes any decisions. However, when Liberty comes back to do that, Janet talks about her pregnancy and won’t hear what Liberty wants; Liberty wonders if she cares more about the baby then her.

Henry rushes in to save Barbara, who has just taken a swallow of her drink. Henry pleads with her to drink lots of water and Barbara realizes that Audrey was trying to poison her. Audrey remains cool and explains to Henry why she had to do it, but Henry doesn’t want to hear it anymore because he is heading out of town. Barbara refuses to give Henry the money still, as Henry doesn’t blame her. After Henry leaves, Barbara calls the police, much to the surprise of Audrey, who is about to leave, and is told she is being arrested for attempted murder. Jack finds a saddened Janet after her talk with Liberty. Jack thinks Janet maybe pushing her feelings and opinions too much onto everyone. Jack finally admits that if it were up to him, he wouldn’t chose to raise Liberty’s baby. He has to go though now to find out what Parker has on Craig. Katie and Brad bond more over the baby and his possible name, as Brad gives Katie a mother child necklace and the two make love. Katie tells Brad that she has an errand to run but will be back; instead, Katie goes to Henry’s meeting with Ralph on the roof. Katie threatens Ralph with police involvement in all of his activities and how she knows about all of his criminal ventures. She wants Henry to be free and clear of Ralph and the money he owes or she will involve her sister, the police chief. At first, Ralph laughs it off, but after he agrees, two of his bodyguards show up and keep Katie from leaving. Brad comes looking for Henry, who is heading out of town, and asks for a favor for Katie. During their talk, Ralph calls and Henry learns that he has Katie. Ralph insinuates he better get what he wants or Katie will be hurt, as Henry is devastated, as he tries not to tip Brad off to what is going down.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Katie to please take a stand against this man, Bill Spencer, and come home with her and Donna. Bill tells them again that he is not there to tear the company down, but to help them rebuild. Being debt-free is a good feeling. They need each other. Eric hates to have to sell the cabin and the beach house, but vows they will buy them back. He tells Ridge that the company will not go to Bill Spencer. They will win in the end with diligence and talent. Eric is livid when he hears that Bill also bought the beach house. He’s doing this on purpose. Donna tells him they also saw the Bill Senior video and Bill is carrying out his wishes, but they can’t get Katie to see that. Eric barks that Bill Sr. always loved Stephanie and thought he was the only man for her. So now he’s reaching out from the grave to get his revenge.

Stephanie hugs Thorne and tells him about the stroke. He doesn’t like this distance between them, but is grateful that she is on medication and doing therapy. Thorne laments that sales are way down and the bank is calling in the loan and Bill Spencer is trying to take the company away from them. He tells his mother that perhaps she is the only one who could get Bill to reconsider. She reminds Thorne that she told his father that the Logan girls would take the company down and that is exactly what is happening. Ridge and Eric think it is ludicrous that Katie will play the pawn in Bill’s vendetta. Brooke wants them to think about it and not make a rash decision. They are selling off bits and pieces of their souls. She doesn’t want to see what is next. Bill calls Brooke and informs her that he is coming over early tomorrow morning with his last offer to Eric to sell the company before it goes into foreclosure with the bank. She relays the message to the others and Ridge, Eric and Donna are deadest against it with only Brooke thinking the infusion of Bill’s money and Katie the CEO as the only hope they might have.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Lexie finds Victor in Stefano’s room and throws him out. He assures her that eh wants Stefano to get well, and for Kate to be punished. Arianna and Brady kiss and make up, and she agrees to continue seeing him as long as they can keep it a secret. Brady agrees. Victor catches the two kissing, but doesn’t let them know he saw. Sami lays into EJ for throwing Sydney out of the house, accusing him of being incapable of love. She storms off. Later, Mia and Will asks for Sami’s help in getting Chad to back off and let Nicole keep Sydney. Sami makes sure that Mia wants Nicole to keep the baby, and then agrees to help her. Nicole meets with Chad and tries to convince him that he doesn’t really want to be a father, and is just mad at Mia. Chad says he will see her in court, but Nicole pulls out all the stops, attempting to seduce Chad in order to get him to let her keep Sydney. EJ confronts Lexie at the hospital when he finds her babysitting Sydney. Lexie refuses to ban the little girl from her life and tries to get EJ to do the right thing and help Nicole keep Sydney. EJ later confides in Stefano that he has no choice but to let Sydney go. Stefano, meanwhile, seems on the verge of waking up. Melanie and Nathan try to hide the fact that they are dating from their coworkers, since it seems they could get fired for it. Maggie admits that she is upset the two are seeing one another. Later, the two plan another date.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Johnny asks Jason to drop his search for evidence against Claudia. Michael listens as Sonny and Olivia argue about Claudia. Michael comes out of hiding and takes Claudia’s side. Helena starts to tell Lucky he’s being betrayed but Ethan interrupts them. Helena says she plans to tell Ethan “a secret” but instead of listening to her, he leaves with Lucky. Tracy goes head to head with Helena. Tracy says she’s made plans to “evict” Helena from GH. Luke doesn’t believe Helena’s Valentin story. Luke says Valentin is dead but Helena says he’s alive. Liz tells Nikolas she can’t marry Lucky. Nik says he has “feelings” for Liz but she says they can never find “happiness,” given their betrayal of Lucky. Liz says in time she hopes they can be friends again. Dante/Dominic refuses to sleep with Claudia. Claudia threatens to expose Dante/Dominic but he turns the tables and thanks her for breaking up Olivia and Johnny. Later, Dante/Dominic tells Lulu he “turned Claudia down” and credits her for his decision. Claudia tells Johnny how Dante/Dominic refused to sleep with her in order to get her pregnant. Johnny says it’s probably a good idea that Claudia and Sonny don’t have children, given their lifestyle. Claudia says she hopes to change Sonny’s mind in time. Olivia gets summoned to pay Anthony a visit. Anthony asks Olivia to “convince” him that Johnny is “better off” if he (Anthony) lets her live. Anthony laughs and says that Olivia can “live, for now.” Johnny pays his father a visit and notices Olivia’s name on the visitor’s log. Johnny warns Anthony to show Olivia some respect then threatens to kill Anthony if Olivia is harmed in any way. John heads off to spend some quality time with Olivia. Sam and Jason search the basement of the house at the address on the paper they found. They suddenly hear noises coming from upstairs, including a woman’s scream. Nik tells Helena she must leave the country. Helena tells Nik she knows about Liz. Liz comes home to a house full of family as Lucky prepares to announce their impending wedding. Claudia tells Sonny she isn’t pregnant. Sonny asks Claudia to head to Puerto Rico with him on business. Dante/Dominic sees something in the alley outside of Sonny’s office that sparks a memory.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Marty hypnotizes Blair and helps her remember when Téa told her that she has a child with Todd. When Blair discovers that, she refuses to inform Todd and warns Marty and Blair not to or they will get her in trouble for breeching doctor/patient confidentiality. Ross and Elijah both believe that Téa's child is Ross's son and Elijah's nephew. Jared looks very suspicious. John and Natalie find that Pamela Stewart has been murdered. Everybody wonders if Jared might be a murderer. Cristian and Layla ponder whether they should move forward with their relationship.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Daniel proposes to Amber again; Deacon tells Ryder he's not going to pushed around by mumzy anymore. Kevin bails Ryder out a jail and invites him to sleep on his couch, with Jana's blessing. Billy buys Restless Style for a pretty penny, thanks to Chloe's glowing recommendation to Phyllis and Nick. Roxy takes Devon back and Cane and Lily look forward to their new beginning. Deacon finds out what his next job is as Lauren lets Ryder know that he better keep his nose clean or else.

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